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04-05-20 04:30 AM

Minuano's Profile - OfficialLordeVEVO

Minuano is Offline

Registration Name: Galacta
Previous Name: Super Davideo7 2
  Moderator Manager
Location: Miami, FL
Age: 20 (05-23-99)  Gender: Male
Registered: 09-03-09 06:31 PM (3866 days ago)
Posts: 3,746  Threads: 151
Post Words: 145,000 (39 word avg)
Viz: 1,263,979    Contribution Points: 10,396
Post Rating: 598   Trust Points: 42   Chat: 7918
Level: 110    Experience: 14256271
Next Level: +152615 Exp    Per Post: 5708 Exp
Last Activity: 04-05-20 03:55 AM
  Viewing Vizzed Board


~Work in Progress~

You can find all the games I've played here:

I would be happy to give my thoughts on any game you ask me about. Of course, it will be ever-updating. Just know I'm not exactly a "gamer" - ironic coming from someone who administrates a gaming forum, but I mostly just like to socialize lol. I've been told I'm a good leader, so here I am.

Brief Vizzed Timeline:
- Joined in September 2009, not too long after the release of the Retro Game Room. I was ten.
- Trusted in... maybe 2010? 2011?
- For years I always stayed with the popular crowd. They didn't form around me or anything, but I always found myself in whichever group was the most dominant one at the time. Most people I've met here are still precious friends of mine, even the ones I haven't talked to in years.
- Gained a Local Moderator position in 2016. Didn't like the administration of that time (won't go into why, but I did play a part in it myself, I am not guilt-free) so I quit not long after.
- Small blemish on my record when I and a few other friends spammed the board a bit. Nothing serious at all, and I personally wasn't trying to get a message across even though others have interpreted it otherwise, especially considering I'm the de facto "head" of that group. I just thought Vizzed needed to lighten up.
- After David redid the entire Staff team in early 2019, I shot up from Trusted to Administrator through elections. I have won in every election (three) so far. Perhaps I'll give someone else a chance in the spotlight at some point, but for now I still feel as if I have work to do.

Vizzed Awards Over Time:

- 3rd Most Famous
- 2nd Most Creative
- 2nd Insomniac
- 1st Best Layout (by 9 votes!)

- 2nd Best Layout

- 2nd Best Veteran
- 2nd Best Layout

- 3rd Best Veteran
- 1st Best Layout
- 2nd Best Threads? I don't make threads...

Nada. Wasn't very active.

- 1st Best Veteran
- 2nd Best Non-Active Member
- 1st Best Posts
- 2nd Best Threads

- 1st Most Helpful
- 3rd Most Controversal (lol)
- 2nd Most Mature
- 1st Best Veteran
- 1st Best Staff Member
- 2nd Meanest
- 2nd Best Username (?)
- 2nd Best Userpic (???)
- 1st Best Threads
- My NieR:Automata review was one of the best.

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