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06-25-21 08:42 AM
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Nintendo NES
Nintendo of America
Nintendo R&D1
UPC: 45496630355

Released: 7-01-87
Players: 1
Country Origin: US

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
3rd-Person Perspective, Side-Scrolling
Genre Non-Sport:
Anime / Manga

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $22.07
Complete:  $83.86
New:  $345.00
Rarity:  4/10

External Websites:
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Play Kid Icarus (NES) - Online Rom | Nintendo NES

Play Kid Icarus online with Nintendo NES browser emulation for free! Kid Icarus (NES) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus Title ScreenKid Icarus Screenshot 1
Kid Icarus Box Art FrontKid Icarus Box Art BackKid Icarus Screenthot 2
Rating: 9
(104 votes)
Plays: 19,439
Filesize: 64kb

Kid Icarus Box Description

Far away in a kingdom called "Angel Land," the evil goddess Medusa has stolen the Three Sacred Treasures and imprisoned the goddess of light, Palutena. As Kid Icarus, your mission is to find the treasures, destroy Medusa and rescue Palutena from the depths of the Palace in the Sky. To find the treasures you'll travel through ruins collecting weapons and storing power for use in combat against creatures of Medusa's army. Use your bow and arrow to ward off gatekeepers of the Underworld, Overworld and Skyworld as you strive towards your battle against Medusa. Will you survive to restore Palutena's light and return it to "Angel Land?" Only you know!

Kid Icarus (Nintendo NES) Screenshots

X Kid Icarus
Kid Icarus
by bassboy12 (5/5)
I got the best ending
Kid Icarus
by Hauro (5/5)
What... a Metroid?!??
Kid Icarus
by pokefan64 (4.78/5)
Kid Icarus
by Wolftide (4.75/5)
Reaper glitch
Kid Icarus
by Celestial Knight (5/5)
Level : Mr. Potato head lost his face...
Kid Icarus
by iN008 (3/5)
Level 4-1: Final Boss : Meduse (Safe Spot)
Kid Icarus
by iN008 (3/5)
Ending : Credits
Kid Icarus
by endings (5/5)
Mini-Game : Or you could get (not a joke)a credit card!
Kid Icarus
by endings (3/5)
Mini-Game : break all the pots& you might get barrel...
Kid Icarus
by endings (3/5)
Mini-Game : I'd choose the wand first...
Kid Icarus
by iN008 (5/5)
Cut-Scene : Final Level time!
Kid Icarus
by iN008 (5/5)
Cut-Scene : Beating Medusa

Videos of Kid Icarus Gameplay

04-08-14 09:29 PM
01:39:01  Views: 171
Kid Icarus - Kid Icarus Speed Run - User video5/5
Kid Icarus Speed Run
03-28-14 10:08 PM
00:12:42  Views: 38
Kid Icarus - Kid Icarus (NES / Nintendo) - User video4.8/5
Kid Icarus (NES / Nintendo)
11-03-13 09:30 AM
01:53:21  Views: 50
Kid Icarus - Kid Icarus (NES / Nintendo) Playthrough (actual) - User video4.6/5
Kid Icarus (NES / Nintendo) Playthrough (actual)
04-20-14 08:42 PM
00:44:39  Views: 159
Kid Icarus - NES deathess speedrun - User video4.4/5
NES deathess speedrun
12-16-12 08:12 AM
00:02:09  Views: 20
Kid Icarus - i suck at this? - User video4.4/5
i suck at this?
Click Here
to View All

Kid Icarus Featured Review

Kid Icarus Review by: Zircron Swift - 9.3/10

Kid Icarus Review
Ah Kid Icarus. No-body really remembers you, do they? Only two of your games game out, the third game for the N64 got canceled, and was a long time since you made your return on Super Smash Bro.s Brawl. People only started to notice you as you were on Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I didn't even know who this guy was until I played that game. He's sort of like a forgotten classic. He was the spice of gaming for a couple of years, and then....nothing for fifteen odd years. now look at you, a 3DS game all to yourself. I can't wait to play that! But for now, I'm going to talk about the classic NES game. I never thought I'll find a game as bizarre as this one, with it's crazy creatures and odd logic which is the kind of logic you would expect when dealing with angels. So get your wings and get ready as we soar into this odd entertaining game.

