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10-15-21 03:14 PM
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patar4097 is Offline

Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Pat
Location: Basically always on Discord
Age: 24 (01-21-97)  Gender: Male
Registered: 10-28-10 10:06 PM (4004 days ago)
Posts: 5,166  Threads: 120
Post Words: 330,330 (64 word avg)
Viz: 408,895    Contribution Points: 22,126
Post Rating: 213   Trust Points: 37   Chat: 1826
Level: 127    Experience: 23497265
Next Level: +229301 Exp    Per Post: 6822 Exp
Last Activity: 03-30-21 08:53 PM
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click meh

I'm in the Goomy club with:

Pokemon X

And I live on Mars with:

a user of this,
Pokemonfangirl, and

Quote wall:

[6:29 PM] legacyme3: Leggy Land doesn't tolerate any crap.
patar4097: *Throws dead goldfish at leggy*
[6:30 PM] legacyme3: life imprisionment
[6:30 PM] patar4097: :V
[6:30 PM] legacyme3: Death
[6:50 PM] Eniitan: Guys...what is thanksgiving like?
[6:50 PM] noahd101: you eat until you barf
[10:35 PM] mrfe: Wow, I'm really drunk on tired
[2:53 PM] mrfe: Auserofthis4nextmoddermodguymebbe
[6:56 PM] vanelan: Are you trying to show zelda the stones?
[6:56 PM] alexanyways: I took that much, MUCH out of context
[11:31 PM] Bintsy: If anybody said anything to me.. I pissed it have been in 3 pms.
[11:31 PM] Bintsy: I MEAN MISSED*
[10:38 PM] vanelan: A tisket....a tasket....a white laundry basket...
[6:00 PM] yoshirulez!: Godzilla is a stupid dinosaur who cant learn basic HTML
[1:17 PM] yoshirulez!: So he has dirhehaher
[1:17 PM] yoshirulez!: best speller 2014
[2:33 PM] mrfe: How do you change your uname, but not your text
[2:33 PM] mrfe: ????
[2:34 PM] Morsalbus: You hit the blue T symbol, then press alt+F4
[2:34 PM] mrfe: left the chat room

