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Vizzed is an online gaming community which lets you play 10,000s of retro games online for free, get information for almost every game ever made and discuss both gaming and life in general in a welcoming family-friendly environment.

About Us

Vizzed is an all around gaming website dedicated to offering you the greatest gaming community as well as the greatest selection of online retro games on the web!

The goal of the Vizzed Board message board is to give people of all ages and locations a family-friendly community in which users can comfortably socialize with each other without the risk of being insulted, disrespected or attacked. Vizzed Board is a safe community and would never endorse anything that may harm any individual personally or their computer (which is why vizzed is spyware, adware and virus free).

The goal of the Retro Game Room was to not only offer free gaming to children and adults who cannot afford it but to also preserve these retro classics in hopes that they will not be forgotten and given the recognition they deserve.

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Vizzed was founded and created by David Auchampach (aka Davideo7) and is currently the only developer of the site. Most of the features, ideas, functionality and graphics are developed by him.

Vizzed Board forum is custom made software which is based on the Acmlm Board software. While the Acmlm Board software use to make up the majority of the Vizzed Board forum code, now it only makes up a small portion of the overall code. All other portions of the site have been made 100% by Davideo7 (which includes the Retro Game Room).

Although the majority of the site has been developed by Davideo7, throughout the years many other developers have contributed in various ways. These developers include:
JigSaw, BigBob85, Randy53215, Fragg3r, Acmlm, Emuz, Jesper, etc...
If you feel that you haven't been properly credited, please contact Davideo7

For information on the site features and who created what, please refer to the Terminology and Features page.

Vizzed Retro Game Room (and retro toon room)
-All the games in the Retro Game Room are no longer being sold or distributed and it is assumed that they are all a form of Abandonware.

-Vizzed owns a physical copy of many of the digital copied games in the Retro Game Room, especially potential copyright violations.

-When playing the games on Vizzed, you are 'renting' a digital copy of each game and will not have the ability to download the game to your machine.

-Vizzed does not sell any software which Vizzed does not fully own nor does Vizzed condone that sort of act.

-Vizzed will remove any copyright violations upon request AND proof that the game is a violation.

-All of the games are free to play and although they cost Viz (site currency), Viz is also free and easy to earn (this helps reduce the costly bandwidth usage).

-Your save file of each game will be available for as long as vizzed is available or until you've deleted it or overwrote it.

Vizzed Board
Vizzed is a free community dedicated to gamers world wide. Vizzed is free but allows users to donate money which goes toward server fees and future features.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the legalities of this site, PM Davideo7, the owner of Vizzed.

Vizzed strongly respects your privacy. All information collected at Vizzed will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, resued, or rented in any way. Any information we collect, such as operating systems, screen resolution and browser types are used to help make your visit more enjoyable.

Third Party Advertising
We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our web site. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements on this site and other sites about goods and services that may be of interest to you.

Third Party Cookies
In the course of serving advertisements to this site, our third-party advertiser may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser.

External Links
Vizzed contains links to other sites and file downloads from other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such web sites.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please feel free to contact Davideo7, the owner of Vizzed.

Exponential Interactive
Exponential Interactive, Inc, as our partner, have a legitimate interest to collect and profile personal data in the form of IP address and cookie ID from users on our website in order to provide targeted online advertising and ad measurement. For more det ails including opt - out requests, access requests or complaints, please review their privacy policy or contact their data protection officer via

Early 1998: David Auchampach (age 12) finally gets full access to a computer when his family get their first computer. David Auchampach gets into RPG Maker 95 and starts to make an internet presence by the name of Davideo77.

Around 1999: Davideo77 (around the age of 14) finds and posts on his very first message board forum on which is a forum dedicated to final fantasy. Davideo77 posts like a little newb but loves the concept of a message board and dreams of having his own site and forum some day.

Sometime in around 2000: Davideo77 becomes Davideo7. Originally he created an account with hotmail in around 2000 which was and than he made an email with yahoo around the same time but for some reason was unavailable so he got stuck with davideo77 and went by that name for a few months until he noticed was suddenly available. He does end up going by both Davideo7 and Davideo77 for a while.