So the story is that the area known as Angel Land is ruled by two beautiful Goddess. The goddess of Light: Paltutena, and the Goddess of Darkness: Medusa. Palutena lives in the Palace of the sky and gives off lovely light so that man would grow their crops and live in happiness and peace. Aww, how nice ^^ However, Medusa hated the men and sought to weather their crops and turn them all to stone. Palutena hated Medusa for that, and turned her into a hideous foul and unthinkably ugly monster....and then she tossed Medusa into the Underworld. So only naturally, Medusa wants revenge and wants to take over the Palace of the Sky. So she wages war and sprang a surprise attack which Palutena could hardly fence off, and eventually Medusa took over the Palace of the Sky and with it, the hole realm of Angel Land. So Palutena, with her last ounce of power, gave a bow and some arrows to a young angel names Pit, who apparently was head of being Palutena's personal bodyguard. How Ironic. So he escapes and goes after the three scared treasures in order to save Angel Land. It's a Good story line, I'll give it that.

So your at the depths of the Underworld. You are an angel, but you can't quite fly yet. Maybe those wings help him jump higher. They are quite small wings, though. So you kill enemies and gain their hearts as currency....wait....hearts as currency? This isn't Castlevania. What would angels need with hearts? Not a very angelic thing for angels to use as currency. Maybe the markets have a trade with the people in Castlevania. Well, the small hearts are worth one heart. The medium half hearts are worth five, and the big hearts are worth 10. That's more than in Simons Quest. And every enemy drops a heart, unlike Simons Quest. You can hold up to 999 hearts, unlike Simons Quest, in which you could only hold 256 hearts. There are also these doors that take you to places such as a market, a harsh training session to gain a weapon, a room filled with enemies and a room full of pots, which you can break for goodies. If you can break all the pots without breaking open the God of Poverty (he looks like a mini Grim Reaper), you get a special item, weather it would be a feather, a barrel or...a credit card? Sometimes. there is nothing at all in the room. Why have that in the game if there isn't anything in it? If you play well, you might come across a man who will give you a stronger arrow, and a new look. But what strikes me is what he says: "Glad you came Pit. Here, take this" Doesn't that sound familiar to the old man in the Legend of Zelda? Is he in this game as well? Well thanks, old man, now I'm stronger and I have green hair now. I want my brown hair back =<

There are some handy items you can find or buy. There is the barrel, which can hold up to eight bottles. A bottle can restore one block of health if you so happen to die. A goblet Red wine? Is pit an alcoholic? Anyway, this goblet of red wine restores one block of health on the spot, an you can find them lying around in the underworld. You can also get a Roc Feather....wait *squints* oh wait, for a moment I thought this was a Roc Feather from the Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening. No, this is some angel feather for when you so happen to fall off and die, you'll be able to fly up and save yourself, and fly a little more by pressing the A button wildly. You can also get a credit card from the pot room if your lucky. This words as a normal credit card. You can buy anything you want, all your hearts are taken away, and now your in debt to the market, although you can only use it in the market that has the really expensive stuff. Now when you collect hearts, those hearts go to the market you owe money to. This is getting a little odd, an angel that gets in debt with a credit card? When you pay off the debt, you can collect hearts as normal.

