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12-11-19 07:10 PM

Zlinqx's Profile -

Zlinqx is Offline

Previous Name: Zlinqx
Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Swagboy McHopkins
Location: Swooden
Age: 20 (12-01-99)  Gender: Male
Registered: 07-21-13 09:39 PM (2333 days ago)
Posts: 4,552  Threads: 192
Post Words: 636,515 (140 word avg)
Viz: 650,064    Contribution Points: 51,565
Post Rating: 1,228   Trust Points: 24   Chat: 875
Level: 111    Experience: 14837065
Next Level: +31295 Exp    Per Post: 4889 Exp
Last Activity: 11-14-19 08:20 PM
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Last Post: 07-06-19 08:28 PM
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Hey all I'm Zac. I'm a Swedish university student majoring in Economics and work part time at a library. In my free time I like to go to the gym, be a weeb, watch football (or as you americans refer to it "soccer"), listen to hiphop and hang out with friends.

If you're lucky you might even catch me on here :p

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