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Tails the Fox's Last Game Comments
Tomba! I came.
Galaga - Destination Earth The PlayStation version is so much better.
Halo 2600 This is actually pretty good.
Final Fantasy V (english translation) This game is awesome!
Trip World This game is awesome!
Super Mario Bros Spam

Tails the Fox's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
09-26-13 09:41 AM
The fruits of my labour
Is it not rather peculiar how the oddest of games manage to find a way into our hearts? The case is usually with furry animals that go around beating the crap out of weird creatures. Sonic is another example. (And I too would be if I was spending my time breaking things instead of playing games) It would seem that not too many people (though still a fair number) have actually played this game and that saddens me. Namco has never really been a developer of interest to me, not even Pac-Man interests me. This however came out as something special. I shall elaborate, as I usually do.

These days, Klonoa is ignored for the most part. The last game was a remake of the first but on Wii. There have been other games, such as the ones on GameBoy Advance, but none compare to the original that was Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. I never actually had this game, or had even heard of it until I saw the Wii version in a shop. I had no money with me at the time but when I got home I looked it up. I was amazed by my findings. How could I have missed this when I had played such strangeties as Tombi? (or Tomba if you're a yank)

When I first played the game, I didn't know what to think - it was bloody weird, Not on the level of LSD Dream Simulator, but still weird. The game, like many games at the time, starts out with an FMV (a Full Motion Video for those who don't know) which shows off the characters and places in the game. A beautifully done video, setting the overall mood for the game. It's hard not to feel happy at this point as it's all so bright and cheerful. (mostly)

This game does what I think all games should make you do: it forces you to change the settings before the game starts. It may sound like a minor thing, but I always do it in a game as a way to make sure that my play experience is as good as possible. This game does not really go much in depth with the settings, having just moving the screen, speaker setup, and controls. It's usually P... Read the rest of this Review
Crash Bandicoot
05-27-13 09:45 AM
Sometimes we have to start small...

Hello peopleses of whom I have never met, never will, and don't intend to! This little bunch of typery here is my Crash Bandicoot review - Which I am doing after my Crash Bandicoot 2 review... because I am a complete ponce and also because I played that game first. This was in fact the second Crash Bandicoot game that I played, and I had immediately learned to hate it after the colossal bar that was set by Crash 2. Back then, I never really cared what order games would come in, and just played them for the game – similar to what I do now, except I do care slightly what order they are in. I had never owned this game when I was young, and played it at my cousin’s house. I could never grasp how he could play that game instead of Crash 2. I was young, and I am better than that now.

Crash started out as a way of trying to have an image for Sony. They needed someone to represent them, similar to how Mario is with Nintendo, so he needed to be very child friendly. (Unlike Nathan Drake, who seems to be Sony’s mascot these days) The character that was made was originally called Willie Wombat, which I don’t think works as well as Crash Bandicoot, that and he is also the wrong colour to be a wombat – but then again we have Sonic the Hedgehog. Speaking of Sonic, when this game was in development, it went under the working title of ‘The Sonic’s Arse Game’ since it was a 3D platformer in which you would be looking at a blue rear end. The game surfaced in 1996 (the year that I was born) and I did not know, and did not care because I was a bloody Kit at the time. The game was a huge hit almost immediately and sold a million billion trillion copies which meant they had to make another one, but I have already reviewed that. (No it did not.)

The story consists of Cortex and N. Brio putting Crash into the Cortex Vortex with the intention of turning him into a slave. Crash is rejected by it and (somehow) escapes from it and falls out of t... Read the rest of this Review
Galaga - Destination Earth
05-06-13 09:06 AM
Shoot 'em with your zappy gun!

Galaga has always been rather devoid to me. I got this one with my PlayStation (or possibly shortly after I got my PSX) and loved it. I had never played the original, or any other in the series (though I have played the original now). None of my friends had any Galaga games (as far as I knew) and this was also the first space shooter I had ever played, even before Star Fox on SNES. At first, I could not grasp the concept of shooting the stuff in front and could not quite see the depth properly, but after a lot of practice I could understand it well. This is another review where I going back to one of the games of my childhood and seeing if I still love it just as much.

This is one of those staple PlayStation games that are full of FMVs and I think that games even today should do this. The game starts with a strangely drawn intro (which has changing art styles) which explains the story, which I shall do as well, briefly. In 1981 (the release year of the original game) the Galaga tried to take over by force, but were stopped three months later by earth forces. Humans start to expand to other planets, but the costs mean fewer defences. Years later, a ship called Centurion is sent out to planet M1123 for testing purposes. Near the end of the journey, thousands of flying objects (the Galaga themselves) start moving towards Earth, but the Centurion was told not to return until its mission was complete. Once it does reach the planet, its transmissions completely stop. It is from here that the game starts on stage 1: Shipwreck.

