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07-20-24 11:14 PM
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Eniitan is Offline

   Number 1 Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy And Freedom Planet Fan On Vizzed!
Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Eniitan (Miss Moon)
Age: 33 (11-25-90)  Gender: Female
Registered: 08-16-12 08:51 AM (4356 days ago)
Posts: 10,522  Threads: 555
Post Words: 959,649 (91 word avg)
Viz: 2,618,815    Contribution Points: 55,272
Post Rating: 2,730   Trust Points: 58   Chat: 1016
Level: 175    Experience: 71239561
Next Level: +1086420 Exp    Per Post: 10155 Exp
Last Activity: 02-25-24 11:32 AM
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Last Post: 10-01-22 10:05 AM
  Hmmmm Another Thread You Say David? XD

About Enii, a well known Vizzed Guiderteer

Your content here

My Quote Wall Of Things Never To Forget

My Quote Wall Of What My Friends Said Which Is Important

Tornadomudkip said:Face everything where you are scared for!

Frodlex: Enii, don't worry about what others think or even what you think if it's negative, always aim for first place

discord: your running away from your problems instead of facing them. I expected better from you..

Hunter: eni I'm always there for you with what ever it is you need help with. You can ask me anything and I will do my best to give you advice.

Supercrash: Don't stop making useful threads, It would probably not be a good thing to do that, if some were to find them useful, They haven't really caused anyone problems, or nothing so i see no reason why you should stop making those type of threads.

Wow... Just wow.

That's one lighthearted poem, A very powerful tool, and Very supportive for this site. Very nice job.

mohammedroxx3: I say that you should keep it up and continue your awesome work! Thanks for your great effort in helping others my friend.

DittoDude: I am always there for you, you are an awesome friend. If something is bothering you, like hunter said, leave it up to me, Frod and hunter.

Tails the Fox: "I will always be there to listen to what you have to say to me because it's what friends do." ~Ephraim

Techno: You know Eniitan, you are one of the nicest persons on vizzed to me. You deserve to be a trusted member, and you are a superb model on how to be a trusted member. Thank you. I will try to become as awesome as you.

Juliet: just don't let people hurt you easily, there are times when you just either need to ignore them or just let it be instead of taking it to heart.

bobq: some areas of a well developed mind cannot be grasped by the average person, because it is too deep for them to understand.

Eirinn: You take care, sweetie, and try to keep your head up. There's a lot of good things going on as well. Things will get better, and won't always be this way. That's a promise.

Bintsy: Yeah.. I am still trying to be more positive and I'm trying to strive to think better about myself .. instead of negative

yoshirulez!: ^^ let the hamhams bright smile bestow happiness!


Friends come and go. But best friends come and stay

TornadoMukip: Quality is more important than much words.

maguc: Quality over Quantity Enii~

TornadoMudkip ~ A single smile can make everyone happy.

bobq: eni
bobq: I love that you feel that everybody is worth saving
bobq: its probably your best quality

zerothesaint: Youre kind hearted as is and you take stands in things you believe right or wrong.
zerothesaint: Gathering information on something you love and making it useful should be a breeze for you.
zerothesaint: And people will appreciate it.

bobq: stop worrying so much about what others think of you, just be you, and that is good enough for the right people

FunnyFurret: Don't forget the roundtable. We should always help one another.

sonicmcmuffin: I don't know what other people are like on this site. But if people get annoyed that you don't talk to them, then most of the time they aren't worth the efforty

sonicmcmuffin: So just put your chin up and smile silly.

legacyme3: Live for every smile.
legacyme3: And life means everything I won't ever sugarcoat things. If something is wrong, I like to know people it's wrong so that they can find ways for themselves to either stand on what they believe or improve

legacyme3: Don't feign to know things you really know nothing about.

becerra95: always look out for yourself, that's how you succeed in life

Xenthou: You have to take some time to take care of yourself, otherwise you'll break yourself. But you should care for others too! Just don't overlook your own problems, that's all

Gingercream: And I won't include it here, since the pictures are already above me, but I drew a layout and avatar for Enii. I also got some things to say to her. So let's start replies:

Thank you the most, really. We've had a lot of tough times together, but you always believed in me and I always liked that about you. You don't give up on people so easily. You've always been supporting me through out a lot of things, even if you don't know that yourself. So thank you, Enii.

