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07-03-20 09:20 PM

hilacle's Profile -

hilacle is Offline

  Vizzed's #1 Eeveelution Fan!
Trusted Member
Age: 17 (12-06-02)  Gender: Female
Registered: 05-25-12 05:05 PM (2961 days ago)
Posts: 768  Threads: 23
Post Words: 38,494 (50 word avg)
Viz: 19,546    Contribution Points: 1,197
Post Rating: 18   Trust Points: 18   Chat: 3
Level: 54    Experience: 1158174
Next Level: +75696 Exp    Per Post: 2262 Exp
Last Activity: 12-20-19 06:34 PM
  Viewing /user/hilacle-212554-profile
Last Post: 09-03-14 05:58 PM
  Happy birthday Mia03


Hey! I'm hilacle but I go by Sapph now. I don't really use Vizzed anymore, but I still have a lot of memories on this site and I'm grateful for all the friends that I made during my time here when I was a cringy tween <3 (Thank you for bearing with me)

If we were friends once and you want to contact me outside of Vizzed, my Discord tag is Sapph #6291.
If you don't have Discord my instagram is @star.flan (I do art sometimes but I'm still improving haha) Just send me a message first so I know that its you.

I hope you guys are living your best life, as am I.

if mdragon1 is reading this ur big gay

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