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Real Name:
    David Auchampach
Age / Birthday:
    30 / 07-29-85

Post Exp Words per Post
    2,744,495     70 avg
Posts Threads
    39,418     4024
Viz: Gender:
    7,259,807     Male

CP: 111440.8 Trust Points: 59.6 Post Rating: 3164
Position: The Owner
    Founder, Developer, Advertiser, Mod, Investor, etc

Registration: 12-06-04 09:02 PM (4188 days ago)
Last Activity: 05-26-16 07:23 PM

Online Status / Last page: ONline
    Unknown Action

Last Post: 05-26-16 06:41 PM
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Name Style Davideo7
Posts 39418 (9.41 per day)

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 Offline Since: 04-05-16 12:56 PM  Total Play Time: 120:50:32  Today: 00:00:00  This Week: 00:00:00  This Month: 00:00:00  MC Name: davideo7
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Davideo7's Tour de Vizzed Stats
 Yellow Jersey: 16  Blue Jersey: 18  Red Jersey: 28  Green Jersey: 43  Jersey Total: 111  Rainbow Banner: 27  White Banner: 0

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Family: jess4xbox, RichardMAuchampach,

Online Friend: DarkHyren, geeogree, Dragon master, Rasenganfan2, Light Knight, Juliet, Crono, JusTReaL, tom760, joebab, xfighter1138, Randy53215, bigNATE, Cyro Xero, Surgiac, dramabethie, Zeldisaster, metal572, MichaelVash7886, Cookieman, M!cH@3l 001, BTowns, septembern, deathblade200, BennyMD4123, bubbadub100, AdorableCookie, vizwiz123, Annette, noelia, Chronabis, sonikku, hypermonkey, BreakDown, LordVanya, Lindblum, alexanyways, Juliah, Didowe, Namrea, loungegecko, Shaedo K, Yoshi123, Koolboyman, shredknives, darksplif, legacyme3, xader33, Rmarsden, the_casualty, TwistedChaos, RapidFox, big fat cat, gtwalq, Cthulhu@667, SEGA-Master, Lord Valarion, Snowdeath, Totts, UserMike, MegaRevolution1, pickachu52, tRIUNE, BNuge, totaldramaman2, gee0gree, Laian, pacman1755, AuraBlaze, seanne, silverthundr, rcarter2, RequiemHaunt, YourMajestyKen, tj4bigred, NotJon, Elara, Eddy88, Darkpower508, epicpokenerd!, Marcmoney, madison, crazycatpup, The Planned Accident, jlh, leondre77, uberkoopa, Jordanv78, Azul Fria, bombchu link, Singelli, Ktanaqui, Rockie44, play4fun, megamanmaniac, GuardianZack, Tyrian Delirium, KG, Eirinn, ender44, Nickrj, Seishiro Leonhart, patar4097, earthwarrior, EvilAlu, Kryptic, Tails the Fox, GenesisJunkie, mlb789, soxfan849, supercool22, XxEzraxX, KiddoCabbuses, Shogun Gamer, sonicthehedgehog57, TornadoMudkip, mvhupsel, kramer4077, Glaceonwhisper, thing1, takeo masake, stacym, mrfe, Mistress, Vanelan, IgorBird122, Frodlex, tgags123, CryBaby, Matthew2321, Itachi9695, pokemon x, mgharper94, manicman66, Razor-987, LocksmithArmy, Aaronrulz1, Ddog282, LegendofLorie, Pokefreak219, Gingercream1, Eniitan, Fireproof, jtotherock23, Livid Pain, sop281, DrRM, Galacta, SUX2BU, A user of this, zerothesaint, tornadocam, Furret, lilythetigerkity, EX Palen, EideticMemory, zanderlex, TheFadedWarrior, Linkums, Kelvin Juwah, mohammedroxx3, danielovici, dansenhtbx, trixz2007, BigBob85, Jake-A-Roonie, Ferdinand, SadSecrets, tony1367, Darthdaishi, yoshirulez!, dragonslayer444, ZeroTails, janus, Zlinqx, gamerforlifeforever2, supernerd117, PacmanandMariofan, Serotriptomine, Juliaisme123, MattyIce, Yuna1000, juuldude, Popeye116, Barathemos, Dragonlord Stephi, Bintsy, CVAnimate, Yoshi-1up, meweevee, cnw64, DavidTest28, DavidTest20,

