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Pokemon Snap Nuuu I had such an itch to try and play this game even though N64 games don't always run well on my computer but it seems you can't play on the site for some reason :c
Duck Tales The soundtrack for this game... It's the best. And all that pogo stick action >:3
Balloon Fight Wow this game is addicting and pretty revolutionary for it's time as well.
Pinocchio Pinocchio for the Sega Mega Drive... The first game I completed. So much nostalgia!

Zlinqx's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Grow Home
10-31-15 05:51 PM
Go home bud, ur drunk
NSo Grow Home. This was a neat little project I'd grown an interest in after having seen many reviewers praise it as a breath of fresh air, and even more so when I heard it was actually produced by Ubisoft. So when I heard the PS4 port of the would be free for PS+ users I was actually somewhat excited (which is something I rarely say about the PS+ lineups).

So I got it and finally got to play it, and what do I have to say about it? Well...

Creating a living world with so little

The graphics are unsuprisingly (since this was a low budget project) actually fairly simplistic for PS4 standards. The game being made in unity and the textures being almost sort of blocky but that doesn't stop the world from looking almost a bit awe inspiring with lots of colour and life filling it while at the same time looking very serene and peaceful. With everything the giant plants, the ocean to the caves and the creatures within the world, awakening your sense of exploration and giving a sense of calm. I would say if anything doing so much with this little makes it all the more impressive.

The art style overall is definietly one of the strengths of the game. The only real problem I had with the graphics and I'm not sure if this is exclusive to the PS4 port or it's the case with the PC version as well is that partially clipping through objects is common. And while it hasn't bugged the game out for me or made scaling these surfaces impossible it's somewhat of an immersion breaker when you see half the character being inside the plant even with it being a low budget project.

The soundtrack, or well rather the ambient sound helps drive home the sense of serenity and vastness of the world. There's not really much of actual music aside from the main theme that plays at the main menu but I feel that for the kind of experience this creates ambient sounds fit better overall and while not extravagant definietly does the job. Same can be said for the s... Read the rest of this Review
08-30-15 08:22 AM
Bloody Brilliant
Oh Bloodborne... When I first bought this game and started playing it, I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn't expect it to take nearly my entire summer to beat it. Let alone another two and a half weeks until I would be able to get a platinum trophy. Yet I don't regret one second of it. During my recent reviews I've been reviewing a lot of games that have ranged from mediocre to just plain awful, but this will be neither.

Welcome to my review of Bloodborrne, where I'll be telling you why you owe it to yourself to pick this game up if you own a PS4 and experience one of the best games made in the past few years.

Let's get started then shall we?

A dark depressing s***hole. But a well crafted one.

Something that will become apparent when you first start playing the game is just how awe inspiring it looks. It's stunning to look at. The amount of detail that's gone into it is astounding. Everything from seeing giant buildings in the distance or even some of the smaller things like the patterns on the walls. Not to mention the various weapon and item designs, it is all very pleasing to the eyes.

On the topic of enemy design they're very detailed, from the smaller mobs which all look unique and are very varied, to some of the giant hulking, gross looking but still very detailed looking bosses. Really aesthetically the game doesn't feel lazy in any way, and you'll be hard pressed not to be impressed by the amount of care put into thevworld and the things that dwell within it. It feels alive and the world, completely interconnected.

But as much as I'd like to give the graphics a 10, there is one thing in particular that stops me from doing so. The game runs at 30 frames per second, which while it doesn't stop the game from being enjoyable and is something that didn't really affect the experience for me, may turn away some from playing it. It's something I could've possibly let slide in the previous console generatio... Read the rest of this Review
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
07-06-15 07:19 PM
Zlinqx suffers a mental breakdown
So yes I'm going to go ahead and do something I said I'd never do. You see this game has kind of become like an inner demon of mine that I've wanted to review but purposely haven't because I haven't actually completed the game since I don't own a Wii U. I've only played the game for a 3 hour session once.

