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01-18-19 06:03 PM

Kiyo is Offline

  minuano is my favorite being in the universe
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Registration Name: Lolikon
Previous Name: Loli
Real Name: Isabelle
Location: United States of America
Age: 19 (03-01-99)  Gender: Female
Registered: 03-18-12 05:51 PM (2497 days ago)
Posts: 195  Threads: 9
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Viz: 18,458    Contribution Points: 909
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Last Activity: 01-18-19 05:28 PM
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Last Post: 01-17-19 05:42 PM

Hey Look! It's Pokemon!

minuano sanctuary

ghfdjklghghmph oh sorry i just sneezed!!!

i wont play roblox with him because im a stupid meanie head >

^ this is my blackmail that i use without shame even though i know he only has the purest of intentions AND HE DIDNT EVEN MEAN THIS BUT IM STILL GONNA USE IT AGAINST HIM

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