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austipokedude's Last Game Comments
Shadow the Hedgehog Best Sonic game in my opinion!
Mario Power Tennis I get nostalgia just by looking at this game in the VGR *_*
Crash Bash Used to love this game as a kid until I learned how broken it was.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Major disappointment in my opinion :(
Mario Kart 7 This game was very enjoyable
Wolf Among Us, The Not bad I wouldn't mind a season 2
Pokemon Leaf Green 3 in 1 This hack captures the mistakes leafgreen failed to have by just by making all three Kanto starters available
Diddy Kong Racing hold left shift to drive steer with arrows click z to use items

austipokedude's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town
04-11-16 07:50 PM
Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Review
Harvest Moon was developed by Marvelous Entertainment inc. and upon hearing so many great things about this game as well as my desire to play a game that was similar to the Animal Crossing series I couldn't resist the urge to play this game. This led to my discovery of Harvest Moon a series that deserves just as much praise as the other most popular games for the GBA. So lets cut the funny business and get on with this review already because I'm sure you're eager to see what I have to say about this wonderful game.Graphics: I'm gonna be honest in this portion of the review and admit that the graphics weren't exactly on Golden Sun's level however compared to the rest of the games on the GBA this game did a great job with its graphics. Something that was featured in this game that you wouldn't see in any other GBA games is nicely done character portraits to go along with the 16 bit pixel characters in the game. As a result it wasn't that difficult telling any of the characters in the game apart and you could easily grow somewhat engaged to the small cast in this game. Overall the graphics in Harvest Moon are nicely done and you can tell that the developers put effort into making it.Sound: At last I get to review a game that features its own entire soundtrack and must I say the soundtrack is really good in the game. There's a song for every season within the game to ensure you will be listening to songs that fit the time of the season in the game perfectly. The town has its own song as well so you are guaranteed a variety of reoccurring songs that never get old to listen to. Overall the sound in this game never gets old to listen to such as the main title song in the game itself.Addictiveness: This is where Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town outperforms all the other games in its genre and console. If I could rate Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town in terms of how addicting it is I would give it an eleven out of ten because it has done a exceptional ... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Y
04-11-16 01:36 AM
Pokemon Y Review
In the year 2013 the Earth was astonished but was also repulsive. This was the year Pokemon would set out to make a all new adventure to go along with an all new look and overall Pokemon experience. Of course some disliked this idea and became what is known as a hater on the Internet and would start a petition. Of course this wouldn't work because Nintendo would then make a remake of Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby with a all new revamped look that was introduced in Pokemon Y. With all seriousness lets start this review with haste!

Pokemon Y was the first Pokemon game to feature 3D sprites in the entire Pokemon series which would change the gameplay entirely. Of course a majority of the former fans of the Pokemon series still dislike this game because of this. Pokemon Y is also the first Pokemon game where you could buy clothes or accessories for your character to wear. What is next Nintendo? Will we be able to dress our Pokemon up in costumes? I guess we will have to wait and see! Overall Pokemon Y may have done something new for once to the entire series it still doesn't change the fact its graphics are still behind several other RPGs on the console.

As you would've guessed if Pokemon was gonna take a big step it might as well produce a great soundtrack in order to go along with the whole new revamped Pokemon style and it certainly doesn't disappoint. Some nostalgic songs were in this game such as the title screen which makes you eagerly want to play the game or the intense battle music in the game. Of course this game also features Pokemon cries in the game which have never sounded so good before. Overall Pokemon Y's sound is still great because the songs go along with each scenario in the game to make the game even more satisfying.

Although Pokemon Y introduces a new region with new Pokemon it brought back some other Pokemon like Pikachu for example to make sure this time you can catch the... Read the rest of this Review
Legend of Zelda, The: A Link Between Worlds
04-10-16 05:45 PM
The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Review
The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds is basically a revival of a classic called The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past with its fair share of new content to make the game become more enhanced than the former title. The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds does a excellent job of being a example of what a remake should be. So let's go into further detail in this review!

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds brilliantly uses its 3D gaming hardware with the 2D sprites to create a distinctive feel in the game. These graphics are utilized to create a nostalgic feel to the game perhaps purposefully in order to attract appeal for gamers that played The Legend of Zelda A Link Between the Past. Unfortunately the graphics are behind compared to other games within its generation and console. The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds is a 2D RPG that uses 3D sprites and landscapes in the game. Fortunately Hyrule and Lorule has never looked so great compared to other Zelda games in this genre which only made this game much more enjoyable to play.

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between the Worlds soundtrack is mostly made up of songs contained in The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past. This game also features a voiceless Link once again to go along with a voiceless cast. Fortunately for The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds it relies heavily on The Link into the Past's soundtrack which is a undeniably great one.

