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05-06-21 05:45 AM
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Location: United States
Age: 22 (01-20-99)  Gender: Male
Registered: 08-10-13 01:08 PM (2825 days ago)
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People like you are gentle, caring, and sensitive. To those who don't really know you, you may appear cool and reserved. But inside you feels things very deeply. Your close friends know you are loyal and affectionate, expressive and eager to please. And you are thoughtful, considerate, and supportive of your friends and family. While you love to be included in social activities, you also need time alone to relax or pursue your interests. Because you have such a big heart, you often take even the most constructive criticism personally and may frequently feel disappointed or hurt. You have to force yourself to deal with conflicts head on, and to speak your mind honestly, even when you know it might hurt someone's feelings.

You are also a down to earth and realistic person. You probably have a keen sense of aesthetics and may love a variety of artistic expressions or activities. Since you are so observant, you usually give your full attention to whatever you are doing at the moment, and are often able to tell amazingly accurate stories. You are easy going and playful, but may not be especially adventurous. You struggle to stay organized and may find large or complicated projects are overwhelming and draining. Since you naturally want to follow your curiosity wherever it leads you, you may have trouble making decisions, following through, and finishing all of the projects you start. You hate to disappoint anyone, but are usually quick to forgive others who disappoint you.

Note: Based on our assessment, your personality type is "ISFP."

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