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10-23-20 07:14 PM
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RMJEtheReploid's Profile

RMJEtheReploid is Offline

Real Name: Rachel
Location: Darkness Hunter HQ in Amarica!
Age: 19 (05-31-01)  Gender: Female
Registered: 02-21-14 02:03 PM (2436 days ago)
Posts: 499  Threads: 88
Post Words: 44,034 (88 word avg)
Viz: 19,405    Contribution Points: 3,091
Post Rating: 16   Trust Points: -4   Chat: 646
Level: 43    Experience: 550180
Next Level: +14866 Exp    Per Post: 1653 Exp
Last Activity: 05-27-20 03:56 PM
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Last Post: 04-26-20 06:51 PM
  I'm sorry

About hi, im Rachel. i am 13 years old and note, my birthday is May 31st, not May 1st. i am a huge Megaman fan and i like to draw. but i am not going to show my drawing IF ANYONE STEALS ANY OF MY DRAWINGS AND CLAIMS THAT THEY DREW IT! i dont care if they crdit me or say that random people drew the pictures but they BETTER NOT CLAIM IT! anyways, i am a crazy girl who also likes: Anti-heros, Drawings, pokemon, goofy moments, watching Wild Krats, funny moments, and sillyness. i also like music. i am a bad speller and you better not tease me because i am bad at spelling. i love video games. My favorite charaters are: Zero, Zero.EXE, Mega man Zero, Tron Bonne, the Servbots, Shadow the hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Rouge (from megaman starforce,) Mega (from megaman starforce,) Jimmy Z (from wild krats,) Midna (from TLOZ Twillight Princess,) and all of the Wolves (Wolf link, Trebble, Blizzard wolfang, Wolfwrath, you know the wolves from Megaman and Ninteno)
Quote wall
[11:52 PM] zeross121: It's okay Replicated android
[11:54 PM] zeross121: *George takei voice* Oh my
[11:54 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *Lucas Gilbertson Voice* What?
[11:54 PM] zeross121: who ?
[11:54 PM] RMJEtheReploid: (I love Lucas Gilbertson)
[11:57 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *Jeff the Killer voice* Go to sleep
[11:59 PM] zeross121: We let it all drop
[11:59 PM] zeross121: User tell us a story
[12:00 AM] GameBoy1023: [12:44 AM] legacyme3: I have a story for you
legacyme3: sits in his chair, and opens story book
[12:44 AM] legacyme3: I one day took a crap
[12:44 AM] legacyme3: The end
[12:32 AM] GameBoy1023: [12:30 AM] Gamin'Gal: GB, go drunk, your home Super Mario Bros.
[7:33 PM] zanderlex: I would have loved u if u had obe on ur head
[9:59 PM] RMJEtheReploid: YOSHI I FOUND GB! :3
[5:18 AM] SunflowerGaming: you both are like..... goats eat blah blah blah and I need to warm my Mom up or something
[5:19 AM] m0ssb3rg935: goats ate my mom and i need to warm my poison ivy?
[5:22 AM] m0ssb3rg935: 10 more minuts.
[6:36 AM] SunflowerGaming: Okay, I should probably go recool down cause me and Bintsy gonna melt and my brain cells are gone right now so I can't think no more
[6:36 AM] SunflowerGaming: Anyone got a freexer I can sit in?
[6:37 AM] SunflowerGaming: rewind...................... does anybody have a freezer I can sit in
[6:37 AM] GameBoy1023: RMJE, Don't... Just don't...
[6:38 AM] GameBoy1023: Sun, just sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun
[6:38 AM] SunflowerGaming: do I moon just moon now?
[6:39 AM] RMJEtheReploid: I think Game Boy is in a moo cow
[6:39 AM] RMJEtheReploid: woof woof
[6:40 AM] FunnyFurret: run5lyfe
[6:41 AM] RMJEtheReploid: my Keyboard is EVIL
[6:42 AM] RMJEtheReploid: EVIL i say
[10:17 AM] dankusolion2: ugh seriously Rachel stop hissing
[10:24 PM] A user of this: Project Potato Box is a go
[10:24 PM] GameBoy1023: Potato box
[10:24 PM] yoshirulez!: Chicks trying to eat your heart
[10:25 PM] Koda: This
[10:25 PM] Koda: is
[10:25 PM] Koda: Sparta
[10:26 PM] yoshirulez!: So.... how is everyone
[10:26 PM] Koda: I'm dying
[10:27 PM] yoshirulez!: My heart is actually very meh
[10:27 PM] yoshirulez!: It is full of things normal people would not cherish
[10:27 PM] GAmiN'Gal: Who needs hearts
GAmiN'Gal: gives Koda heartburn
[10:28 PM] yoshirulez!: RMJEtheMaverick
[10:36 PM] yoshirulez!: WB RMJEtheMaverick
[10:36 PM] Gingercream1: oh hush, Yoshi
[10:36 PM] sop281: I thought ramen and anime and porn were.