[2:35 PM] Morsalbus: I... can't believe he tried that.
[2:35 PM] mrfe: enter the chat room
[2:35 PM] mrfe: Jerk
[10:15 PM] Metroidhunter72: I RISE FROM THE DAD
[10:15 PM] Metroidhunter72: DEAD TOO
[12:06 PM] FunnyFurret: ? Did you know that wailord only weighs 877.4lbs despite being gigantic? If you would resize a wailord to a small size of, say, a cucumber, it would float in the air, as it would be light enough to do so? Now look at his pokedex. The FLOAT whale pokemon ?
[12:07 PM] FunnyFurret: #PokeNooblines.
[3:11 PM] zeross121: Maturity has really lowered in here
[3:11 PM] zeross121: I'm out then.
[3:11 PM] Annette: says the man with a pony icon
[5:50 PM] Frodlex: I kinda feel like everyone is being stupid on purpose.
[5:50 PM] zerOss121: I'm not being stupid, I'm naturally stupid
[10:01 PM] manicman66: If I was on the menu at mcdonalds...I'd be a mcgorgeous.
[10:24 PM] yoshirulez!: I'm worthless
[10:24 PM] mrfe: Best censor ever
[9:41 PM] GameBoy1023: Goodbye world
[9:41 PM] GameBoy1023: *Jumps off a buliding*
vanelan: catches gb by the leg
[9:42 PM] mrfe: Good job, saving him!
vanelan: pushes gb off
[9:42 PM] vanelan: I didn't want it to be a suicide
[1:40 AM] A user of this: [ginger intensifies]
CatLady: It's okay. I'd bet we all suck at romance. Thus why we're all hanging out here
Monstrous: Hey, don't lump me with this sad sort.
Monstrous: I'm just eating cereal at 2 am in my underwear.
Monstrous: I'm definitely good with the ladies.
[10:49 PM] tradly: its just poopin off in here
[10:49 PM] tradly: popping*
[11:18 PM] mrfe: when the clock strikes midnight, I go all merfy
[11:39 AM] FunnyFurret: Whatever did I do to be classified a loser. Not like I give a pancake
[10:45 PM] mrfe: [10:44 PM] A user of this: Sun sun Mr golden sun, kill my enemies~!
[11:35 AM] Frodlex: One does not simply not watch hilariousity in the form of immature humor.
[6:31 PM] yoshirulez!: A piano solo on a computer would look like this
[6:31 PM] yoshirulez!: ;lkjhkjhdjshsahkaoshfh
[9:35 PM] Flibbith: [9:34 PM] mrfe: [9:34 PM] pokemon x: [9:34 PM] Flibbith: [9:34 PM] pokemon x: [9:34 PM] A user of this: [9:33 PM] pokemon x: Vanelan [9:31 PM] vanelan: I would prob have a heart attack if I work up and saw Nick Cage
[11:37 PM] yoshirulez!: I'm eating a pooptart
[11:37 PM] yoshirulez!: Dang typos
[11:27 PM] yoshirulez!: cnw's cookies bring all the pokes to the yard
[9:10 AM] GameBoy1023: 2 STAFF?!?!
GameBoy1023 left the room
[12:21 PM] FunnyFurret: [._.] [|:] [.-.] [: |] they see me rollin'
[12:44 AM] A user of this: Did ithurt when you fell from heaven?
[12:44 AM] A user of this: Because your face is screwed up
[4:38 PM] Q: Anyway, I think that's enough staring at strangers today.
[4:39 PM] zerothesaint: I know, Q. Looking at me for prolonged periods of time is damaging to ones health. XD
[9:36 PM] zanderlex: How do u spell ur vizzed name?
[9:36 PM] Jordanv78: My username is spelled:
[9:36 PM] Jordanv78: A. W. E. S. O. M. E.
[11:35 PM] GameBoy1023: Patar is patat and oatar... paper is patar...What's next?
[12:03 AM] Gamin'Gal: David's on?
[12:03 AM] maguc: David doesn't get in chat. He is chat.
[12:03 AM] megamanmaniac: so are we in David or something?
[1:19 AM] sux2bu: My life's goal is to have a life
[1:45 AM] A user of this: Yugioh was not stupid at a point?! D:
[2:21 AM] A user of this: #9865748348438239484334everAlone
[2:11 AM] CatLady: I think in the future I should limit my fake flirting to people over 18.
[2:28 AM] CatLady: Welcome, yury, please leave your sanity at the door.
[2:46 AM] maguc: No one expects the maguc inquisition
[2:49 AM] maguc: Patar <3
[2:49 AM] maguc: You are my favorite disney princess
[6:40 PM] TheFadedWarrior: puush is being slow and crashy
[6:41 PM] On3On: Puush harder then
[1:50 PM] alexanyways: why do i have sexual paintings of Seth Rogen on my phone
[7:58 PM] Jordanv78: Why can't a blonde dial 911?
[7:59 PM] Jordanv78: She can't find "11"
A user of this says(11:20 PM): I wanted to marry Yoshi's sister so we could be brothers but then I realized everything about that plan was insane
[12:08 AM] megamanmaniac: QUOTE THIS!
[12:17 AM] Mother3fan5: PK Spamstorm
[1:16 AM] alexanyways: why is it called Pro Evolution Soccer if it does not once argue in favor of natural selection?
[2:06 AM] A user of this: Bby if u were the declaration of independence id steal u
[2:48 AM] m0ssb3rg935: so i take it im not the only one that sometimes questions his sanity because of random thought he gets?
2:49 AM] mrfe: m0ss not the only one
[2:49 AM] mrfe: yes he is, silly
[2:49 AM] mrfe: no, he isn't
[2:49 AM] mrfe: I am totally sane
[2:49 AM] mrfe: Dude, think about it. Sane isn't even in your vocabulary
[2:49 AM] mrfe: Yes it is!
vanelan: tackles boots
[10:53 PM] zerothesaint: Van never tackles me hello... :'(
vanelan: cuffs boots
[10:54 PM] vanelan: I was arresting her
[4:31 PM] FunnyFurret: hack the hackers, troll the trollers, hail the goomy
[7:09 PM] A user of this: When I turn 21 I am going to learn about how to read a clock
[10:37 PM] ddjj701: how do i live stream
[10:37 PM] alexanyways: go to twitch
[10:38 PM] alexanyways: open an stream
[10:38 PM] alexanyways: and live life to the fullest
[10:38 PM] alexanyways: keep your closet open so skeletons dont find their way in
[10:38 PM] alexanyways: and you don't get spooked down the road when people find em
[10:12 PM] sonicmcmuffin: I had a dream of getting 1,000,000 Viz..
[10:12 PM] sonicmcmuffin: i got 1,000,000 Viz
[10:12 PM] sonicmcmuffin: my dreams suck
[12:47 PM] Cradily is love: I HATE PATAR
[12:47 PM] Cradily is love: *ATE
[10:45 PM] mrfe: [10:44 PM] A user of this: Sun sun Mr golden sun, kill my enemies~!
[12:29 AM] EideticMemory: You're the representative from earth.
[12:29 AM] A user of this: Ah, humanity's representitive. Gotcha.
[12:30 AM] legacyme3: Humanity is doomed.
[12:09 AM] vanelan: Oooo...the chat rules according to bob and friends
[12:09 AM] vanelan:
[2:40 PM] A user of this: Where do generals keep their armies?
[2:41 PM] A user of this: In his sleevies!
[2:41 PM] sop281: Damn it, user
[07/15 10:53 PM] mrfe: Ever since the last staff promotions, there have been so many orange people
07/15 10:53 PM] mrfe: I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of fanta
