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austipokedude's Last Game Comments
Shadow the Hedgehog Best Sonic game in my opinion!
Mario Power Tennis I get nostalgia just by looking at this game in the VGR *_*
Crash Bash Used to love this game as a kid until I learned how broken it was.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Major disappointment in my opinion :(
Mario Kart 7 This game was very enjoyable
Wolf Among Us, The Not bad I wouldn't mind a season 2
Pokemon Leaf Green 3 in 1 This hack captures the mistakes leafgreen failed to have by just by making all three Kanto starters available
Diddy Kong Racing hold left shift to drive steer with arrows click z to use items

austipokedude's Last 25 Game Reviews
Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town
04-11-16 07:50 PM
Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Review
Harvest Moon was developed by Marvelous Entertainment inc. and upon hearing so many great things about this game as well as my desire to play a game that was similar to the Animal Crossing series I couldn't resist the urge to play this game. This led to my discovery of Harvest Moon a series that deserves just as much praise as the other most popular games for the GBA. So lets cut the funny business and get on with this review already because I'm sure you're eager to see what I have to say about this wonderful game.Graphics: I'm gonna be honest in this portion of the review and admit that the graphics weren't exactly on Golden Sun's level however compared to the rest of the games on the GBA this game did a great job with its graphics. Something that was featured in this game that you wouldn't see in any other GBA games is nicely done character portraits to go along with the 16 bit pixel characters in the game. As a result it wasn't that difficult telling any of the characters in the game apart and you could easily grow somewhat engaged to the small cast in this game. Overall the graphics in Harvest Moon are nicely done and you can tell that the developers put effort into making it.Sound: At last I get to review a game that features its own entire soundtrack and must I say the soundtrack is really good in the game. There's a song for every season within the game to ensure you will be listening to songs that fit the time of the season in the game perfectly. The town has its own song as well so you are guaranteed a variety of reoccurring songs that never get old to listen to. Overall the sound in this game never gets old to listen to such as the main title song in the game itself.Addictiveness: This is where Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town outperforms all the other games in its genre and console. If I could rate Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town in terms of how addicting it is I would give it an eleven out of ten because it has done a exceptional ... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Y
04-11-16 01:36 AM
Pokemon Y Review
In the year 2013 the Earth was astonished but was also repulsive. This was the year Pokemon would set out to make a all new adventure to go along with an all new look and overall Pokemon experience. Of course some disliked this idea and became what is known as a hater on the Internet and would start a petition. Of course this wouldn't work because Nintendo would then make a remake of Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby with a all new revamped look that was introduced in Pokemon Y. With all seriousness lets start this review with haste!

Pokemon Y was the first Pokemon game to feature 3D sprites in the entire Pokemon series which would change the gameplay entirely. Of course a majority of the former fans of the Pokemon series still dislike this game because of this. Pokemon Y is also the first Pokemon game where you could buy clothes or accessories for your character to wear. What is next Nintendo? Will we be able to dress our Pokemon up in costumes? I guess we will have to wait and see! Overall Pokemon Y may have done something new for once to the entire series it still doesn't change the fact its graphics are still behind several other RPGs on the console.

As you would've guessed if Pokemon was gonna take a big step it might as well produce a great soundtrack in order to go along with the whole new revamped Pokemon style and it certainly doesn't disappoint. Some nostalgic songs were in this game such as the title screen which makes you eagerly want to play the game or the intense battle music in the game. Of course this game also features Pokemon cries in the game which have never sounded so good before. Overall Pokemon Y's sound is still great because the songs go along with each scenario in the game to make the game even more satisfying.

Although Pokemon Y introduces a new region with new Pokemon it brought back some other Pokemon like Pikachu for example to make sure this time you can catch the... Read the rest of this Review
Legend of Zelda, The: A Link Between Worlds
04-10-16 05:45 PM
The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Review
The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds is basically a revival of a classic called The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past with its fair share of new content to make the game become more enhanced than the former title. The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds does a excellent job of being a example of what a remake should be. So let's go into further detail in this review!

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds brilliantly uses its 3D gaming hardware with the 2D sprites to create a distinctive feel in the game. These graphics are utilized to create a nostalgic feel to the game perhaps purposefully in order to attract appeal for gamers that played The Legend of Zelda A Link Between the Past. Unfortunately the graphics are behind compared to other games within its generation and console. The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds is a 2D RPG that uses 3D sprites and landscapes in the game. Fortunately Hyrule and Lorule has never looked so great compared to other Zelda games in this genre which only made this game much more enjoyable to play.

