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09-24-22 05:46 PM
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merf is Offline

  [1:32 AM] A user of this: wALL'D MYNERD
Registration Name: mrfe
Previous Name: merfeo7
Site Staff
  Minecraft Admin
Real Name: Drew
Location: Alberta, Canada
Age: 25 (08-18-97)  Gender: Male
Registered: 07-15-12 03:28 PM (3723 days ago)
Posts: 5,590  Threads: 253
Post Words: 340,151 (61 word avg)
Viz: 5,771,136    Contribution Points: 21,852
Post Rating: 777   Trust Points: 55   Chat: 2690
Level: 130    Experience: 25501741
Next Level: +228836 Exp    Per Post: 6843 Exp
Email: Email withheld from guests.
Last Activity: 08-18-22 10:25 PM
Last Post: 10-19-21 02:00 AM
  Zander's Amazing Store


"As the days pass, and memories fade, let it not be forgotten: our works. Each block, each step, each hour, each minute; creating not only beauty, but friendship.

Let it not be forgotten: the times. Every crazy adventure, every wacky moment. Whether it was spent building DN, trolling Pokefreak, or helping out...

Let it not be forgotten." -EideticMemory

My Bio!

My Timeline
My Milestones
My Quote Wall
Some Random Facts about my time here
List of Donators to Mrfe inc.
Some neat stuff to check out!


Newbie (07/15/2012-08/03/2012) - Fulfilled requirements
Become a member (08/03/2012-??/??/2012) - Promoted
Become trusted (??/??/2012-06-12-2013) - Promoted
Become RGR Staff - Game Tester (06/12/2013-08/26/2013) - Stepped down for irl issues
Become a Local Moderator (07/30/2013-7/15/2014) - Stepped down for irl issues
Become RGR Staff - Minecraft Server Manager (7/15/2014-present)
Become a Local Moderator (10/31/2014-9/21/2015) - Promoted
Become a Global Moderator (9/21/2015-1/1/2016) - Stepped down to focus on the Minecraft Server
Become RGR Staff - Minecraft Server Manager (5/3/2017-present)

Vizzed Milestones!


Permanently Banned [x] (thanks leggy)
Temporarily Banned []
Newbie [x]
Normal Member [x]
Trusted Member [x]
Staff Member [x]
Local Moderator [x]
Global Moderator [x]
Admin []


100 posts [x]
1,000 posts [x]
5,000 posts [x]
10,000 posts[]
15,000 posts []
20,000 posts []
25,000 posts []
30,000 posts[]


100 CP [x]
1,000 CP [x]
5,000 CP [x]
10,000 CP [x]
15,000 CP [x]
20,000 CP [x]
25,000 CP []
30,000 CP[]

Trust Points

5 TP's [x]
10 TP's [x]
15 TP's [x]
20 TP's [x]
25 TP's [x]
30 TP's [x]
35 TP's [x]
40 TP's [x]
45 TP's [x]
50 TP's [x]
75 TP's []
100 TP's []

Chat time

100 hours [x]
500 hours [x]
1,000 hours [x]
1,250 hours [x]
1,500 hours [x]
1,750 hours [x]
2,000 hours [x]
2,500 hours [x]
3,000 hours []
3,500 hours []
4,000 hours []
4,500 hours []
5,000 hours []

Random facts

As of 02/11/2016 at 12:32am server time, I have spent 2579.9 hrs in chat. If I spent 3 Viz for each of those minutes, I would have spent 464,382 Viz in chat.

I am 7th on the site for chat time.

I am 3rd on the site for Viz.

I'm fourth on the site for TP's.

I'm 41st on the site for CP's.

Quote wall

[3:18 PM] Galacta: You all should put "galacta was here" in your biography

[1:32 AM] A user of this: wALL'D MYNERD

A user of this: You'll be the best taco microwaver this side of the servertime.

[5:17 PM] ender44: If we live in a world where singelli smokes, then half of us would be in Federal prison

[2:04 PM] GreenTurtle: Gangnam style how did that hit over a billion anyway?
[2:05 PM] MechaMento: I really dont know, maybe they had some guy in korea reloading the page

[12:57 PM] Davideo7: I like urine more than beer

[11:33 PM] Classic_gamer001: I'm sniffin crack and i'm hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[11:34 PM] mrfe: I'm sniffin POWAH and I'm trippin!

[9:53 PM] Mecha Leo: i would post on his profile if it didnt give me an eargasm

[11:17 PM] SUX2BU: I'm female. I can be illogical if I want.

[11:18 PM] zeross121: Well screw this i'm gonna go make out with sponegbob

[9:53 PM] A user of this: I AM CHILL DANGIT!!!1! *eye twitch*

[7:26 PM] Eirinn: I'm pretty sure as a Mod, I have to warn you not to kill any more members, sux

[5:12 PM] A user of this: Does this mean I never died?
[5:12 PM] A user of this: And I'm not a princess?

[2:36 AM] Eniitan: But...its not the same without bacon...