[12:53 AM] maguc: Avatar The Last AirBender is my favorite movie. Followed closly, by DragonBall Evolution. Both are live action masterpeices
[2:09 AM] A user of this: "Hi, I'm Sakurai. I've heard your cries of sexism and complaints of ZSS' design"
[2:09 AM] A user of this: "Basically, Pickles you"
[10:56 AM] mrfe: I can bask in the love of my adoring fans, while basking in the knowledge of my epicness
[11:35 PM] A user of this: Vizzed: For the people who thought NG and Armorgames are for plebians
[2:42 PM] play4fun: sorry, step away to get the door
[2:42 PM] GameBoy1023: play, why do you need to get the door, was it running away?
[2:48 PM] AriaAngelDream: when I think of creepypasta, I think of actual pasta surrounded by bats doing dracula's voice
[3:07 PM] Popeye116: Got all the Pickleses in mah club like whaddup
[9:47 PM] AriaAngelDream: I forgot to go on a walk and search for an acorn
[9:47 PM] megamanmaniac: how do you forget to walk?
[9:47 PM] megamanmaniac: probably shouldve read the entire thing
[9:50 PM] SUX2BU: I wonder if I'm on Pat's quote wall
[10:36 PM] yoshirulez!: mrfe has a dad?
[1:14 AM] SUX2BU: I keep reading Shrek as Steak
[10:53 PM] A user of this: ???????? I came in like a shreking ball ????????
[10:19 PM] GGTheSanic: Social Studies is fun at least. We get to make our own political party
[10:19 PM] GGTheSanic: Our Party: Mario Party
[10:19 PM] GGTheSanic: There was another one called the Porta Party
[10:19 PM] GGTheSanic: Their motto was 'Taking care of business'
[7:44 PM] Gingercream: i had a dream i was the godfather and i was killed by a potato
[7:44 PM] Gingercream: hey wait a second..
[4:28 PM] yoshirulez!: Pooty~
[4:28 PM] yoshirulez!: zander*
[4:28 PM] yoshirulez!: idk why i typed pat
[4:28 PM] yoshirulez!: and it came out poioty
[2:27 PM] yoshirulez!: wows tyops
[7:25 PM] yoshirulez!: my E key hats me
Guys..............I lost the game
[1:29 PM] yoshirulez!: I quit the game
[1:29 PM] yoshirulez!: I will defy the laws of nature if i have to
[1:29 PM] yoshirulez!: *turns into a plant*
[2:41 PM] zanderlex: well whats a good water name for a fox or wolf
[2:45 PM] GameBoy1023: carfax
[2:45 PM] GameBoy1023: SHOW ME THE PEKEMINS
[11:49 PM] SUX2BU: Yushee's singing Miku songs
[11:50 PM] SUX2BU: *Burns yushee's man card*
[2:27 PM] Frodlex: I am edible.
[5:41 PM] zerothesaint: Tabs are a terrible thing.
[10:51 PM] mrfe: my dad and I are talking
[10:52 PM] mrfe: I was about to go into town with my cousin
[10:52 PM] mrfe: and my sister walks out of the bathroom and asks where we're going
[10:52 PM] mrfe: my dad says 'crusing for chicks'
[10:52 PM] mrfe: I said 'I don't need to cruise, I just stand on a street corner and they come in flocks'
[10:53 PM] mrfe: then my dad said 'I'm not talking about the kind you pay for, drew'
[8:34 PM] SUX2BU: Faded has nice lips
[8:37 PM] DarkHyren: someone said hot girl, i have been summoned
[10:17 PM] vanelan: Hodor hodor, hodor? HODOR! Hodor...hoddddooor.....hodor...?
[10:18 PM] SUX2BU: Every time I see that, I imagine somebody holding a door open for another person
[11:28 PM] megamanmaniac: where in the world do you live
[11:28 PM] megamanmaniac: live*
[11:28 PM] megamanmaniac: oh wait no i typed it in right
[2:24 AM] zerothesaint: I am forever that lingering fart, wafting viciously, mailiciously, and every so freshly in the moonlight breezes and in the wind.
[8:38 PM] play4fun: and I probably wouldn't eat cheese puffs if I'm pregnant
[2:16 PM] play4fun: aria's the crazy one, mudkip's the adorable one
[5:02 PM] AriaAngelDream: ????????
[5:01 PM] FunnyFurret: that face is creepy
[5:02 PM] deg2000: ????????
[5:02 PM] FunnyFurret: ????????
[5:02 PM] Boxia: ????????
[5:02 PM] gamergirl44: ????????
[5:02 PM] Boxia: Kill me.
[5:02 PM] FunnyFurret: play is going to look at chat logs and be like wtf
[5:54 PM] austipokedude: Hello hopefully nonviolent people
[5:54 PM] mrfe: quick, stab him with love!
[7:30 PM] mrfe: Son of a baconater
[7:30 PM] mrfe: Protip: Don't say 'Son of a Baconater' around your mom
[12:02 AM] vanelan: Now for my stealthy exit
vanelan: throws a brick thru a window and dives out
vanelan left the room
[12:03 AM] on3on: Dont forget your pants- oh he's gone
[4:30 PM] FunnyFurret: you have to think of positive things
[4:30 PM] FunnyFurret: think of user in a bikini
[7:22 PM] AriaAngelDream: I just imagined all of us together on palm trees mating with spiders =3=
[12:52 PM] mrfe: I'd hate to be driving through town and just randomly notice aria sitting on top of some palm trees mating with spiders while opening the gates of hell
[11:20 PM] A user of this: I wanted to marry Yoshi's sister so we could be brothers but then I realized everything about that plan was insane
AriaAngelDream: chainsaws everyone
[6:50 PM] yoshirulez!: aria
[6:50 PM] yoshirulez!: I love chainsaws
[6:50 PM] On3On: Aria gives no Bacons
[9:47 PM] mrfe: hi wife I remarried after I widowed after I jumped off a bridge that turned out to be an airplane while I was married to and then reincarnated as a teenage rap star like lecrae only white
[9:09 PM] GameBoy1023: WELL, BOXIA
[9:09 PM] GameBoy1023: YOU'RE JUST A BOX
[9:09 PM] Boxia: Maybe, but with a heart.
[9:09 PM] GameBoy1023: :'(
GameBoy1023 left the room
[7:55 PM] Enzo Matrix: Thing Is A StupidDipswitch
[3:18 AM] yoshirulez!: So mrfe is sudx's husband who jumped off a bride which turned out to be a pain and reincarcerated as a teenager rat star like makerel only white and then reinconcentrated as a husband
[4:29 AM] sux2bu: [12:50 AM] A user of this: I frafed so hard I choled.
[4:30 AM] Annette: i cant
[4:30 AM] Annette: frafed....
[4:30 AM] sux2bu: I laughed so hard when he said that XD
[4:30 AM] Annette: i dont even want to know what that is
[4:30 AM] sux2bu: It's a yushee word
[4:30 AM] mrfe: That was amusing
[4:30 AM] Annette: yoshi is a special boy
[4:30 AM] sux2bu: Yuss, special
[4:30 AM] Annette: he's going places
[4:31 AM] Annette: in his hamster ball
Cactuar left the room
[1:08 AM] User: Weddings have cake, and drunk people who don't care if you take a can or two.
[9:45 PM] Uzar: Maguc, you almost sound as manily as me. :O
[4:22 PM] Mecha Leo: well brb gotta let my dog urinate on a dead squirrel
[4:23 PM] megamanmaniac: i hope he was joking