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between the Worlds soundtrack is mostly made up of songs contained in The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past. This game also features a voiceless Link once again to go along with a voiceless cast. Fortunately for The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds it relies heavily on The Link into the Past's soundtrack which is a undeniably great one.

This game was able to provide a whole new nostalgic experience that was without a doubt an amazing one. Knowing how great The Legend of a Zelda A Link to the Past was I was very eager to play this game and as a result what I got was a very rewarding experience. I was very obsessed with this game for weeks trying to complete the entire thing and when I finally completed it I wanted more. The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds does a excellent job keeping the person playing it hooked to th... Read the rest of this Review
Dragon Quest Monsters Joker
04-08-16 08:52 PM
Dragon Quest Monster Joker Review
Honestly I didn't know what to think when I bought this game because I saw it in a commercial but playing this game caused me to become attached to it in fact it was very hard for me to put it down. I never heard of the Dragon Quest games before I picked this game up in fact I was completely unaware this was a spinoff. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker was published by Square Enix who you should be familiar with by now because it published games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy which define the role-playing gaming genre entirely. Now shall we begin?

They were decent compared to every other game in the DS market however I'm curious to see what Dragon Quest Monster Joker could have been. What could have been a game with great gameplay to go with amazing looking landscapes to explore was clearly ruined by heavily pixelated characters in poor landscapes there's no doubt that console capabilities had played a major role. If only Dragon Quest Monster Joker was brought to any other console besides the Nintendo DS. The monsters in the game were actually nice looking and so was the main character although he had terrible animation when it came to moving. Overall the graphics could have been way better even for this particular console they just didn't make it happen for some reason.

Despite having poor graphics we can't forgot that this is a Dragon Quest spinoff can we? Yes Dragon Quest Monster Joker had one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. It just really fit the overall theme in the game especially the title screens and each of the locations within the game. Dragon Quest Monster Joker delivers us with outstanding sound to make up for the unfortunate graphics.
This game was pretty addicting because you could defeat, scout, or synthesize monsters to improve your team in the game. There's also a catch as well but the game puts it out there and that's if you synthesize monsters you lose both of them so th... Read the rest of this Review
Fallout 4
04-05-16 07:29 PM
Fallout 4 Review
Fallout is back and this time we are not in the Capital Wasteland or New Vegas instead we are in the Common Wealth so grab a nuka cola and get ready because this is gonna be a good one. As you know Bethesda Game Studios has decided to finally make another Fallout game and brings us Fallout 4. Fallout 4 was released in the year 2015 which was five years after New Vegas released and seven years since Fallout 3. Whether you believe Fallout 3 is garbage or you have never heard of Fallout I've written this review to convince you why you should give Fallout 4 a chance and why it should've been 2015 Game of the Year.Graphics: In this category Fallout 4 doesn't fail us because the in game animation is better than ever! Fallout 4 once again gives us top notch graphical locations to explore. Fallout 4 didn't hesitate bringing back character customization to create a character to call your own. Fallout 4 also has a wide variety of nice looking weapons and armor you can collect so you can either modify or turn into junk. Objects in Fallout 4 are now given greater detail because in Fallout 4 even something as insignificant as junk can be useful. Nothing negative could be said about this game's graphics for distant objects would spark interest especially if it lead to a marked location on the compass at the bottom of the screen. Fallout 4 did a outstanding job delivering us with stunning graphics.Sound: The Fallout 4 main menu hasn't changed but knowing Fallout and their history of having songs in the radios they certainly don't disappoint in fact there's a bunch of new additions that you can access on your pip boy. I've enjoyed listening to the radio so much that I've developed a bad habit of playing it wherever I'm in the wasteland even when I'm in danger at the moment. New to the series Fallout 4 seems to have scrapped the idea of having your dialogue affect the decisions you make in quests. The voice acting only varies depending on what your gender in the game and is not that... Read the rest of this Review
Grand Theft Auto IV
08-05-13 02:38 PM
Grand Theft Auto IV review
Before I beaten Assassin's Creed Brotherhood not so long ago I actually had beaten another game. GTA IV was published by Rockstar games I know them from another game they had published L.A Noire but GTA IV seems to have stranded out alot more.The prime focus this time around was to make things realistic as possible and that's exactly what they have done except for some GTA fans seem to have disliked the idea.I for one loved the idea Rockstar seemed to have gotten rid of useless things such as haircuts.Now lets get started on graphics.

