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05-26-24 09:26 AM
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  The best around!
Trusted Member
Real Name: Ryan
Location: Wisconsin
Age: 23 (08-09-00)  Gender: Male
Registered: 10-05-12 09:54 PM (4250 days ago)
Posts: 1,642  Threads: 147
Post Words: 83,873 (51 word avg)
Viz: 378,444    Contribution Points: 4,218
Post Rating: 134   Trust Points: 7   Chat: 324
Level: 78    Experience: 4337892
Next Level: +44334 Exp    Per Post: 3962 Exp
Last Activity: 02-25-24 04:59 PM
  Viewing Been a while
Last Post: 02-25-24 04:14 PM
  Been a while


Yo, I'm Ryan. I like music, reading, gaming, and tennis. I'm a Junior in High School. PM me or leave a comment if you want to talk!

[1:50 PM] alexanyways: why do i have sexual paintings of Seth Rogen on my phone
[8:35 PM] styrofoamboots: puke is cool, but puking... puking is great
[8:35 PM] xray41x: Huh, who knew getting the rabbit out of the log meant something dirty
[6:44 PM] sop281: Kittens are the real menace here.
[11:05 PM] maguc: Nah, I live in the united states of new jersey
[3:21 PM] Maguc: It clearly states in rule #69 of the chat rules that your a dum
[9:32 AM] Furret: riding on davideo7 was great though

Join me, matthew, james, Mother3fan5, singelli, pokefreak, pokemonfangirl, and singelli on mars, earthlings!

Vizzed Goals:
Trusted Member: completed sometime in 2012, I think.
Staff: Completed June 2015 (has since resigned)
Elite: ???

Page Comments

no 8120 - 08-09-20 04:32 AM
Happy birthday
no 8120 - 08-09-19 04:47 AM
Happy Birthday
TheFadedWarrior - 12-23-16 07:44 PM
violence never solved anything
ZeroTails - 09-26-16 08:34 PM
I'm good, but rn kinda lazy XD
ZeroTails - 09-26-16 07:47 PM
Fyredove - 09-26-16 01:32 PM
I meant to respond but then I got distracted ;-; Hi! And yeah, name change.
Yuna1000 - 08-09-16 11:13 PM
Happy Birthday! =)
Pacman+Mariofan - 08-09-16 07:16 PM
Happy birthday!
supernerd117 - 08-09-16 10:09 AM
Happy birthday to ya. Hope you get plenty of iron in your diet
RDay13 - 08-09-16 09:25 AM
Happy Birthday!

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