[7:43 PM] AriaAngelDream: I desire to see sux, but not when she's wet and clotheless :V
[7:43 PM] megamanmaniac: wording Aria
[7:43 PM] megamanmaniac: wording
[7:43 PM] play4fun: wow...aria, way to bring the chat to a level of awkwardness
AriaAngelDream: destroys everyone's pants
GameBoy1023: cries in yoshi's destroyed pants
[11:43 PM] yoshirulez!: Give me back my panta
[11:43 PM] yoshirulez!: panta
[11:43 PM] yoshirulez!: GIMME MY PANDA
[11:03 PM] Galacta: i want to be first
[11:03 PM] Galacta: oh wait
[11:03 PM] mrfe: shut up gal
[11:03 PM] mrfe: no one likes a sore winner
[8:04 PM] A user of this: Now if Aria and Sux fused, the perfect psycho would be born
[7:41 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: [7:40 PM] AriaAngelDream: Falco doing a sexy pose, showing off his legs (I have nothing to say. ~MMX)
[7:32 PM] A user of this: Aria's imagination is hers because nobody else could handle it
[5:46 PM] mrfe: my dog is being simba
[5:46 PM] mrfe: D:
[5:47 PM] vanelan: Your dad wishes death upon his father?
[5:47 PM] vanelan: dog*
[5:47 PM] mrfe: idek if my dog knows his father
[5:47 PM] mrfe: but he's going all pride rock on me
[5:48 PM] mrfe: now he's sleeping on my side
[5:48 PM] mrfe: halp
[5:43 PM] mrfe: Van's a single eggplant, ready to eggplant
[5:43 PM] mrfe: nothing rhymes with eggplant :v
[8:08 PM] AriaAngelDream: I'm eating cookies right now
[8:08 PM] AriaAngelDream: only Patar can have them
[8:09 PM] m0ssb3rg935: [8:08 PM] AriaAngelDream: I'm eating patar right now
[8:08 PM] AriaAngelDream: only cookies can have them
Welcome to General Chat, Popeye116!
[5:38 PM] cnw64: ello eyepop ^^
Popeye116 left the room
[5:38 PM] cnw64: he popped...
[1:12 AM] mrfe: why is aria so happy to open the gates of hell for everyone?
AriaAngelDream: opens gates of hell
[1:13 AM] vanelan: Dammit Aria, close the gate after you leave V
[6:13 PM] A user of this: ???????? Did sum1 say...Contracts?
[7:27 PM] Q: Thousands of stick figures die from hangman each year. Please, choose your letters responsibly.
[7:28 PM] Q: This has been a public service announcement by Q. Like and subscribe for more in the future.
[4:34 PM] FunnyFurret: my singing voices matches the sound of two ducks mating
[5:11 PM] FunnyFurret: I'll virtually sing
[5:11 PM] FunnyFurret: attract all the ducks
[5:11 PM] FunnyFurret: and have a duck army
[5:11 PM] FunnyFurret: to combine with my ace attorney army
[5:11 PM] FunnyFurret: then I'll take over this chatroom
[5:11 PM] FunnyFurret: with lawyers and ducks I shall rule
[12:08 PM] FunnyFurret: last dream I had was a field full of ducks
[2:32 PM] AriaAngelDream: my friend then described his singing voice as a sound that will kill all the angels in heaven and death comes upon anyone
[2:33 PM] FunnyFurret: I think I prefer my duck mating sounds then
[10:32 AM] ZeroTails: Annoying people: the bane of our existance.
[8:07 PM] FunnyFurret: if girls like smelly socks
[8:08 PM] FunnyFurret: and I wanted to buy some
[8:08 PM] FunnyFurret: I'm on the right path
(Maybe I already added this one. I don't feel like checking, though)
[4:31 PM] legacyme3: I think you can underwear someone
[4:32 PM] A user of this: You pants someone, then undie them,then you unskin them
[4:32 PM] AriaAngelDream: what does that mean?
[4:32 PM] FunnyFurret: the same as frenching
[4:32 PM] FunnyFurret: but with underwear
[7:34 PM] yoshirulez!: I mean, I really don't thing im the incest.....
[7:34 PM] yoshirulez!: Nicest*
[7:34 PM] yoshirulez!: >~< I... hate my keyboard
[7:43 PM] maguc: Yoshi I'm offensive and I find that Mexican
[6:16 PM] FunnyFurret: aria rolls on the floor with children
[6:16 PM] FunnyFurret: she'll be a great parent~
[8:38 PM] yoshirulez!: I should go on cam so everyone can see how gay i am
[8:38 PM] yoshirulez!: gray*
[8:38 PM] yoshirulez!: >~<
[5:05 PM] zerothesaint: Hunger games is basically watching a lot of obese people try to get up to the buffett tables when one of the buffett places is having a deal. >w>
[12:17 PM] legacyme3: I once humped a chair for Muffin and all just because
[7:17 PM] sonicmcmuffin: brbg
[7:18 PM] sonicmcmuffin: buying steam games
[7:19 PM] Galacta: why did he say brb
[7:19 PM] Galacta: when he's been idling the entire time either way
[7:20 PM] sonicmcmuffin: gal
[7:20 PM] sonicmcmuffin: ive not been idling
[7:20 PM] sonicmcmuffin: so ssh
[7:21 PM] sonicmcmuffin: grumpy bum
[3:19 PM] A user of this: I like to bug people
GAMIN'GAL: gives User a fly
[3:19 PM] GAMIN'GAL: I bugged you
[3:19 PM] A user of this: XD
[1:25 PM] FunnyFurret: aria, I'm not too suprised you scarred a global with a single phrase
[10:01 PM] m0ssb3rg935: what is wrong with you tonight?
[10:01 PM] yoshirulez!: Im perfect
[10:01 PM] yoshirulez!: shush
[5:13 PM] GameBoy1023: ok first aria is the only person bec likes
[5:14 PM] GameBoy1023: and now bec hates aria
[5:14 PM] GameBoy1023: the world is coming to an end
[5:14 PM] Morsalbus: bec likes Boots.
[5:14 PM] becerra95: bootsie is dead to me
[5:14 PM] GameBoy1023: See.
[5:14 PM] GameBoy1023: The world.
[5:15 PM] GameBoy1023: It's coming into the end
[6:12 PM] yoshirulez!: I'm sitting next to a heater and it feels like my pants are on fire
[8:15 PM] yoshirulez!: m0ss is a dork
[8:17 PM] m0ssb3rg935: [8:15 PM] yoshirulez!: im a dork
[2:01 PM] FunnyFurret: as protagonist
[2:01 PM] FunnyFurret: Ian is a friendless college student who can't get a girlfriend.
[2:02 PM] FunnyFurret: the site really hates me
[9:09 PM] On3On: for some reason im involved in a discussion over how hot a dragons fart could be
[10:10 PM] yoshirulez!: I think of you as bird flesh *devours*
[5:05 PM] AriaAngelDream: I ended up trying to speak whale
[5:05 PM] AriaAngelDream: I ended up sounding like a woman in labor
[5:11 PM] FunnyFurret: 8blue, you can press ctrl+W to stop people from ignoring you
8bluefish left the room
[1:04 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: i guess you could say "Sux is love, Sux is life"
[11:04 AM] mrfe: So I got gas yesterday for $1.39! Too bad it was only from taco bell.
[7:31 PM] A user of this: Zexy is very sexy and is ambidexy and sells stuff on etsy
[6:00 PM] AriaAngelDream: [4:49 PM] FunnyFurret: [4:48 PM] AriaAngelDream: I just imagined you guys shoving fish a penguin's mouth with your own mouth
