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06-25-24 03:41 AM
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claytune is Offline

  Ore wa Tokoton Tomaranai!!
Registration Name: Sonicolmstead
Previous Name: SonicOlmstead
Site Staff
  Head MC Admin, Former Administrator
Real Name: Clayton
Location: Ohio
Age: 22 (10-17-01)  Gender: Male
Registered: 02-08-14 09:13 AM (3789 days ago)
Posts: 3,771  Threads: 185
Post Words: 338,164 (90 word avg)
Viz: 1,976,481    Contribution Points: 27,097
Post Rating: 411   Trust Points: 18   Chat: 6
Level: 110    Experience: 14255709
Next Level: +153177 Exp    Per Post: 5670 Exp
Last Activity: 06-24-24 11:54 AM
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Last Post: 05-08-24 09:25 AM
  Controller ELIMINATION!


Heyo people of Vizzed welcome to my profile I guess I'll start with some info about me I am a type 1 diabetic and have been since I was 6, I love a ton of game series, and I cherish this site for all of the memories and friends that I have met that will last a life time and it's why I often consider the site my home.

Goals and Accomplishments:
Mc Admin 9/27/16 - 12/16/16 - Stepped Down
2/1/19 - 8/12/19 - Promoted
Head MC Admin 8/12/19 - Current
Local Mod 7/10/19 - 1/6/20 - Promoted
Global Mod 1/6/20 - 2/8/24 - Stepped Down
Admin: 12/30/20 - 2/8/24 - Stepped Down
Owner: 11/3/23 - ?????

1000 Posts: 1/31/20
2000 Posts: 7/3/21
3000 Posts: 7/24/22
4000 Posts: give me another year or 5
#1 at radio trivia May 2017 - Current
2020 Winter TDV Rainbow, Green, and Yellow Champ
2020 Summer TDV Runner up + Green and Blue Champ
2021 Winter TDV Runner up + Green and Blue Champ
2021 Summer TDV Rainbow, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey, Champ
2021 Member of the Year
2021 Most Active member
2022 Winter TDV 3rd Place and Green Jersey
2022 Summer TDV Rainbow, Green, Blue, and Yellow Champ
2022 Member of the Year
2022 Most Active member
2022 Wordiest member
2022 Wealthiest member
2022 Most Contribution Points
2023 Winter TDV 3rd Place
2023 Summer TDV Green Jersey

I was honored to to hold rainbow along with yellow and green while two of my closest friends I met because of Vizzed held white and grey and the other 2 jerseys, it always will be one of my favorite memories on the site

Not site related but 1-0 vs Pokemon World Champions

Quote Wall
Ima just shorten my name to sonic in these.

Mc Server:


NeoRay: *I* crashed the server every log in as well. And mrfe who was stupid enough go there. Despite me telling him not to.
geeogree: and me tongue
Sonic: I was smart
NeoRay: I said not to go and you went! xP
NeoRay: yea
NeoRay: Sonic is the smart one, and he's not even an admin tongue
geeogree: I went slowly tongue
NeoRay: We're failures D:




Sonic: Why are you hyped for the nether?
FurretX: nvm it doesn't work
Snowdeath: what
FurretX: all of this time for nothing
FurretX: portal doesn't work
Snowdeath: wow
geeogree: the nether is good when you can die and lose all your stuff
geeogree: good!


NeoRay: We're being mature admins :v
geeogree: ^
Sonic: the admins can be mature?
Sonic: jk
NeoRay: Geeo, I'm thinking of banning sonic
SonicOlmstead fell out of the world
geeogree: oh no
NeoRay: That also works
geeogree: what happened?
NeoRay: Retribution
geeogree: biggrin


NeoRay: Woohoo! biggrin
Sonic: what?
NeoRay: It's working!
Sonic: What is?
NeoRay fell from a high place
NeoRay: Gravity
Sonic: Gravity?
NeoRay: Zing *High five*
Sonic: great minds think alike except my mind ain't great
NeoRay: Don't leave me hanging D:
Sonic: oh right
Sonic: *high fives back*


NeoRay: Sonic made this parkour game
NeoRay: He claimed it was "really easy"
Pokefreak219: Pssh
NeoRay: That's why he will go to hell for lying :p

Pokefreak219: where the heck is the portal
Sonic: lol
Pokefreak219: halp
Sonic: beat DN
Pokefreak219: Haaalp
Sonic: coming
Dave_1217: aww
Dave_1217: Sonic The Hero to the rescue
Sonic: That is pretty much all I do anymore


Pokefreak219: And here, we can observe the Sonicolmstead. Rarely seen in the wild, but even more commonly roaming around the server. This sonicolmstead has a weird marking on his body
Sonic: xD


ZircronSwift: okay
ZircronSwift: What happened?
Sonic: it uhh blew up
ZircronSwift: All my secrets
ZircronSwift: All of my secrets within secrets
ZircronSwift: my baby

