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01-20-19 11:26 PM

Minuano's Profile - OfficialLordeVEVO

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  Kiyo is my favorite thing on the planet
Registration Name: Galacta
  User Manager
Location: Miami, FL
Age: 19 (05-23-99)  Gender: Male
Registered: 09-03-09 06:31 PM (3426 days ago)
Posts: 3,443  Threads: 129
Post Words: 120,264 (35 word avg)
Viz: 952,144    Contribution Points: 7,910
Post Rating: 507   Trust Points: 42   Chat: 7918
Level: 104    Experience: 11825373
Next Level: +36753 Exp    Per Post: 5151 Exp
Last Activity: 01-20-19 11:13 PM
  Viewing Poker Strategy: Pre-Flop
Last Post: 01-20-19 01:21 AM
  What is the last thing you bought in person?

I'm not quite sure what it means to mourn...
or even if we have a soul to concern ourselves with...
but I hope you're at rest.

Sweet dreams.

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