Ferdinand: Right you are. and never waste your time trying to please others who don't deserve it.

Amiably Otaku: You're so positive, makes me feel good I wanna be like you, helping others regardless of my detriment

Sword legion: Ah. . . . I guess all I can say is. . . make your friends carefully?

I think you've been a wonderful person on this website. I could see it even before I really started seriously talking to you. But, I was a fan of what you did, and quietly let be.

Sword legion: You stay strong and count on the people you can really count on. It can be hard to find a real friend. ^^

NintendoFanKimmy: Wow, Eni... Thanks so much for your concern ! I know that's what sisters are for, but it still makes me feel all warm and stuff ^u^. I'll take your advice, and thanks so much for being one of those said wonderful friends who love me dearly!

You're one of the nicest, if not THE nicest member on Vizzed xP!

no 8120: In my opinion all people deserve to be treated equally weather they are disabled or not no one should make fun of anyone just because they have a disability or think of them as being any different than anyone else

Laian: seems legit to have my vote after all. You've always been here for me, everytime.

Sword legion: Just keep the friends that you have, and be more leary about who you let in. Don't worry about bad, and old friends, okay? Treasure the ones you have. ^^

Thanks for being a mother to many on this place. You'll find someone someday, I know you will. Okay? ^^

Vanelan: No one is gonna dislike you for being nicest
That's why you keep winning...cuz people like you :3
I would hate for you to go inactive for that...I am sure Laian and everyone else that voted for you would feel the same. When you're not trying to help, you're just saying something nice or trying to make someone feel better.

geeogree: I've made tons of mistakes at Vizzed (many are lost in the early days of the site) but I never changed my name (even though I could have back then) and I'm stuck with it all. Most of it is out there for people to find if they wanted. Doesn't change the fact that most of what happened molded me into who I am now. Running from it won't make me better.

WandererExiled: I'm a big believer in people being able to do whatever they want as long as they learn to deal with their short comings and work towards improving themselves.

PokeFreak: "tell her thanks for me, hope she's alright too. Glad she's like my big sis and a good one for vizzed too <3"

maguc: Enii, let me say. You're a good person. The goodest i've met. And well, sometimes you don't get thanks. But you shouldn't let that discourage you. I think you're pretty great, and I really thank you for everything, if that accounts for anything.

sonicbros: Will give Enii a hug,one of the nicest,prettiest kindest people you can get,looks out for everyone,cares about people's problems,likes good anime too and been a nice friend for me on here too,so a hug for you Enii.

pacman1555: That's really sweet of you to write a poem to all of us. It really shows your kind heart to us and the site. I'm glad to see that we still have members like you around here still. Another great poem, Enii. I know anybody can appreciate a Thank You poem, but with someone with your gift, it's pretty awesome. Thank YOU for the poem.

Jordanv78: I always associate Enii's name with happiness and compassion as she's always checking in on users on this site and making sure everyone is ok. Always willing to lend a helping hand.

deg2000: omg Your poems are beautiful and amazing just like you and it saddens me to read them only because I know it's a story that ends. I also thank you too Enii for being there and being a great and friendly person you are one of the people that changed my opinion on the world and I thank you for that.

SuperCrash64: My thoughts:

Well done enii,

Your Poem reminds me of a song I listen to actually.

It had lyrics in it" Hard times, bad luck, sometimes life sucks"

It's kinda sad but also kinda true.

Your poem affects me in the way, it shows your troubles, but in the end you keep looking forward to what goodness will come to happen.

Well done like I said

maguc: I like it. The poem was very flowing, and the structure was very nice. It conveys emotion and the words you use are very articulated and well, colorful. I think the message is also very nice, keep moving forward and be positive. I absolutely love this, good job

Although I've been banned before, there's no reason for me not to change. Everyone can change through their own will, all we need to do is give them time.

Sword legion: Thank you Eni. Yes, you know that we all think you're special, and I couldn't agree with the poem more. I feel the same way at times, and I can't wait to see where we all are in a few years. Until then, it's nice to have people how help us along and make our lives greater. You've done a good job on this website. So thank you.

EX Palen: Beautiful poem, Eni, very inspiring. I can totally relate to that will of never giving up, and as you perfectly know, you're one of the reasons I inherited such spirit.