[10:36 PM] Gingercream1: it's not nice to call people Mavericks
[10:36 PM] yoshirulez!: but shes running around biting peoples chests
[10:37 PM] Gingercream1: depends on if she wants to hurt people or not :V
[10:37 PM] sop281: Heart for you. <3
[10:38 PM] Koda: the moment when farting makes the pain go away for a few minutes <3
[10:38 PM] sop281: That's one messy luvin'.
[10:38 PM] GAmiN'Gal: But buttuh
[10:38 PM] sop281: Spread stuff is nice.
[10:39 PM] Koda: I spread my butt.... uh?
[10:40 PM] Koda: Gamin wants me to spread my butt
[10:40 PM] GAmiN'Gal: No, silly
[10:40 PM] Koda: SHE SAID IT AGAIN
[10:40 PM] sop281: buttuh the bread.
[10:42 PM] soldierboi159: Your body isn't food?
[10:43 PM] jack3604: potpie - pie = cookies
[10:43 PM] yoshirulez!: You are fighting for food
[10:45 PM] RMJEtheReploid: hey thing 1, wheres thing 2?
[10:53 PM] Gingercream1: -w- I'm supposed to be drawing chat comics but all i want to draw is megaman stuff…
[10:55 PM] yoshirulez!: I read that as "Be a strong wonderwoman"
[10:56 PM] RMJEtheReploid: to skip drugs you have to play VIDEO GAMES
[10:57 PM] Gingercream1: you best be playin your video games
[10:57 PM] yoshirulez!: *sneezes eyeballs out nose*
[10:57 PM] GAmiN'Gal: I like vidya games
[10:57 PM] GAmiN'Gal: G'night folk
[10:59 PM] bobq: yosh, dont be a dink, go to college
[11:01 PM] dankusolion2: sigh i'd rather be playing games (i don't want to go to the college)
[11:01 PM] RMJEtheReploid: ok Axl @Dank
[11:01 PM] A user of this: Um, hello to you too RMJE.
[11:02 PM] Gingercream1: but wai, rachel D:
[11:02 PM] Gingercream1: don't go maverick
[11:03 PM] A user of this: RMJE is a monster.
[11:05 PM] RMJEtheReploid: i did a animation where Ginger was naked
[11:05 PM] Gingercream1: *backs away*
[11:05 PM] Gingercream1: NO THAAAAAAAAAAANKS
[11:06 PM] Gingercream1: are you drunk, RMJE? O_o
[11:06 PM] yoshirulez!: Kewl i,m not being voraciously devoured by a 13 year old girl
[11:07 PM] dankusolion2: ok this needs to be stopped
[11:08 pm] yoshirulez!: *shoves giant horse pill in crabs mouth*
[11:48 PM] dankusolion2: User! no biting
[11:48 PM] dankusolion2: ok you two time to put you to the sleep
[11:49 PM] dankusolion2: (or i have a better idea xD)
[11:49 PM] dankusolion2: *throws a ball*
[11:49 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *chases the ball* BALLZ
[11:51 PM] dankusolion2: (uh i never thought that RMJE will have that reaction to the ballz)
[11:52 PM] dankusolion2: 'kay maguc has this reaction too
[11:52 PM] A user of this: :I
[11:52 PM] yoshirulez!: [11:52 PM] maguc: I like nuts
[11:53 PM] maguc: You can play with balls
[11:53 PM] RMJEtheReploid: do not play with freinds ballz
[11:53 PM] RMJEtheReploid: ok that sounds wrong
[11:54 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *sucks the watermelons up like kirby*
[11:54 PM] dankusolion2: ok OH MY LANS
[11:54 PM] maguc: I believe i can fly~
[11:55 PM] RMJEtheReploid: i ate it all :3
[11:55 PM] RMJEtheReploid: yummy Yoshi
[11:56 PM] dankusolion2: RMJE!? how many times i need to tell you no biting no hissing and most importatly no eating people!
