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10-23-20 07:31 PM
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Trusted Member
Registration Name: GamingN00B
Real Name: ---
Location: ---
Age: 16 (07-19-04)  Gender: Male
Registered: 05-11-15 05:38 AM (1992 days ago)
Posts: 639  Threads: 31
Post Words: 19,814 (31 word avg)
Viz: 16,643    Contribution Points: 1,132
Post Rating: 105   Trust Points: 4   Chat: 21
Level: 47    Experience: 721039
Next Level: +45164 Exp    Per Post: 1692 Exp
Last Activity: 07-02-18 10:24 AM
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Last Post: 07-11-16 11:28 PM
  ZeeTee x Furret?

About - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters

I'm a 10 year old gamer that likes older games more than modern games, or you could say equally when it comes to Pokemon Black and White, and their sequels.

I like games (of course), Pokemon, Minecraft, you name it. If you were wondering, I am DittoDude44. I have permission to have this account.

If you want to add me as a friend, feel free to. And if you want to messsage me or anything like that, be sure to drop me a PM or profile comment some time. I don't bite, trust me! Or do I?

--My Old Friends

Eniitan: Helped me through tough times and is always friendly. Glad to have her as a friend.

Furret: When I was here years ago, I met him playing Pokemon Emerald and we became friends from there.

zelda2: My closest friend. Sadly he got banned for making an inappropiate rereg. Always hoping he'll come back.

goodboy: Another good friend, sadly he and his brother left.

-More soon to come-

Where you live (city, country, etc.).
Your date of birth. Month: 7 Day: 19 Year: 2004
Some information about yourself, showing up in your profile.

TdV: Grabbed White Banner on 7-10-15!


500 Posts []
1000 posts []
2500 posts []
5000 posts []
10000 posts []

1000 cp []
5000 cp []
10000 cp []

10000 Viz [x]
25000 Viz [x]
50k Viz []
100k Viz []
1 million Viz []


Epic quote wall

[6:45 PM] zanderlex: Julia wants to give me 200K Viz for $20, should I do it?

[6:45 PM] sonicmcmuffin: No one cares zander

sonicmcmuffin left the room

[6:46 PM] zanderlex: muffin left

[6:46 PM] zanderlex: and i rejected it

[6:48 PM] pika pika raikou: Hmm, it's just that he seemed a little grumpy

[6:49 PM] zanderlex: naw
[6:49 PM] zanderlex: he's just british
[7:50 PM] ZeroTails: But ever since Zlinqx betrayed me and got together with Leggy

[7:50 PM] ZeroTails: I'll never get together with anyone again ;w;

Welcome to General Chat, Zlinqx!

[7:50 PM] Barathemos: ew zlinqxxleggy? (Making shipping jokes)

[7:50 PM] Barathemos: oh hey Zlinqx

Copy and paste this into your bio if you are part of the Bruh group!

Co-Owners and Owners:
GamingN00B: Owner
ZeroTails: Co-Owner
awesomeguy279: Member
greenluigi: Member (GreenLasagna)

Got 2 kittens on 8/10/2015

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