Once the game begins, another FMV shows the player character (the same ship as was played in the first game) flying around the Centurion, likely searching for enemies. Some are found and he flies into position. Then the game begins with its actual graphics. The camera spins into position and it goes into the classic Galaga view, with the player at the bottom going left and right shooting up. Like in the original, ene... Read the rest of this Review
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
05-01-13 06:58 AM
The second direct sequel - Much better

Castlevania Symphony of the Night is a classic and brilliant game; everyone loves it. I for one am unable to decide whether this is my favourite Castlevania game, and likely because I started playing Castlevania rather late. I first played this game through the PSN re-release and have played the crap out of it since. I also own the game in the PSP Dracula X Chronicles which has a 3D remake of Symphonies previous game, Rondo of Blood. There, I simply cannot decide my favourite between the two – they are both just so good.

The game originally came out on the PlayStation on the 1st of October, 1997 – a year after I was born. Back then I had never even heard of Castlevania, let alone this legend. I had a PlayStation a year after and still did not have this game. No, my first experience with Castlevania was with the GameBoy Advance game, Circle of the Moon (Although here in England it was just called Castlevania, and so was Lament of Innocence) and ever since then I was addicted to games that are similar but mainly I stuck to Castlevania.

This game starts off on the last stage of Rondo of Blood, likely to create ties between the two games. In this stage, like the final stage of nearly every other Castlevania game, is a bloody long staircase leading to the keep, where Dracula is sitting. One thing I have always found funny about the keep in Castlevania games is how it always seems to have a cross in one of the candles. It makes no sense considering that Dracula is unholy. (As if I know anything about religion.) I have always liked the consistency of the keep in games, how it is always the same shape, even if the castle is completely different. Anyway, I’m rambling without progressing.

The player character from Rondo of Blood that is played in this stage is Richter Belmont, and in this revamped final stage, he is given a few extra moves such as sliding, and spinning his whip (Which was done only once before in Super Cas... Read the rest of this Review
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
04-27-13 05:43 AM
Crash Bandicoot 2 - My Ultimate Retrospective

Crash Bandicoot was originally released on the PlayStation in 1996, which is also the year I was born. That game was incredibly popular and loved, and all my friends had only good things to say about it. I never played it. No, I did not have my PlayStation at that time, I had a SNES. It was two years after that I got my PlayStation, and it came with a copy of Crash Bandicoot 2. Since that was the first one I had I will review it, and you will read it.

Crash Bandicoot 2 is in every way a sequel to the first game, improving on everything that the original had – as far as I know. The original only used two abilities, jumping and spinning. This one by adding a single button, increased how much could be done with the game drastically. This may possibly be the greatest sequel ever made, and in a year no less.

The game starts off as most do, with a cut scene. This cut scene is set immediately after the end of the first game - Literally. And then the initial reason to play. Crash is sleeping on the floor, looking particularly stupid whilst his sister, Coco is using her laptop... in the middle of a jungle for some reason. Her battery runs out, and instead of charging her laptop like anyone else would, she instead sends her brother Crash to go find a new one. It is strange how she never considers the fact that you are not going to find a battery in the jungle, but that is irrelevant. The game play seamlessly starts here, in which crash leaps up passing over control to the player. I like this style of combining game play with cut scenes, and Naughty Dog seem to know that all too well considering that they still do it with the Uncharted games.

Once this small stage is done, the main area of the game is accessed. The warp rooms each have five stages to play, and a save point. The save point does exactly what you would expect it to, so I won’t explain it. Each stages gateway i... Read the rest of this Review

Tails the Fox's Last Game Guides
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
04-11-13 01:46 PM
Castlevania Harmony of Despair Trophy Guide
Hello. And welcome to 'How to get all the trophies of Harmony of Despair really easily', the Thread. Now before I begin, I would like you to know that I am pretty sure that these are the same for the 360 version so it should help everyone, I don't have a 360, and have never played the 360 one. If there are any differences in the 360 version, please let me know in a reply.

There are not many trophies in Harmony of Despair. In fact it is a very low amount at 12. This games trophies are not too hard to get, but I thought I might make a guide for those who have that one trophy that has been annoying them. Without further ado, let's begin.

[img][/img][b]Lifeguard[/b] is pretty easy to get. All you have to do is resurrect someone. When someone dies, they become a skeleton. They have a halo above their head so you don't mistake them for a normal one. When you have the water of life item (Which is in the achievement icon) just walk over to someone who is a skeleton and press the R2 button. They will be revived back to their normal character.

[img][/img][b]Slick Kick[/b] is not too easy to do, and will require practice (or luck). Getting this achievement requires you to kill a boss with a slide attack which is done by pressing X while crouching. The challenge is to make sure that the kick will kill the boss. The easiest boss to do this on it the first one, Gergoth. Fight him like you normally would, but once he has fell, try to destroy the armor on his legs as this will reveal his weak spot. You slide kicks will do a lot more damage there. Just keep doing that when you feel he is low on health and you should get the achievement easily. Oh, and if you don't know the exact length of a slide kick, then you will slide through him, and take damage afterwards, so it is recommended to have a lot of defense if you try this. ... Read the rest of this Guide

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