[11:57 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *dances like a snake*
[11:57 PM] zeross121: :3 why am I getting hugged ?
[11:58 PM] RMJEtheReploid: cuz we wuv you @Zero
[11:58 PM] zeross121: well I believe you :3
[1:11 AM] maguc: Gonna look at hot man taking their shirts now
[1:19 AM] maguc: *Turns Ginger into a rowboat*
[10:55 PM] thing1: what was that for
[10:56 PM] pokemon x: RMJE that sounds wrong just saying
[10:56 PM] thing1: yes you are , little one
[10:57 PM] RMJEtheReploid: (just trying to make the thought of Ginger's oc Naked off my mind)
[7:52 PM] zanderlex: Oooh. Is that you??? Ur so pretttttty.
[2:28 PM] Mecha Leo: blarp
[11:00 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *hits Zeross in the head with a tuba*
[11:01 PM] megamanmaniac: youLies you crack jokes on me all the time
[11:03 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *hits everyboady in the head with a tuba and hides in my hole
bostonblokhed1: stuffs RMJ in the tuba
[11:04 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *Kicks boston*
bostonblokhed1: Blows tuba so hard it blasts RMJ into Wall
[10:14 PM] Gingercream1: [10:12 PM] RMJEtheReploid: WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOOR? *rage* good greaf. xD
[10:19 PM] Gingercream1: you eat rayman?
[11:42 PM] Boxia: Thought i was on venus.
[10:59 PM] maguc: Don't you ever give up on your toaster!
[11:01 PM] Mother3fan5: Woah, there, Popcorn.....
[11:11 PM] Mother3fan5: Don't run me over, Popeye!
[12:38 AM] patar4097: Hugging a door is worse.
[12:38 AM] RMJEtheReploid: *Hugs a door* @Pat
[12:42 AM] megamanmaniac: drink what? orange juice?
[12:43 AM] m0ssb3rg935: why do you want to get drunk?
[12:49 AM] Mother3fan5: *Puts tiny thrusters on Gameboy's wheels*
[12:50 AM] Mother3fan5: Aaaaaand..... GO!
[12:50 AM] Mother3fan5: *Gameboy takes off*
[12:50 AM] Mother3fan5: *Gameboy falls into the ocean* Whoops....
[12:51 AM] Mother3fan5: *Flies to space* Why thrusters on my buut? :I
[12:51 AM] A user of this: Because rule of funny
[12:52 AM] Mother3fan5: Anyway, I didn't know Gameboy would land in the ocean..... I thought they had bridges
[2:23 PM] cradily is love: My internet was like "Hey lets randomly stop working"
[2:25 PM] RMJEtheReploid: butts are weird
[2:25 PM] CheesyUsername: butts are interesting
[2:25 PM] RMJEtheReploid: butts are funny
[5:41 PM] m0ssb3rg935: what do italians taste like?
[10:06 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *Sonic Voice* strage isnt?
[10:07 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *falcon punches Bec's face*
[10:09 PM] m0ssb3rg935: i just noticed i am not in any of gingers comics, i guess i have not said anything interesting enough.
[10:09 PM] RMJEtheReploid: i just laughted through my nose
[10:10 PM] zerothesaint: No muffin, its high school
[11:08 PM] zerothesaint: *is actually the shovel Gamin is using*
[11:08 PM] zerothesaint: *is now a toaster*
[11:09 PM] zerothesaint: *pops the break out, "NOPE!" is burned on the toast*
[11:09 PM] Mother3fan5: Why are we talking about toasters?
[1:49 AM] zeross121: Gameboy you're fired
[1:49 AM] zeross121: turn in your badge
[1:52 AM] zeross121: and frodlex, this is the funnest I've had in chat in a long time.
[3:35 AM] m0ssb3rg935: and, im sorry, i dont play mehaman....
[4:46 AM] RMJEtheReploid: mc loading games right?
