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Links and History

Naruto - Konoha Senki River City Ransom Digimon World Mario Kart 64 Sonic CD Fullmetal Alchemist - Stray Rondo (English Translation) Pokemon Crystal Pokemon Fire Red Final Fantasy III Tekken 3 (Japan, TET1-VER.E1) Brian Lara Cricket (June 1995) Pokemon Catch Em All (LG and FR Ver) Cobra-Command (World revision 5) NHL Hockey Pokemon Expert Emerald (Ver. 1.42) Pokemon Light Platinum Pokemon Frosty Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 ( hack) NBA Jam - Tournament Edition Super Metroid - Project Base v0.7 (Justin Bailey) Bare Knuckle III (english translation) Streets of Rage 2 Pokemon Fire Red Perfect Dark Mutation Nation Haunted Castle (version M) Renegade (US) Twin Cobra (World) Mother 1 and 2 (english translation) Mother 3 (english translation) Mother 2 - Gyiyg no Gyakushuu Mother Final Fantasy III Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy (Japan) Final Fantasy VI Death and Return of Superman, The Hook Final Fantasy III Bonkers Chrono Trigger Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Busts Loose! Marvel Super Heroes - War of the Gems Bubsy II Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind Chrono Trigger (Japan) Super Bonk Final Fantasy V Final Fantasy IV Saturday Night Slam Masters Lion King, The Spider-Man vs the Kingpin Captain America & the Avengers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters X-Men Batman Forever Rocket Knight Adventures Zombies Ate My Neighbors Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Altered Beast Streets of Rage Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Twin Cobra After Burner II Duke Nukem 3D Tiny Toon Adventures - Busters Hidden Treasure Sonic and Knuckles QuackShot - Starring Donald Duck Gunstar Heroes Super Mario Bros - Angry Marionao Grand Cherry Master (bootleg of Super Cherry Master) Gauntlet Arkanoid - Doh It Again Lion King, The Comix Zone Desert Strike Sunset Riders Kaizo Mario 64 Pokemon Red Chrono Trigger Legend of The Mystical Ninja, The Phred's Cool Punch Out 2 - Turbo!! Metroid Fusion Advanced Dungeons & Dragons T2 - The Arcade Game Dragon Force Sonic Adventure 2 Dragon Slayer - The Legend of Heroes Sonic The Hedgehog Space Station Silicon Valley Double Dragon Advance Gunstar Super Heroes Galaga '90 Bonk III - Bonk's Big Adventure Bonk's Revenge Bonk's Adventure Knuckles' Chaotix Terminator, The Grand Cherry Master (bootleg of Super Cherry Master) Pokemon Yellow
Contra Ms. Pac-Man Alleyway Tetris Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Angelique - Voice Fantasy RBI Baseball 2014 Tecmo Super Bowl '99 Roster Sonic Adventure 2 Triple Play '96 NBA Jam - Tournament Edition Dream Team USA Dick Tracy Chester Cheetah 2 Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball Bill Walsh College Football '95 NHLPA Hockey '93 NHL '96 NHL '94 NHL Hockey Crystal Warriors NHL '94 Blazing Star World Poker Tour NHL '13 - 2 on 2 Playoff Edition NCAA Football King's Bounty AAAHH!!! Real Monsters Batman ToeJam & Earl Tecmo Super Hockey Rick Dangerous Rent A Hero Prime Time NFL Starring Deion Sanders Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure MULE Iron Storm King's Bounty Sonic Adventure Legend of Legaia Super Star Wars Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel Sangokushi Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition Pink Goes to Hollywood Mickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse Mickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse Einhander Einhander PGA Tour Golf III Mickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse PGA Tour '96 Pebble Beach Golf Links Paperboy II Paperboy Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf ESPN NBA Hangtime '95 Dragon's Lair Dragon's Lair Chrono Cross Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV - Wall of Fire Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure Task Force Harrier EX Earnest Evans Sol-Deace Sonic Battle Kirby in Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic & Tails 2 Bill Walsh College Football ESPN Sunday Night Football ESPN - Baseball Tonight NBA Action '95 Streets of Rage 2 ESPN - Baseball Tonight Tetris Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors Metamorphic Force (ver EAA) Wing Arms X-Men (4 Players ver UBB) Grand Prix Jungle King NBA Jam Tournament Edition NBA Jam Tournament Edition Shinobi (set 6, System 16A, unprotected) Dogz 2 NBA Hang Time Sonic 3 Complete Sonic 3 Complete Sonic 3 Complete Sonic the Hedgehog - Pocket Adventure Dogz 2 Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910522) Street Fighter (World. Analog buttons) Robot Bowl Dogz 2 Drag Race Drag Race Dokaben (Japan) American Baseball
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling Hot Shots Golf 2 Robotron (Solid Blue label) Harvest Moon: Back To Nature Tetris Cooly Skunk (Unrealesed) Mystic Warriors (ver EAA) Pacific Theater of Operations II Pro Yakyuu, The Civilization Street Fighter II': Rainbow Edition set 1 (bootleg) Street Fighter EX2 Plus Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV - Wall of Fire Contra Alleyway Master of Monsters Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy Dragon Warrior VII MULE Ms. Pac-Man Legend of Legaia Heavy Smash (Europe version -2) Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena Player's Edge Plus - Double Double Bonus Poker (X002069P) Yu-Gi-Oh! - Reshef of Destruction Final Fantasy III Lufia & The Fortress of Doom Funny Fruit (Version 1.13) Baseball Stars Professional (NGM-002) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (World 4 Players) Final Fantasy III Heavy Smash (Europe version -2) Destiny of an Emperor Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (World 920513) Wild Arms Iron Storm Final Fantasy VII Sonic Battle Nobunaga's Ambition Jeopardy! - 2nd Edition Final Fight (World) Romance of the Three Kingdoms III - Dragon of Destiny Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (World 4 Players) Final Fantasy V (english translation) Double Dragon (Japan) Final Fantasy II Breath of Fire III Pac-Land (Japan new) Contra Disney Sports - Football (soccer) Speed Devils Crazy Taxi Shining Soul II NHL '12 - Playoff Edition Shadowrun Pinball Action (set 1) Pitfall 2 - Lost Caverns Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910522) Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei (english translation) Xenophobe Green Beret Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Shining Tactics Absolute Contra Sonic 2 - Secret Rings Control Final Fantasy Tactics Advance La Russa Baseball 95 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Captain America and The Avengers (Asia Rev 1.4) Super Turrican Final Fantasy II Super Turrican 2 Crash Bandicoot Cherry Master (Corsica, ver.8.01) Boxy Boy (US) Sangokushi Tecmo Super Bowl III - Final Edition Dungeons & Dragons - Warriors of the Eternal Sun Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Neo Turf Masters + Big Tournament Golf Yie Ar Kung-Fu (set 1) X-Men (4 Players ver UBB) Final Fantasy III Final Fantasy Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete Final Fantasy II Yu-Gi-Oh! - Reshef of Destruction Sangokushi Crash Bandicoot Mortal Kombat (rev 5.0 T-Unit 03-19-93) Disney Sports - Snowboarding Football Manager (English) Sonic the Hedgehog Wonder Boy in Monster Land (English bootleg) Mighty The Armadillo in Sonic the Hedgehog Super International Cricket Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (World 930201)

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Page Comments

Jordanv78 - 02-02-17 04:58 PM
Kinda sucks that the referral link goes to a random page instead of the game page....
Ultimate NitroZ - 12-02-16 10:35 PM
I'm guessing that you can't. Sorry dude.
TheFadedWarrior - 08-03-16 10:41 PM

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