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Vizzed is an online gaming community which lets you play 10,000s of retro games online for free, get information for almost every game ever made and discuss both gaming and life in general in a welcoming family-friendly environment.

Retro Game Room

The RGR offers 10,000s of free professionally made games, all playable online in the browser and is loaded with features like saving, screenshots, netplay & more!
Top Pages: Netplay Lobby, Streamers, Rom Hacks
Top Series: Sonic, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, DBZ
Top Systems: GBA, SNES, N64, NES, Arcade, DC

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Vizzed Board

Vizzed Board is a family friendly community / forum. Users of all ages can discuss video games, life in general, etc.
Top Pages: RGR Help, Friends List, Layout Editor
Top Features: RGR Plugin, Viz, TdV, Notifications

Video Game Room

Get information, music, screenshots, reviews, guides, prices, videos, articles, character info and more.
Top Pages: Streamers, Characters, Screenshots
Top Systems: XB1, PS4, Wii-U, 3DS, X360, PS3, PC

Video Game Music

Listen to Video Game Music Online! Soundtracks available for Retro and Modern games. 40 game systems, 10,000+ soundtracks and nearly 200,000 songs!


Get tools and information for playing Minecraft or for making your own Minecraft content. Also be sure to join our MC server!

Vizzed Market

Buy items with Viz that unlock site features. Buy & sell Digital game codes for steam games, eShop and more.

Video Game Music Radio

Live 24/7 stream dedicated to the best video game music. It offers gaming trivia and request a song!

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Site Announcements

Vizzed Minecraft Server - 10 Year Anniversary Stream Tour

For those who missed the Minecraft Anniversary Event Stream, I've uploaded it here:

We didn't get around to showcasing everything so we might do a part 2 if anyone is interested. If we do a part 2, anyone is free to join the Discord call.

For feedback, comments or questions: Minecraft Anniversary Event = Starts Today @ 12 PM (CST) 4/18/2024

The anniversary event for the Minecraft Server will start today at 12 PM central time, which is roughly 1 1/2 hours from now.

Be sure to join us on the Vizzed Minecraft server using the following IP:

All of this will be live streamed on my Twitch Channel here:

12:00 PM (CST): Tour of MC Vizzed
We'll start out with doing a tour of everything for the first hour. We'd do the tour of the worlds in order of their creation and try to showcase those worlds in order of the creations within those worlds. We'll discuss various details about what we're showcasing including the history and any fun memories related to them.

The group call will take place on the Vizzed Discord Channel under the minecraft-server voice chat channel.

1:00 PM (CST): Activity TBD
We haven't decided what activity we'll be doing but we plan to do a few hours worth of activities based on the number of people interested and based on the suggested ideas. If anyone has any ideas for activities and games we should do, feel free to suggest them.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, go to this thread: Minecraft Server Updated + 10 Year Anniversary

Vizzed MC 10 Year Anniversary on April 18th
The 10 year anniversary of the Minecraft server is coming up on April 18th. We plan to host a few Minecraft events on that server on that day and possibly on days around that date as well. There are no set plans yet on what we'll be doing for the events, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to let us know (even if it required installing new plugins, I'm willing to do that). I took off work and will be spending a lot of the day on the Vizzed MC server.

For those who don't know, you can connect to the Vizzed Minecraft server with this IP:

Minecraft Server Updated to the Latest Version
The server has been updated from 1.18.2 to 1.20.4, which is the latest version.

Play Vizzed MC Server from Bedrock
I've installed a plugin (WebSenderReloaded 1.0.2) on the Minecraft server that lets you connect to the server from the bedrock version of Minecraft. You can also connect to it from a console version of Minecraft using the BedrockTogether app, which you can find instructions for here.

Plugins Updated
I've updated every plugin that had updates available. The last time these plugins were updated on our server was 2 years ago. Here's a full list of what was updated and to what version:

EssentialsX 2.19.4 to EssentialsX 2.20.1

Multiverse-Core 4.3.1 to Multiverse-Core-4.3.12

Multiverse-Inventories 4.2.2 to Multiverse-Inventories 4.2.6

Multiverse-NetherPortals 4.2.1 to Multiverse-NetherPortals 4.2.3

Multiverse-Portals 4.2.1 to Multiverse-Portals 4.2.3

GriefPrevention 16.17.1 to GriefPrevention 16.18.2

MysqlPlayerDataBridge 4.2.0 to MysqlPlayerDataBridge 4.11.0

Citizens 2.0.27 to Citizens 2.0.33

Denizen 1.2.3 to Denizen 1.3.0

ClaimBridge 1.7.0 to ClaimBridge 1.8.1

DynamicShop 2.12.4 to DynamicShop 3.16.1

Dynmap (yes, it's working again)
Dynmap 3.3.2-696 to Dynmap 3.7-beta-4

LagAssist 2.28.0 to LagAssist 2.30.0

LuckPerms 5.4.1 to LuckPerms 5.4.121

PlugManX 2.2.9 to PlugManX 2.3.7

Spark 1.8.0 to spark 1.10.34

WorldEdit 7.2.9 to WorldEdit 7.3.0

WebSender 3.1 to WebSenderReloaded 1.0.2

For Questions or Feedback

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Your content here

Blank Content

Your content here

Page Comments

AnnaLee123 - 02-16-24 01:09 AM
I really liked the BW one, I don't know what it's called but it went: "It's not always black or white, but your heart always knows what's right"
Dauntez - 01-05-24 01:46 PM
FFVII is a really good game!
Dauntez - 01-05-24 01:45 PM
becky without caps.
Dauntez - 01-05-24 01:45 PM
I taking my island back.
Dauntez - 01-04-24 09:45 PM
U def crowded.
becerra95 - 01-04-24 09:28 PM
Nvm too crowded. Hmmm
becerra95 - 01-04-24 09:27 PM
Nice island. I’m taking over
Dauntez - 01-03-24 04:19 PM
I'm getting free Dairy Queen, and I'm hungwy.
Dauntez - 01-03-24 02:07 PM
My friend on Pixel Petz died ):
Dauntez - 01-03-24 02:06 PM
I wanna win this TdV (:

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