[11:51 PM] yoshirulez!: What is a vine
[11:51 PM] mrfe: it's generally found under bridges
[11:52 PM] mrfe: looking for money
[11:52 PM] mrfe: wait, that's a troll
[11:52 PM] jayjaded: i thought that was an LPer
9:47 PM] paper luigi: Aria, ruining innocence faster than anything
[11:51 PM] SUX2BU: u kids watch 2 many mangos
[5:34 PM] FunnyFurret: secretly play plays tomodachi life in his basement 13 hours a day
[5:38 PM] MonsterX3D: wheres a mod where you need one?
[5:39 PM] FunnyFurret: in their basement
[5:39 PM] FunnyFurret: playing tomodachi life
[5:23 PM] vanelan: user was born the way he wants to die
[5:24 PM] vanelan: screaming and covered in someone else's blood
[5:29 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: aria are you TRYING to ruin my reputation?
[5:29 PM] CheesyUsername: yes
[5:29 PM] vanelan: Yes
[5:29 PM] vanelan: Oh...Aria...
[5:29 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: but none of you are aria
[3:24 PM] AriaAngelDream: wtf "Aria is a classy corned beef sandwich with toenail clippings on top"
[3:25 PM] A user of this: That describes you so well x3
[2:49 PM] FunnyFurret: patar wants to be a banana
[2:50 PM] FunnyFurret: so let him be a banana
[3:43 PM] A user of this: I saw childbirth firsthand
[3:43 PM] A user of this: 16 years ago
[10:59 AM] A user of this: The tacolord has returned to his throne
[10:59 AM] mrfe: that was burritoriffic
Welcome to General Chat, Davideo7!
Davideo7 left the room
[6:27 PM] AriaAngelDream: one chance to act like a weirdo to the site owner
[6:26 PM] DylanMcKaig: and you blew it
[6:27 PM] Galacta: SOILED IT
[6:27 PM] GameBoy1023: SOILED IT
Welcome to General Chat, patar4097!
[6:28 PM] patar4097: SOILED IT
patar4097 left the room
[6:28 PM] m0ssb3rg935: patar is really david.
[6:29 PM] On3On: aria is secretly davideo
[7:59 PM] AriaAngelDream: ________ you all with my love~
[7:59 PM] play4fun: whoa....aria....whoa
[8:00 PM] yoshirulez!: "gift you all with my love"~aria
[8:00 PM] yoshirulez!: Shes gifting love~
[5:31 PM] FunnyFurret: I would love to dream about user
[5:31 PM] FunnyFurret: about his beautiful homemade donuts
[4:49 PM] On3On: fun fact
[4:49 PM] On3On: gal and makalya suck
[4:50 PM] On3On: and will forever be stuck in a battle to see who sucks more
[7:03 PM] On3On: Reporting you all for being ________ weird
[5:10 PM] yoshirulez!: Why do people like me ;~;
[5:51 PM] deg2000: Everyone wants David to stream himself making a sandwich and eating it. Lel
[4:14 PM] Galacta: mrfe will be innocent as long as im still alive
[4:15 PM] Galacta: i will protect mrfe with my innocence shield aria
[11:15 PM] zerothesaint: I cant do salad
[11:16 PM] zerothesaint: Im too carnivorous
[6:52 PM] TheFadedWarrior: If I heat my solid state hard drive until it becomes a gaseous state hard drive, would that enable cloud computing?
[5:15 PM] bumblebeeson: furret.... you are so dissapointing but so entertaining at the same time..... i wanna be just like you!
[8:31 PM] zerothesaint: So full...
[8:33 PM] Gamin'Gal: If he was full of honeycombs I was gonna aske if I could call him a hive
[7:46 PM] AriaAngelDream: and my pants are still wet
[8:32 PM] AriaAngelDream: paper, how about you become Aria when I am gonme?
[8:32 PM] paper luigi: I'll constantly talk about Tomadachi, being strange to friends, and constantly try to correct paper luigi's spelling.
[8:33 PM] paper luigi: That works right?
[8:33 PM] AriaAngelDream: No
[8:33 PM] AriaAngelDream: you gotta talk about vocaloid too
[8:33 PM] paper luigi: Ah
[8:38 PM] AriaAngelDream: chat was breathing
[8:38 PM] AriaAngelDream: then you morons came and polluted chat with your insanity
[9:06 PM] On3On: chat
[9:06 PM] On3On: give me strength
[9:06 PM] On3On: to be social with you dweebs
[10:39 PM] Sux2bu: I tried reading a book recently, but I couldn't figure out where to put the batteries.
[12:07 AM] yoshirulez!: flip... died again
[12:08 AM] zerothesaint: ^ Metroid Fusion in a shellbut
[12:08 AM] zerothesaint: *shellnut
[12:08 AM] zerothesaint: damn it
[4:05 PM] SUX2BU: Don't stop
[4:05 PM] SUX2BU: beliebing
[8:30 PM] ZeroTheSaint: Pat I killed User :V
[8:30 PM] ZeroTheSaint: Use a Max Revive
[8:30 PM] Patar4097: *throws max revive where user was*
Welcome to general chat, A user of this!
[8:33 PM] A user of this: Sucks though, heaven was great
[8:33 PM] A user of this: Although the fires were annoying. But me and hitler did a great kareoke version of Barbie Girl
[3:58 PM] SUX2BU: Even if you weren't ugly, you're my baby brother. :V
[11:45 PM] Sux2bu: You know the old saying. March showers bring more showers during april and drown the flowers that are supposed to bloom in may.
[11:45 PM] Sux2bu: Or something like that.
[12:05 AM] ZerotheSaint: I have...
[12:05 AM] ZerotheSaint: Tots.
[12:06 AM] Sux2bu: Saint x Totts
[3:17 AM] Sux2bu: Like, you're dehydrated and overheated. And then you drink cold water. And it's cold and hydratey.
[6:26 PM] SUX2BU: Singing the Barie girl song is much more manly than playing rhythm games with chicks in skimpy clothing dancing around in the background
[7:27 PM] sonicmcmuffin: Hey i just met you and this is crazy.. But give me your wallet and dont call the police maybe?
[7:28 PM] A user of this: Hey I just met you, but do you wanna buy some meth?
[7:39 PM] A user of this: Roses are red
Violets are blue
Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
[6:20 PM] yoshirulez!: I'm mooning
[6:20 PM] Sux2bu: ?
[6:20 PM] yoshirulez!: harvest mooning
[6:20 PM] Sux2bu: Ohh
[6:20 PM] Sux2bu: That's totally different
[12:38 AM] Sux2bu: I got high on sugar and caffeine, annoyed Yush, and read a bit of a book I'm not allowed to read. And then I didn't pour water on myself. Productivity~
[9:02 PM] Sux2bu: Pat's discriminating against vanilla milkshakes
[9:02 PM] Sux2bu: That's racist
[9:03 PM] Sux2bu: Well actually it isn't racist, because they're white. Nevermind. Discriminate all you want.
[12:53 AM] yoshirulez!: My spelling is not HATT BAD....
[12:53 AM] yoshirulez!: ..that*
[12:53 AM] yoshirulez!: dammit
[11:30 PM] GameBoy1023: old mcpatar had a farm
[11:30 PM] GameBoy1023: and on this farm he had bans everywhere
[11:30 PM] GameBoy1023: the end
[6:14 PM] Galacta: memes