We must also thank you as well. You're an absolutely nice friend, someone that will be there whenever you're needed to cheer us up and help us through rough times.

I hope you stay in here for a long time. It's heartwarming to know there's people like you out there, close to us. It brings us smiles and new hopes to keep moving ahead.

Julia:That was really good Enii Brought a big smile to my face. Question: Have you ever thought of being a writer? :o

Deg2000: You're like one of my best friends enii, it would suck to never have you in my life. That's all right! You don't need to be funny, you just need to be you.

Ultrajeff: You are truly an uplifting, endearing, inspiring, spirited young woman. While I'm normally aloof and distanced from others, you are the first person who I feel I can connect with. It's fun to read your threads, and your optimism is just lovely. Thank you for being my friend.

Yes, yes. Goody. Just make sure and let me know when you reach full charge on your "Moon Prism Power" !!!!

I guess that would be interesting if you could transform into Sailor Moon. No doubt.

Fan's dream's do come true. Don't stop... believing! Hold onto that feeling ye-a-a-ah!


supernerd: You may not be a mod, but any help you can give around the board is appreciated. There may be eleven mods, but even with that many, there will be problems and issues and so on and so forth. You set an example for all of us. I have learned much from you, to be sure.

Thanks for all the good you bring to this world every day.

When I Almost Gave Up On Myself This Is What My Friends Said that Touched Me....


nothing you do is point less you help people that need help. you inspired me to help people too your my inspiration because of you I became trusted. you may not know this but in real life I don't care about others feelings but you changed that I can honestly say you changed the way I look at things(im tearing as I write this). if you asked any of my real life friends about me being kind and considerate to others feelings they would laugh and say yeah right Chris doesn't give two s***s about any thing besides his cat. I can say you changed that something that my therapists couldn't. I thought I was getting too close to discord and would end up hurting his feelings with my jokes because im an ahole but because of you and your kindness I can talk to him and think before I say something. which I have a hard time boing in real life. your the reason me and him are PFF's. so eni don't leave you inspired me to be a good person.

Discord: Your seriously doing this becuase you didnt help miner........I know how you feel. but you cant help everypony with there problem. In life you always run into problems yourself.......Anyway i think you should believe again. If you cant i will help you. Just like the time i helped you overcome your shyness. And i wont take no for an answer.

hunter31626: its fine eni. enemies are people you have no common interest with. also allies are people who join forces because of a common enemy.

joshkook: calamity is the key to balance

jack3604: I'm glad maybe you've had enough failure that you can really start changing things now all it takes is a little motivation and you can do almost anything.

maguc: Don't leave, Enii. Please don't. your friends will be more than happy to help.
Well, those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter Enii

What People Say About Friendship And Confidence Which Is True.....

I can't give you any advice, but I can give you encouragement.

Eniitan, your friends are your friends for a reason. They love you and want to support you. If you keep things to yourself, your struggling will cause worry to your dear friends. They're always there to give a hand, so don't be afraid to reach out. If you're having trouble finding the right word to say, then try: "[Friend name here], can I tell you something?" I can almost guarantee that your friends will be all ears.

What's a good thing about talking to your friends about your problems is that the bond between you and your friend will be greater. So don't give up.

On3On: Its not wrong to be sad, its all part of who you are.
Recovering is definitely important though, sadness can make you forget what keeps you going
Its good to remember that you DO forget things as time goes on Keep going until you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

supernerd117:Find the people who lift you up, and hang around them! Find "shiny penny friends" who will lift you up, instead of bring you down. Don't just hang around someone because they play games with you or do something for you. Find out who your friends are, and be a friend first. That does seem to be something you're good at

Furret: The past shall not be brought up again, the future is where you have to look.

Light: But we all make little mistakes like this! It's really not a big deal, your friends will still be your friends, and they will forgive and forget. You can't expect to predict how EVERYONE will react to a thread every time you post one, so sometimes there will be negative reactions; it happens.

Don't let it get you down. Your friends are still there, and isn't that what matters?

Your humble servant,


SunflowerGaming: I think of writing like this..... it's almost like communicating with another person. Yes it takes practice, it takes patience and it takes heart. Learn those and the rest will follow.

legacyme3: but I guess we've chosen to not practice anything resembling intelligent conversation

Bintsy: Wow, I will never be done with Vizzed! I may not be able to get online but I can try and make effort! It's what counts.

