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TornadoMudkip's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Luigi\'s Mansion: Dark Moon
10-08-14 09:52 AM
Luigi's Mansion – Dark Moon Review made by TornadoMudkip
Luigi's Mansion – Dark Moon Review made by TornadoMudkip. I hope you all enjoy reading my Review! ~

Graphics ~ 9/10

A Weegie game in 3D Graphics? Splendid!

Nintendo made good use of 3D graphics in this game. It really looks wonderful. Water flows, the wind is blowing in 3D style. It looks like the real thing.

You play as Luigi, who looks nice in this 3DS game. Like all other games, he is wearing his same old clothes, still has his mustache etc. You’ll notice quickly – hey, this is Luigi. It is good that you can notice characters quickly. Wouldn’t be fun if Luigi had right now and only in this game a different look.

The ghosts have different looks and different looking bodies. A ghost can be a small green ghost, which does normal damage or a red bulky ghost with huge power. I really like variation for the ghost, like this the ghosts aren’t monotonous and they stay interesting. But on the other side, the Boo’s have the same look as always. I think it would be funny to see a Boo with a hat or something like that.

Bosses are always different – there is a boss who looks like an animal but a boss can be the stairs as well! Really unique, I never played a game before who had stairs as a boss. It’s hilarious! But there are ‘’o_O’’ bosses: King Boo is a boss who creeps me out with his look in this game. Where is the cute King Boo?

Every mansion is different – there is a mansion in a dessert area and a mansion in a icy area. Here again, much variation, which I like a lot. Objects in and outside the mansions are creepy, dark and looking real which I expect from this 3DS game. The objects fit a lot as well – most are creepy looking, that’s what you are supposed to see in a mansion I would say.

Sound ~ 8/10

Great sounds in the game, they’re still in my head. But not really creative…

Why n... Read the rest of this Review
Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks!
08-04-14 06:06 AM
Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks Review made by TornadoMudkip.
Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks Review made by TornadoMudkip. I hope you all enjoy reading my Review. :)

Graphics ~ 8/10.

You expect for a 3DS game that the Graphics are like 3D? Not really in this game.

..But there is a reason for it: This game is first released in Japan for the normal DS. The English version is for the 3DS. The Graphics are the same for both but they look more neat in the 3DS version. I'm really glad Level 5 did that, to make it like a 3DS game.

You play as Mark Evans. (On the Maps.) A pretty easy to remember boy. After you beat the game once, you can switch Mark with someone else. The looks of the players seen in matches, battles and the map is pretty simple. Everyone wears the same jacket//kit, only the head is different. Although someone like Jack Wallside is fat and looks a bit more fat than everyone else in matches too. A fun fact is that the players when you are on the Map move up and down the whole time while you are doing nothing.

The Character sprites are unique and good designed. That's because there are ugly and beautiful characters to scout/recruit. Nice variation if you ask me, now you can create a team with much ugly or good-looking characters.

The world looks splendid. Almost every kind of landscape is in the game. Some places in Japan come back in this game like Kyoto and Okinawa. That's because the characters you get at the start are from Japan. (And you play as the Japanese National Team: Inazuma National/Japan.) But because you're facing teams around the whole world, you can see many special things from different countries like the Italian Streets. No, you can't visit every country, for that there is a special made Soccer Island – Liocott Island. This island has every kind of structure from other countries. It is really amazing that you can visit ''every country'' on this island!

Not every soccer pitch is the same in this game. The one has darker grass than... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Y
04-30-14 12:51 PM
Pokémon Y Review made by TornadoMudkip
NOTE ~ I don't own Pokémon Y but I own Pokémon X. Since Pokémon Y doesn't have any Reviews yet, I decided to post the Review here. (The games are almost the same by the way.)

Graphics ~ 10/10

Instead of 2D, Nintendo introduced 3D for ''A normal adventure Pokémon game.'' If you ask me, they did this wonderful. The graphics are amazing. It just looks like the real thing in the real world!

You can choose between a male and female character. For the first time, you can buy other clothes for your character. This is an awesome new feature for Pokémon games. > So you can make your own stylish main character! You can move every way you want to go with your own unique character. Also for the first time, they introduced roller skates. If you use these, you can see that your character is skating. It looks like it's real in my opinion.

