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05-29-24 01:59 PM
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FaithFighter is Offline

  I am the FaithFighter. I stand. I fight. I live. By the Grace of GOD, I live.
Trusted Member
Real Name: Branden
Location: Ohio
Age: 29 (06-15-94)  Gender: Male
Registered: 06-18-14 05:49 PM (3632 days ago)
Posts: 1,208  Threads: 172
Post Words: 167,129 (138 word avg)
Viz: 26,175    Contribution Points: 10,750
Post Rating: 125   Trust Points: 6   Chat: 2
Level: 67    Experience: 2530600
Next Level: +62272 Exp    Per Post: 3142 Exp
Last Activity: 03-01-20 08:25 AM
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Last Post: 03-01-20 12:41 PM
  All hail the new owner of Vizzed, ZeroTails


I enjoy video games a great deal, enjoy spending time with my family. Also enjoy writing and drawing the stories and characters GOD gave me...

Stuff I've done on vizzed...
Got the playstation item
got the laptop
got all the armor (accidentally replaced sword of vizzed)
became trusted member
made my first video
was only 18 points away from helping Team wednesday get to the top. If only I had fought a bit more!
Sold my first layout!
Finally got Trooperness A+ syndrome! 2-8-15!

Favorite Game Franchises:
1. Super Smash Bros. (before Bayonetta!I hate Bayonetta!!!!)
2. The Legend of Zelda
3. Mario
4. Metroid
5. Pac-Man

Stuff I enjoy outside vizzed and gaming:
Skiing, Snow tubing, Ice skating, roller skating, kyaking,The WARRIOR DASH, and obstacle courses in general, swimming, hiking, and jet skiis (Nothing like zipping across the water at 40 mph!)

Page Comments

no 8120 - 06-15-20 04:35 AM
Happy Birthday
shandi23 - 04-15-20 11:53 AM
Hello ,i am Shandi Cabrera from united states of America and i am supportive,caring and also i have a passionate of true love in my heart. i just went through your profile today on this site then i pick interest in you and i will like us to know each other more to establish a good relationship and please try to write me at ( then i send you my pictures then introduce myself more better to you ok, thanks..
Eirinn - 09-19-16 01:56 AM
Folk (like Josh Wilson): Warren Barfield is good. And Pop: 4Him is good, but retired now.
Eirinn - 09-19-16 01:55 AM
I love Josh Wilson and Toby Mac is good, or his newer stuff. I never liked him until "Get Back Up" and I've really liked all I've heard by him since then. If rap is something you like you might check out Lecrae.
Eirinn - 09-19-16 01:03 AM
Though not a verbatim quote. The song is "Still Has A Hold". Sorry all of the comments.
Eirinn - 09-19-16 01:02 AM
The latter of the two song examples was actually taken from a real Todd Agnew song.
Eirinn - 09-19-16 01:01 AM
Exactly man. I once taught a lesson to my youth group about the passage in Proverbs where it says "...for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he". Interestingly, "as he thinketh in" literally translates (roughly) to "a gatekeeper" if memory serves. Or literally, "what he allows inside his heart, that is what he becomes". In that lesson I told them that if they always listened to sad songs or songs that say "I can't keep from straying from God, but He always holds on to me still", that even though the idea in those songs are good, they will always struggle and/or be sad because that gets into your heart and you become just that: weak and sad.
Eirinn - 09-18-16 11:33 PM
Same with Josh Wilson: I own Trying to Fit the Ocean In A Cup, and Life Is Not A Snapshot. I also only listen to Christian music, but I don't view Christian music as having to be blatantly religious in it's message. Rather anything that carries a message that I as a believer can identify with, and that carries a positive spirit with it (which frankly, not all music labelled Christian does even).
Eirinn - 09-18-16 10:59 PM
It's an awesome song. You a Josh Wilson fan? As for jerseys, excepting a few jerseys last TdV and one yellow every once in a while I've never competed.
CosmicKeiko - 07-29-16 11:27 AM

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