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Tour de Vizzed: Autumn 2015
Overall Leaders
1.gamerforlifeforever2: 69
2.janus: 54
3.zanderlex: 51
4.Davideo7: 44
5.Yuna1000: 21
New User Leaders
Tour de Vizzed is a posting competition exclusive to vizzed which is held once every 3 months. The winner of each Jersey each day gets to wear that Jersey the following day. The overall winner of each Jersey at the end of the month gets to wear that Jersey the entire following month.

Click Here for Full Tour de Vizzed Stats
Jersey Leaders
Y: zanderlex
B: gamerforlifeforever2
R: gamerforlifeforever2
G: Davideo7
Yesterday's Leaders
Y: zanderlex
B: zanderlex
R: Davideo7
G: Davideo7

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Town Square
 General Chat  Anything that doesnt belong in other forums
  Sub Forums:  None,  Vizzed CommunityQuestionsLight heartedSpecial EventsFood and DrinkSeasonalLifeUpdatesFeedback RequestSocietyPollsApplicationsTravel
4,144:T   P:83,834
10-06-15 09:25 PM
 Newbie Forum  If your new to the board, introduce yourself!
  Sub Forums:  None,  About Me!
9,550:T   P:53,595
10-06-15 07:01 PM
3,998:T   P:76,238
10-06-15 09:08 PM
3,243:T   P:18,862
10-06-15 07:49 PM
 News and Updates  Where I post updates
  Sub Forums:  None,  Retro Game RoomUpdates
275:T   P:5,577
10-06-15 06:51 PM

Gamers Circle
 Video Games  Anything to do with video games
  Sub Forums:  None,  QuestionsPC GamesReviewsOtherControversyPollsConsolesVideo GamesHandheldsArticlesPolls and QuestionGamesSonicMinecraftLight hearted
6,326:T   P:74,242
10-06-15 06:29 PM
1,839:T   P:23,061
10-06-15 09:14 PM
 Video Game Crazyness  Less serious conversations
  Sub Forums:  None,  PollsForum GamesQuestionsCharactersLight heartedOtherVizzed Community
988:T   P:28,241
10-06-15 09:06 PM
 Pokemon  Discuss anything relating to Pokemon
  Sub Forums:  None,  Polls and QuestionVideo GamesForum GamesQuestionsAnimePokemon TCGOtherContestsLight heartedVPFC ArchivesHelpPokemonTown HallPlaythroughGames
2,385:T   P:64,329
10-06-15 09:20 PM
747:T   P:5,137
09-17-15 01:03 PM
5,210:T   P:43,253
10-06-15 09:12 PM
 Game Reviews  Video game reviews by users
  Sub Forums:  None,  Game Boy AdvanceNintendo NESSuper NintendoNintendo 64Sega GenesisGame Boy ColorPlaystationArcadeGame BoyXbox 360WiiPlaystation 3Atari 2600Playstation 2Windows
8,917:T   P:31,479
10-06-15 06:39 PM
 Game Discussion  Discussions linked to game pages
  Sub Forums:  None,  Game Boy AdvanceNintendo 64Super NintendoNintendo NESGame Boy ColorSega GenesisGame BoyGeneral DiscussionArcadeHelpPlaystationXbox 360WiiAtari 2600Playstation 3
4,638:T   P:19,142
10-06-15 09:23 PM
 Game Articles  Professional quality video game articles
  Sub Forums:  None,  GeneralSonyNintendoMicrosoft PC
157:T   P:1,014
10-06-15 07:50 PM
EX Palen
 Game Guides  Walkthroughs, Strategy Guides and FAQs
  Sub Forums:  None,  Game Boy AdvanceSuper NintendoPlaystationNintendo 64Game BoyNintendo NES3DSWindowsArcadeGame Boy ColorGenesisSega Master SystemPSPGameCubeWii
595:T   P:2,108
10-06-15 08:12 PM

Vizzed Ville North
 CafĂ© Corner / Girls N Guyz   Disclaimer: Ages 13 and up
  Sub Forums:  None,  LifeRelationshipsFamilyFriendsQuestionsLight heartedWorkAdultsBodyGenderAsk Anythings
1,562:T   P:31,436
10-06-15 07:09 PM
 Health / Fitness / Science  
  Sub Forums:  None,  HealthScienceFitnessBodySleepQuestionsHygieneSleepSpaceForum GamesAnimalsWeatherBugsPlantsNature
861:T   P:19,990
10-05-15 06:47 PM
 Debate / Logic / News Discussion  Ages 13+
  Sub Forums:  None,  NewsDebateControversySocietyPoliticsQuestionsReligionEnvironmentOther
1,198:T   P:23,717
10-06-15 05:22 PM
1,200:T   P:15,985
10-06-15 07:06 PM
 School  Middle School, High School, College, etc
  Sub Forums:  None,  SchoolQuestionsHomeworkClassesCollegeTeachersSchool Clubs Special EventsHow to Articles
730:T   P:13,578
10-06-15 06:00 AM

Entertainment Avenue
  Sub Forums:  None,  Polls and QuestionActionHorrorComedyScifiMoviesQuestionsCelebritiesFantasyReviewsForum GamesRemakesDramaReviewViz Contest
865:T   P:18,495
10-06-15 09:18 PM
  Sub Forums:  None,  ShowPollsQuestionsCelebritiesChannelsCharactersCommercialsotherProgramming BlocksCableSat
721:T   P:13,724
10-06-15 06:58 PM
  Sub Forums:  None,  ArtistsSongsQuestionsMaking MusicGenresPlaying MusicGeneralForum GamesPollsCDsSoundtracksLifeMusic
969:T   P:21,347
10-06-15 08:48 PM
851:T   P:16,732
10-06-15 08:25 PM
 Cartoons / Anime & Comics / Manga  
  Sub Forums:  None,  AnimeCartoonsComicsQuestionsPollsMangaCharactersShowMultiOtherGames
1,287:T   P:23,796
10-06-15 08:48 PM

Vizzed Ville South
 Crazy House  Place to be CRAZY
  Sub Forums:  None,  Forum GamesFunnyOtherQuestionsLight heartedRulesVizzed Community
1,668:T   P:96,847
10-06-15 09:23 PM
 Vizzed Market  The Market to deal Viz with other members
  Sub Forums:  None,  Earn VizBuyingSellingSpend VizSpecial EventsBettingLayout ShopsGamesTradingLayoutOther
2,787:T   P:42,011
10-06-15 07:59 PM
2,000:T   P:49,367
10-06-15 07:26 PM
 Web Splurge  Internet Discussion! Flash Games, Viral Vids..
  Sub Forums:  None,  YoutubeWebsitesVideosFlashInternetWish ListSocial NetworkingMemesQuestionsOtherDealsShoppingSelling EbayLight heartedAbout Me!
1,603:T   P:14,235
10-06-15 08:03 PM
 Stories / Simulation / Art  This is the creativity center
  Sub Forums:  None,  StoriesPoetryRole PlayFan FictionArtBooksFeedback RequestFan artOtherCreepypastaLight heartedAbout Me!Vizzed CommunityHelp QuestionsQuestions
2,682:T   P:24,171
10-06-15 09:11 PM

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The Cans
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  Treasure Can  Where good threads go when they die   Threads: 74   Posts: 25,550 08-05-15 04:59 PM

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