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10-07-22 08:37 AM
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I've got a pretty wild life. I've lived with mental health disorders that have gone unnoticed until recently and in my childhood it led me to be bullied and beaten constantly, marked as an underachiever at school, and chastised for my inability to focus properly. I found this website through my interest in playing Nintendo games. I’d use it to log my collection, play N64 games at school, and immediately found my first community. Having no friends for years when I came to this site, it gave me exactly the social interaction I needed to grow and learn information away from my family’s esoteric views. Thing is though, I used this website to air out just about every thought that pervaded my mind for about half a decade. As our knowledge of the internet and the impact of oversharing on social media has expanded into a new era of monitoring the lives of individuals, growing up online on an obscure website like this, with each thing I’ve thought through the most tumultuous time of intellectual development having permanent search results, is something I regret. I started as an innocent kid with a love for comedy and video games. I was a big Nickelodeon fan and had a lot of “LOL random” influence. I found some of my first good friends around 2012 and we were getting pretty popular on Facebook through posting whatever memes I could find in the darker corners of the internet and making lots of my own. Some of these friends were trolls, and they encouraged me to do so as well. I realized the harm in this and distanced myself from it entirely from 2015 onward. I’d return to this site for a few years to post random thoughts on politics that were based on a conspiratorial documentary I saw without any reading into history or philosophy. I have since made great strides in educating myself and look back at a lot of what I’ve posted here to be embarrassing. I was a dumb kid, I got emotional, I was easily influenced, and as an adult it is my main goal to help people who struggle with mental health or find themselves in the same rabbit holes that lead to insanity.

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TheFadedWarrior - 08-01-16 01:20 PM
how are you
TheFadedWarrior - 08-01-16 01:20 PM
wow you still exist