Well, you'll find often that you'll have to do the Pac-Man thing where you go off one side of the screen and and appear on the other side, which was a nice touch to the game play. There is this red jelly stuff that hurts you when your in it, but there is also, if your lucky, a pool of orange juice which when you go in, you get healed, rather than hurt. Oh, I love orange juice om nom nom nom ^^ You can loose (not fire, you don't fire an arrow, you never fire an arrow, not even an arrow on fire, you loose an arrow) arrows up in the air, but you can't shoot (yes, you can shoot arrows, just not fire them) down. That gets a little annoying at times when I'm jumping and I try to shoot an arrow down to the enemy below. The enemies are not all that bad, they have a huge range of cute to creepy, the snakes with wings are just adorable (Ahhhhhhhh =D), but those red crab things that pop out of the bottom of the screen are as creepy as those wall masters off Ocarina of Time, were they just appear out of no-where and threaten to kill you if you don't get a move on. My favorite enemy has to be this Grim Reaper guy that just walks around, occasionally looking back for a split second. I can imagine him singing "oh what a wonderful morning" while stopping the song to look back to see if anyone is following him. Don't let him see you, as he'll take that as you trying to assassinate him and go bananas, running towards your general direction (but not going off the platform he's on. He's very fond of it you know.) while interrupting the music to bring his minions to kill you. This guy can take a lot of hits, so it's best if you can hit him with his back turned. Don't bother hitting his with arrows when he's running at you, as they won't do damage.

Oh look, a harp, I wonder what happens when I get this. Maybe it destroys everything on the screen. *collects harp*
....It turns all the enemies into mallets?!? How does that make any sense? How is that logical? How is that even possible? I mean.....what? You can even pick them up! What good are these mallets, anyway? After the first time, though, it is very satisfying to get the harp and turn them into mallets. Is it wrong that I take pleasure turning my foes into collectable mallets? The game is very challenging. If you die, you get a game over, and these levels are long. So if you complete a level, you should be proud. This game has to have the weirdest game over screen. The words "I'm finished" appear and you get a weird scoring system at the bottom. Does that mean I did badly? There are a lot of zeros there. It was later I figured out that those are in fact the paswords to the game. 20 characters for a password? That's worse than Simons Quest. And they have lower case and upper case as well. So after you complete a level, you get a score added to your total score. It turns out that this score acts like exp. The higher your score, the higher level you can get up.There are five levels, and all of them increase your max health.

After you complete three levels, you'll come across a temple of some sorts, which you must navigate to get to the boss. So this is a Adventure platformer shooter RPG fantasy side scrolling game....That comes close to Mega Man, I'll have to admit. This temple is tricky to get through. You'll need a map, but that's useless unless you get a pencil, which marks the rooms you have been to. Also helps to get the torch thing, which tells you the current room you are in. The problem is that you need hearts to buy them, and it totals up to 400 hearts for the lot (with the map being free, but hidden in the temple). Err...I'll just make my own way around. The most comical, but at the same time down right annoying, is the Eggplant Wizards. These guys will throw eggplants at you. Never let an eggplant hit you. Your top half of your body will become an eggplant and you won't be able to loose any arrows. Although it is hilarious the first time to be half an eggplant (you can even press down to look like a full eggplant and play "where's the angel?"), you need to go to the medical room and get it removed. And these are normally quite a fair bit away from the Eggplant Wizards them self. So you have to be really careful when facing these guys.

The mallets come in handy in the temples. Press select if you have any and you'll be equipped with one. Press be to swing your mallet to break statues to free your angel buddies, who will help you in the boss fight, or you could use it as a weapon to squash some enemies. Again, this is really satisfying to do on the winged snakes in particular. Just something about using the hammer for that. But use them wisely, as every time the hammer hits something, it gets used up. And for some reason, it sounds like a squeaky hammer when you use it. Maybe the angels power makes squeaky hammers as powerful as real ones. The boss battles seem a little uncreative and simple. I was expecting more from them. If you don't have any of your angel buddies, this could turn out to be very tedious. After you defeat a boss, you gain a sacred treasure and move onto the next stage. For some reason, any power ups gained will take a little time before they become active. You have a protective crystal which can deal damage to enemies that are night up to you, a sacred bow that can loose arrows much further that normal, and a fire arrow, which can kill multiple enemies in a small space.

