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06-18-24 01:45 AM

IgorBird122 is Offline

  The Shadow King
Vizzed Elite
Previous Name: The_IB122
Real Name: Tacan
Location: The Big Easy
Age: 31 (04-27-93)  Gender: Male
Registered: 01-07-13 11:02 PM (4179 days ago)
Posts: 6,414  Threads: 348
Post Words: 526,201 (82 word avg)
Viz: 779,500    Contribution Points: 40,905
Post Rating: 642   Trust Points: 17   Chat: 554
Level: 140    Experience: 33207281
Next Level: +79124 Exp    Per Post: 7765 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests.
Last Activity: 04-22-20 05:31 PM
  Viewing Vizzed Board
Last Post: 04-07-20 11:27 PM
  Restricted Thread


Where to contact me at whenever you get a chance to contact me

Dark Tacan

*You are here*
(No longer using)

dark tacan


*Due to security reasons, you have to send me a Private Message if you want my Skype name, you have to tell me on who you are on Skype and on Skype, you have to tell me on who you are on Vizzed, or otherwise, I WILL decline your friend request.*
(No longer using)

Nintendo 3DS:

Nintendo Switch:

Dark Tacan

Dark Tacan#0088

(+ = least likely on, +++++ frequently on)


Note, my profile is still under construction, everything should be done soon.


Vizzed Accomplishments:


1/7/13 - 5/20/13 (133 Days)
(Got promoted to a Regular Member)

Regular Member:
5/20/13 - 6/5/13 (16 Days)
(Got promoted to a Trusted Member)

Trusted Member:
6/5/13 - 11/27/13 (175 Days)
(Got promoted to a Local Moderator)

Local Moderator:
11/27/13 - 9/21/15 (663 Days)
(Retired due to The September 21st, 2015 Meltdown)

9/21/15 - 12/20/18 (1,186 Days)
(Promoted to Site Staff)

Site Staff:
12/20/18 - 4/7/20 (474 Days)
(Retired due to no longer wanted to be associated with Vizzed)

Elite: (although no longer using Vizzed anymore)
4/7/20 - present day



Minecraft Server 2nd in Command:
1st Run:
4/18/14 - 9/15/14 (150 Days)
(retired due to anger with Mojang)

2nd Run:
10/22/14 - 3/31/15 (160 Days)
(retired due to no longer wanting to be associated with the Minecraft Server)

Price Guide Manager
6/20/15 - 9/21/15 (93 Days)
(retired due to The September 21st, 2015 Meltdown)

Nintendo Manager
12/20/18 - 2/1/19 (43 Days)
(role merged with System Manager)

System Manager
2/1/19 - 4/7/20 (431 Days)
(Retired due to no longer wanted to be associated with Vizzed)


[X][X] Win Tour de Vizzed (Winter 2015's TdV & Summer 2018's TdV)
[X][X] TdV Yellow Jersey champ (Winter 2015's TdV & Summer 2018's TdV)
[X] TdV Blue Jersey champ (Summer 2018's TdV)
[X] TdV Red Jersey champ (Winter 2015's TdV)
[X] TdV Green Jersey champ (Autumn 2013's TdV)


Post count:
[X] 100+ Posts (Gotten date: 5/21/13)
[X] 250+ Posts (Gotten date: 5/24/13)
[X] 500+ Posts (Gotten date: 5/31/13)
[X] 750+ Posts (Gotten date: 7/1/13)
[X] 1,000+ Posts (Gotten date: 7/5/13)
[X] 2,500+ Posts (Gotten date: 12/14/13)
[X] 5,000+ Posts (Gotten date: 7/13/15)
[ ] 7,500+ Posts
[ ] 10,000+ Posts
[ ] 25,000+ Posts
[ ] 50,000+ Posts


Contribution Points:
[X] 1,000+ CPs (Gotten date: unknown)
[X] 2,500+ CPs (Gotten date: September 2013)
[X] 5,000+ CPs (Gotten date: October 2013)
[X] 7,500+ CPs (Gotten date: unknown)
[X] 10,000+ CPs (Gotten date: 10/9/14)
[X] 25,000+ CPs (Gotten date: 4/27/15)
[ ] 50,000+ CPs
[ ] 75,000+ CPs
[ ] 100,000+ CPs


[X] "Laziness" (Gotten date: January 7th, 2013)
[X] "Carpal Tunnel" (Gotten date: May 17th, 2013)
[X] "Trooperness" (Gotten date: May 19th, 2013)
[X] "1/35th Vizzed" (Gotten date: May 20th, 2013)
[X] "Trooperness A+" (Gotten date: May 20th, 2013)
[X] "OPS" (Gotten date: July 5th, 2013)
[ ] "Ravering"
[ ] "Ravering+"
[ ] "Veneeval"
[ ] "Veneeval+"


July 2013's TdV = 10th place overall.
October 2013's TdV = Green Jersey winner and 4th place overall.

Bronze award for best staff

January 2015's TdV = Yellow Jersey winner, Red Jersey winner, and TdV winner. Broke the TdV record for most points scored in a single TdV with 335 points, held the record for 450 days until the record was broken by Geeogree on April 25, 2016.

July 2018's TdV = 2-Time Yellow Jersey winner, Blue Jersey winner & 2-Time TdV winner


Random Chat Stuff

IgorBird122: Some days I can type, some days I can't, some days, well, I'm this: ohutehsitohjsoirhgaoergjiureoghargpoiathoaperihjeapihea


Mecha Leo: I wish McDavid's would finish so I could get a job and have free processed burgers.


cnw64: Pacs is that you?
IgorBird122: Nope, he's just an illusion, a part of your imagination.
pacman1755: mhm
IgorBird122: Ok, Pacman is here


AgentZero: I hacking the server


Pointless Darkian Enterprises S***chats

Dark Tacan:

The Dark Overlord:
Are you typing this on the toilet again tacky? you sir are weird.

Page Comments

no 8120 - 04-27-20 03:33 AM
Happy Birthday
shandi23 - 04-15-20 11:38 AM
Hello ,i am Shandi Cabrera from united states of America and i am supportive,caring and also i have a passionate of true love in my heart. i just went through your profile today on this site then i pick interest in you and i will like us to know each other more to establish a good relationship and please try to write me at ( then i send you my pictures then introduce myself more better to you ok, thanks..
Sword Legion - 07-17-16 05:56 PM
how is the great 122?
IgorBird122 - 07-13-16 09:52 PM

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