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The most interesting page on the Internet

I don't always customize my profiles, but when I do, it's usually pretty lazy and full of memes.

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Forums I Mod - Rented

Quote wall

"That's the best damn vomit frog I have ever had!" - my neighbor.

"My 3 year old daughter is performing satanic rituals and refuses to wear clothes." - also my neighbor.

Random blueberry pancake recipe i found in the comments of an MSN article about Vladimir Putin:

Aj Walkin
I can't think of anything to comment so I'm just going to post a Blueberry pancake recipe.

1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/4 teaspoons white sugar
1 egg
1 cup milk
1/2 tablespoon butter, melted
1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, thawed

1. In a large bowl, sift together flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda and sugar. In a small bowl, beat together egg and milk. Stir milk and egg into flour mixture. Mix in the butter and fold in the blueberries. Set aside for 1 hour.A

2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle. or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve. EnJoy

[7:14 PM] ZeroTails: I like worms!

satanic singing rodeoclown babies. - my dad

[12:43 AM] Zlinqx: I just like to execute people

[12:52 AM] GameBoy1023: i think its time to go eat my hat or something

[3:27 AM] GameBoy1023: it's almost as if you said something coherent in there

[4:00 AM] RMJEtheReploid: i don't understand flash lights

[8:42 PM] Zlinqx: I always knew I was a cyclops

[6:06 PM] Zlinqx: quick we're mods
[6:06 PM] Zlinqx: act proper

[4:36 PM] Furret: would I look good in a trash can helmet

4:52 PM] DerAxeEfekt: Contrary to popular belief, human beings (including various mentally challenged individuals) are not the following: Cats; Dogs; Wolves; Attack helicopters; Matthew Bellamy (except himself); Cows;

[4:54 PM] TheJmsGamer: Am I the only one who wishes they were born in the prehistoric time?

[7:05 PM] GameBoy1023: We all use the teleporter let's say, 6 times a day
[7:05 PM] GameBoy1023: Times 4 years, minus we're not bread
[7:05 PM] GameBoy1023: THREE DAYS
[7:06 PM] GameBoy1023: YES, WE ALL HAVE 3 DAYS TO LIVE

[4:23 AM] DerAxeEfekt: "Waa I don't get paid alot in my comfortable office job whilst men are working in mines xDDD"

[4:20 AM] yoshirulez!: i was just almost strangled to death by anthropomorphic rope

9:21 PM] maguc: I can eat some alphabet soup and poop out a better sentence than that

[9:24 PM] maguc: What the fluffleberry mcgrinklebloosh do you mean by character

[10:41 PM] yoshirulez!: m0ss go beat mother


[10:04 PM] A user of this: I am 42 in worm years

[9:37 PM] yoshirulez!: What do vegans taste like

[3:13 PM] yoshirulez!: I should write a guide on how to coexist with an exact copy of yourself

[1:31 PM] shanezer: Aaaand now I'm officially the ass of chat

[7:29 PM] yoshirulez!: Adopt me vanelan

[12:05 AM] supermegablox: "Well, do you want a New 3DS, a New New 3DS, A Used 3DS, or a Used New 3DS"

"Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza." - Dave Barry

[4:17 AM] yoshirulez!: Like driving a car with a piano?


[7:30 PM] maguc: Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay sounds awesome if you don't know what either of those things mean

[8:45 PM] maguc: "Truth or dare" more like "Lick the floor or tell me who you like"

[6:35 PM] LunarDarkness2: I heard my dog's fart echo across the whole house

[9:03 PM] supernerd117: I like clam chowder tacos

[5:43 PM] geeogree: I generally just come in here, mute and kick people and then leave

[8:47 PM] manicman66: so I got pullled over the other day, and told the officer- Yeah, bet yer gonna give me a ticket to the Texas Hiway Patrolmans Ball.- His response was....Sir, the Texas Highway Patrol dont have balls....Kindly bail me out soon.

[8:54 PM] thefadedwarrior: "Groping eels now causes corpses to rain from the sky"

[9:14 PM] maguc: Where did little suzie go after the explosion? Everywhere.