[6:14 PM] Galacta: THATS NOT ME
[6:14 PM] Galacta: I MEANT BEARD
[12:56 AM] Gamin'Gal: Do I need to drown people in hotsauce?
[12:58 AM] Gamin'Gal: Now I'mma drown with you guys
[12:59 AM] sux2bu: It's like a group hug, only you're choking on hotsauce
[8:55 PM] yoshirulez!: i wonderr whut kind of butts they put in this sandwich
[3:42 PM] Sux2bu: I'll just pretend it's for me and go flirt with Zlinqx on his profile.
[3:43 PM] A user of this: You'll probably make Stunfisk jealous. But go ahead. Be sure to use...whatever type is effective against electricity and ground.
[3:45 PM] Sux2bu: Suxy type is effective against everything
[9:12 PM] Sux2bu: Barbie and I did a great kareoke version of Mein Kampf
[12:44 AM] Sux2bu: Gosh darnit, when you're so hawt you can't keep your own brother off of you, something's wrong. V
[12:13 AM] Sux2bu: Being inside a living thing can be quite terrifying
[12:14 AM] Sux2bu: I kicked my mother continually until she let me out.
[2:27 PM] yoshirulez!: Yoshi x User
[2:28 PM] yoshirulez!: We should go and see the notebook user
[2:28 PM] A user of this: And both reach for the popcorn at the same time
[2:28 PM] yoshirulez!: and then i wind up sticking your hand in my mouth i mean what
[10:09 PM] SUX2BU: Chinchilla
[10:09 PM] SUX2BU: Sounds adorable~
[10:09 PM] SUX2BU: Sounds a lot like enchilada
*Drawing on whiteboard*
[3:08 AM] Sux2bu: My goomy is horrible
[3:09 AM] Sux2bu: It's the worst thing since burnt sliced toast
[12:14 AM] Sux2bu: people die
[12:14 AM] Sux2bu: And hawt butlers
[12:14 AM] Sux2bu: And kitties
[12:14 AM] Sux2bu: Best anime ever
[10:52 PM] Sux2bu: Mmmmm your hair smells good, I'm playing in it~
[8:56 PM] Patar4097: The letter U needs some rest, GG. :V
[8:56 PM] Gamin'Gal: NEVUR
[5:01 PM] Sux2bu: My desktop is cluttered with sandwiches.
[3:50 PM] Sux2bu: I'm so much righter than you all
[12:50 AM] Sux2bu: I identify as squirrel. It is my right to be referred to as a squirrel. ;~;
[11:37 PM] Sux2bu: I identified as a squirrel at one time. Everyone said I was nuts.
[4:19 AM] m0ssb3rg935: gen wunner 4 lyfe
[4:19 AM] Sux2bU: Stahp Moss
[4:19 AM] Sux2bU: You're hurting my brain cells
[4:19 AM] Sux2bU: They're screaming in agony
[4:19 AM] yoshirulez!: this is thing1
[4:19 AM] thing1: A blue shrimp?
[4:19 AM] yoshirulez!: its a claw you dork
[4:19 AM] yoshirulez!: er
[4:19 AM] yoshirulez!: Lobster
[01:16 AM] yoshirulez!: ....Don't quote me on that x3
[1:31 AM] yoshirulez!: Manic manic manic manic manic manic manic manic manic manic manic manic manic manic manic
[1:32 AM] manicman66: chill im on a phone lol
[1:32 AM] sux2bu: Hush while he's on the phone
[1:32 AM] sux2bu: It's rude to talk to someone while they're on the phone
[1:56 AM] mrfe: I'll hunt you down with my army of grizzly bears, throwing maple syrup at you while riding my mooose and apologizing
[1:57 AM] yoshirulez!: I embrace the bears as they devour my flesh
[4:36 AM] yoshirulez!: wat is 9 + 10
[4:37 AM] sux2bu: 910.
[4:37 AM] yoshirulez!: No sux, 9 + 10 = windows
[4:37 AM] sux2bu: Does 9 + 10 + baseball = broken windows? :3
[4:56 AM] sux2bu: That moment when thing can marry both my brothers and still can't have me. x3
[7:15 PM] sux2bu: I'd flip you off for that statement, but that isnt very classy, is it?
Gamin'Gal: spams ban hammer
[8:55 PM] sux2bu: How do you spam a hammer?
[8:55 PM] sux2bu: I guess that makes GG a sphammer.
[1:37 AM] Gamin'Gal: Fact of the day: There are enough bones in the human body to make an entire human skeleton
[3:24 AM] sux2bu: What have I told you about killing people? :|
[3:24 AM] m0ssb3rg935: you havnt...
[3:24 AM] sux2bu: You're right, Keep it up.
[3:57 AM] mrfe: m0ss
[3:57 AM] mrfe: you're the only person who can actually impress me with your typos
[11:20 PM] zerothesaint: *bestows his snouttiness upon Gamin*
[2:47 AM] Galacta: if people worked in triangle offices would they be called triacles
[6:14 AM] Sux2bu: Good night guys since Yush is being a bag of assorted bad words
[10:06 PM] Sux2bu: Baguette whyyyy
[10:06 PM] Sux2bu: She has to jump onto my back
[10:06 PM] Sux2bu: And then climb into the box
[10:06 PM] Sux2bu: I am not a strcase dangit x3
[10:06 PM] Gamin'Gal: But you make a good footstep
[10:08 PM] A user of this: shoulders are like perches
[10:09 PM] Sux2bu: She's a cat parrot
[10:09 PM] Sux2bu: A carrot even
[10:15 PM] Sux: Carrots with cat faces just aren't normal
[10:48 PM] Gamin'Gal: what's that red button for
[10:48 PM] Sux2bu: Ermgesh red button? Where? I love red buttons.
[10:49 PM] Sux2bu: They're just so pushable. They're like my favorite buttons to push.
[11:31 PM] Gamin'Gal: This grass feels like pants!
[12:28 AM] yoshirulez!: I sometimes stab myself
[2:24 AM] Sux2bu: Ew. Everyone in here is a loser besides Pat.
[1:59 AM] yoshirulez!: Also my car had kittens
[1:59 AM] yoshirulez!: Er, cat
[1:59 AM] Gingercream1: my car had kittens xD
[4:00 PM] Popeye116: Man it hurts to be this hip
[4:01 PM] Sux2bu: You could even say: "Ow, my hip"
[10:25 PM] maguc: A guy was making fun of me with mexican stereotypes
[10:25 PM] maguc: I got so mad my sombrero fell on my burrito and taco which hit my donkey as I was fixing up a man's garden
[9:45 PM] A User of This: They are SO NOT CUTE!
[9:45 PM] A User of This: Unlike...Roll-chan
[9:46 PM] Yoshirulez!: how is roll even cute
[9:46 PM] Sux2bu: Rollss are cute with lots of butter
[5:28 AM] yoshirulez!: I'm playing hangman
[5:28 AM] yoshirulez!: but we got carried away
[5:28 AM] yoshirulez!: and then it was a faucett
[5:28 AM] yoshirulez!: and then it was a road
[5:28 AM] yoshirulez!: and then it was goku
[5:28 AM] yoshirulez!: and then it was goku playing basketball
[5:28 AM] yoshirulez!: and then it was goku playing basketball on fire
[5:29 AM] yoshirulez!: blasting kamehameha into the hoop
[5:29 AM] yoshirulez!: and he turned super saiyan
[5:29 AM] yoshirulez!: And red ruby slippers
[5:29 AM] yoshirulez!: there's no place like home
[5:29 AM] yoshirulez!: then we killed him
[5:27 PM] yoshirulez!: Do you know what ATM stands for?
[5:32 PM] Sux2bu: ATM stands for Tax Benefits
8:41 PM] Sux2bu: Banished, aka Lazy ADD Weird Name Preteen Marriage And Pregnancy City
[8:55 PM] Gamin'Gal: Want me to regurgitate mine for you Mags?
