This page lets you upload multiple screenshots to the server. After you've uploaded them, be sure to click the link below to add each of your images to the game's page.

You can upload up to 100 screenshots at a time and the max file size of each screenshot is 4 MB. The width of the image gets resized to a max height of 120 pixels for the thumbnail and 600 pixels for the full size.

There are a few rules to uploading screenshots:
-Screenshots must be taken by you and must not exist on any other site
-Screenshots must be good quality
-Screenshots should be unique and not too similar to screenshots already submitted
-Screenshots should not have a watermark
-Screenshots should only show the game and shouldn't have anything else
-Don't take a picture of your TV screen or monitor with a digital camera or cell phone
Failure to follow these rules, especially the 1st one, can result into a ban

After you're done uploading, click the following link:
Add Screenshots to Game Page

Click Button to Upload Screenshots