You've got 4 rivals in total. That's pretty much. They all got their own design which is matching their unique personality in the game. The big enemies are Team Flare. They are dumb looking grunts with all red uniforms. They better could use some more colours for them. Only the colour red looks a little boring. But look at the bright side. > The most grunts are using fire Pokémon, so it does make sense if the grunts wear red uniforms after all.

The whole world of Kalos looks fantastic! I saw many landscapes like the sea and snowy places. The makers of this game introduced many types of landscapes and that's why the game looks so very beautiful. < That's because you can visit into one region many types of landscapes. Also another really important part are the colours of the game. Combining landscapes plus beautiful colors is gorgeous! Your mouth will fall open when you see those pretty colours!

The Pokémon sprites are edited too. If you ask me, the most sprites look more good than before. This is probably because this is a 3DS game and not a game for ... Read the rest of this Review
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
09-17-13 01:17 PM
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Review made by TornadoMudkip.
Graphics 9/10 ~ WOW! I'm extremely shocked right now! The graphics are really amazing!

Personally I think the graphics of this game are almost the same as Game Boy Advance graphics.
I always loved GBA graphics and this one too, it just looks beautiful but why? I'll explain that now. ~

You play as Mickey, who just looks like Mickey from Comics and Shows on the TV.
Funny thing is if you don't move, Mickey starts to dance a little, which looks pretty funny.
If you walk/run or jump you can exactly see if you walk/run or jump. This just looks like a ''2D true world.''

Every enemy looks exactly as an enemy. < For example an angry and scary character.
But if we look at to the evil and the final boss Witch Mizrabel... I laugh really hard if I see her! Really a funny character! < Watch out if you see her face! :P

The whole world in this game looks cool. The game has different levels to play in easy, normal and hard mode. Which is amazing in my opinion, I explain later why in this review.

What I can tell about the colours? They just look beautiful and splendid. I really enjoyed this game more looking at those amazing colours, they make the game more fun and they make me exited!
There are many fantasy levels in this game. They look amazing and special.

Overall I think this is the best part of the game. The makers did really great job with graphics in my opinion. Also Disney made the characters smashing, which is good. :)

Sound 9/10 ~ How could this be possible? This is just BRILLIANT!

I think everyone knows already that I really appreciate and love classic music in games. This makes me calm. Sometimes, music like the one of the first level makes me excited. + It gives me my Burning Spirit, which is special and for me only!

I'm pleased that the sound isn't the same everywhere. Boss music is different than the level ones.
I actually like this, I think oth... Read the rest of this Review
08-15-13 01:58 PM
Jackal Review made by TornadoMudkip
Graphics ~ 8/10

This game has actually pretty impressive graphics for a NES game. I really loved to see a NES game with smashing graphics. Most of the NES games have really worse graphics in my opinion.
The colours didn't fit for other NES games but with this game that's another story.

Because you're a truck or car. (Just on the way you want to say, I prefer to call it a truck, called a jeep on the cover.)
The colour of that truck is green, and because you're shooting things like a cannon. This just fits perfectly in my opinion of course.
You're also in different places like a desert, the colour is orange, so that also fits wonderful.

The controls where easy to play, it wasn't that hard to find out how everything works.
If you move the truck, you really see if it's moving forward. Which is looking awesome.

A funny fact is if you destroy a house, people will come out. And with that you also can hit them!

Overall the game just looks good for a NES game. I would highly recommend people to see the graphics of this game.

Sound ~ 8/10

Ah.. Like always classic games have classic sounds, which I do love the most!
Strangely, the music into this game makes me in my ''Fired Up'' mode. Which means that I'll try even harder to beat this game. This also makes the game more fun if you ask me.

Lucky the sound isn't the same everywhere. Every level has a boss, which has another sound than the level that you play. The boss tune fits amazing for this game. This also makes me cheery with an exciting feeling. Which is feeling great.

Overall I can't really say more in this part. But I think this game has a worthy sound into the game.

Addictiveness ~ 7/10

This game was okay with playing. In my opinion, this game is better for males than females.
Because you're shooting a lot, I think this game is better for boys.

But there is also a great part...

Wel... Read the rest of this Review

TornadoMudkip's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks!
07-07-15 01:38 PM
Inazuma Eleven 3 Team Ogre Attacks: Match Guide

Hello everyone,

This is a guide of the Inazuma Eleven 3 Team Ogre Attacks game. In this guide you’ll find information about every team you need to beat in the story mode. Also the players who are mentioned in the guide are players you’ll get as a freebie in the story mode. They all (except one) are strong players so I recommend to use them in the story mode. I hope you enjoy reading this guide and find it useful.