Overall I give this game a 9.3/10 This game is a classic despite the limited games it has. To be fair, the music started off great, but as the game went on, the music got worse until the last level when it becomes a simple loop loosely based on the Underworld Theme. Not that it's bad, and it becoming worse it very gradual , but I felt they might have done a better job of it with world 3 and beyond. Aside from all that, everything in this game seems to come together to make a truly classical game, if not one or two things were just copied and altered from the Legend of Zelda game (the man that helps you with arrows, for instant). If you like platformer game, you'll love this game. If your a fan of angels, don't give this a miss. Now if you'll excuse me *picks up a harp* I need some more mallets *plays the harp and the light in the room becomes a pink mallet and falls on my head* Ow!
  Graphics 8   Sound 7   Addictive 7   Depth 9   Story 7   Difficulty 9

Kid Icarus Game Description

Far away in peaceful Angel Land lived a young angel warrior named Pit, who has been given the task of defeating the monstrous Medusa, who wishes to destroy Angel Land and all of the people, and she has started by kidnapping Palutena, the Princess of Angel Land.Young Pit must rescue the Princess and restore peace to Angel Land. He will travel from the deep caverns of the Underworld to Medusa's palace in the sky on his journey, and deadly monsters will attack him every step of the way. But he has the power of the Gods on his side! A powerful bow and arrows, Water of Life, and Angel Feathers will assist Pit on his quest to destroy Medusa and save the princess!Kid Icarus is a platform game where the player goes through several vertically outlaid levels, shooting enemies with his bow on the way and collecting hearts they leave behind. Pit's bow can shoot both forward and upwards. As Pit continues upwards, more and more of the level ends up beyond the bottom of the screen and if Pit falls down out of the screen, he dies. The levels contain doors which lead to chambers of various types - some chambers are filled with enemies, some are treasuries which allow Pit to obtain a power-up, some are stores where Pit can buy stuff, some will replenish his health, in some Pit will be able to take a test in hopes of getting a powerful weapon, and finally some chambers give Pit a chance of receiving a strength upgrade, therefore increasing the amount of damage his attacks deal. Pit earns experience as he defeats enemies, and he gains levels from this experience. The more levels Pit has, the more maximum health he has. Hearts taken from enemies are used in shops to buy various items and power-ups. Items include a protective shield which harms enemies, a more powerful bow, a mallet which allows you to smash the poor Palutena's warriors turned to stone who will later help you to fight a boss, a torch to see yourself in dark areas and others.

Kid Icarus Reviews

Overall 9    Graphics 8    Sound 8.3    Addictive 8.3    Story 6.3    Depth 9.7    Difficulty 8.3

Kid Icarus Review   Zircron Swift
Ah Kid Icarus. No-body really remembers you, do they? Only two of your games game out, the third gam...
  Graphics 8   Sound 7   Addictive 7   Story 7   Depth 9   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 4.4/5     Submitted: 08-29-11     Updated: 08-29-11     Review Replies: 0

Kid Icarus Review   Chronobocca
Graphics 8 I really can't say there's much in the way for graphics. Basically, the only things you ...
  Graphics 8   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 3   Depth 10   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 3.9/5     Submitted: 11-18-13     Review Replies: 0

One of the best NES games   benis
I just played through this game again and decided to do a review for it while the memory was fresh i...
  Graphics 8   Sound 8   Addictive 8   Story 9   Depth 10   Difficulty 6

      Review Rating: 2.7/5     Submitted: 02-21-15     Review Replies: 2

Kid Icarus Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

Kid Icarus Speedruns

Target Screenshot
Ending Screen
Ending Screen
1. 00:44:26
02-15-15 04:48 PM

2. 01:40:13
04-08-14 09:29 PM

Kid Icarus Cheat Codes


Press B, A, then B on Controller 1 after a game over, but before title screen appears.

Lower Prices in Shop

Inside the shop, press A + B simulataneously on Controller #2.

Level Passwords

1-2 with maxed strength, hearts and items 6eW3!! !!!!00 F38W!H C0042N
1-4 0000eu 60j700 uG0004 1000J0
2-1 000ys T0J300 m2001C H000aS
2-4 00008C i04400 mIG01D I0005F
3-1 0000mu w0K200 O3G00H I100s5
3-4 0000y0 11X200 u0G00H I100t0
4-1 00008p 414100 O3G00H I500eB
Begin Final Level with Invincibility 2 DANGER !!!!!! TERROR HORROR
Final Level w/ 9,999,999 points AuW2e5 XcdF00 mt000G K50Wuu
Final Level with Invincibility KidKid Icarus KidKid Icarus
Infinite Potions 8uuuuu uuuuuu uuuuuu uuuuuu
Start at the last level with invincibility and fully upgraded arrows. DUVANS MAMMOR KOMMER BORTOT