[11:58 PM] Sux2bu: My boyfriend's name is Incoming Call. He calls me all the time.
[9:09 PM] A User of this: my foot is asleep
[9:09 PM] Sux2bu: Find an online airhorn mp3.
[9:09 PM] Sux2bu: Download it to your phone.
[9:09 PM] Sux2bu: Wake your foot up.
[11:47 PM] Sux2bu: I totes look like Dahlia
[11:48 PM] M0SSB3RG935: except dahlia is leaner.
[11:48 PM] Sux2bu: Moss, stop comparing girls to ground beef
[12:21 AM] Sux2bu: You'll never kid if you don't squid
[1:46 AM] Sux2bu: I smell dead people
[1:46 AM] Sux2bu: They smell like daisies
[1:46 AM] Sux2bu: imeanwhut
[3:53 PM] Sux2bu: Someone needs to make a board game about stabbing people.
[7:48 PM] A user of this: "Oh look at me I'm mustard. All I do is make things bitter just like me"
[5:13 PM] GamingN00B: I have the sexiest profile background here
[5:14 PM] SUX2BU: Only because I don't use my real face
[3:19 AM] sux2bu: Umm... what did we eat again?
[3:19 AM] m0ssb3rg935: you had barf, i had hotdogs.
[3:20 AM] sux2bu: It was tasty barf
[11:20 PM] SUX2BU: Guys, what did one clock say when the other clock fell?
[11:21 PM] SUX2BU: Nope. It didn't say anything. It just watched.
[11:17 PM] SUX2BU: I'm female. I can be illogical if I want.
[12:42 AM] Gamin'Gal: Stabby stabby? :3
[2:45 AM] m0ssb3rg935: i need someone to help me test netplay.
[2:47 AM] GameBoy1023: Here's a volunteer: my ass
[2:48 AM] mrfe: also gb don't make me kick you in your volunteer
[12:07 AM] Sux2bu: Another person just sent me a message telling me I wasn't boring. x3
[12:07 AM] Sux2bu: I'm amazed at the amount of wrong people on this planet. x3
[6:25 PM] Sux2bu: Guys
[6:25 PM] Sux2bu: Is a female bridge
[6:25 PM] Sux2bu: A bridgette?
[6:26 PM] Sux2bu: I think I'll name my son Bridge, just because. x3
[9:59 PM] Sux2bu: Flash stopped for a minute to check me out]
[9:48 PM] Gamin'Gal: anything
[9:48 PM] Gamin'Gal: interesting?
[9:49 PM] Sux2bu: me~
[1:47 AM] Sux2bu: We need to make a zombie version of Bambi and call it Zambi.
[7:15 PM] Sux2bu: You lucky son ofva rooster, you. That's a whole minute longer than I did. xP
[9:24 PM] Popeye116: july showers bring dank memes
[10:32 PM] Gamin'gal: GOT THE FART
[11:41 PM] Patar4097: You're just jealous that Sux is hawter than you.
[11:42 PM] Yoshirulez!: If by "hawt" you mean incredibly then I suppose she is
[12:43 AM] Yoshirulez!: The dissapointment tastes like dirty undies without flavor
[7:31 PM] Popeye116: i got buffed did some sick deadlifts at the gym today HOO-AH
[11:25 PM] Sux2bu: Is it weird that the word "pirates" just randomly popped into my head?
[11:25 PM] Gamin'Gal: it is for me since I'm on the pirate ship XD
[11:27 PM] Sux2bu: The only logical conclusion here is that I'm standing outside GG's window, watching her play video games.
[9:23 PM] Sux2bu: Yush likes pirate butts and he can not lie
[10:26 PM] Sux2bu: Yush, there's something wrong with you. xP
[10:43 PM] Sux2bu: Oooookay..... Layton just had a weird dream where I was a fairy who came and told him you were kidnapped by a giant mutant meatball or something, and then he pulled out a piece of red velvet cake and said "by the power of red velvet cake" and then he transformed into "Hershel 5000" or something, where he changed into this weird suit and his hair turned pink... and then he said "remember kids, always wash your hands after washing your hands". x3
[5:56 AM] Sux2bu: I've been.... busy.
[5:56 AM] Sux2bu: Too busy to play that game.
[5:56 AM] Sux2bu: Busy doing important things.
[5:56 AM] Sux2bu: Yknow.
[5:56 AM] Sux2bu: Important.
[5:56 AM] Sux2bu: *Tomodachi intensifies*
[7:34 PM] Sux2bu: When people say facepalm, I always imagine somebody smacking their face into a palm tree.
[7:43 PM] Sux2bu: What did the apple say to the banana
[7:43 PM] Sux2bu: "Amiripe"
[9:43 PM] Patar4097: Well, say whatever you want about the gay skeletons
[9:43 PM] Patar4097: But you're just starting your own demise.
[9:43 PM] Patar4097: By strengthening your own skeleton that's growing inside of you right now.
[9:44 PM] Sux2bu: Yush is pregnant with a gay skeleton confirmed
[8:47 PM] Yoshirulez!: Land isn't a weather so idk why they call it hat
[8:48 PM] Sux2bu: This is my Landorus, his name is Hat because Land isn't weathr
[12:34 PM] Sux2bu: You know the old saying. March showers bring more showers during april and drown the flowers that are supposed to bloom in may. Or something like that
[4:24 PM] Sux2bu: Yush is a salty nut pirate
[10:57 PM] Sux2bu: Browser freeze
[10:57 PM] Sux2bu: Firefox drinks too many slushies
[9:02 PM] Sux2bu: *Dumps ice down Yush's shirt*
[9:02 PM] Sux2bu: Chill, dood
[9:02 PM] Sux2bu: .....*Dumps ice down Yush's gay sweater*
[9:02 PM] Sux2bu: *gray
[9:04 PM] Sux2bu: I need to go look in a mirror so the world doesn't seem like such a dark, horrible place anymore
[9:04 PM] Sux2bu: Kay, I'm good now.
[9:05 PM] Popeye116: are you okay suxy
[9:05 PM] Sux2bu: Yes
[9:05 PM] Sux2bu: I just saw my reflection
[9:05 PM] Sux2bu: And now I'm at peace with the world
[9:05 PM] Yoshirulez!: And you saw her face
[9:05 PM] Yoshirulez!: And now you're justin beiber
[9:05 PM] Yoshirulez!: So out of place
[9:05 PM] Yoshirulez!: And other words
[9:05 PM] Sux2bu: Then I saw Yush's face
[9:05 PM] Sux2bu: Now I'm a griever
[9:08 PM] Sux2bu: If only there were a charity where I could donate some of my evergrowing beauty.
[9:09 PM] Sux2bu: I have far too much for myself. If only I could share with others, since I'm so purehearted and kind, a personality which is perfectly suited to match my luscious face.
[11:08 PM] Sux2bu: Opinions are like mouths. :3
[11:08 PM] Sux2bu: Everyone wants to kiss mine
[5:23 PM] yoshirulez!: cocaine is my waifu
[12:44 AM] Sux2BU: kek I referenced myself
[9:02 PM] maguc: Everything that comes out of my fingertips is qoutable
[1:54 PM] Tyrian Delirium: im also single and ready to remain single because im a douche
[10:16 PM] yoshirulez!: I'm lazyyyyyy and don't feel like being lazy but I do it anyways cuz I'm too lazy to change it
[10:09 PM] m0ssb3rg935: My naivety on internet culture seems boundless.
[6:58 PM] Sux2bu: It's such a pretty day
[6:59 PM] Sux2bu: I think I'm high on nice weather
[10:33 PM] Sux2bu: Hoping if I stared at dad while he was making food, it would cook faster. Didn't work.