Before we start with the actual guide, I will explain some basic stuff first. It might be hard to understand my guide if you don’t know the basics.

What is Inazuma Eleven?

Inazuma Eleven is football (soccer) RPG game for the DS and the 3DS. There is also an Inazuma Eleven Anime. The games are based on the Anime storyline. First the Raimon team won the national tournament. Then the planet (Japan) was invaded by fake Aliens. Now they can take on the whole world!

How do you play this game (matches)?

Easy! The most part of the game can be played with the stylus. The game is kind of a click and drag game. You can touch a player and move the player to let the player run to a certain spot. If you want to shoot, press on the S icon or press the opponent’s goal. In command duels can you decide what you want to do with your player: tackle the opponent or using a charge etc. You can also decide what the goalkeeper does.

The stats of the player? What do they mean?

FP – Fitness Points. If low, the player becomes sweaty and misses a lot of strength and soccer balls. Keep an eye on this stat during the match. You can do this if you press the hand in the left corner during the game. You can also look at it on the top screen if your player has the ball in a match.
TP – Technique Points. With these points you can use special moves. Always better to ha... Read the rest of this Guide
Inazuma Eleven Strikers
01-06-14 01:00 PM
Inazuma Eleven Strikers Walktrough! ~

Inazuma Eleven Stikers Guide made by TornadoMudkip. Part 1 < Part 2 is coming soon! ~

Many of you won't know this game but I can say it's really fun to play. I've beaten this game many times but it's still very fun to play. :) This is why I decided to make a Walktrough for it.

Tips for beating teams in the game: (The Walktrough!)

Mark Evans, the captain of the Raimon soccer club welcomes you to the club room. Thanks to him you can teach something about the game already. You start the game also with the Raimon eleven. You can change some things about your team like the players back number and the Team Kit later if you got some ''Inazuma Points'' to buy them. (Inazuma Points are just like money in the game.)

Don't think that's everything to do! There is still much more to do in this club room...

You can't scout other players yet so you have to do it with the Raimon Team. You can scout players later if you beat teams if you want.

~ What are special moves? ~

You can see them like Pokémon moves used for Soccer. So not moves like Brick Break because you can use your hands on the field except for the goalkeeper. :P

*Note special moves have Levels. That's why you see Level (for example: 1) after the special moves.

 ~ Guide with Levels: ~

Lv 1 = pretty weak move for every position. Most of them don't cost many TP. (TP doesn't mean Trust point but how many technique points you have to perform a special move.
Lv 2 = average move for every position. They cost not many and they aren't cheap when it comes with TP.
Lv 3 = strong moves for every position. They cost a lot TP but they are worth for it. Emperor Penguin No 1 costs the most TP. (80 TP!)

~ Guide with Elements: ~

Yes Inazuma Eleven Strikers has four types of Elements. Every one of them is... Read the rest of this Guide
Pokemon Fire Red
07-14-13 07:00 AM
Legendary Pokémon and hard Pokémon to get Guide made by TornadoMudkip
Legendary Pokémon and hard Pokémon to get Guide made by TornadoMudkip.

Also in this Guide will be some tips to get some Pokémon easy!
Please enjoy reading this Walktrough, I hope that it's useful! :)

NOTE FOR EVERY LEGENDARY POKÉMON: Save before you are going to catch one. If you are defeated or the Pokémon faints, you can try this again! :)

Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle

You can choose one of these three Pokémon just at the beginning of this game. You'll get them from Professor Oak. The other two you can find anywhere else so make for sure the right choice.


From Snorlax are only two in the entire game available. One on Route 16 west of Celadon City and the other is on Route 10 east of Vermilion City. Once you got from Mr. Fuji the Poke Flute you can wake them up. They are Level 30 and keep both a Chesto Berry.

Tips to catch Snorlax:

~ Buy a lot of Great or Ultra Balls.
~ Have a Pokémon with the move Hypnosis or Thunder Wave. (Like Haunter or Pikachu.)

This Snorlax is just a troublemaker!
He/She can just use the move Rest, with this Snorlax will be full heal and asleep.
But the Snorlax has a Chesto Berry and with that Berry your Pokémon isn't asleep anymore.
If the Snorlax has low HP, use your Poké Balls until you have caught it.
For sure you must careful and if you don't give up you'll catch the Snorlax easy. (Lucky that this one isn't the hardest one to catch.)

