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04-04-20 12:58 PM

greenluigi's Profile -

greenluigi is Offline

Trusted Member
Real Name: Mitsuhirato
Location: Mitsuhirato
Age: 18 (03-08-02)  Gender: Male
Registered: 07-02-13 02:26 PM (2467 days ago)
Posts: 2,900  Threads: 391
Post Words: 260,571 (90 word avg)
Viz: 117,214    Contribution Points: 9,348
Post Rating: 636   Trust Points: 14   Chat: 397
Level: 93    Experience: 7758257
Next Level: +294553 Exp    Per Post: 4012 Exp
Last Activity: 09-02-19 04:46 AM
Last Post: 08-23-18 11:42 AM
  my hero academia


Toad - Mario so we can have fun there!

Big fruit Clan, members:
Big Chilly (greenluigi)
Big Tasty Raspberry (Popeye116)
Big Pear (A user of this)
Big Apple (NintendoFanKimmy)
Big Orange (Noah's_Brother)
Big Melon (Mecha Mento)
Big StrawBerry (Imamonster)
Big Sour Lemon (Paper Luigi)
Big Broccoli (PacmanandMariofan)
Big Purple Sauce (Fearlessjazp567)
Big Banana (TheFadedWarrior)
Big Donut (Frodlex)
Big icecream bowl (ZeroTails)

Yeah, this is the Big Fruit Clan. It is a clan which we talk about foods, vegetables like anything related to it. If you wanna be a member, just ask!! Bio: I'm a 12 years old gamer who is super addicted to Vizzed. Unfortunately, School gets in the way which I become inactive for a while :C. I also write series about the crazy adventures of Green, basically myself in the land of V. My goals: Newbie-ACHIEVED! (Wasn't hard, lol.) Member-ACHIEVED! (Wasn't hard either.) Trusted-ACHIEVED! (It took me months to get some TP. It was a crazy adventure.) Elite- Unachieved. (Euh... not sure if this is gonna happen.) Staff-Unachived. (I write some good reviews and sonic57 was impressed by my work being the fact that I'm only 12. Once I become 13 in March, it may happen lol.) Local Moderator-Unachived. (Hard to get. I won't aim for it probably.) Global Moderator-Unachived. (Hard to get too. _ Admin-Unachieved.(Super extreme hard to get!!) Owner-Unachieved. (I don't think that will happen XD!!) I may update my bio later. Anyway, enjoy :3! - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters

TDV History:
Won the Red Jersey on April 2014 for posting a big chapter.
Won the Blue Jersey on January 2015 for posting like crazy :3.
Won my 2nd Blue Jersey on April 2015 for making 53 posts.
Won my first Yellow Jersey on April 2015 for making 1997 words.

Vizzed Quests:
-Make 5000 posts.
-Reach level 100.
-Obtain 100K Viz. (ACHIEVED on 2-5-15).
-Obtain 10k CP.
-Earn a Post Rating of 500.
-Earn a Post EXP of 1000000.
-Make 1,000 threads.

Hello! I'm greenluigi, from the land of V. Here's the franchises I love:
-Mario fan.
-Zelda fan.
-Pokemon fan.
-Donkey Kong fan.
-Pikmin fan.
-Fnaf fan.

So, if there's something you wanna do with me, or be my friend, just ask!


[11:28 AM] AriaAngelDream: green is an uncreative color

[2:18 PM] SuperMario444: luigi will take over

[3:25 PM] On3On: My goal is to DESTROY VIZZED

[4:01 PM] SuperMario444: Smash Brawl- for the blue and yellow alternate luigi costume

[10:27 AM] ZeroTails: All hail the Weegee army

[11:46 AM] Furret: being lazy is fun

[10:42 AM] Galacta: get a Loudred to prevent the mute

Copy and paste this into your bio if you are part of the Bruh group!

Co-Owners and Owners:
GamingN00B: Owner
ZeroTails: Co-Owner
awesomeguy279: Member
greenluigi: Member (GreenLasagna)
Barathemos: Member (Beera)
Dankusolion2: Member

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