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Directory: 2
Entire Site: 22 & 181
Page Admin: Furret,
07-19-19 02:24 PM

Furret's Profile - Furrety

Furret is Offline

  #1 Ace Attorney fan
Previous Name: Davideo69
Global Moderator
  Activities Manager; Minecraft Server Admin
Real Name: Ian
Location: Belgium
Age: 21 (09-08-97)  Gender: Male
Registered: 11-25-12 11:18 AM (2427 days ago)
Posts: 6,088  Threads: 140
Post Words: 329,166 (54 word avg)
Viz: 2,470,076    Contribution Points: 32,772
Post Rating: 1,062   Trust Points: 36   Chat: 2180
Level: 127    Experience: 23402090
Next Level: +324476 Exp    Per Post: 5765 Exp
Last Activity: 07-19-19 01:38 PM
Last Post: 07-18-19 11:04 PM
  your __ key is broken

My Bio :D

About me|Post Rating|Vizzed Timeline|Site Achievements|About Athena


Quote from mrfe: "I, mrfe, have changed the censor to WATERMELON as a favor to furret, one of my best friends on Vizzed."

Snowdeath: 1 (chat hacking prank)
Furret: 1 (invisibility prank)

Hi, I'm Ian. I'm 21 years old and have been on the site for 6.5 years now. I'm not a big gamer, but I like pokemon, mario, and ace attorney. I live in Belgium (7 hours ahead of server time), so if you want to play something with me or chat with me, keep that in mind. I love animals and I love to relax.

If you ever want to ask me a question, ask me for help, or see any issues in forums I moderate when I'm not around, please feel free to send me a private message.
Post Rating:
If I like your post, it can be for various reasons:

-I found it a funny, amusing post.
-You said exactly what I would say.
-To let you know I read your response to me, and understand it.
-To show my support for something/someone.

This part of the profile could not be re-obtained from the piranha
Vizzed timeline:

~11-25-2012~ Joined Vizzed.
~12-27-2012~ Made my first post.
~04-07-2013~ Got ranked up to trusted member.
~07-02-2013~ Reached 1000 posts.
~September-2013~ Purchased a rented forum alongside Matthew2321, TornadoMudkip and tgags123.
~06-20-2014~ Got promoted to Site Staff: Walkthrough Maker.
~07-09-2014~ Got my position changed to 'Game Guide Writer'
~10-29-2014~ Stepped down because of IRL problems.
~11-08-2014~ Athena got her name
~03-03-2015~ Got my username changed to Furret
~05-04-2015~ Got promoted to Local Moderator
~09-07-2015~ Got offered a Minecraft Staff position- accepted
~02-21-2017~ Reached post level 100
~04-01-2017~ Stepped down from Local Mod (personal reasons)
~12-13-2018~ Got elected as Local Moderator
~12-21-2018~ Got elected as Global Moderator
~01-06-2019~ Became the Activities Manager (first ever?)
~01-09-2019~ Made 135 posts and got OPS for the first time
~02-25-2019~ Reached the front page of the userlist (50th in word count)

Site Achievements:

~Newbie [X]
~Member [X]
~Trusted [X][X]
~Elite [X]
~Site Staff [X]
~Local Moderator [X] [X]
~Global Moderator [X]
~Admin [ ]

~1 Post [X]
~10 Posts [X]
~100 Posts [X]
~1000 Posts [X]
~2500 Posts [X]
~5000 Posts [X]
~7500 Posts [ ]

~100 CP [X]
~1000 CP [X]
~5000 CP [X]
~10000 CP [X]
~15000 CP [X]
~20000 CP [X]
~30000 CP [X]
~50000 CP [ ]

~5 TP [X]
~10 TP [X]
~15 TP [X]
~20 TP [X]
~25 TP [X]
~30 TP [X]
~35 TP [X]
~40 TP [ ]

~1 year [X]
~2 years [X]
~3 years [X]
~4 years [X]
~5 years [X]
~6 years [X]
~7 years [ ]


Other achievements:

~Got killed in a mafia game I wasn't even in.
~MVP of Vizzed Camp 2015.
~Played in an all-star mafia game despite never playing before.
  - Ironically, I was the first to die, meaning I have done nothing but die in mafia
Site stats:

36th in Posts
46th in Post Words
30th in CP
19th in Viz
13th in TP

Tour de Vizzed stats:

WON Red Jersey in Winter 2019
WON Green Jersey in Winter 2019

Top 10 Finishes:

-2nd in Winter 2019 (440 Points, 49 Jerseys)

8th user to reach 100 jerseys (6-17-2019)

17th in Total Points
19th in Yellow Points
12th in Blue Points
13th in Red Points
17th in Green Points

8th in Total Jerseys
13th in Yellow Jerseys
8th in Blue Jerseys
8th in Red Jerseys
9th in Green Jerseys

7th in Winter Points
138th in Spring Points
12th in Summer Points
49th in Fall Points

Athena's descriptions, family members, and important life lessons:

*AriaAngelDream : Grandmother
*A user of this : Parent no
*Furret : Parent

[5:56 PM] Q: Athena, blessed be Her name, would not approve of this.

(1-10-2015 4:12 PM) hilacle:
One day, Furret woke up to the sound of somebody waking him up, it was User, who said that he found a poor baby out on the streets alone. Furret then created the most legit theory available at that time:
In the world of Phoenix Wright, the apocalypse happened, Athena Cykes, found out a way to travel back in time to prevent it, but when she got to the time machine, she was attacked by a somehow reincarnated von Karma, and that lead to her pressing the wrong button, and so she came back in time as a baby.
He knew exactly what he had to do: "User, we must take care of this baby," Suddenly, Aria came into their house. Athena spoke her first words at soon as that happened, "Grammha," and pointed to Aria. She meant to point to the grahman crackers on the table. A few days later, Athena got her name, Athena. And they lived happily ever after.


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