Annette: Friends are god's way of apologizing for our family members~ you can choose who you make your spouse, that makes you family.

Light Knight: Good job sticking up for your friend, eni. You are more a knight than I.

BluemageKyle: Enii, I liked your disabled gaming thread. I have an autistic cousin, Yurkov. Anyways, you said you were afraid people would see you differently, and I wanna say you are too awesome and good of a person to be seen differently after that post. I am proud of your work to gain intelligence you always had from the start, it just was sorta "hibernating." Waiting to be unleashed. I think you read this in my other thread, but I am a Asperger's syndrome sufferer. It is like Autism, but not as bad. Anyways, usually people are disconnect socially or mentally, with it. But I am disconnected emotionally. The doctors say technically I don't feel emotion normally or at all. So just don't think you're a freak like me, 'kay? :3

maguc: Actually, you really shouldn't care what people think. They live their life, you live your own doing what you want to, nobody should take the pleasure of doing what you enjoy because they don't.

Zlinqx: If it's paining you more than making you happy then you should stop, you don't owe people anything
I know that might be a cold way to look at it sometimes but it's true :v
Everyone has their limits, if you want to make others happy it shouldn't be at the expense of your own happiness. Yeah, I know I'm not the most sociable guy on here or well in general but I do care about the friends I have. and I know ZT and Mudkip cares about you a lot too

Arlaygio: I mere wish for you to remember though that we really love you.
Arlaygio: And without you.
Arlaygio: None of the great things that are coming soon.
Arlaygio: Would be possible. ^^

The times I Fear My Singing...

GameBoy1023: Also, I don't care if your rusty, I want you too express you talent inside.

Quotes for the knights of the roundtable game guide makers only

Laian: Keep up the good work (that also goes for my other fellow knights ^^ ). May the power of the game guide be with you, young padawan

SUX2BU: Even if you don't do it as staff anymore, you'll still make walkthroughs occasionally, so you'll still be part of the round table of walkthroughers.

TornadoMudkip: ''The great King, David, wants you back in the roundtable of Walkthrough knights.''

Some useful advice....
Frodlex: Take care of yourself, learn to make more practical decisions. And I've been telling you since day one, fake smiles are wasted on me.

My Achievements

My Achievements

Vizzed Awards
Won Nicest Member 2013
Won Nicest Member 2014
Won Nicest Member 2015
Won Nicest Member 2016
Won Best Female Member 2015
Won Best Female Member 2016
Won Most Wordiest Member of the year 2016
by typing up 473,462 words.

Winter TDV 2014
Was on Team E for TDV team competition, in Jan 2014. came in second place.

Autumn TDV 2016
Was on TheGr8M80s team in the team competition in Oct came in first place.

On the 25th of June 2014 was made mod for David
On the 10th of July 2014 was made mod foe Djinn
Also on the 10th of July 2014 was made mod for Takeos stream

On the 20th of June 2014, I was made staff as a Walkthrough Maker

On the 9th of July 2014, my position name got changed to Game Guide Writer

On 16th of Oct 2014 I stepped down from Staff.

On 16th of Oct 2014 I got my position as an Elite.

On 9th of May 2016 I rejoin the staff as Game Guide Writer again!

On the 2nd of July 2016 I finally got Game Reviewer position!

On the 28th of Feb 2017 I stepped down from staff again.

On the 31st of January 2017 I hit 10k posts and was the first female member to reach and hit it.

My Funny Quote Wall

Funny Quotes

[2:29 PM] On3On: also enii you've made a tough choice coming to Viz
[2:29 PM] On3On: nerd central
[2:29 PM] On3On: no offense

[2:29 PM] Eniitan: nerd forever brah
[2:29 PM] Eniitan: proud of it

[2:30 PM] On3On: i disagree proud to be me
[2:30 PM] On3On: :p

On3On left the room
[2:33 PM] A user of this: nerds all the way
[2:35 PM] TornadoMudkip:
[2:34 PM] Eniitan: high fives user* you know it! :3
[2:38 PM] A user of this: *high fives back*
2:39 PM] Eniitan: I think that was my best line yet XD

m0ssb3rg935: I once had a pet brick named charlie. Yosh broke him because charlie was smarter.

