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06-23-21 04:01 AM
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Vizzed Market Refunds

If you've ever purchased any digital codes from me that didn't work from the Vizzed Market since it launched, reply to this thread for a full refund.

Be sure to let me know what the item was (or items if it was multiple items) and the total amount you spend in Viz. I'll try to get you a Viz refund within a few days.

It doesn't matter how long ago it was, I want to make sure that everyone is properly refunded. Reasons why some of my codes might not have worked include: Code inserted into site improperly, code expired, code hacked and already claimed, etc.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 04-10-21 - 13:23 pm

April Fools

In case it wasn't obvious, yesterday's announcement was an April Fool's joke. I figured I'd better let that be known in case someone did take it seriously and left the site for good. There have been users in the past that have fallen for my annual pranks.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 04-02-21 - 14:35 pm

I'm Making Vizzed a Mature 'Dark Web' Site

For more information, refer to this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 04-01-21 - 09:45 am

Site Development and RGR Plugin Updates

Here are a few updates regarding both my low activity lately and the RGR Plugin.

My Low Activity
A few weeks ago I injured my thumb and the surrounding area on my hand. This had made it difficult to use a computer and after seeing a doctor, avoiding video games and computers was necessary in order for it to heal faster. This is why I haven't made many posts lately and also why I haven't been doing very much coding lately. My hand and thumb is making progress and I expect to increase my time on the site next week and should be back to normal the following week.

RGR Plugin
I had hired the original RGR Plugin developer (Tom) to work on doing the updates and he initially backed out after expressing interest and working on it a little. Then he had contacted me weeks later and expressed interest in continuing so I allowed him to continue working on it. Due to his lack of motivation more recently, he decided again to discontinue working on it so I'm back at having to find a developer. Don't worry, I hadn't paid him anything so I still have the budget to hire someone else, which will more than likely be next Monday. If anyone knows of a good developer, I'd be willing to pay them to help out.

If you have any questions or feedback, let me know in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-30-21 - 07:54 am

Lifeless Reaper's Announcement

Lifeless Reaper donated US $250 toward the RGR Plugin fundraiser and one of his perks was an announcement.

He wanted me to promote his friend's Twitch Channel

She is currently working on 100% Halo MCC and Borderlands 3 and when she's not on those you can find her chilling on Dead By Daylight. Follow her to know when she streams.
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-16-21 - 07:20 am

RGR Plugin Update

Tom is having some difficulties with the RGR Plugin. These delays are completely out of my control and I apologize for them.

Here's his latest message to me:

"Sorry I've been lagging. Still feeling overwhelmed. I've done some more work, but I'm worried I should change approach how I do the code.

I was going to use a program called Websockify to help get this all working, but I'm bummed it gets detected as a virus by AVG and probably other antivirus programs. The AVG popup lets you add an exception to allow it to work, but I worry to instruct your users to do this for all common antivirus software isn't acceptable and I need to do the code without Websockify. I'm thinking the code I have in mind will work decent enough, but it's polling based instead of event based and it may lag a little bit like with the loading progress bar.

What do you think? Is the antivirus exception rule unacceptable?"

I had replied and suggested that maybe we embed Firefox version 42 (specifically, the portable version) into the plugin so that when someone plays a game, the game opens up in a window within that version of Firefox since that version of Firefox supports NPAPI, one of the technologies that can help make the RGR Plugin work.

In the mean time, you guys can use FireFox Portable 42 to play the RGR Plugin. It requires no installation. You can get it here:

If you have any questions or feedback, go here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-11-21 - 09:04 am

RetroArch HTML5 Emulator Fixes and Updates

First I need to point out that Tom (original RGR Plugin developer) has decided to give the RGR Plugin updates another shot. I'm not sure when he'll have something for us to test out but he has been working on it.

In the mean time, I've been making some updates to the HTML5 emulators on Vizzed.

RetroArch Fixes
I've fixed a few issues that affected some of the games. I also did a few cosmetic updates.

All games that had an apostrophe in their name (and probably other various special characters) didn't load at all. This issue has been fixed. I honestly didn't know of this until earlier today.

The other issue that has been fixed is the 'Play Game' button. Only half of it was clickable and in some cases, it wasn't clickable at all. This has also been fixed.

RetroArch Updates
I added the 'GearBoy' core for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. It's nice having more cores available to choose from since different cores run better for different devices.