[6:41 PM] RMJEtheReploid: MAN it hot here. Eather i'm playing outside topless or i'm taking a artic shower
[6:46 PM] RMJEtheReploid: blarp
[6:48 PM] thefadedwarrior: ate Boccia
[6:48 PM] Boxia: Italian mob boxia!
[6:49 PM] RMJEtheReploid: hola Faded *falcon punches faded*
[6:50 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *gets my "hard Revenge on Faded*
[6:50 PM] thefadedwarrior: you can only falcon pinch
[6:50 PM] thefadedwarrior: ornithologist
[6:51 PM] thefadedwarrior: wastebasket
[6:52 PM] RMJEtheReploid: in your dreams @Faded
[6:52 PM] thefadedwarrior: swype
[6:53 PM] RMJEtheReploid: what???????? *slashes Faded*
[6:56 PM] thefadedwarrior: mobile chatty
[6:58 PM] thefadedwarrior: gambit!!!!!!!!!!
[6:58 PM] RMJEtheReploid: What does a fox say?
[12:55 AM] thing1: I CAN'T RESIST A LINK!!!
[12:56 AM] RMJEtheReploid: JUST CLICK IT THING...oh wait you did
[12:59 AM] thing1: just the thought of what would be posted is horrific enough
[12:59 AM] thing1: this just in... "yoshi has killed m0ss over his rage at the interwebs"
[12:59 AM] RMJEtheReploid: i have fat fingers
[1:00 AM] RMJEtheReploid: and my fat fingers are killing peoples internets
[1:01 AM] RMJEtheReploid: OH KRAFT I'M THAT SPIDER FROM COROLINE *Hides in my hole (agian)*
[1:04 AM] thing1: link me MRJE
[1:05 AM] RMJEtheReploid: Its RachelMearaJoshiaElisha
[1:05 AM] RMJEtheReploid: i wish i had a GB
[1:06 AM] GameBoy1023: Me too
[1:06 AM] RMJEtheReploid: wait a second...i thought you HAD GB
[1:07 AM] GameBoy1023: RMJE i didn't even know the gameboy existed until I signed up
[8:15 AM] RMJEtheReploid: i also trust my grandpa because he never get on the internet mutch
[8:35 AM] RMJEtheReploid: weird letter switch in bar's name. if you take out the first A in Bara's name its bra
[8:36 AM] Barathemos: Yay, now I'm a bra I sure hope I get nice woman
[8:36 AM] dankusolion2: xD
[8:36 AM] RMJEtheReploid: XD *laughs*
[8:36 AM] Barathemos: Can I be like, DD or something like that?
[8:37 AM] RMJEtheReploid: king DDD?
[8:37 AM] Barathemos: Even better
[8:38 AM] Barathemos: I just don't want there to be a Kirby
[8:38 AM] RMJEtheReploid: not even a blue kirby like Meta knight? @Bara
[8:38 AM] dankusolion2: *imitates kirby* Puyo!
[8:40 AM] dankusolion2: my friend got beaten by Cpu playing as Sonic i think while he as Meta
[8:28 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *hides in my hole muttering" I like big butts and i can not lie"*
[8:52 PM] sop281: Welcome to Beach Street, van.
[8:53 PM] zerothesaint: I got all the alien and predator movies.
[11:01 PM] bigger0gamer: corner is really RJME
[11:02 PM] bigger0gamer: no RJ is faster
[11:02 PM] RMJEtheReploid: munana
[11:05 PM] Bintsy: ginger would buy me :3
[11:16 PM] Gamin'Gal: Pillows.. stuffed with flowers
[11:16 PM] RMJEtheReploid: my quote wall is 10 pages longs
[11:17 PM] RMJEtheReploid: and my quote wall is called 6
[11:19 PM] GameBoy1023: why must you quote me getting killed
[11:19 PM] RMJEtheReploid: Because its funny GB
[11:19 PM] bigger0gamer: [11:19 PM] Gingercream1: [3:37 PM] mrfe: I only eat vegetarians
[11:20 PM] Gingercream1: why you quote my quotess :V
[11:20 PM] bigger0gamer: bc quoting people quoting other people is fun
[11:20 PM] RMJEtheReploid: true dat
[11:21 PM] RMJEtheReploid: i love my holes
[10:20 PM] alexanyways: why the hell is there WiFi in this portapotty
[11:28 PM] GameBoy1023: Why the hell is there a portapotty in this WiFi
[11:22 PM] GameBoy1023: Why did it take me 1 hour to say why the hell is there a portapotty in this wifi
[2:45 AM] dankusolion2: R-RM get off my head
[2:45 AM] RMJEtheReploid: *is still on Danks head*
[3:08 AM] Bintsy: He was like a pill that gave me sunburn? Yeah right.