Graphics: When Rockstar wanted a realistic Gta game this time around that's exactly what they had gotten the graphics were perfect.The civilians in the game looked like real people even Niko the protagonist as well and even the antagonists in the game. I was impressed on how well the graphics were this time around they certainly have improved that's for sure. The buildings looked real and you could access the roofs.Now you can even purchase clothes but there's not much of a selection but they look great on Niko though.That's about it with the graphics.

Sound: The sound is probably what stranded out the most the sound of gun fire sounded like the sound of gun fire you could easily tell someone was firing at someone.Now the music was mostly in the cars for you had several radio stations which you could have used to tune in. Now outside the car you could usually hear people rant on about something and best of all they sounded like real people.Even the vehicles in the game made noise depending on the vehicle itself and the speed of the vehicle.There wasn't much sound in the game to be honest.Now there were tons if funny dialogue in the game at times random or scripted but the civilians might have repeated the dialogue multiple times which could get annoying for some people.That's about all the sound I had found in this amazing game.

Addictiveness: I was hooked on this game even after I had completed the main stor... Read the rest of this Review
Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood
07-30-13 04:50 AM
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood review
I recently finished this game three months ago and thought it would be a great idea to do a review of this game so here i'm now writing this. I don't really know who developed this game so I can't really point out who developed so I might as well cut to the chase and get on to the categories.

So lets get started!

By the way forgive me if I forget to space this out after I finish this review.

Graphics:The graphics in this game looked different from the other games a bit more pixelated than usual.They are not the best graphics I had seen the random civilians in the game looked a bit messy but the protagonist looked cleaned up.This could have been all in my head but I guarantee that's what I had seen.Despite the civilians the scenery looked rather neat gave me a good picture of what Rome might have looked like for I never visited Rome before.
Now let me describe the armour and of course various weaponry.The armour on the protagonist actually looked neat while the weapons looked like real weapons for example a crossbow.Sound:The civilians dialogue in the game actually matched the movement of the civilians lips from what I had observed up close and of course the weapons gave off a sound when you pulled the trigger of course.I may not know what a crossbow sounded like but I bet it sounded exactly like the game had displayed.Not only that whenever you fell you grunted and the ground sort of rumbled i'm pretty sure a real person would grunt if they landed on the ground right after jumping off a building of course the size of the building would determine it though.

Addictiveness:Just like every other great game this game includes some way to upgrade your skills well this game is a bit different.Instead this game you have to buy armour lucky each armour has stats and you got to unlock the armour by progressing through the game.This game also has ?treasure chests in certain locations where they of course include some sort of tr... Read the rest of this Review
Fallout 3
07-25-13 05:20 PM
Fallout 3 review
Fallout 3 was published by a company named Bethesda Soft works the same company that had published Oblivion and Sky rim which I'm pretty sure that everyone that reads this review has played those two exciting games.

Now lets proceed to the ratings shall we.

Graphics: These graphics were truly amazing it gave me an idea of what the next generation graphics may look like.The guns in the game looked like real guns they also acted as real guns as well.The locations in the game looked very neat and very well designed as well.If you were looking for a game with great graphics you have came to the right game.
Not only that but the character itself could look rather unique you could dress yourself anyway you want.If you wanted a hat if it is in your inventory than you could wear it. If you got leather armor in your inventory you could wear it.Keep this in mind though all the clothing and guns got a weight you can only carry a certain weight so have fun stashing your favorite items if you manage to pick up something better but you get beyond the weight limit.

Sound: The characters in the game had great voice acting they sounded like real people.The creatures also sounded very unique the radroaches gave off a sound when they crawled.The game even provided music whether you are near a radio or if you use your pip boy 3000 there were plenty of radio stations to listen to three if you complete a certain quest.The guns themselves even gave off a real sounding gunfire which is noticeable if you are near a gun fight in the Capital Wasteland.
There is some unique dialogue as well that is worth listening to by several characters plenty of funny moments in the game as well to keep you entertained.