[10:48 PM] yoshirulez!: I am wear blue underwear, black sweatpants with a huge crotch hole, a black shirt and a grey sweater
[10:49 PM] A user of this: I ship Tom the Cactus with Yoshi's crotch hole
[10:49 PM] A user of this: I mean whut
[10:49 PM] mrfe: YUS
[10:49 PM] yoshirulez!: I am supposed to be a happy hamster from rainbow land, and i wear colorless things besides the underwear

[2:19 AM] A user of this: Kimmy is half sux and half merf?
[2:20 AM] SUX2BU: Omg! Kimmy is the daughter I never knew I had with merf before he jumped off a bridge that was actually a plane, fell to his death and came back as a teenage rap star like lecrae only white!

[4:29 AM] sux2bu: [12:50 AM] A user of this: I frafed so hard I choled.
[4:30 AM] Annette: i cant
[4:30 AM] Annette: frafed....
[4:30 AM] sux2bu: I laughed so hard when he said that XD
[4:30 AM] Annette: i dont even want to know what that is
[4:30 AM] sux2bu: It's a yushee word
[4:30 AM] mrfe: That was amusing
[4:30 AM] Annette: yoshi is a special boy
[4:30 AM] sux2bu: Yuss, special
[4:30 AM] Annette: he's going places
[4:31 AM] Annette: in his hamster ball
Cactuar left the room

[1:38 AM] yoshirulez!: Mcdonalds milkshakes bring all the merfs to the store

[4:13 AM] yoshirulez!: What if mrfe is actually eirinn, in an eirinn suit in a merf suit?
[4:15 AM] yoshirulez!: And what if I'm actually funnyfurret in a gambiy suit in a gingy suit in a gebe suit in a james suit in a m0ss suit in a david suit in an athena suit inside a waffle

[10:17 PM] thing1: Even though I want me

[10:21 PM] thing1: MY BALLS ARE ON FIRE
[10:22 PM] mrfe: what balls?

(to thing1)
[10:23 PM] yoshirulez!: I'd make a joke about you and your ex-girlfriends but
[10:23 PM] yoshirulez!: so many

[2:27 AM] SUX2BU: Mrfe x Gamin?

[4:56 AM] sux2bu: That moment when thing can marry both my brothers and still can't have me. x3

yoshirulez!: shoves patar down mrfe's throat
[12:37 AM] thing1: ok.. now see, I have a problem with that
[12:37 AM] thing1: because, merf is epic
[12:37 AM] thing1: and I'm sure he doesn't want another dude being shoved down his throat

Short story about the time I was merfeo7!

"Many years ago, a boy named David reached a crossroads in his life. It was a dark night, and he was finally reaching his goal - finishing his first forum board. Young David was so enthusiastic, his mind filled with dreams and visions of what his forum might become. In that moment, he built the first account on his forum - his own. As he worked through the registration page, a sense of pride and accomplishment filled him. He smiled, knowing that his work would pay off. As he finished the form, he reached the hardest question of all. As he stared at the blank field where he'd set up his username, he was shocked to see a ghost-like person appear next to him, floating a few feet off the ground. Before he could scream, run, or just break down and cry, the ghost spoke: "Hello, little David. I am the ghost of merf. I have chosen you to become the greatest forum board owner in all the land, if you do but one thing. All I ask of you, is that you name yourself merfeo7. This will show me that you respect and desire the gift I am offering you, and I will bestow success on you as a result. Choose wisely, young David." With that, the ghost disappeared, and David looked back to the computer. With trembling fingers, he made the decision that would change the course of history, naming himself 'Davideo7'. With a shriek, the ghost disappeared, and now inhabits the form of a 19 year old man. As a sign of his favor towards young David, despite David's decision to ignore the tremendous offer the ghost had given him all those years ago, merf decided to create an account on David's site, and we've all been better for it."

List of Donators to Mrfe Inc.!

RDay13 - 4005 Viz
yoshirulez! - 4004 Viz
SUX2BU - 2002 Viz
awesomeguy279 - 941 Viz
manicman66 - 69 Viz
LunarDarkness2 - 3 Viz
Zlinqx - 2 Viz
Furret - 1 Viz

Check these out!

My Youtube Channel
My Livestreams
My Steam

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no 8120 - 08-19-21 04:45 AM
your welcome hope you had a nice Birthday
SonicOlmstead - 08-18-21 07:53 AM
Happy Birthday!!!
no 8120 - 08-18-21 04:42 AM
Happy Birthday
SonicOlmstead - 06-14-21 07:16 AM
I get that gets to me a bit in February each year knowing how long I've been on the site always crazy to think about
SonicOlmstead - 06-06-21 11:41 AM
Your welcome kinda startled me seeing I had a comment from you on my profile I was like did something happen? lol
no 8120 - 06-06-21 04:46 AM
your welcome hope you had a nice Birthday
SonicOlmstead - 08-18-20 06:52 AM
Happy Birthday!!!
no 8120 - 08-18-20 03:53 AM
Happy Birthday
King Sull - 06-30-20 04:24 AM
are you alive
legacyme3 - 04-13-20 09:47 AM
Nothing fair about it!

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