Eevee and its Evolutions.

You can only get one Eevee in the whole game. You get a Level 25 Eevee in Celadon Mansion. Unfortunately, you must take the back entrance, through to the Pokémon Center to walk around. Eevee has in total 5 Evolutions. Use a Fire Stone, then it becomes a Flareon. Use a Thunderstone, then it becomes a Jolteon. Use a Water Stone, then it becomes a Vaporeon. The stones can you buy in Celadon Dept. For 21... Read the rest of this Guide
Pokemon Leaf Green
07-08-13 12:05 PM
Pokémon Leaf Green and Fire Red Walktrough Part 1
Pokémon Leaf Green and Fire Red Walktrough Part 1 made by TornadoMudkip.

NOTE: Not complete because I'm a little tired today. Maybe another time, I'm doing the next part of this Walktrough because I want for sure to complete this one! :P

Anyway enjoy reading my Walktrough! :D

The beginning of this awesome game:

Just like in the old games will Professor Oak greet you again with his standard chat. He will ask you if you're a boy or a girl (Is he blind or something). Choose your favorite and give him/her a name like Ash or May.
After that, the Professor asks you how his grandson is called again. Give him a simple name (like Gary or Loser) and the game will begin.

Pallet Town

At first glance, Pallet Town resembles any other outside town. One day, however, it will instead be famous as the place where your adventure began. The adventure that caused you were the best Pokémon trainer in the whole world!
Your adventure begins in your house. Use the PC in your room to get a Potion. Say hello to your mother and get ready to explore the wide Pokémon world!

Once you try to leave the city through Route 1, Professor Oak appears and talks to you that it's dangerous in the grass because of the wild Pokémon in there. Together you walk to his lab.
When you are there, you can choose first Pokémon! The Professor lets you choose from three different Pokémon: Bulbasaur (Grass), Squirtle (Water) and Charmander (Fire). Choose the one that you like the most. Once you have chosen your Pokémon, Gary challenges you for your first fight.

If you win this game, you earn a little money. He always has the Pokémon which your type is weak against, so if you have Fire then he has Water etc. Use the first attack of your Pokémon the whole time and you will easily beat Gary.
Leave then the town.

Route 1

Pokémon: Rattata and Pidgey
Items: Potion
Read the rest of this Guide
Pokemon Silver
07-04-13 06:24 AM
Pokémon Silver (And Gold) All Jotho Legendary Guide!
Pokémon Gold and Silver: All Jotho Legendary Pokémon Guide made by TornadoMudkip.
I hope that this Guide is useful to read! Please enjoy this Guide/Walktrough! :D

First the Legendary Dogs: Entei, Raikou and Suicune. (Also known as the Legendary Beasts.)

What do you need to catch Entei, Raikou and Suicune?

~ A lot of Poké Balls like an Ultra Ball or a Fast Ball. (Fast Ball because the Dogs are really fast.)
~ A Pokémon with the move: Mean Look. (Pokémon with that move: Golbat and Haunter.)
~ A Pokémon with the move Thunder Wave. (Like a Mareep.)
~ A Pokémon with the move Sleep Power or Hypnosis. (Like Haunter or Hypno)

You can't catch them at the moment if you're in Ecruteak City. Each of these three Pokémon can appear later in the Game at a random place if you're in another area (Like a Route.). So it's just a matter of luck as you encounter them. This can take a long time and it may even be that you don't encounter, if you don't give up you can catch them for sure! Is it really 100% a matter of luck? Well, not quite. The place where these three Pokémon are located, you can directly look in your Pokédex/Map to see if there is one near you. The bad news is that it's very difficult to catch them. I'm now giving some Tips to catch them easy. (This actually worked for me on Pokémon Soul Silver, I caught Raikou with these Tips.)
All of the Dogs are at Level 40, Raikou is an Electric type, Entei is a Fire type and Suicune is a Water type.

If you encounter one of the Dogs, use your Haunter (Or another Pokémon) and use the move Mean Look or Hypnosis.
With this the Dogs can't run away, use now some moves until the Pokémon has only some HP left.
If you first used Mean Look, use now a move like Thunder Wave, with this the Dogs is paralyzed.
Try now to catch it, use Poké Balls like an Ultra Ball or a Fast Ball.
With these Ti... Read the rest of this Guide

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