But it still plagues me and considering I've watched a whole playthrough as well as having played enough of it to get a feel of the controls and such, I think I have a good enough understanding of the game to review it regardless (and it's the TdV so teehee lol). Besides the game itself seems largely unfinished so I find it kind of fitting in a funny way.

To clarify this is more of a bonus review than anything, that I'm doing mostly out of fun so I won't really be making this as part of my staff reviews, but instead mostly because of the TdV and also because I really want to rip this game apart, which means this will be different than my regular style of reviewing and catering a bit more to fans of the franchise (though people completely new will also understand just how awful this game is, I guarantee it) I mean I swear I will kill this ga-

Ahem, I mean lets just get to it then yah?

Unreal lack of polish, and friggin mummy Sonic.

So graphically this game looked decent when looking at the announcment trailer, but how did the game turn out when it was actually released?

Oh boy... It's a roller coaster in terms of quality in the graphical department and for the most part it's pretty bad, I mean at many points the game looks like it belongs on the PS2 rather than the Wii U. Heck there's even some textures in the game that look like they belong on the friggin N64, I mean, I know this game was rushed but really, in 2014 a game with textures that look they belong on the N64, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? I mean the world itself, in particular the hub worlds, looks like they could've had some (tiny) bit of potential... Read the rest of this Review
Super Bonk
06-29-15 08:20 PM
Completely BONKers
Picture yourself at the gaming scene during the 16 bit era. The console wars raged on, every company had their own mascot. Nintendo had Mario, Sega had Sonic, Hudson having created their own console the Turbografx 16, decided to make their own mascot and this ended up being a little caveman with an oversized head called Bonk.

Their console ultimately couldn't compete with the Genesis and the SNES in way of games but despite all this Bonk lived onĀ  and eventually the franchise continued having it's first game for the SNES imaginatively titled Super Bonk... Go figure.

Ultimately this has been my first game in the series, and what do I think about? Well, it's really weird... You'll see what I mean...

A mix between cartoony and just plain weird and bizarre...

Asthetically the game didn't really push the limitations of the SNES but it looks decent for an SNES game. There's a nice amount of detail to the Bonk himself and the creatures he face... Even if you can't always instantly figure just what those things are. And there's a nice amount of variety of how the levels look you explore everything from China Town to the super sized house of a dinosaurs (that for some reason looks the same as those of humans) and that same dinosaurs brain... Yeah just don't think about it... (it gets weirder) Well while it doesn't really always make sense it does keep you amused and at times is pretty creative, the only really bad thing per say is that the animations could've been done a bit better.

The game also looks fairly colourful a lot of the time which really helps give it a pretty upbeat and cheery feel. The sound effects often times seem cartoony as well which fits with the game though some times they can also just be plain weird, they do manage for the most part not be annoying at least.

The soundtrack I actually found suprisingly good especially during the beginning where it can be really upbeat and fit well with this overa... Read the rest of this Review
Sonic Unleashed
05-28-15 05:40 PM
Well time to celebrate me having computer access again by Writing a review that I was going to release like a week and a half ago... Yeah. Let's just skip the chit chat and get on with.

So Unleashed has been one of the more controversial games in sonic the series, opinions vary a lot from horrid, to pretty meh to a bold new take on the series, after having had the game in my possession for some time but not actually finishing it I figured it was time for me to take on this beast!... Or werehog... just don't Think about that for too long...

High Production Values

Unleashed was more or less the last Sonic game to have a really big budget and while you can argue if this helped make it any better gameplay wise, it really showed in the technical department.

From the completely awesome opening cutscene of Sonic facing off against Eggman to the colourful and vibrant level enviroments during the day time stages and a bit more gloomy but still fairly good looking night time stages this had great graphics for the time.

Unfortunately that's also it. For the time. The game was released fairly early during the Life cycle of the Xbox 360 (march 2008) and while it has aged suprisingly well graphics wise compared to a lot of other games released more recently on the console, it has a tendency to slightly show it's age at times.

