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10-23-20 06:32 AM
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The latest and most up to date Vizzed news.

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Zander's Amazing Store = Selling 100s of Items for Viz

zanderlex has 100s of items for sale and it's all being sold for Viz! zanderlex is a legit and trustworthy seller on Vizzed so therefore you can trust anything you buy from him.

He's Selling:
-Physical PS4 games
-Digital Switch Games
-Physical Pokemon Cards
-Digital Pokemon Cards
-Physical Movies
-Digital Movies
-Gift Cards
(10,000 Viz per dollar. Includes Steam Gift Cards, PSN Gift Cards, XBOX Gift Cards, E-Shop Gift Cards, and Amazon Gift Cards)

Go here to see a list of everything he has for sale:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 10-19-20 - 04:57 am

Migration Complete = All RGR Games Up w/Faster Downloads

The file migration that started a few weeks ago is finally complete. All game downloads should now be faster than they were in the past and this includes CD systems, which are now blazing fast!

I recently got rid of one of my servers and replaced it with 2 cheaper servers with 2 different hosts. The service that the 1 host offers was dedicated to just file serving and both are cloud services. I've been finding ways to cut costs and this allowed me to cut server fees by about $100 a month, which brings the server fees down to around $450 a month now, which is great since the site's ads don't generate as much income as they use to in the past due to a decline in site traffic and ad network payout (the latest donations have been awesome, thanks camkunimura, tgags123, takeo masake, DOLPHINS440, NoxHardigan and NefliteX).

This site has about 3 TB worth of games so that makes it difficult to get monthly costs down and it also makes server transfers time consuming but having that all finished is great! And getting the download speeds of the games to be way faster than they were in the past is a massive bonus. Some of the large games for the CD systems use to take quite a while to download since they are very large in file size but now they download pretty quickly, assuming you have a good internet connection.

I also had some games on my primary server that I also transferred to the new servers which freed me up space on the primary server which means we'll now have more space to upload more music to the Video Game Music Room, which I'll probably start working on later this month.

If you have any questions, feedback or want to confirm to us all that the files are indeed faster to download, let us know in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 10-08-20 - 09:49 am

SSL Certificate Renewed (Regarding the Site's Security Notice)

Some of you that logged on to the site today may have been given a security warning in your browser. This happened because the site's SSL Certificate expired. I renewed it and now things should be back to normal. Sorry for the scare.

If you have any questions, let me know in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 10-03-20 - 18:52 pm

Retro Game Room Migration = Nearly Complete

All of the games in the Retro Game Room should be back up and working except the following:
-Dreamcast (75% complete)
-PlayStation (50% complete)
-Sega Saturn (0% complete)
-TurboGrafx CD (0% complete)

Games are being uploaded in alphabetical order. I'm also doing the systems in the order listed above (except I'm skipping the remaining PS1 games until I get all other systems uploaded since it's a very large collection of games).

Games should be far quicker to load with the new file host (more on this once I make an official announcement/thread after migration is complete) and it'll cut my costs greatly so this migration was necessary and worth it. The migration should be complete sometime next week.

Thanks for everyone's patience.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 10-01-20 - 08:48 am

Retro Game Room Cartridge Games Back Up

The cartridge games in the Retro Game Room should all be back up now. Most of the disc games are still down and will be down for another few days, possibly up to a week. I'll make another announcement when everything is back up.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 09-22-20 - 14:41 pm

Server Migration in Progress = Most RGR Games Temporarily Down

I'm in the process of doing a server migration for Retro Game Room files. Most of the games in the Retro Game Room will be unavailable for the next 24-48 hours. I'll make another announcement once the migration is complete.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 09-20-20 - 21:21 pm

Image Upoader & Photo Album = New Features!

I put together a suite of new features for uploading, managing and viewing pictures. It's available to all users and can be found in the Developer Center.

We've had a Photo Album that was created years ago but it was outdated and using the old site code and format. I made sure to include all features in the previous photo album and I also made sure to migrate all of the photos to the new system.

Before I go over the available features, I wanted to quickly point out that the images and albums can be embedded to any page that your a staff or admin of (forums that you moderate, your threads, your profile, etc). To do this, go to the page you want to add an Image or Album to and at the top of that page click the 'Add Content' at the top of the page and from the 'Select Content to Add' drop down, choose either Album or Image (depending on which you want to embed) and then click 'Save and Continue'. From here, you'll want to add the ID of the Album or Image that you want to embed (the ID can be found in the URL of that page). Here's an example of a page that I embedded an Image and a Photo Album to:

User Images
All displayed images not only show title, user, date and thumbnail but they'll also show image view count and number of comments. It makes browsing through 100s of images far more enjoyable.

There's a lot of options available for sorting through images. You can order the images based on Name, Size, View Count, Date, etc. You can filter the images based on Type and Category You can do a text search which returns all images with matching titles and keywords

Image Uploader / Editor
You can upload images as large as 500 KB and all uploaded images will have a small thumbnail generated. The uploaded image page will provide you with image specs and also HTML and Forum codes that you can copy for easy pasting.

There are a few options available when uploading and editing:
-Image Type lets you choose where the image will be used on the site
-Image Category lets you add your very own category which will help you and others filter through images
-Image Privacy lets you choose who can view your image. Public means it'll appear in the search results, Unlisted means it'll not appear in the search results (can only be viewed with direct link) and Private means that only you can view it (or anyone you add as an Admin to your image page)
-Unique lets you specify whether this is something created by you or not
-Keywords (only available after uploading) let you add keywords to your image that makes your image appear when that specified keyword is used in the search engine

The image pages let users leave comments on images and also offers additional details of the image such as how many people have seen the image, how many unique users, the last user to view it, upload date, the last time the details of the page were updated, etc. Here's an example of an uploaded image:

User Albums
This simply displays all of the albums created by users and also offers a few filter and search functions.

Album Creator / Editor
Anyone can create their own album but you can only add images that you uploaded (or are admin of) to the album you created. The albums have a few options available that work the same as the Image Uploader / Editor, which include Category and Privacy. It also has an option which lets you choose the order the images get displayed in.

Work on Albums Together
After you've created an album, you can make someone an staff/admin of the album so that they can also add their uploaded images to your album. To make someone a staff/admin of your album, click the 'Edit Page' link at the top of the page and add their name into the 'Add Mod' section.

Here's an example of an album page:

Questions? Feedback? Go here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 08-26-20 - 08:39 am

Join the Summer Netplay Tournament = Signup Extended to July 27th

I've postponed the start date of the Summer Team Tournament by 1 more week.

It's not too late to sign up:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 07-23-20 - 10:17 am

Join the Summer Netplay Tournament = Signup Extended to July 20th

I've postponed the start date of the Summer Team Tournament by about a week so that we can get more users signed up.

It's not too late to sign up:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 07-14-20 - 09:35 am

Join the Summer Netplay Tournament = 2 Days Left to Sign Up

This more than likely will be the very last netplay tournament that I can host due to Flash being discontinued (the RGR Plugin requires flash). I'm hoping to have 1 last netplay tournament.

The scheduling in this tournament is very flexible and can work around just about any schedule. Users have control over which games they play each week.

To join, or for more information, go here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 07-11-20 - 09:50 am

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