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08-05-20 06:06 AM

megamanmaniac's Profile

megamanmaniac is Offline

  Triple M
Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Access withheld from you
Location: Access withheld from you
Age: 24 (08-03-96)  Gender: Male
Registered: 04-12-12 04:33 PM (3036 days ago)
Posts: 4,966  Threads: 146
Post Words: 452,698 (91 word avg)
Viz: 124,628    Contribution Points: 16,911
Post Rating: 177   Trust Points: 30   Chat: 3083
Level: 120    Experience: 19284186
Next Level: +202985 Exp    Per Post: 5824 Exp
Last Activity: 05-31-17 03:51 PM
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My bio was accidentally erased. To be redone soon.

Started 8-26-12

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Stages of Megamanmaniac

TdV Winner: megamanmaniac

Owner: megamanmaniac

Global: megamanmaniac

Local: megamanmaniac

Site Staff: megamanmaniac

Elite: megamanmaniac

Trusted: megamanmaniac

Normal: megamanmaniac

Newbie: megamanmaniac

Banned: megamanmaniac

Perma-Banned: megamanmaniac

Hey its megamanmaniac here. I wanna start off by saying that this site really is cool, almost like a second home. Sure there are those few people who can be real jerks (not gonna name names) but for the most part everyone here is cool. A few guys in particular:

laian : One of the first guys Ive talked to and an epic French dude, laian is a true friend to me on this site and i do enjoy both his walkthroughs and his let's plays on YouTube (even though I suck at the games he plays). Keep it real laian.

Seishiro Leonhart : When I think awesome, I think Seishiro. A cool guy to talk to, Seishiro is definitely one of the top 3 guys I talk to. He's a chill dude and we've had some pretty fun PM convos. I'd consider him almost a brother, except we don't argue pretty much ever. The one and only Seishiro...who's younger than me by 10 days

jlh : The first guy I talked to in the forums and the guy who taught me about viz, jlh is the old dude with style. Ok he's not that old but he is a chill dude. Unfortunately he got permabanned for being a pedo...

cnw64 : A fellow yorker who's pretty chill and understanding, a girl who loves to bite, lick, hug, and kiss (get it?), cnw is one of the best girls on the site to talk to. She may not be that good in Netplay but it was fun when me her and Seishiro were in one together. Unfortunately she had to leave Vizzed.

Eddy88 : I have no idea who this guy is.....just kiddin . The Eddy, an awesome dude who's pretty competitive (referring to Vizzed Camp). We don't talk much except for in the chat room but you're a chill dude and I wouldn't mind having a conversation with you. That reminds me...hmu sometime too.

julis92 : A nice girl who was once pace's but now looks for someone to friend. A sweet lady who is chill and I could talk to all day…but she left the site.

Davideo7 : Did I cover them all? My guess is no. This guy here...I may not talk to him pretty much ever unless it's about the site but he's the one responsible for creating this site and frankly I'm amazed he did it. Sure this sites gone through some rough times but he's stated on top of things and now has thousands of people on the site daily. Very nice if I might say. Keep up the good work.

And thats pretty much it. As for my time on the site, Here are a few of my goals:

Posting Goals:
10 posts: Complete (10/10)
50 posts: Complete (50/50)
100 posts: Complete (100/100)
250 posts: Complete (250/250)
500 posts: Complete (500/500)
1000 posts: Complete (1000/1000)
2500 posts: Complete (2500/2500)
5000 posts: Incomplete (4073/5000)
10000 posts: Incomplete (4073/10000)
25000 posts: Incomplete (4073/25000)
50000 posts: Incomplete (4073/50000)

Post Experience Goals:
100 post exp: Complete (100/100)
1000 post exp: Complete (1000/1000)
5000 post exp: Complete (5000/5000)
10000 post exp: Complete (10000/10000)
50000 post exp: Complete (50000/50000)
100000 post exp: Complete (100000/100000)
250000 post exp: Complete (250000/250000)
500000 post exp: Incomplete (383990/500000)
1000000 post exp: Incomplete (383990/1000000)