[5:06 PM] Eniitan: eh....
[5:06 PM] Eniitan: slides away*
Furret: drags Enii back in the group
[5:06 PM] Eniitan: nuuuu! lemme go to my hiding spot! >.<
[5:06 PM] Furret: lel
[5:06 PM] DylanMcKaig: no hiding spot allowed
[5:06 PM] Eniitan: lawl XD

ZeroTails: enii: i know everything ur thinking
Me: haha ^^
ZeroTails: enii: they call me
ZeroTails: enii: phycic enii

Mohammedroxx3: Boys vs Girls? More like... The whole vizzed universe vs Eniitan.

The only thing though is that Eniitan is not actually trying, but she'll probably accidentally beat up some boys to reach her goals. XD

RDays post in the ask anything thread of bara and moha

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

What is the meaning of life?

RDay13: DANG ENII ! You played cricket?!?! You're a baller!

Eniitan: geeze only gone for 2 weeks and I feel like a noob on the board now with these updates
Zlinqx: XD
Zlinqx: Eniitan the forgotten veteran
Eniitan: XD
thats going up the wall
Zlinqx: 2 weeks is like 2 years in vizzed time
Eniitan: haha! XD

Zlinqx: eniitan: MUST MAKE MOAR THREADS p.p


You: Zzzzzz

Eirinn: ._.

You: That was a good nap. OHAI!



Me: Thats going up besides the more thread quote of me you said before XD

Zlinqx: I'm still waiting on the day where you'll make so many posts that the site crashes

Me: lol

Me: What a day would that be

Zlinqx: I just imagine Yuna being like

Zlinqx: Evacuate the site! Quick there's no time to waste before it goes down.

Me: haha! ^-^

Zlinqx: and then David would name a syndrome after you

Zlinqx"Eniitan syndrome"

Me: rofl XD

Twitch chat
Megamanmaniac: Can Djinn beat David? Will there be a tiebreaker? Will Eniitan master her new modding powers? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

Steam Quotes

Gr8 m8 str8 appreci8: lol life lessons with eniitan #1: know your friends better than they know themselves XP

Eniitan: wait one question
Eniitan: how did you get him up lol?
potato girl: Oh... well..... I might've beat him with his pillow a little bit... xD
Eniitan: WOW
Eniitan: was he mad?
potato girl: He was a little irritated. But this is what he gets for sleeping until 4pm.
Eniitan: true XD
potato girl: .......And he went back to sleep afterward, too.
Eniitan: lol...

Eniitan: youshi is still not awake..
Patar: Sux said thowing shoes at him wasnt even working
Eniitan: lol

Eniitan: but I really love and adore doing layouts
Eniitan: you can see my passion for it has risen ^-^
Gr8 m8 str8 appreci8: Eniitan gained layout making exp
Gr8 m8 str8 appreci8: Eniitan leveled up!
Gr8 m8 str8 appreci8: Eniitan unlocked new layout ideas
Gr8 m8 str8 appreci8: XD Eniitan's layout making quest, coming this fall
Eniitan: haha ^^
Gr8 m8 str8 appreci8: pre order the collectors edition and receive the not yet revealed pickles layout
Eniitan: haha ^^
Gr8 m8 str8 appreci8: xP

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Happy Birthday Eniitan hope you have a nice Birthday
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Happy Birthday Eniitan hope you have a nice Birthday
Jahfrian - 10-06-22 09:34 PM
i hope you're doing well Enii.
no 8120 - 11-25-21 04:41 AM
Happy Birthday Eniitan hope you have a nice Birthday
blubblub9 - 04-17-21 04:43 AM
Barathemos - 02-09-21 10:28 AM
I'm happy to see you back on, hope you've been well!
Mohammedroxx3 - 11-25-20 04:28 PM
Happy Birthday!!
no 8120 - 11-25-20 07:26 AM
Happy Birthday Eniitan hope you have a nice birthday
no 8120 - 08-08-20 06:28 PM
hi Eniitan hope everything is well with you hope you have a nice day/night
MattyIce - 07-21-20 05:08 PM
Sorry for the late response, but thank you Enii

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