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01-29-20 02:29 AM


The latest and most up to date Vizzed news.

826 Announcements

1 / 83 Minecraft Tournament #1 = Super Mario Bros Speedrun Parkour

I'll be hosting a single day Tournament on the Minecraft server on Wednesday, 1/29/2020, at 4 PM central time. The tournament will be no more than 1 hour long and anyone can join for a chance of winning US $25.

For more information, go here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 01-23-20 - 15:20 pm

Let's Welcome the New Admins

These will be the 2 admins for the 1st half of 2020:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 01-03-20 - 08:36 am

Tour de Vizzed: Winter 2020 = Let the Games Begin!

The last Tour de Vizzed introduced new card styles for the Vizzed GO game. If you don't plan to compete in the TdV, it's still worth visiting the site daily to try and catch those who are competing.

The Summer Tour de Vizzed discussion thread can be found here:

Each day there will be 4 Jerseys you can compete for:
Yellow Jersey: Most words in a day
Blue Jersey: Most posts in a day
Red Jersey: Most CP in a day
Green Jersey: Most CP actions in a day

Hall of Fame page can be found here:

You can find the current Tour de Vizzed results page here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 01-01-20 - 10:15 am

2020 Admin Election = Vote Now

It's time to elect the 2 users who will be admins of the site in 2020 from January - June. Only 3 of the 4 Global Moderators are running for the 2 Admin positions. You can vote for 2 Admins. They're listed below, click them to see their application:

EX Palen



For more information and to vote, go here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-26-19 - 23:37 pm

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas

7 Days of Vizzed Christmas
You'll all be rewarded a nice Christmas gift when you come to the site on Christmas (server time). Additionally, you'll be rewarded a random amount of Viz for each day that you come to Vizzed from the 25th until the end of the year, the '7 Days of Vizzed Christmas'. Be sure to visit the site each day to claim your random Viz gift!

Christmas Games in the Retro Game Room
The Retro Game Room has 40+ Christmas games. You can find them all here:

Christmas Video Game Music Stream
I'll be streaming Christmas / Wintery themed video game music 24 hours a day from tonight until Christmas is over. You can find the stream here:

Christmas Video Game Music
I put together a big playlist of Christmas themed and Winter themed video game music:

Retro Christmas Game Montage
A few years ago I put together a video highlighting 12 Christmas games (non hacked):

Any questions, comments or feedback? Or do you simply want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas? Do so in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-23-19 - 06:46 am

Vizzed Board 15 Year Anniversary Timeline Video

I spent many hours putting this together, which is why I had to delay it as long as I did. I wanted to capture not only the growth of the site but its community as well. I also wanted it to feel authentic so I did a lot of research in order to represent what it would have felt like using the site during the represented time periods (finding archives and using old internet browsers).

All of the users represented in the video are users with at least 10 posts. A special thanks to the users who went out of there way to put together a video/audio file that I could place in the video

Be sure to comment on the video and also like it
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-19-19 - 19:26 pm

2019 Vizzed Awards - Happy 15 Year Anniversary

I’m going to start this out by letting everyone know that I’m still working on the 15 Year Anniversary Video but it’s a little behind. It should be up within a week though, and I’ll make a separate announcement for it. You can get a sneak peak of what to expect here (the video will be based on the events listed on that).

After a lot of bold and controversial decisions made at the end of 2018 involving a complete staff restructure, 2019 started out really strong. It slowed down a bit but I think that was just a temporary phase and I believe the site is on track to start growing again. 2018 was the rock bottom for the site and 2019 was the beginning of the gradual incline that follows.

2019 was also a really busy year as far as development goes. I said I would dedicate 2019 to working on features that benefit the forum and its community and that’s exactly what I did. I spent very little time working on the Retro Game Room and mainly focused on fixing, finishing and expanding things on the forum. The biggest project of course was Rebuilding the Entire Post System, which I think makes the forum worthy of a Vizzed Board 2.0 status? I also completely rebuilt the Private Message System from the ground up. Both of those projects were some of the biggest projects I’ve tackled in years but they weren’t the only forum related things I worked on.

