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10-23-20 08:18 PM
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TornadoMudkip's Profile

TornadoMudkip is Offline

  The Pringles Addict!
Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Gobou de Tornade
Age: 20 (04-01-00)  Gender: Female
Registered: 04-06-13 04:52 AM (2757 days ago)
Posts: 1,544  Threads: 64
Post Words: 167,056 (108 word avg)
Viz: 589,467    Contribution Points: 17,200
Post Rating: 354   Trust Points: 34   Chat: 7
Level: 72    Experience: 3185957
Next Level: +137805 Exp    Per Post: 3095 Exp
Last Activity: 03-07-17 07:00 AM
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Last Post: 01-24-17 12:48 PM
  Two of a kind.....

About Mudkip

~Currently less active on Vizzed~


The Wall of the Mudkipz! (Chat funnyness)

~ 11-15-14 - [2:16 PM] play4fun: aria's the crazy one, mudkip's the adorable one
~ 11-15-14 - Play4fun: Everyone needs to know this. Tornado is SUCH a mudkip
~ 07-22-15 - Light Knight: is that cause you "axolotl" of questions? (Note: a Mudkip is based on an axolotl).

'' Never Give Up ~ TornadoMudkip ''

~ Winner Best Layout Vizzed Award 2013! ~
~ Getting the first new Green Jersey (Most Actions CP) 07-01-14. ~
~ Former Local Moderator and Site Staff on Vizzed. ~


Hello, I'm TornadoMudkip. Nice to meet you! ~ (Please call me Tornado and if you prefer Mudkip or Muddy, that's okay).

I love playing games! I especially like playing Pokémon, Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Inazuma Eleven games. Some of my favorite Pokémon are: Mudkip, Grovyle, Goomy and many others. Of course my Lucky Female Goodra too! ~

I also like to make Post Layouts and Profile Layouts. Feel free to ask me for a Layout. (Please ask in a PM).

Please don't be mad if I deleted you on my Friends List, this can happen if we didn't talk for a long time.

If you have a question, feel free to ask me! (Please ask in a PM).

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