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12-15-19 02:30 PM

TheeDragoniteMaster's Profile -

TheeDragoniteMaster is Offline

  Dragon Master
Trusted Member
Real Name: budder dragon
Location: budder world
Age: 19 (03-06-00)  Gender: Male
Registered: 01-12-13 05:05 PM (2527 days ago)
Posts: 738  Threads: 39
Post Words: 23,567 (32 word avg)
Viz: 20,499    Contribution Points: 683
Post Rating: 5   Trust Points: 6   Chat: 1
Level: 51    Experience: 1008007
Next Level: +5931 Exp    Per Post: 2048 Exp
Last Activity: 06-02-13 04:07 AM
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Last Post: 04-21-13 08:55 AM
  I'm so hungry, I could eat ...(blank)


hi i am Thee Dragonite Master

i really like pokemon, mario, sonic, kirby, kid icarus and donkey kong

(__/) Put this in your bio if you
(='.'=) are against animal cruelty.
( o o )0

my favorite dragon type pokemon is dragonite

my favorite water type pokemon is politoed

my favorite ice type is glalie

my favorite grass type is meganium

my favorite bug type is scizor

my favorite poison type is muk

my favorite fighting type is heracross

my favorite phychic type is gallade

my favorite steel type is metagross

my favorite dark type is umbreon

my favorite rock type is tyranitar

my favorite eveelution is leafeon

my favorite ground type is quagsire

my favorite legendary is lugia

my goal is to be the worlds greatest Dragon Master

KIU stuff:

favorite weapon type: Bow

Favorite weapon: Angel Bow

completed 94.3%

all chapters completed: YUP

power portrait: 93.4%

i got a pikachu on my pokemon personality test

my zodiac pokemon is

The Cave of Dragonflies Zodiac


favorite boss remix:

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