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05-26-24 10:15 AM
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Ghostfishy's Ocean: Home of All Dead and Live Fishes

Welcome to Ghostfishy's Ocean!**Before you enter here, make sure that you can breath through water or have some sort of device to receive oxygen for those of you who don't breathe underwater**The fishes here hope that our ocean is soothing and calm for you! ~Swim swimmingly at your own risk and we hope that you enjoy your swim here~

ghostfishy is Offline

  Master of Fishes
Trusted Member
Age: 28 (07-05-95)  Gender: Female
Registered: 01-06-14 07:26 PM (3792 days ago)
Posts: 1,867  Threads: 57
Post Words: 142,688 (76 word avg)
Viz: 126,108    Contribution Points: 5,786
Post Rating: 272   Trust Points: 16   Chat: 2
Level: 81    Experience: 4968022
Next Level: +24827 Exp    Per Post: 3991 Exp
Last Activity: 07-29-17 10:57 PM
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Last Post: 11-20-16 04:20 PM
  Looking For People To Learn Japanese With


8/23/14 - became trusted member (somehow?)
10/8/14 - first jersey of all time and first blue jersey!
10/9/14 - first game review
10/13/14 - 100 post rating
10/16/14 - reached over 100k viz, reached 2000 CP, received first yellow jersey!
11/23/14 - reached 3000 CP!
11/2/14 - 200k viz

Page Comments

no 8120 - 07-05-21 05:07 AM
Happy Birthday
no 8120 - 07-05-20 04:12 AM
Happy Birthday
shandi23 - 04-15-20 11:56 AM
Hello ,i am Shandi Cabrera from united states of America and i am supportive,caring and also i have a passionate of true love in my heart. i just went through your profile today on this site then i pick interest in you and i will like us to know each other more to establish a good relationship and please try to write me at ( then i send you my pictures then introduce myself more better to you ok, thanks..
Momo Aria - 02-12-17 02:48 PM
and I'm not sure if I want to ask about the old farts???
Momo Aria - 02-12-17 02:48 PM
I love you
Eirinn - 01-04-17 04:48 PM
Hey now, did we have to go there? Why does it matter how old a fart is? They all stink, right? :p And yeah it doesn't seem that long ago, but at the same time I'm so used to having you to pester that it wouldn't seem like Vizzed without you. lol
Eirinn - 01-04-17 05:08 AM
I've been working hard to find a way to give us less sun to avoid such a future! So far I've discovered that pudding MAY not be a part of that equation. And congratulations! It doesn't seem like it's been that long.
Eirinn - 01-01-17 06:47 AM
I'll pay all of the Viz I have to to help you win this! The amount of disregard for ghosts these days is appalling! Indeed, too much sun can kill (skin cancer, heat strokes, accelerating dehydration), but no one has EVER died or even suffered from excessive exposure to the moon! Make night the new day! And happy new year to you too! You got there first, so does that mean you're from the future? O__O
Eirinn - 12-31-16 05:13 PM
D: Isn't there some sort of law against making a ghost get up at that time?? The sun is too much for a ghost! And you know...getting up at 4 AM has taught me something: the best time of day is when the sun is down, whether it's early or late. But I think we always knew that, didn't we?
Eirinn - 12-31-16 06:07 AM've been getting up early?? What the what is going on here???

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