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07-03-22 04:40 AM
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Location: Winnipeg
Age: 32 (10-31-89)  Gender: Female
Registered: 10-02-10 06:34 PM (4291 days ago)
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Page Comments

pokemon x - 01-17-22 12:42 PM
Since I am unsure if PM went through the characters you requested are added. Try seeing if you can add info to them.
pokemon x - 01-16-22 12:33 AM
Little insider view of staff forums and staff actions. Note I could post about this but nah... staff forums are actually really inactive from the ones I can see. I am about the only one that posts and the other is usually ex palen. Now to staff actions the most notable is game content adding. If I did max I could do in a day that is 400 actions but game content is disabled from effecting TDV results meaning I get nothing towards TDV for doing it.
pokemon x - 01-08-22 10:25 PM
I was the one that responded and in short I mentioned that is currently broken for rgr staff and local ranks also. David has now fixed it though so I was curious as to what it shows for non staff
pokemon x - 01-08-22 07:48 PM
Question for you since david now fixed the character adding are you able to request changes being made on existing characters?
pokemon x - 01-07-22 06:40 PM
Forgot to mention. Main reason why I always think it doesn't send the messages never get marked as read even after looking at them. So something else David would have to fix but I know it has been broken for a long time now.
pokemon x - 01-07-22 06:36 PM
Staff inboxes are weird. I can pull up the sent page and I think it sent but when I go to click the PM itself it stops saying I can only view my PMs and kicks back to Vizzeds webpage. Also even as RGR staff and now local position I still can't add game characters which is crazy. Hopefully david will have a fix for it.
pokemon x - 01-07-22 02:23 PM
Can you let me know if you got a response from RGR staff? With how broken the staff inboxes are kinda I am unsure if it actually sends when it says it sent.
becerra95 - 01-07-22 01:41 PM
Too easy you and furret not much of a challenge honestly
pokemon x - 01-04-22 11:58 AM
I am too lazy to post a response but for context. In Davids post under maybe fix he has Youtube Uploading which Janus staff role is to upload gameplay videos. I might make a reply post later.
SonicOlmstead - 01-01-22 10:56 AM
Nice catch on the tdv in the treasure can I didn't even notice but I went ahead and moved it where it should be

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