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07-07-20 08:32 PM

ghostfishy's Profile - Ghostfishy's Ocean: Home of All Dead and Live Fishes

Welcome to Ghostfishy's Ocean!**Before you enter here, make sure that you can breath through water or have some sort of device to receive oxygen for those of you who don't breathe underwater**The fishes here hope that our ocean is soothing and calm for you! ~Swim swimmingly at your own risk and we hope that you enjoy your swim here~

ghostfishy is Offline

  Master of Fishes
Trusted Member
Age: 25 (07-05-95)  Gender: Female
Registered: 01-06-14 07:26 PM (2374 days ago)
Posts: 1,867  Threads: 57
Post Words: 142,688 (76 word avg)
Viz: 125,571    Contribution Points: 5,768
Post Rating: 271   Trust Points: 16   Chat: 2
Level: 76    Experience: 3930584
Next Level: +75476 Exp    Per Post: 3157 Exp
Last Activity: 07-29-17 10:57 PM
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Last Post: 11-20-16 04:20 PM
  Looking For People To Learn Japanese With


8/23/14 - became trusted member (somehow?)
10/8/14 - first jersey of all time and first blue jersey!
10/9/14 - first game review
10/13/14 - 100 post rating
10/16/14 - reached over 100k viz, reached 2000 CP, received first yellow jersey!
11/23/14 - reached 3000 CP!
11/2/14 - 200k viz

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