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01-19-22 05:02 AM
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Tour de Vizzed: Winter 2022 = Let the Games Begin!

The Winter Tour de Vizzed discussion thread can be found here:

Each day there will be 4 Jerseys you can compete for:
Yellow Jersey: Most words in a day
Blue Jersey: Most posts in a day
Red Jersey: Most CP in a day
Green Jersey: Most CP actions in a day

The Hall of Fame page has been upgraded and can be found here:

You can find the current Tour de Vizzed results page here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 01-01-22 - 10:37 am

Let's Welcome SonicOlmstead and Allysa8th as the 2022 Admins

Let's welcome back SonicOlmstead as a returning Admin for the first half of 2022. Along with him is Allysa8th, who will be joining the admin rank for the first time
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-30-21 - 20:07 pm

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas

I'm a little late at posting this (I usually do this on the 23rd).

7 Days of Vizzed Christmas
You'll all be rewarded a nice Christmas gift when you come to the site on Christmas (server time). Additionally, you'll be rewarded a random amount of Viz for each day that you come to Vizzed from the 25th until the end of the year, the '7 Days of Vizzed Christmas'. Be sure to visit the site each day to claim your random Viz gift!

Christmas Games in the Retro Game Room
The Retro Game Room has 40+ Christmas games. You can find them all here:

Christmas Video Game Music Stream
I'll be streaming Christmas / Wintery themed video game music 24 hours a day from tonight until Christmas is over. You can find the stream here:

Christmas Video Game Music
I put together a big playlist of Christmas themed and Winter themed video game music:

Retro Christmas Game Montage
A few years ago I put together a video highlighting 12 Christmas games (non hacked):

Any questions, comments or feedback? Or do you simply want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas? Do so in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-24-21 - 07:37 am

2021 Vizzed Awards - Happy 17 Year Anniversary

2021 has been a decent year for Vizzed as far as traffic goes. Vizzed has had a 20% traffic increase in the past year.

And even though my activity dropped in the final months of 2021 on the site (due to me getting an IT job), I managed to fix quite a few bugs and issues throughout the site and even update some features and add a few others. And most importantly, I got through a majority of my Private Messages.

Some of the fixes and updates:
-Completely Revamped the Video Game Music Room
-Resurrecting the Vizzed YouTube Channel
-20 – 50% Site Speed Boost
-Tons of new Features and Stats for Many Pages

Additional fixes and updates included Fixing NES Games, RetroArch HTML5 Emulator Enhancements including New Options, Help Center Updated, SEO Optimization of Site Pages (demonstration of how much it helped here), and so much more.

Vizzed also saw a semi-discontinuation of the RGR Plugin due to Flash being discontinued in all major browsers. I had started a fundraiser to help fund an update of the RGR Plugin that doesn’t support flash; that fundraiser exceeded expectations, showing that there was still a huge amount of supportive members on this site still. This updated version of the RGR Plugin is still pending since it has been difficult to find a qualified developer. Now I said Semi-discontinuation because the games in the Retro Game Room can still be played with the RGR Plugin using these instructions.

Something else that happened in 2021, which was an unexpected surprise, was the resurgence of the Minecraft Server. Somehow the MC Server saw periods of high activity throughout the year, almost matching the prime days of the MC server. HUGE thanks to the MC Staff for helping take care of the increase MC traffic.

So I’ve been MIA in the past 4 months due to my IT job, as mentioned already. However, I’m slowly getting back more free time as the high demand of my job slowly decreases. I’ve been averaging 50 hours a week at my job, sometimes a little over 60 hours a week, but I’m slowly taking that down to around 45 hours a week.

I’m hoping to make 2022 the year of tournaments, events, competitions, etc. I’ll be streaming again with users and also putting together community based YouTube videos. Maybe we’ll see the return of past events, we’ll definitely see the return of real prizes, and if all goes well, we’ll get plenty of participation.

You can find all of the awards and additional information here
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-06-21 - 08:52 am

Vizzed Awards - 17 Year Anniversary - 4 Days Left to Vote

There's just 4 days left to vote in the annual Vizzed Awards.

You can cast your votes here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 12-01-21 - 09:31 am

Vizzed Awards - 17 Year Anniversary - VOTE NOW

Vizzed Board turns 17 years old on December 6th, so you guys have a little more than 3 weeks to vote for whoever you think deserves any of the awards below. Voting will end on December 5th and the awards will be given out on December 6th. There are 25 awards you can vote on, 20 user awards and 5 thread/post awards.

You can cast your votes here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 11-16-21 - 16:18 pm Minecraft - Live Now = Win $25

The Minecraft Tournament is now live:

Refer to this thread for more information:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 11-09-21 - 17:14 pm Minecraft Tournament #3 = Zanderlex Maze

I'll be hosting a single day Tournament on the Minecraft server on Tuesday, 11/09/2021, at 5 PM central time. The tournament will be no more than 1 hour long and anyone can join at any point even after it's already started.

It's been nearly 2 years since I've hosted a Minecraft tournament. Hopefully we can get back to doing these monthly.

The Zanderlex Maze
This competition is sponsored by Zanderlex. He is funding the competition and also created the maze which will be used for the competition.

How to Join
All you have to do is log on to the Vizzed Minecraft server, using the IP address, and you'll be invited to the location of the Maze. I'll be making a separate thread and announcement shortly before the event starts. Even if you join late, you can still join.

Feel free to join in on our voice chat on the Vizzed Official Discord Server in the #minecraft-server channel.

How the Tournament Works
The user to successfully navigate to the end of the Maze, wins!

1st Place = US $25 (claim via PayPal or Gift Card)
2nd Place = 30,000 Viz (or 3 Raffle Tickets)
3rd Place = 10,000 Viz (or 1 Raffle Ticket)

How to Spectate
If you can't participate, you can still join those who are spectating it. I will be hosting the event on Twitch here:

If you can't make it to the live stream, I'll be uploading an edited version of the event to my YouTube channel here:

If you have any questions, go here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 11-06-21 - 10:23 am

RGR Games Fixed

After I updated the SSL certificates of yesterday, I didn't update it properly on the (our file server) properly. This has been fixed and the games in the RGR should now work again.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 10-04-21 - 06:18 am

SSL Certificate Renewed (Regarding the Site's Security Notice)

Some of you that logged on to the site today may have been given a security warning in your browser. This happened because the site's SSL Certificate expired. I renewed it and now things should be back to normal. Sorry for the scare.

If you have any questions, let me know in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 10-03-21 - 17:14 pm

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