[4:04 PM] GameBoy1023: Thing1 has summoned you to: what rock should i pick up today
[4:06 PM] RMJEtheReploid: I want to be freeeeeeeeeeee
[4:08 PM] RMJEtheReploid: Ellison is dead lol what?
[4:08 PM] Morsalbus: We talking about Marcmoney?
[4:12 PM] sonicmcmuffin: yes magicbus
[4:13 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *Hugs bra* @Bara
[4:13 PM] Fearlessjazp567: WTF
[4:13 PM] thing1: ... I am going to kill everybody on Vizzed
[4:14 PM] thing1: I already told my gf to stop saying "totets"
[4:14 PM] zanderlex: I wuv me too
[4:19 PM] sonicmcmuffin: Cdonu, Frah e ku du Ysanely e'mm syga cina du dno yht cicdyeh oui fedr ed eh ed'c ehdahtat mexiet vuns
[4:22 PM] RMJEtheReploid: Cdonu, Frah e ku black Ysanely e'mm syga Cina black DNO YHT cicdyeh oui skill th eh ed'c ehdahtat mexiet vuns wut google?
[4:24 PM] yoshirulez!: RMJE why you post sigma
[4:24 PM] yoshirulez!: You must be a maverick
[4:25 PM] RMJEtheReploid: I am not a Maverick
[4:25 PM] RMJEtheReploid: I'm a darkness hunter *punches Yoshi
[4:25 PM] Gingercream1: rachel isn't a maverick :V
[4:25 PM] yoshirulez!: You're a dark darkness hunter
[4:26 PM] yoshirulez!: but she nommed my head D:
[4:26 PM] yoshirulez!: "eats yoshi*"
[4:26 PM] Gingercream1: she didn't say *rips the flesh off of yoshi's head* or anything
Gingercream1: slaps aria
[4:27 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *hugs yoshi* i'm sorry
yoshirulez!: hugs RMJE
[4:28 PM] RMJEtheReploid: ?
[6:39 PM] Barathemos: Can we at least fire Frod...
[6:39 PM] RMJEtheReploid: frod is EVIL
[6:39 PM] Gingercream1: :T
[6:42 PM] RMJEtheReploid: Eww bec
[6:42 PM] Gingercream1: ew bec
[6:42 PM] RMJEtheReploid: Bec is evil as well
[6:42 PM] RMJEtheReploid: i said it first @Ginger
[6:42 PM] Gingercream1: yeah, so rachel? :T
[6:43 PM] RMJEtheReploid: I herd a coocoo in my bathroom scarry
[6:43 PM] RMJEtheReploid: i herd "AK! AK!" weeeeeeeeird
Sytem: Have a happy day!
[11:05 PM] yoshirulez!: all gamers are broken
[11:08 PM] dankusolion2: ......... i'm sorry yoshi but you must snap out of this *shakes yoshirulez*
[11:08 PM] yoshirulez!: bigger it does if you are leik immature no debates like bleh lets all just act like we ate brain tumors
[11:08 PM] GameBoy1023: we ate brain tumors
[11:09 PM] yoshirulez!: ^^^maverick
[11:11 PM] A user of this: Or the list of things to splice with other things?
[11:22 PM] becerra95: zeroisgay
[11:22 PM] becerra95: zero retaliate
[11:23 PM] dankusolion2: uhm it is rude so stahp *drop kicks bec in the pit*
[11:23 PM] GameBoy1023: bec is just an ugly dog, please move on
[11:23 PM] zerothesaint: Come on bec, keep pushin.
[11:24 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *pushes bec off a cliff*
[11:24 PM] becerra95: let's do stuff
[11:24 PM] becerra95: nah. criticism around here boy. plus froglegs here
[11:24 PM] RMJEtheReploid: EVERYONE! PUSH BEC OFF A CLIFF! (haha)
[11:25 PM] dankusolion2: *drop kicks Bec offa the cliff*
[11:27 PM] zerothesaint: *snarls at Mother*
[11:48 PM] dankusolion2: and saying that RMJE is maverick is isn't good too
[10:11 PM] Frodlex: Frod, the hell did I say? Shut up!