Addictiveness: I replayed this game about six times and it just never seemed boring you would always run into something you didn't run into your first time playing this game. The only people that would dislike this game is if they just ha... Read the rest of this Review
Animal Crossing: City Folk
07-06-13 07:11 PM
Animal Ceossing City Folk review!
Animal Crossing City Folk is the third Animal Crossing game in the series.
This game adds a ton of new stores and locations.
I found half if the new features unnecessary and shouldn't had been added to the game during development.
Animal Crossing City Folk is my least favorite in the series but I enjoyed lots of things about the game.
There are a bunch if great things about this game that I'm gonna explain in this review.
This is probably one of the best games on the Wii I'm pretty sure the game is a bit underrated though but that's because those people probably never played this game.Enough of this nonsense though time to get to the ratings.
Graphics:They were really cleaned not pixelated at all a bit cartoony and up to date if course I can tell from a glimpse that the graphics in this game were very well done can't get any better than this.You can live during four seasons and even those change based on what season it currently is in the game.There is even a day and night system and also a rainy and dry system as well.Your fellow neighbors in the game pretty much looked very similar as well.The houses look cartoony which is a good thing since that's what the series aims for.All the general stores from Nook Junction to Nookingtons were great looking as well.This game has similar graphics to a whole bunch of graphics even Skyward Sword and those were pretty amazing graphics.
Sound:I enjoyed the calm relaxing music this game had provided yes it repeated at times but the little jingle got caught in my head I couldn't help but to him along with the music.It made a couple of sounds as well that sounded pretty real such as digging with a shovel and crickets just making noises.It sounds like your really outside in nature somehow I found it to be really impressive.There is even some music someone every Saturday at night sings while the credits roll you can put that music in your sterio and listen to it in your house there is a wide variety o... Read the rest of this Review
Mario Party
04-23-13 06:56 PM
mario party one review
Now here's a great multiplayer game you can play with your friends.Mario party is perhaps one of the best co-op games I know.But honestly I want to just go ahead and get started.
Graphics:The graphics are great as always.The playable characters looked amazing even the in game environment looks great to tell you the truth.Bowser did look a bit weird looking just like in super mario 64 but if you look at him long enough he does look kinda cute when you think about it.The intro looked great at times and actually switched depending on which stage you used got done finishing but every single one of them were neat and unique they are also worth seeing as the game transfers you to the title screen after completing a stage.
Sounds:The music in this game contains my favorite music ever it gives me a happy feeling just looking at the main intro even though they do argue but that music was actually quite great to tell you the truth it fitted the mood.At times the music made me feel mad at other times it made me feel mad as the music switches between low pitch and high pitch
Addictiveness:This game is my second favorite multiplayer game for it never gets boring to play this game with your friends and family.Yes this is another one of those games that just never get boring no matter how long you play it.
story:There really isn't no story at all but here is how it goes.You play through various stages and win to become the superstar which mario and his friends were arguing over one day.So pick who  you want to be and collect as many stars and coins to progress the game.Yeah the story isn't big but at least it isn't confusing like some other game's story modes.
Depth:In this game you must collect coins to buy minigames so you can play them any time and also must collect stars as well to progress through the game.That is about it it does get pretty repetitive but you got many minigames to hold you over.To tell you the truth the game doesn't offer much but it... Read the rest of this Review
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
04-22-13 05:59 PM
super smash bros brawl review
So do you remember those two great games that we all know and love.Well this game is the sequel to those two games you all know them and love them they are called super smash bros and super smash bros melee yes this is the game we all love super smash bros brawl.This game was my first wii game I will never regret the choice I made in gamestop that day when I brought home super smash bros brawl.Time to get started.
graphics:Yep the graphics improved from melee by so much now all the nintendo characters look alot better and if you put melee and brawl together you will see how much the graphics have improved.Not just the characters improved the stages did as well the stages had great graphics as well stages such as mario circuit and delphino plaza.
Sound:Every move the characters used made a real sounding sound so yeah of course I would rate this high.The music in each stage is what really stood out the most it used the great songs from the games the stages were originated from and put them in the stages for you to listen to while you have fun brawling with your family and friends.

Addictiveness:Do I really have to get into this in detail I literally still play this game with my friends and family it never gets boring never does which actually impresses me to say so.Out of all the games I played this game just has a feeling to it a never ending feeling of gaming and having fun with my family and friends do not expect to get bored so fast I owned this game for five years and it never ever gets old which shocks me as well.So I gave this section a high rating as well for never getting boring when I say never I literally mean never it is just weird to say so.
Story:Yes this time there is a story it is called subspace emissary but unfortunately has no voice acting but is a pretty good way to unlock characters besides doing classic mode.The story is a bit unique and is quite hard to understand for the characters do interact but doesn't interact with spee... Read the rest of this Review
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy
04-12-13 10:30 PM
Yu-gi-oh gx duel academy review
To tell you the truth this is one of the best yu-gi-oh games out there.I mean everything about this game is unique.But lets get straight to the point.