Normal User: Complete
Trusted Member: Incomplete
Vizzed Elite: Complete
RGR/VGR Staff: Complete
Chat Moderator: Complete
Local Moderator: Complete
Global Moderator: Incomplete

Signed up for 1 week: Complete (7/7)
Signed up for 30 days: Complete (30/30)
Signed up for 100 days: Complete (100/100)
Signed up for 365 days: Complete (365/365)
Signed up for 1000 days: Incomplete (987/1000)
Signed up for 2500 days: Incomplete (987/2500)

Trust Points:
5 TP: Complete (5/5)
10 TP: Complete (10/10)
15 TP: Complete (15/15)
20 TP: Complete (20/20)
25 TP: Complete (25/25)
30 TP: Incomplete (28/30)
40 TP: Incomplete (28/40)
50 TP: Incomplete (28/50)

Chat Hours:
1 Hour: Complete
10 Hours: Complete
25 Hours Complete
50 Hours: Complete
100 Hours: Complete
250 Hours: Complete
500 Hours: Complete
1000 Hours: Complete
1500 Hours: Complete
2500 Hours: Incomplete
3000 Hours: Incomplete
5000 Hours: Incomplete

Contribution Points:
10 Contribution Points: 10/10
50 Contribution Points: 50/50
100 Contribution Points: 100/100
250 Contribution Points: 250/250
500 Contribution Points: 500/500
1000 Contribution Points: 1000/1000
2500 Contribution Points: 2500/2500
5000 Contribution Points: 5000/5000
7500 Contribution Points: 7500/7500
10000 Contribution Points: 8811.7/10000
25000 Contribution Points: 8811.7/25000

Although I may never reach some of these goals such as the trust points and the staff points, nothing's better than a few positive goals to put for yourself so that you can feel good about yourself and contribute to Vizzed as much as possible, which is why I put them. Once again I don't know if I'm liked so idk who will see this but whoever does I hope they enjoyed reading about me and what I plan to do while I'm on Vizzed.

Memorable Chat Room Quotes:
9/22/12 [9:36 AM] julis92: They are very horny too
10/9/12 [3:34 PM] beautiful nightmare: ~Secretly knows he means porn~
10/11/12 [4:51 PM] Sephitard9001: He's off to fap to pony porn
10/26/12 [4:01 PM] sonicmcmuffin: metal used to fap a lot before he took an arrow to the crotch
12/4/12 [4:04 PM] mlb789: with people like singelli and seishiro leonhart giving out tp like it's goshdarn condoms to hookers
12/14/12 [6:08 PM] Durin's Bane: [6:00] julis92: I want to be a porn star
12/20/12 [12:28 PM] D1998: I would edit it to make it look like he said BAIZ, but that would make me like pika, which is the last thing I want in my lifetime!!!!
1/4/13 [8:11 PM] Kopeck: Kopeck, I'm really Diem.<---Epic Fail lol
7/24/14 [6:00 PM] cnw64: You have been charging your mega buster for a while Mega lol
8/3/14 [11:43 PM] patar4097: [11:42 PM] megamanmaniac: turn*
[11:42 PM] RMJEtheReploid: *down
[11:43 PM] patar4097: *for
[11:43 PM] patar4097: what*
2/3/2015 [11:53 PM] yoshirulez!: sux in a sex
3/22/2015 Leggy's Dynamic Entry
3/25/2015 [7:20 PM] Galacta: i'll make friends with the CEO
[7:20 PM] Galacta: and slowly insert my dominance

9/28/12 created a layout
10/28/12 win every jersey in a single day
12/31/12 have my first thread stickied

Bad Chat Room Quotes:
10/6/12 [4:29 PM] PaRaGoNnOvA: It's fun for me to say that he proves the stupid black people stereotype. <---THANK GOD! He's finally banned!

Random thing from pokemon
pokemon x:

Other Links:

Geeo's Final Stand

Random Username Styles:





(last edited by megamanmaniac on 12-26-14 at 3:24 PM ET)

If you read all the above, and understand, please state that you understand.

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