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06-25-22 02:36 PM
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Vizzed is an online gaming community which lets you play 10,000s of retro games online for free, get information for almost every game ever made and discuss both gaming and life in general in a very welcoming non-family-friendly environment.


General Disclaimer Retro Game Room HELP FAQ Do's & Dont's Benefits of Registering Formatting Tags & Smilies Usernames & Powerlevels Terminology & Features
Username colors:
They vary depending on the gender, level and power level.
Dark - Light: Lower level - Higher level
(For Guys) Blue - Green: Youngest - Oldest.
(For Girls) Red - Pink: Youngest - Oldest

Italic Username: If a user has 25 or more posts for the day their name becomes italicized. This resets once the day is over.


Banned : A user who has violated the rules and is either blocked from site features temporarily or permanently. User can still play their own purchased games, view posts and use the PM system but that's about it.

Newbie member : This is what you are when you sign up. You have all the basic priveleges and can post in most forums but you have a few limitations; here are the limitations:
-Cannot post pictures unless they are located on
-Cannot post clickable links unless they are located on
-Cannot upload pictures -Cannot post any form of html
-Can only make 1 thread per a day
-Can only send 10 PMs per a day
-Can only make up to 10 Viz per a post
-Can only rate 5 games per a day

Normal member : After you've been a member for at least 7 days and have 10 or more posts, you become a Normal member. However, you do not get this power level until a day after reaching the requirements. Users of this power level do not have the restrictions that a Newbie Member has.

Trusted member : By respecting fellow members, a user can gain 'Trust Points' - with atleast 5 'Trust Points', a user automatically becomes Trusted; a Trusted Member becomes a Normal user if they go below 3 points. Trusted members have access to a few extra forums, can make a custom title, can access vizzed uploader, have an underlined username, can give or take trust points from other users, etc. This is a great privilege.

Vizzed Elite : Only a few are ever given this position. To qualify, you have to be a very well known and trusted member, been part of vizzed for more than 6 months, and have more than 250 posts. Most previous forum staff members who were staff and did a lot as staff are also given this position. Occassionally I may choose someone who doesn't meet requirement but it's rare.

RGR Staff : Someone who helps out with the Retro Game Room.

Local Moderator : A staff member who has mod powers to selected forums and can ban people from those forums. Age restriction is 13 years old.

Global Moderator Male : A staff member who has mod powers over every forum and can also ban users. Also has superiority over local mods. Age restriction is 16 years old.
Global Moderator Female : A staff member who has mod powers over every forum and can also ban users. Also has superiority over local mods. Age restriction is 16 years old.

Administrator : A staff member who is 2nd in command. Has mod powers over every forum, every user, and has superiority over every staff member except the Owner. (it's very unlikely anyone will ever be granted this position again)

Owner : Davideo7 himself, the boss man. Commander and Owner of Vizzed. A kind person, however, break the rules and he will break his oath to never kill again. His wrath is powerful and to be feared, do not anger him. Davideo7 has the power to override ALL persons under his command as ALL Staff members take orders from him.

The Staff page will display everyone who is staff.

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Page Comments

mdlakers - 05-25-22 02:15 PM
I'm having a hard time finding the Spellfire card game can you help me please
Dauntez - 05-23-22 11:33 AM
funkymunky - 05-15-22 08:33 AM
delete account
chaz47 - 05-13-22 07:51 PM
Been trying for several years to delete this program from my computer but there is now way. Back when, I asked this site about that and got the response "why would you want to do that?" It seems like a trip to complain to the BBB or AG offices is finally in order. I'm tired of having this unwanted program take up over 100mb on my HD.
eraf - 04-21-22 10:36 AM
I am trying to play derby owners club and it is not working!
Emill82 - 01-30-22 01:33 AM
net play
Racer31 - 12-26-21 11:50 AM
Beyblade g revolution GBA How come the engine gear won't start when I press L.R with the blade base of first crush base final Clutch base First base clutch
jovanmarinkovic - 12-04-21 01:33 PM
How to delete account on I no longer use this website, please delete my account permanently. Thank you in advance.
myste - 11-20-21 02:00 PM
I cant find link or way to start any game.. how?
bkalra871 - 11-08-21 10:06 PM
need what it is to play games

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