I restructured the Log System which made the site more secure and faster, made a ton of different cosmetic updates (for example, Input Fields), developed a ‘Vizzed GO’ game as an April Fools prank that caught on and was kept, finally added a Post Quoting feature, made a New Memberlist page, made a New Active Users page, and so much more.

I did work on the Retro Game Room and Video Game Room a little though. I upgraded the version of RetroArch that we use countless times. I rebuilt the Game Editor to make the lives of the staff easier, I completely revamped the way Screenshots are handled and displayed, fixed the Game Streamers page, etc.

And then to some, the biggest thing that happened in 2019 was the Vizzed Minecraft Server Revival!

One of my more favorite features that I made was the Site Statistics page. It lets you see just about any type of statistic on the site with an endless amount of filters. All of the stats for the awards below were generated from that page (in previous years, I had to execute queries in the database) so be sure to click the ‘Source’ links to see those results in action.

Another big thing that happened in 2019: My Bomberman ’94 Tournament streak was finally broke by Foxyman1113! I had been the reigning champion for 5 years. Again, congrats Foxyman1113, it was nice to finally have that streak broken and it was well earned

Expect to see less features in 2020 compared to previous years but more involvement in the actual community. In 2020 I’ll be spending far less time doing development work on the site and far more time just being part of the community, which will include more posting, hosting more events, more streams with the members of the site, more PM reading, more Notification reading, and just more involvement with the community and staff in general.

You can find all of the awards and additional information here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-06-19 - 05:17 am

15 Years of Vizzed Board Timeline = Submit Your Video/Audio

I'm putting together a YouTube video for the Vizzed Channel which will show the evolution of this site and its community in the form of a timeline. The timeline will list all of the significant events (in order) and will show various statistics. It will also list the different users who have been staff and users who have had an impact on the site in some way.

The video will probably be around 10 minutes long. Throughout the video, I'd like for clips of Vizzed users to play so this is where you guys can help out.

Submit Your Video/Audio
I wanted to have the involvement of Vizzed users in this video.

Qualified users can send me an audio or video clip in the following ways:
1. Email it to me at
Content hidden from guests! Register or Login to view it.

2. Upload it to YouTube (as unlisted) for me to download
3. Upload it somewhere on the internet

You qualify if any of the following apply to you:
1. You've been a member for 5 or more years
2. You have more than 1000 posts (or 100,000 post words)
3. You have more than 10,000 CP

The Video/Audio Clip should:
-Be no more than 15-25 seconds long
-Start out with you saying your Vizzed username (or names)
-Be good quality if at all possible
-Sent to me before December 5th

Then answer 1 (or both) of the following questions in the clip:
1. How has Vizzed impacted your life?
2. What is your greatest Vizzed memory?

If you have any questions, reply here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-04-19 - 11:41 am

Vizzed Black Friday Deals = Friday (11/29) - Monday (12/2)

I'm doing another Vizzed Black Friday this year which starts today, November 29th, and ends at the end of the day on Monday, December 2nd. Except this year, I'm doing the biggest discount I've ever offered!

During this time, everything (except stuff sold by other users) will be discounted by 33% in the Vizzed Market which includes all game codes and Vizzed items. Users will also earn double Viz for donating to the site.

Posted by: Davideo7 on 11-29-19 - 12:28 pm

Suggest Vizzed Events for the YouTube Timeline

As mentioned in this thread, I'm planning on putting together a timeline video of Vizzed.

I'm putting together a timeline feature which I'll be using to help "render" the timeline video and also to have a platform where I and others can submit events. You can see the timeline I'm putting together here: Vizzed History Timeline.

Staff has the power to add events to it. I can also give users the power to add events to it if others are interested in helping out. At the moment you can only add events, I haven't got around to adding the option for editing and removing events. Also note that the date of the events have to be in timestamp format (for the time being) so you can use a website like this to find the timestamp of a date.

What Events Should Be Added?
Feel free to suggest events that should be added. While the timeline will contain a few non Vizzed events (such as game systems and popular video game releases), all suggestions should be Vizzed related. Events can be something on Vizzed that happened which had a huge impact on the site or its community, when certain features got added, it can be various milestones, etc.

Post your suggestions here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 11-26-19 - 15:59 pm

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