ZircronSwift: omg
ZircronSwift: t to talk
ZircronSwift: where have you been?
ZircronSwift: all this time I have used the "/" to open chat
FurretX: omg dark really?
Sonic: omg
ZircronSwift: I could have saved so much time what am I even doing with my life?
DragonSlayer22: Zircrosoft what the/
Sonic: Ima cry from laughing
Sonic: I'm dying how did you not know this
FurretX: omg this is amazing
ZircronSwift: I legit thought / was the only way


Fyredove I swear, people
Zircron Swift: yeah, people tongue
Fyredove this is why I have people issues because people
Zircron Swift: especially people
Fyredove Yes, especially people
Fyredove: but also don't forget about people
Zircron Swift: Please don't mention people
Zircron Swift: it people me
Fyredove: I'm sorry man I won't people you anymore
Zircron Swift: thank people
Fyredove: peopleist
Zircron Swift: It's the way I was peopled :c
Fyredove: But you can't just go around peopleing people
Zircron Swift: Sure I can it's my people given people
Fyredove: no its against people
Zircron Swift: you're a people
Fyredove: :o
Zircron Swift: God, people
Fyredove: How dare people!
Zircron Swift: Thats right! I peopled it
Fyredove: I cant believe people
Zircron Swift: How do you think I people?
Fyredove: I don't know :c I just thought people peopled the peopleof the people
Zircron Swift: it dosen't have to people
Fyredove: But it people
Zircron Swift: we can stop the people
Fyredove: but the people have knives
Zircron Swift: then we kill the people
Zircron Swift: "NO John, we are the people!"
Fyredove: we killl the people with guns? PEOPLE GUNS?
Zircron Swift: Of people
Fyredove: I see my people
Zircron Swift: how peopleing
Fyredove: I know people?
Zircron Swift: not as much as people know you
Fyredove: Really? I thought people knew the people of ther people
Zircron Swift: Apparenteople
Fyredove: who will people the last people
Zircron Swift: people
Fyredove: People!
Zircron Swift: peep
Fyredove peepole
Zircron Swift: walpole
Fyredove: walpole o:
Zircron Swift: omg it was walpole all along :o
Fyredove: #ALwaysWalpoleing
Zircron Swift: #hashtag
Zircron Swift: #itwaswalpole
Zircron Swift: #walpoleapproves


Jhaazy: This is it
Jhaazy: The last battle
Jhaazy: i feel my tryhardiness
Jhaazy: activating
Jhaazy: nvm im getting lag


Sonic: omg
Jhaazy: ?
Sonic: when did I get 360 wins and how am I at 369 xD
Jhaazy: they r all divisible by :3
Jhaazy: and a triangle has 3 sides
Jhaazy: 3 angles
Jhaazy: triangle = illuminati
Jhaazy: you = illuminati CONFIRMED


Sonic: Djinn wanna tp geeo to galrya? xD
*few min pause*
geeogree: Everyone hates me.
geeogree: That's okay.
geeogree: I'll just make a carpet tower.


Sonic: In other news my sign from outside my house is missing lol.
Zircron Swift: Oh, that.
Zircron Swift: How did that happen?
Sonic: I blame someone who didn't like me as a admin so the suspects are, scar, geeo, bombchu, and walpole.
Sonic: and anyone else I pranked.
Zircron Swift: And it's likely the other three are just walpole in disguise.
Sonic: True, true.
Sonic: Wait!
Sonic: It's got to be chickens in boats that did it.
Zircron Swift: Haha.
Sonic: While listening to Seven Rings In Hand.


LuckyCharms: I hate these fish I swear to god **** these suicidal fish!


Furret: You don't know the history between me and this badge, there isn't any because they wouldn't let there be any.




fqur: maybe I'm the one with schizophrenia because I'm playing ******* minecraft soccer.


Sonic: darknut for smash
Furret: I'd main him am I gonna forward air back air you don't know I don't know!


Kyron: Did you know that music blocks make sounds..

Page Comments

becerra95 - 02-19-24 07:53 PM
Can’t escape vizzed either
Light Knight - 01-17-24 08:55 AM
Nice username font colour.
becerra95 - 01-09-24 07:46 PM
You’re getting old
Dauntez - 12-31-23 11:02 PM
Nvm, got them back.
Dauntez - 12-30-23 11:16 AM
How do I add side bars back?
supercool22 - 11-29-23 11:45 PM
RIP SonicOmelette (2023-2023)
EX Palen - 11-09-23 04:52 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
supercool22 - 10-28-23 01:06 PM
Your alt account makes calling you SonicOmelette a little bit more hilarious lol
no 8120 - 10-17-23 04:59 AM
Happy Birthday
supercool22 - 10-17-23 12:09 AM
Happy Birthday!

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