Early 2000: Davideo7 makes a website with Homestead but ditches it within a month

Around 2001: Davideo7 makes a Geocities website dedicated to RPG Maker and Final Fantasy called 'Viz Video Games'. He also uses it to display his RPG Maker 95 games, primarily 'Fanisters Island'. Click Here for Oldest Known Archive

Late 2001: Davideo7 is referred to Stifu's Board by his personal friend DNG and Davideo7 becomes in love with the board and becomes an active member. Profile Here (that wasn't my original user picture, the shenmue picture I was linking to changed after a few years)

Late 2001: Davideo7 discovers the original 'Acmlm's Board' from Stifu's board and becomes an active member there. Davideo7's Profile on Acmlm's Board (again, that user picture wasn't my original picture)

Early 2002 (or possibly late 2001): Davideo7 created 'Viz Board' and invites his personal friends to post on it. Davideo7 originally wanted to get an acmlm board but lack of knowledge and inability to get the board engine resulted into him setting up an ezboard. Known members from that board who also have accounts on this board: DudeNamedGlenn (DNG on vizzed board), greenlight30 (Cid on vizzed board) and el nino ninja (Mike on vizzed board). Captain Koga (aka Koga) was also an active member on that board and was an active member in the vizzed board community until around 2003 (he never made it to this board but posted on the last vizzed board) Click Here for Oldest Known Archive

2002: The very first Vizzed Board is created (but doesn't have it's own domain name, instead I use the same domain from the crappy hosting company I was going thru at the time known as rcthost). After many months of becoming a well known member in the Acmlm Board community, Acmlm himself finally grants me the permission to use his board engine (at that time only a few were priveleged with getting their hands on it). A lot of the board's members were either personal friends, friends from acmlm's board, or members from eponick's board (his board went down for a very long time and I was an active member on his board and told the members about my board and they came to my board to post until his board went back up). Click Here for Oldest known Archive

2003: With the help of Jake-A-Roonie, Vizzed gets its own domain name. I was to young to purchase one (17) so I sent him money over paypal and he purchased it for me with his credit card.

2003: Davideo7s well know RPG Maker 95 site goes up which helps draw in a ton of the board's traffic.

Late 2003: Someone hacks Vizzed Board and destroys all posts and members by uploading a PHP file using the upload feature and dropping the tables in the database.

Late 2003: Vizzed Board 2 is created (aka 'The Previous Vizzed Board'). The previous Vizzed Board is still available and completely viewable Here A lot of the members who are from that board are on this board as well, just take a look at the Memberlist

Late 2004 (5 years ago): Randy suggests that Vizzed Board transfer to the new Acmlm Board engine. Davideo7 agrees which results into everything starting over and members having to register again. That new Vizzed Board is this Vizzed Board. Many complained (primarily Cid and Lowell) about having to start over and because of that, Davideo7 promised to never let a reset on posts and users happen again.

Mid 2005: After the board was incredibly active, it goes into an on and off drought for a few years.

2007: Board is probably deadest its every been, a few days during the summer it went over 24 hours without a single post.

2008: Get-Your-Rom is created by Davideo7 and JigSaw. It also helps draw in new activity to Vizzed Board

Early 2009: Retro Game Room is added and floods of activity is generated.

Throughout 2009: Davideo7 spends hundreds of hours working on the Retro Game Room. Also spends many many hours adding new features.

Summer 2009: Biggest Vizzed Board war starts and ends. The results: a few members leaving and never coming back and the board losing a lot of activity temporarily. (please don't ask me about this, I don't want to bring up past problems so therefore I will not further discuss this).

Fall 2009: Vizzed Board gets its new developer, Jigsaw, which helps add features to Vizzed Board.

Late 2009: Vizzed Board Retro Game Room exceeds expectations and brings the total traffic of to be over 3,000+ unique visitors per a day. At this point, the board's activity is also great.

Early 2010: An agreement made between Davideo7 and JigSaw leaves Davideo7 again as the only developer. RGR receives a few new systems including N64 and GBA. Vizzed also receives a ton of new features.

Summer 2010: Vizzed exceeds 10,000 unique visitors per a day, the 1000s of hours gone into development and the 100s of hours gone into advertising were well spent, especially seeing how much vizzed has positively benefited many lives.


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