[2:08 AM] fireflame4231: yoshi you better hope no fnaf fans come on here and see that they might kill you
[2:09 AM] yoshirulez!: Well, I mean, fnaf fans are usually prepubescent idiots who don't know how to effectively apply themselves in a harmful way, so I'm not too worried about it

[2:17 AM] yoshirulez!: I don't think that people are going to go "Mommy this guy on the internet offended my precious overrated charizard, can we go kill him?" "Sure sweety but finish your peas"

[8:17 PM] RDay13: just make sure you talk about Harry's nipples at 8:43

[10:13 PM] geeogree: m0ss: we're biased and inconsistent in the way we enforce the rules

[7:36 PM] LunarDarkness2: I'd do it for 5 million yang

[10:37 PM] A user of this: I had a dream that Geeo banned me because we were arguing on where Lucas should be in the smash 4 tier lists
[10:37 PM] A user of this: That dream was pain

"Every day, vegans eat thousands of helpless fruits and vegetables. They are making their stomachs graveyards for our plant friends, and it needs to end. STOP THE CRUELTY TO VEGETABLES! #PlantsAreFriendsNotFood" - youtube video comment.

[9:19 PM] A user of this: ass sweat?

[12:09 AM] cylonbait: I spell death messages in my Spahgetti-O's

[10:34 PM] yoshirulez!: Screw you, you'd probably prefer it if Cloud Strife and Edgy McHedgehog team up with Dante to defeat a fusion of larry king and sephiroth

[12:28 AM] yoshirulez!: Rip and Run sounds like a childish flash game about flatulence

[8:10 PM] A user of this: If you don't stop downloading boobs onto my computer
[8:10 PM] A user of this: I swear gal

[11:16 PM] Vanelan: Pink's the only way to go when it comes to bunny onesies

[7:31 PM] Vanelan: George Washington Carver is the guy that carved up George Washington

[6:00 PM] yoshirulez!: koolaid is probably why vanelan has bluetooth

[8:40 PM] Zlinqx: I'm one of those exotic arab leprechaun vikings

[9:04 PM] Makalya: i'll definitely give out my nudes for trust points

"Man, I have so many priorities that I don't even know where to start." - my mom

[9:32 PM] A user of this: and titties

[9:26 PM] Zlinqx: human rights is a boring topic though

[12:27 AM] Steffenfield: Well, are you up for a party? ?
[12:28 AM] 0ddie: what kind of party? :3
[12:28 AM] Steffenfield: What kind of party?
[12:28 AM] Steffenfield: Well, I have Pop Tarts and beer. Interested?

[7:10 PM] mrfe: maka it's my sisters and 6 guys who texted me

"Ugh.., c'mon... I know there was a toilet in here, I used it once." - yosh

[10:06 PM] yoshirulez!: I want blue
[10:06 PM] yoshirulez!: This text is too African American

[12:54 AM] legacyme3: I've actually wanted this to happen, honestly (Referring to Nintendo's forcing the site to take down their games)

[2:15 AM] superdan: anime=chinese cartoons

[6:13 AM] yoshirulez!: oh and if you ever find an anime about intense baking let me know
[6:14 AM] yoshirulez!: because i totally want to see epic quishe

[6:20 AM] yoshirulez!: and this time im going to kill people

[10:25 PM] yoshirulez!: Burger kink sounds really good right nowe evene though i'll have tacos soon
[10:25 PM] yoshirulez!: king*

[7:47 PM] maguc: [7:47 PM] LunarDarkness2: I call that Leggy's Scent
So, it smells like desperation and 16 year old humour?

"Vote for Nobody. Nobody will keep election promises. Nobody will listen to your concerns. Nobody will help the poor and unemployed. Nobody cares. Nobody TELLS THE TRUTH!" - DylanMcKaig

Mega Mewtwo X:
Look at them, buzzing with the chemistry of terminal cancer 3:59PM

I wanna say so many things to D but it's a bad idea 4:24PM

I'm being sworn at by a cat, I've seen a bog with a dog on Google Images, and I might just drink some chocolate milk soon..... pretty good day. 7:52PM

A user of this:
Waddle, most of losing weight is just making sure you eat > 2,000 calories a day 9:36PM

I snorted like... 5 kilos of memes last night. You can't expect me not to do this. - yoshirulez!

... I feel good... got my jumps out of my system. 8:38PM
Is that code for do cocaine in the classroom 8:39PM

guys, leggy just texted me 8:39PM
Request a restraining order 8:39PM

... I hate fortune cookie fortunes... they get so dumb. 4:26PM
Did it tell you to eat your shorts 4:27PM

I'm starving and have no faith in society but I'm playing mother 3 with all the characters named after nutshack characters so I'm good 4:57PM

(SUX2BU) "*points at soldering iron* What's that?"
(Me) "(sarcasm) It's a shiv."
(her) "Oh. Is it an electric shiv?"

Oh, had I known we were talking about huffing paint I would have been here faster 2:29AM

Yuna1000 - 10-24-16 04:43 AM
One thousandth... bottle of Molotovs on the Wall~ *Hiccup* One thou-

I'm being seductively licked by a 33 year old Canadian man

Ya know what, screw.

isn't evangelion that racist hitler worshipping girl on youtube?

