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06-25-24 03:38 AM
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sonicthehedgehog57 is Offline

Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Erick Davis
Location: Springfield, MO
Age: 27 (07-30-96)  Gender: Male
Registered: 12-02-10 02:35 PM (4953 days ago)
Posts: 1,185  Threads: 110
Post Words: 342,082 (289 word avg)
Viz: 54,126    Contribution Points: 43,444
Post Rating: 671   Trust Points: 31   Chat: 3
Level: 70    Experience: 2871003
Next Level: +144808 Exp    Per Post: 3634 Exp


Hey there vizzed users old & new, I'm sonic57 or Erick Davis as my actual name entails. I'm a staff member on this wonderful site of vizzed have been since June of 2012. I currently reside as a game tester, and Review Reviewer. I loved writing reviews for my friends and other users on the site, which sadly no longer create due to complications or rulings.

Just one thing to know about me, my work is my own. If it's something that bugs you, you'll have to find someone else. I won't turn it into something I'll hate just so it "appears" better.

List of Achievements/Goals:

Became a staff member |COMPLETED|

Was a Game Reviewer |R.I.P 2012-2015|

Have 2 Staff Roles |ACCOMPLISHED|

Written 20+ Reviews |CONQUERED|

Become a Review Reviewer |Gained Position!|

Reviewed games for 2+ years (As a staff roll) |Surpassed!|

Have 10+ summons for reviewing |COMPLETED|

Gain 30+ Summons for Reviewing |Incomplete Again....Kind of|

Wasted 4 months of life for drop out college |Sadly, Achieved|

{Earned 1st for best reviewer 2014} - Achieved
{Earned 1st for best reviewer 2015} - Achieved Again
{Had 3 of own reviews for best reviews 2015} - Awarded!

Ruined one video for 2nd favorite gaming channel ~ BINGO!

Only Rule: Don't add as friend, if won't ever talk at all.

Favorite Quotes:

#1 (Bleach) - Ichigo: Here's a lesson for you, no matter how hard we try, we can't do everything on our own. Refusing to acknowledge that fact, makes you nothing but a da*m fool!

#2 "Let's get something straight here, my situation does not define who i am. I define who I am! -Fresh Prince

#3 "The Murderer was put to justice, but the real culprit is still on the loose poisoning the minds of innocent people so they can only seek darkness. This Murderer is called Revenge
Case Closed/Detective Conan -

#4 They say a bridge that collapses upon itself takes months to get itself back on its feet. As such it's called weak and ignorant to reality. Yet, isn't it better than being a strong boulder and being destroyed completely with one bashing on your foundation? ~self made~

Page Comments

no 8120 - 07-30-21 05:02 AM
Happy Birthday
no 8120 - 07-30-20 03:55 AM
Happy Birthday
Yuna1000 - 07-29-20 12:50 AM
*Waves back* Hi! =)
NintendoFanDrew - 05-03-20 09:08 AM
oh neat, hope that works out for you when the time comes! but until then i'm glad you've received some encouragement regarding your current job
NintendoFanDrew - 05-03-20 05:41 AM
ahh that sucks man. these things happen though. i know my memory is pretty bad too, it's made me slip up in more ways than one lol. hope things at your job go more smoothly here on out
NintendoFanDrew - 05-01-20 05:57 AM
thanks. and good luck with your job at wal-mart. i heard working in retail can be uniquely stressful for a number of reasons so i hope it hasn't been to tough on you
NintendoFanDrew - 04-26-20 10:06 AM
the quarantine's been tough to be honest, but i'm managing. just glad my university term is almost over . i only started coming back here recently myself, and i noticed some other users have been doing the same
NintendoFanDrew - 04-25-20 08:56 AM
heyy, it's been a while. how have you been?
becerra95 - 04-13-20 11:52 PM
Hey don’t go to minuano’s profile. It’s evil
Mohammedroxx3 - 04-07-20 06:49 PM
The whole lockdown situation is kinda annoying but I'm doing ok. How're you?

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