[10:20 PM] megamanmaniac: Leggo my eggo
[10:21 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *hugs MMM's leg*
[10:21 PM] Zeross121: I like young doctors notebook and other *whatever the rest of the title is*
[1:07 AM] RMJEtheReploid: *Stab's GB in the best with my Sword*
[1:13 AM] RMJEtheReploid: *throws a chain saw at GB*
[11:08 PM] AriaAngelDream: that pit wasn't even in the way. You purposely fell in it paper
[5:19PM] GameBoy1023: RMJE, All of them. I'm really hungry
[6:05 PM] megamanmaniac: secret screen
[6:06 PM] RMJEtheReploid: [6:05 PM] megamanmaniac: secret screen
[6:05 PM] megamanmaniac: this is the secret screen (Joke)
[6:07 PM] AriaAngelDream: idk what to do with the minion child tattoes
[1:12 PM] Mega Mewtwo X: nu rmje,i will not call 119 backwards in the chat
[7:28 PM] CRadILY Is lOVe: Robot masters >>>>>>> Reploids
[9:19 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *puts thrusters on Catlady's butt*
[9:20 PM] CatLady: Farewell, my friends. It seems I'm about to take off.
[9:20 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *catlady takes off*
[9:21 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *cat lady falls into the ocean*
[9:22 PM] CatLady: RJME is a drunk cat. I heard it on the news.
[6:34 PM] On3On: Toilet Paper points is the last thing I care about right now, stop talking to me
[12:48 PM] GameBoy1023: now shut up Gameboy
[12:41 AM] calebjudah: It looks like tails and knuckles possessed by chaos emeralds
[6:25 PM] yoshirulez!: rmje ur keybored exolod
[2:03 AM] The Planned Accident: MEGAMANNN
[11:25 PM] noahs_brother: my unternet sucks
[8:59 PM] CatLady: Wait, wait. Hold the phone.
[9:00 PM] RMJEtheReploid: i thought today was 9/11
[1:43 AM] RMJEtheReploid: Its a Alea Layout you dingle dolt @GB
vanelan: is dead w/in 30 seconds of joining =3=
[5:01 PM] zerothesaint: In my head I just hear mrfe singing "There's nothing toooooo iiiiiitttttt!! I believe I can fly!" with the lights turned town low and for whatever reasona slow moving disco ball in the background. >w>
[10:43 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *hits yoshi in the head with a house*
[10:44 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *hits yoshi in the head with a nother large house*

[4:21 AM] RMJEtheReploid: and also stinking up the bedroom XD

[2:31 AM] RMJEtheReploid: gamebjhfn
My favorite reply Thanks endings
My favorite Quote: [2:49 PM] zerothesaint: User your puns murder me inside.
My favorite RP Quote: X eeped "E-ehHhh!!!! SIGNAS!!!" girly screams cause he doesn't like it.
My favorite RP post i did: [Dr.Light] Puts his right hand on Rachel's Shoulder "The only way to stop a conicuince is by Giving" [Rachel] pins her ears down and looks down "I know" (This next part was not in the rp) [Dr.Light] starts to pet Rachel. [Rachel] starts to fade away
my favorite comment: "I take no responsibility whatsoever for those who get dizzy and pass out from running around this post"
[3:54 PM] CheesyUsername: "if you do drugs and you think your cool, you need to go back to sunday school"
[10:41 PM] AriaAngelDream: Furret doesn't sing unless he wants to attract ducks :V

Welcome to General Chat, Minecraft Staff!
Minecraft Staff is muted by mrfe for breaking rules at room General Chat!
[3:43 AM] mrfe: test
Minecraft Staff has been unmuted by mrfe.
[3:44 AM] RMJEtheReploid: XD
Minecraft Staff left the room

Welcome to General Chat, vanelan!
vanelan: stabs everyone
vanelan left the room
[6:16 AM] Dark sword Z: Question 1, Why I'm here,
[3:53 AM] RMJEtheReploid: the Wolf carries a sign
[3:54 AM] RMJEtheReploid: that says
[3:54 AM] RMJEtheReploid: YOSHI SHUT UP

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