Digeridoos are just farting in a bathtub 5:49PM

yoshirulez! - Today at 2:50 PM
The amount of insecurities in this chatroom makes tumblr look like fort knox

☭yoshi "anime is trash" rulez - Today at 7:40 PM
Adolf Hipster did it before it was cool

☭yoshi "how dare you" rulez - Today at 1:01 AM
everyone is a furry and everyone i dont like is hitler

Suxtato - Today at 5:51 PM
Everyone hide the weed

"What if you plug your legs into your ears? Would your face be a butt?" - yoshirulez!

[9:27 PM] Suxy: I like babies. So tender and easy to chew.

11:25 PM] yoshi "endless salt" rulez: But no Jen isn't even interested in relationships because she realizes what a sham it is
[11:25 PM] Uzar: Is that code for you tried to seduce her?

"Um, guys..... I think I'm on to something here, not sure how to package it, but if I'm right, it has the potential to destroy feminism, womens rights issues, societal collapse and general degeneracy of western culture

For now, I'm calling it MOTHERISM (open to suggestions) Have you taken the Motherpill?

Essentially, motherism is the counter to the socially accepted narrative that for a woman to be a Wife/Stay-at-home Mom/Primary caregiver is a failure or un-fulfilment of life. Women are encouraged to join the workforce, abandon the family and compete with men - THIS IS FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG

Women are, contrary to the universal /pol/ opinion THE most important part of society. Men can't even compete when it comes to child care, moral education, emotional security - sure they give it a go, but when we're completely honest, it just isn't the same.

With a strong, reliable stay at home mom in the family, we all win. Men are men, women are women, children respect their siblings, their parents, their friends and their extended community. Society, under the weight of feminism, equal rights, TV/movies/News has been herded into accepting that the role of the mother is something less than the most sacred role in society. By pushing the mother from the kitchen and into the workforce they can infiltrate your home, influence your children and demoralise the men. Without the Matriarchy, we as a species are doomed to be institutionalised, enslaved and ultimately destroyed.

We must take action.

Swallow your bitterness, accept that you as a man have been born the inferior of the species in terms of spirituality and purity. We are here to serve, the bread winners, the mates, the support. We will go out to work, we will provide, we do this as we are grateful to the women who make our homes, raise our children and educate them in morals and human decency.

When we establish the mother as the pinnacle of a human's existence, then we will have defeated those who wish to enslave us." - someone on 4chan

2:16 AM] Y o s h i☭: Vanelan I need you whenever I can have you

[11:56 PM] Weeby breadlicker Pat: You see, [party 1] wants everybody to have the best life ever and [party 2] is literally Hitler and want everybody to die. Lul, politics, amiright?
[11:57 PM] Dork Vader - m0ss: What's hilarious is that's both sides' argument.
[11:57 PM] ok (yoshi)☭: you forgot party 3 that wants weed for breakfast

3:18 AM] Tangerine-in-Chief: Remember kids, brush your vegetables, stay in teeth, and always eat your school.

[5:33 PM] felix the best (Yoshi): what if tornados are just satan ripping a phat vape

10:27 PM] Van's Cupcake: Aria: Guys, the greatest thing happened today
10:27 PM] Van's Cupcake: Aria: I am a virgin sacrifice to a Miku cult

Eirinn: Okay, brb. Gotta sell the last shred of privacy I have left to Google so I can feed my mild animé addiction. ()/10:48PM

Eirinn: Great minds give us the wonderful, powerful, potentially world changing thing called the internet...1:14AM
Eirinn: And we use it to watch Japanese men yodeling to chickens.1:15AM
Eirinn: On repeat.1:15AM
Eirinn: Thanks great minds. Thanks. Be proud of what this has become.

[2:04 AM] m0ssb3rg 935: Makes me wonder a little... what's the maximum amount of contrasting features of vowels you can reasonably have....?
2:06 AM] m0ssb3rg 935: Tone, creaky voice, breathy voice, length, nasalized, pharygealized......
[2:06 AM] Eirinn: When you sound like you're howling instead of saying pineapple, you may have crossed a line with vowel length.

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i am going to kill you
Davideo7 - 12-31-21 08:39 AM
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Happy Birthday
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Happy birthday.
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Happy Birthday
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I mean, you're straight is spagetthi till it gets wet. Winky face
Maguc - 02-16-17 04:42 PM
Moss wanna be my boyfriend. If no then you're a homophone and should go die k thx
Eirinn - 02-16-17 09:20 AM
Even though there is no romanizations of a Japanese character "du". xD MS ftw!

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