Kid Icarus Game Genie Codes

TOTION Walk on black background.
KOTGIL Pit Have Strength With All Five Arrow Complete With Last Color Character
PTEPEGA More Score Points Instead of 100 Point and Second Arrow
KOYGIL Pit Has Endurance Total of Four and Two Full and Pit Change Into Other Color With Green Arrow
SPZPSP Another Background
ANKSYZ Pit Change Characters To Another Mouse, Pencil And Other Object
SPZOSO New Background
SPZOIO New Another Background
AIPEGA Repeat Score Points and Second Arrow On First Door
YYYGGG Sacred Bow, Flaming Arrow And Protective Crystal
OGEETT Enemies Fall All Time
SATXNO New Another Sound Rare
OPESYX Stage Select With Pit Flying
TOESYX Pit Fly Push A
OTIING Snake Don't Move
PSIZZZ Mute Song
EEZGGG Start With Heart 512
VTEGGG White Hair
AAAGGG Gray To Black Hair
YYAGGG Yellow Lemon Hair

Kid Icarus Guides and Walkthroughs

There are no submitted Guides for this Game

Users who own Kid Icarus

Game Owner Name
Play Online
Very Good
Very Good
Very Good

Game Characters in Kid Icarus

Comments for Kid Icarus

grinder665 07-08-15 - 10:12 AM
 This game is TOUGH!!!!
sacker 02-23-15 - 12:38 PM
 the old man has no iconic quote. i mean zelda old man. the only quote is You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?
Negat 12-23-14 - 01:11 PM
MarioMasta 11-18-14 - 07:24 PM
 this game is really hard D:
jerryaberry 04-30-14 - 12:19 PM
 I hear you UFC. That one game of Dr. Mario was pretty much all I could muster mentally. That's why I've been playing FFVII mostly. My brain needs rest.
jerryaberry 04-30-14 - 12:17 PM
 Unfortunately I could not find the time to compete in this one. Glad to see at least a couple of entries. Good job rcarter2 and Nickrj.
UFC 04-20-14 - 08:34 PM
  i couldnt muster up the concentration and effort to go through this one quick again.
rcarter2 04-20-14 - 07:30 PM
 Hope more people try the speedrun competition. Not as fun with only 1 other entry.
jnisol 04-13-14 - 08:07 AM
 amazing game to play still the best..
Jat105 10-26-13 - 01:52 PM
 i hate/love this game it is horrible to win
chair of doom 10-05-13 - 09:49 AM
 man they don't joke when they say that this game's hard....
EagleTsubasa 08-31-13 - 10:05 AM
 Still on first level...
jose123475 06-26-13 - 10:57 PM
 how do you type in cheat codes
Jordanv78 03-22-13 - 12:11 AM
 This game is awesome
TheeDragoniteMa.. 03-21-13 - 03:10 PM
 this games looks sooo fun but its so hard
arundite 12-07-12 - 08:30 PM
 i loved this game and the new one
arundite 12-07-12 - 08:29 PM
pokemonworld123 11-27-12 - 11:50 AM
,Reegan 07-23-12 - 03:55 AM
 Am i the only one who can't pass level 1-3 !?
retrokid12 07-14-12 - 11:42 AM
 This is the hardest game I have EVER PLAYED. I can't even make it past the Underworld!
Nuke31 06-24-12 - 05:21 PM
 nvm im at Medusa
Nuke31 06-24-12 - 04:40 PM
 guys how long does the final stage loop? im getting seriously aggrivated right now
Nuke31 06-24-12 - 03:49 PM
 @mahliek nobody knew who Pit was until Brawl
mahliekgamezzzz 06-21-12 - 11:15 PM
 Olimar "Join the club!'
mahliekgamezzzz 06-21-12 - 11:15 PM
 I didn't know who this guy was until I got Brawl

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