This game was able to provide a whole new nostalgic experience that was without a doubt an amazing one. Knowing how great The Legend of a Zelda A Link to the Past was I was very eager to play this game and as a result what I got was a very rewarding experience. I was very obsessed with this game for weeks trying to complete the entire thing and when I finally completed it I wanted more. The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds does a excellent job keeping the person playing it hooked to th... Read the rest of this Review
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker
04-08-16 08:52 PM
Dragon Quest Monster Joker Review
Honestly I didn't know what to think when I bought this game because I saw it in a commercial but playing this game caused me to become attached to it in fact it was very hard for me to put it down. I never heard of the Dragon Quest games before I picked this game up in fact I was completely unaware this was a spinoff. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker was published by Square Enix who you should be familiar with by now because it published games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy which define the role-playing gaming genre entirely. Now shall we begin?

They were decent compared to every other game in the DS market however I'm curious to see what Dragon Quest Monster Joker could have been. What could have been a game with great gameplay to go with amazing looking landscapes to explore was clearly ruined by heavily pixelated characters in poor landscapes there's no doubt that console capabilities had played a major role. If only Dragon Quest Monster Joker was brought to any other console besides the Nintendo DS. The monsters in the game were actually nice looking and so was the main character although he had terrible animation when it came to moving. Overall the graphics could have been way better even for this particular console they just didn't make it happen for some reason.

Despite having poor graphics we can't forgot that this is a Dragon Quest spinoff can we? Yes Dragon Quest Monster Joker had one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. It just really fit the overall theme in the game especially the title screens and each of the locations within the game. Dragon Quest Monster Joker delivers us with outstanding sound to make up for the unfortunate graphics.
This game was pretty addicting because you could defeat, scout, or synthesize monsters to improve your team in the game. There's also a catch as well but the game puts it out there and that's if you synthesize monsters you lose both of them so th... Read the rest of this Review
Fallout 4
04-05-16 07:29 PM
Fallout 4 Review
Fallout is back and this time we are not in the Capital Wasteland or New Vegas instead we are in the Common Wealth so grab a nuka cola and get ready because this is gonna be a good one. As you know Bethesda Game Studios has decided to finally make another Fallout game and brings us Fallout 4. Fallout 4 was released in the year 2015 which was five years after New Vegas released and seven years since Fallout 3. Whether you believe Fallout 3 is garbage or you have never heard of Fallout I've written this review to convince you why you should give Fallout 4 a chance and why it should've been 2015 Game of the Year.Graphics: In this category Fallout 4 doesn't fail us because the in game animation is better than ever! Fallout 4 once again gives us top notch graphical locations to explore. Fallout 4 didn't hesitate bringing back character customization to create a character to call your own. Fallout 4 also has a wide variety of nice looking weapons and armor you can collect so you can either modify or turn into junk. Objects in Fallout 4 are now given greater detail because in Fallout 4 even something as insignificant as junk can be useful. Nothing negative could be said about this game's graphics for distant objects would spark interest especially if it lead to a marked location on the compass at the bottom of the screen. Fallout 4 did a outstanding job delivering us with stunning graphics.Sound: The Fallout 4 main menu hasn't changed but knowing Fallout and their history of having songs in the radios they certainly don't disappoint in fact there's a bunch of new additions that you can access on your pip boy. I've enjoyed listening to the radio so much that I've developed a bad habit of playing it wherever I'm in the wasteland even when I'm in danger at the moment. New to the series Fallout 4 seems to have scrapped the idea of having your dialogue affect the decisions you make in quests. The voice acting only varies depending on what your gender in the game and is not that... Read the rest of this Review

austipokedude's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Pokemon Fire Red
04-22-13 03:49 PM
pokemon fire red walkthrough
Pallet town
Depending on which one you chosse your starter will battle you with the pokemon with the better advantage type.
Rival Gary
if you chose bulbasaur
if you chose squrtle
if you chose charmander
Wild pokemon
The pokemon besides the gift pokemon from professor Oak are only available once you obtain a rod or get surf.
Okay press on new game and it will bring you to the screen get all the information in and you will appear upstairs in your room.Head downstairs you will see your mother head outside and  head toward route 1 route 21 is later available once you get the tm surf later in the game.Once you are about to leave Pallet north proffesor Oak will appear and say its unsafe to go out into the wild without a pokemon he will lead you to the lab and say to choose one pokemon the pokemon are squirtle,charmander,and bulbasaur which are listed above.Choose wisely for you can only pick one out of the three and are not possible to catch later in the game.After you pick your rival who name is refered as Gary or Blue but we will go with Gary for this walkthrough.He will challenge you to a battle his pokemon are listed above as well.After the battle he will head off head to the route you were about to enter until professor Oak interupted you earlier and you  will arrive on route 1.
Route 1
Wild pokemon
type:normal and flying
Just keep heading straight you will eventually reach Vir... Read the rest of this Guide

austipokedude's Last 7 Game screenshots (56 total) (view last 250)

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