I also added the option to 'Play with Slow Device Settings' and to 'Play with Fast Device Settings'. Great for those who have a computer that's less powerful or more powerful than average.

EmulatorJS has replaced NeptunJS
EmulatorJS has less ads (these are both hosted on external websites, not my own) and seems to play better on more devices (nes games work on Xbox One, more on that later).

Added 'Genesis Plus GX Wide' Core
I added a new core for Sega Genesis games that allow you to play the games in true wide screen. It plays the games 20% wider without stretching the screen by simply showing more of the game. It doesn't work very good with some games but for the ones that it does work with, they play great. I put together a video showcasing the new RetroArch core and how to use it on Vizzed:

If you have any questions or feedback, let me know in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 03-01-21 - 15:17 pm

Last Day to Donate for Perks

Today's the last day to donate toward the RGR Plugin Fundraiser for the listed perks here:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 02-28-21 - 05:42 am

RGR Plugin Fundraiser Goal Reached!

A Huge Thanks!
We did it! We hit the RGR Plugin Fundraiser goal within a week! I was blown away by the amount of support we got and was so honored that so many users selflessly donated toward this.

There's a little more than 1 week left to help fund the RGR Plugin for the perks mentioned in this thread:
There's still 1 Custom username Color and 1 Completely Customized Username and Style perk available.

RGR Plugin Updates
I'm a little late on giving an update via an announcement. Up until now, I've been posting updates every few days in this thread. Here's some details on what's going on with the RGR Plugin.

The original RGR Plugin developer no longer has the ambition and/or knowledge to update the RGR Plugin so I'll be searching online to hire a new developer to fulfill my requirements. If anyone on this site is qualified or knows of anyone that is qualified, I posted the job offer on Freelancer here:

I'll more than likely hire someone on Monday (2/22/2021) and I'm hoping we can have something ready before this month ends (or at very least, a beta of some sort). Keep this in mind, the person I hire could potentially drop out of the project, resulting into me having to go through the hiring process again. Those types of things happen often when dealing with freelance developers online. They go into a job super ambitious, only to find out that they're not qualified or lack the motivation.

Let's All Thank Those Who Donated!
Here's a list of all those who donated during this fundraiser:
pokemon x: $250
blackvelvety: $100
nakina: $100
supercool22: $50
Deacon DeMan: $50
Ridley12: $50
LilKilla0803: $50
zanderlex: $25
NoxHardigan: $25
PalRec01: $25
The Mother of Mother 3: $25
Lavencia: $25
game_Addict11: $10

If you have any questions or wanted to thank those who supported, respond to this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 02-18-21 - 09:55 am

Help Us Fix the RGR Plugin

After hours of investigating, it should be possible to get the RGR Plugin updated with just a budget of US $500. I no longer have the money to invest into the RGR Plugin and this is why I need the help of the Vizzed community. I got in contact with the guy who developed the RGR Plugin and with $500, he can update it so that the RGR Plugin no longer needs Adobe Flash or NPAPI to render in the web browser.

The RGR Plugin launched in 2010 and I've invested nearly $15,000 into the RGR Plugin. It'd be very depressing to see the plugin which revolutionized browser emulation come to an end. The RGR Plugin has been used by 100,000 of people worldwide, possibly even a million.

Please help us keep the memories of these 40,000+ games in the RGR alive. Help us to continue preserving these games by donating any amount that you can. All we need is around $500 and then we could get the RGR Plugin updated within 1-2 weeks. If we hit a goal of $900, then we can add a whole new emulator to the Plugin giving us access to more games and systems.

Donation Perks
$25+ = Your Own Rented Forum
$50+ = 2 Hours of My Time
$50+ = Permanently promoted to Vizzed Elite
$100+ = 1 announcement promoting whatever you want
$100+ = Custom Username Color (first 3 users can claim this)
$250 = Completely Customized Username and Style (first 2 users can claim this)
$250 = External HDD w/All Vizzed Games (USB powered 2 TB)
Additionally, all donations will be worth Triple Viz! In other words, every $10 = 30,000. I've never increased it this high.

The perks all expire on March 1st, 2021.

Click Here to Donate
Supports PayPal and Credit Cards

If you have any questions or feedback, let me know in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 02-02-21 - 13:40 pm

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