But like I said it still is a good looking game and judging it based on the time it was released it's definietly impressive.

There's also little to complain about in the sound department. The game spouts some great soundtracks from start to finish that really amplify the experience, as has come to be expected of sonic games even the terrible ones, well with one or two exceptions *cough sonic boom cough*. The voice acting is for the most part spot on for the characters as well.

The one exception is really a battle theme that keeps playing when encoutering en... Read the rest of this Review

Zlinqx's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
07-07-15 10:25 PM
Bloodborne Tips & Tricks for Newbs
So a few weeks ago I got Bloodborne having never played any of the games in the souls series (which is made by the same creator) I thought I'd complete this in a few days and review it.

But oh boy I was wrong this game is brutally hard and I'm far away from beating it right now, fortunately after Rage quitting several times I have picked up some things which is what I intend on sharing in this thread since hopefully they should at least make the start of your Blooborne adventure a lot less... Rage-y.

So yeah here's an assortment of stuff to help you on your journey in bloodborne!

Tip #1 When encountering your first enemy, die.

Once you encounter the first enemy in the game, the wolf creature you'll have no weapons so just go ahead and die because then you'll be transported to the hunter's dream where you'll be able to pick your weapons... Don't try to be super macho man like me and try to kill it with your fists... Just don't.

So once you do get there, you'll be able to pick your weapons so here I've included a brief overview of each weapon and additional advice from me regarding them to help make your choice easier:

Main Weapons:

1. Threaded Cane

My preferred weapon. Which is basically a cane (I call it the pimp cane :3) which in it's normal form is used to stab the enemy which is typically useful for thougher enemies. It also has an alternative form by pressing l1 that transforms it into a chain whip, which is useful for common mobs like the towns folk. I think this is generally good for skill stat based characters and is generally the fastest weapon but that at the same time packs the least punch.

2. Saw Cleaver

Generally the most balanced out of the weapons having decent speed but also decent force. It has two forms, a shorter version that's quicker but obviously can't reach as far, and a longer but slower version for more reach, each useful for d... Read the rest of this Guide
Pokemon Crystal
11-03-14 07:20 PM
Pokemon Crystal Complete Walkthrough #1 - A brand new EGGventure...
This is a new series of guides I'm making for the game Pokemon Crystal where I plan on covering almost everything about the game this will start with a walkthrough but I'll also be putting out things like a Pokemon Location guide, tips and tricks and other useful stuff in the future. I'll be releasing this walkthrough in parts on a weekly basis similar to my reviews. This is a new idea of mine so I'd love to get some feedback. With that said I hope you find this of use!


So ready to start your adventure in the world of Johto are you? Brilliant! Well right of the bat after watching the epic and confusing intro cutscene I'd recommend going into the options menu and changing the text speed to fast. After that you can start by selecting a new game, and at this point it's pretty self explanatory. Professor Oak asks you what time it is and then says he's overslept (or apparently doesn't need sleep depending on what time of day you're playing).  You'll do a few basic things like telling him if you're a boy or a girl because apparently I look just a little bit too feminine as well as telling him your name.

With that out of the way you'll finally enter the world of Pokemon and before you check. no there isn't a potion in the PC that's in the 1st gen games only sadly enough. There's not much to do upstairs so you can go on and head down stairs where you'll meet up with your mom who will give you a pokegear and tell you to go see Professor Elm.

New Bark Town

So heading outside you should go to the Professor Elm's laboratory to the left of your house. If you want you can explore the town but there's not really much to gain from doing so. Either way, once inside the laboratory you'll talk to Professor Elm. He'll ask you to help him with his research by raising one of his Pokemon. Right before allowing you to choose one though he'll get an email which he explains is from his acquaintance Mr.Pokemon. He has apparently m... Read the rest of this Guide

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