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05-12-21 04:41 PM
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lilythetigerkity's Profile

lilythetigerkity is Offline

Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Lily
Location: NY
Age: 27 (09-02-93)  Gender: Female
Registered: 05-10-14 04:02 PM (2559 days ago)
Posts: 263  Threads: 25
Post Words: 15,761 (60 word avg)
Viz: 122,455    Contribution Points: 2,923
Post Rating: 44   Trust Points: 13   Chat: 377
Level: 33    Experience: 215760
Next Level: +13419 Exp    Per Post: 1230 Exp
Last Activity: 05-31-18 12:11 PM
Last Post: 05-06-15 11:26 PM
  What was the last game you played?


Quote Wall

[8:38 PM] play4fun: and I probably wouldn't eat cheese puffs if I'm pregnant

[2:19 AM] Frodlex: I wanna wrap my luscious lips around you Mrfe.
[2:03 AM] Frodlex: To be fair it's probably the second most homosexual looking thing in chat.
[2:06 AM] Frodlex: Get that thingy with Mrfe and lips?

[1:51 AM] lilythetigerkity: i think it is a requirement to loose your sanity to be on vizzed

Gingercream1 says(2:02 AM):
[2:01 AM] pokemon x: [9:43 PM] Frodlex: *Grins over Pokes body* that can be taken so wrong :V

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