And now the steps to getting food. Never forget - 9/8/2014:

zanderlex says(1:37 PM): I need to find a way to get food.
patar4097 says(1:37 PM): Step 1.) Find a place that has food
patar4097 says(1:38 PM): Step 2.) Rob the place of all the money they have
patar4097 says(1:38 PM): Step 3.) Then find another food place and buy food.
Gamin'Gal says(1:39 PM): Step 4) ????

Gamin'Gal says(1:39 PM): Step 5) yum
patar4097 says(1:39 PM): Step 6.) Run away from the police
Zlinqx says(1:39 PM): step 7) contemplate existance

patar4097 says(1:39 PM): Step 8.) There isn't a step 8
Gamin'Gal says(1:40 PM): Step 9) Look at step 8
patar4097 says(1:40 PM): Step 10.) Remember there was really a step 8

dankusolion2 says(1:42 PM): Step.11) Get to the Work!
zanderlex says(1:40 PM): Step 12) Skip step 11
Zlinqx says(1:40 PM): step 15) math is stupid

Zlinqx says(1:42 PM): step 16) remember that you actually like math
Zlinqx says(1:42 PM): step 17) NEVER!

[1:43 PM] Zlinqx: Step 18) procrastinate
[1:43 PM] Zlinqx: step 19) procrastinate more
[1:43 PM] Zlinqx: step 20) keep procrastinating

[1:43 PM] Zlinqx: step 21) ???
[1:43 PM] Zlinqx: step 22) get back to procrastinating
[1:43 PM] patar4097: Step 23.) Starve to death because you don't have any more food

[1:44 PM] Zlinqx: step 24) realize you're actually immortal
[1:44 PM] Gamin'Gal: Step 25) haunt your favourite restaurant
[1:45 PM] Zlinqx: step 26) keep thinking of more steps to add

[1:46 PM] Zlinqx: step 27) shoot a bird using a homemade slingshot
[1:47 PM] Zlinqx: step 28) get the bird
[1:47 PM] Zlinqx: step 29) realize your neighbours saw you and are calling the cops

[1:47 PM] Zlinqx: step 30) kill your neighbours and eat them
[1:48 PM] Zlinqx: step 31) realize you just murdered someone
[1:48 PM] Zlinqx: step 32) panic
[1:48 PM] Zlinqx: step 33) to be continued

I lost the game. Lel

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