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05-16-21 11:12 PM
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oldschoolboyz is Offline

  Team Mega Man
Trusted Member
Location: the states
Age: 41 (10-25-79)  Gender: Male
Registered: 11-15-14 08:05 AM (2374 days ago)
Posts: 280  Threads: 56
Post Words: 38,292 (137 word avg)
Viz: 158,091    Contribution Points: 1,235
Post Rating: 38   Trust Points: 5   Chat: 243
Level: 33    Experience: 228313
Next Level: +866 Exp    Per Post: 1223 Exp
Last Activity: 06-08-15 12:44 PM
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Last Post: 05-04-15 11:13 PM
  WHAT AM I FIGH- *gets killed*


hiya! To get to know me a bit. I am a chill, laid back kind of guy. Old school retro games are cool, particularly ones like mega man 2, bionic commando, sonic the hedgehog, mario, and final fantasy. I HEART MEGA MAN *blushes* mega man 2 was the first one i ever beat...and I LOVE FOOD!!! crab rangoon especially. I HAVE A PET TIGER! her name is tigerlilly *shhh...yes tigerlilly, i was just getting to that...* she likes meatballs and honolulu and for some reason...tofu. She also likes to be passed around. i occasionally need a babysitter for her...its kinda like a paid vacation. anywayz, if you happen to need help with something and it is a service i can provide...and im totally not like stuck in the mud...i would be glad to help. im an excellent listener as well. there is also chat...laterz!

-the just kidding game- updated 3-22-2015
you know who you are..."cause you know I love the players and you love the game" if you can beat my game, ill donate approximately 1 billion Viz to your favorite charity. feel free to check my bio for updates. there is only 1 rule to this can't tell anyone who you are. thank you and have a nice day...just kidding.

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