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Temp: Xero,

Wife: deanna07dd,

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Lieutenant Vicktz, geeogree, Rasenganfan2, Light Knight, Juliet, Crono, 1sam234, JusTReaL, dragonslayer2010, rbaranishyn, Dragon master, BreakDown, jojo27616, dinomaster13, joebab, septembern, MegaRevolution1, Hoochman, Zeldisaster, tom760, alexanyways, goku1344, computerwiz, chucknorris, Randy53215, bigNATE, nutman777, marcloe, noelia, Cyro Xero, Surgiac, dramabethie, metal572, MichaelVash7886, Dakim, UPtrainfan89, thejbcshow, Cookieman, Lucariodude, superscyth09, M!cH@3l 001, BTowns, vizwiz123, Haiden, xLogan, RangerJosh#5, ff_freak, trixiella, Roxas941, RedMageCole, doggyfishman, yoyo123, namikazexminato, evilcon09, deathblade200, Kompai77, Josh1678, bubbadub100, AdorableCookie, machete234, Annette, pokemon_maniac, NathanMacneil, mdynasty926, xfighter1138, sarahhasley, BennyMD4123, The Great KDB, Alucard962, ghgh50, Fyareflare, kaimanb, logieg, devakabugs, anfernee.skinner, DNG, DarkHyren, Metal_25, shahid, JustKickin10, Lena, daphneblackadder, iBOCK, AceXtreme64, wiredwabbits, play4fun, Megabillyred, jesseashley, Chronabis, BlackFalconXF17, John, hitmontoprules, sonikku, RR, chester909, BOSSJOHNNY, tidusrobbins, _Hunter_14, walterrod, hypermonkey,

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Referred (664): Apophis, Sonicandtails, NSNick, JigSaw, thelegendofzeldafan, zeewick, pokemonfreak37, distinguished-melo, chonkevin, latigazo, Shinka_0807, SuPeRsOnIc36354, bjak, DavidTest20, Domino Cannonball, DavidTest24, DavidTest26, cherylledford, fr33Boy, grant, wolloam, buffster666, fraser, MJisAwesome, m.o.l.e, lingerbeer, danilohop, latigazo1, latigazo2, armoredcc, DavidFinalTest, pokemon2012, Seargent Beef, ridgid, xDaNCedxNiGhTx, pinkberry_shop, malcolm432, anfernee.skinner, mustanes44, anaesor12, element5754, qjayem_123, Stevie 764, Saintmg, killapac15, sonic x 01, chris007, theblack, jmcb14, unknown345, gothking747, lisakemi, SonicFan1, champions53, legoaaron123, 80sman, Cheesy99, scaler09, rkdaydream, mshi13, boxerboxing, apetah, apetah3, apetah4, apetah5, apetah1, boxheadgamer, shawtyking405, henri921, jhaniyah, moewmix111, selfmutilated, shadow waluigi87, NathanK17, vidon100, Gunner350, greenbug, regejen123, lonestarbabe, Edgyhandsome, VoidX789, Hypernova789, Benny615, vergvija, jones62258, jonathan234, wolfmaster248, Math905, supersonic27, Bobica, coolyiu5763, yakuzadevathoni, Butterfingers68, dinisbros, pokepoke12, SiSih2, Wrestler, sophie1010, Wingzero99, dinglouisa,
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Davideo7's Biography
Some Future Features Include:

Allow users to upload their own pictures to the photo album (and let them have several pics in there)

Make drawings in post

Pay for vizzed host

Fix Referall

Pay Viz for: Color Thread Titles(750), Huge Size Font Thread Titles(2000), Thread stickied (1000), or thread title underlined(500). Make Calendar Event (100), Announcement (5000), Local Announcement (1000).

Allowing users to organize the order of how they view the categories

Color of name changes slightly depending on age

2 open slots that appear toward the top of every page, users can define what link they want in those slots by clicking them (or editing profile), and that link will always be available at the top of every page

An additional power level...making it so there's a power level below full mod, but above local mod; this power level would allow a person to be a mod of an entire category, and they'd also be responsible for hiring or monitoring the local mods within the forums under that category. This idea would'nt be in effect until vizzed board is MUCH more active.

User images wearing items


Link in user profile that admin can click which automatically PM's user their warning; maybe also marks how many warnings they have and have left

To do list:

Add sprites from to the ranks


"timber! out couch....boy falling asleep" Me

"My Computer Can Beat Up Your Computer" Me (i think)


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