Graphics:Every yu-gi-oh card in this game looked the exact same as the real card itself.By that I mean the graphics are outstanding.Even the characters looked the same as they are in the series.But what really caught my attention is how they made me feel as though I was in the anime.To tell you the truth
Yu-gi-oh gx is my favorite of the series.

Sound:The songs are great except literary the same songs replay over and over again.The song when your dueling actually replays over and over again each time you engage a duel with somebody.When you are selecting a location that also repeats the entire game.I found this quite disappointing since I loved this game.

Addictiveness:The game is actually pretty addicting there are many people to duel,many cards to collect,and many things to discover.The game is actually similar to the anime but there is one thing that is disapointing.Where are the god cards!seriously what's a yu-gi-oh game without god cards unfortunately I believe they were in the next season which was after the creation of this epic game.

Story:Well it's pretty much the first season of the anime.As you advance through the dorms and reach the highest dorm obelisk blue and becoming the king of games you unlock various events.There are also a total of 1200 cards to collect so I wish you good luck and have fun.

Depth:As said a few times there is so much to do.You can battle many characters that appeared in the anime.You can also advance dorms and titles such as as average duelest but the main goal is to become the king of games which is the highest title in the dueling academy available but your not the only one that wants that title even Jaden from the anime wants to become the king of games.

Difficulty:It is actually pretty hard in the beginning ... Read the rest of this Review
Mother 3 (english translation)
04-01-13 09:48 PM
Mother 3 walkthrough (April fools) review
Mother 3 is a outstanding game enjoyed by many people around the world.It is perhaps one of the best RPGs of all time as well.But what really stands out is the graphics,sound,addictiveness,depth,and the story.But lets get started on this review.

Graphics:Your not gonna be surprised on this.The graphics are outstanding perhaps this game has the best sprites I ever seen but what makes this game even better is it focuses not just on the sprites but the surroundings as well you can't ask for any better graphics for the graphics in this game are indeed perfected at the time so enjoy this game and make sure you take notice of this games graphics and enjoy them I'm sure you will.

Sound:Wow the music in this game is just great it has sad music during a sad moment and happy music at happy moments.The music can't get any better as well it's cleaned up music that sounds well orchestrated so if you like music this game is for you sense the music can't improve in any way it can't go up or down its that good to listen to.

Addictiveness:This game provides revenge in a way I will not spoil for you in anyway but that revenge is something that will drive you forward.It just doesn't provide revenge it also provides tons of weapons to collect and items by scavenging around and talking to various people in various places you will enjoy hours of gameplay by defeating obsticals that block your path so get ready for alot of fun.

Story:I promise I won't spoil nothing so just keep reading you and your brother live at a ranch in a place called tazmily village.your mother and grandfather do as well but your father is away and is actually a sheriff in a nearby town.but one day strange visitors visit a forest a little visit that's all I'm gonna say though rest you have to find out yourself by progressing through the game but the story is exciting and at times offers suspence to the players.

Depth:honestly the game only offers a great long st... Read the rest of this Review
Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga
03-28-13 01:28 PM
mario and luigi superstar saga review
There are tons of great games for the gameboy advance but the question is which one is he best?Well you come to the right review if you asked yourself that question before.Mario and luigi superstar saga is the first game in the mario and luigi series.What I find amazing is its a rpg.I know there was a rpg mario game before but this is the first mario rpg that has mario and luigi at the same time in this great game.But enough trivia lets get started.

Graphics:The graphics are great the sprites are not messy but the sprites are neat.But the first thing that stands out is the environment.Places such as yoohoo mountain and beanbean castle are actually pretty neat.So the graphics deserve a ten.

Sound:I loved how the music made me feel relaxed at times.But at other times the music made me feel revengeful.The music adapts to the situation you are in and the environment throughout the game.So the sound deserves a ten as well.

Addictiveness:I was pushing forward this game so fast because of how fun and addicting it is.The thought of revenge is mostly the reason but without that thought it wouldn't be as fun as it is.I'm sure when you play this game you think of revenge as well especially what happened to you since you arrived at bean bean kingdom.

story:Well heres the story.One day the bean bean ambassador comes to mushroom kingdom to give peach a gift from bean queen but it turns out to be a surprise attack from the awful Cackletta and her assistant fawful.Fawful uses his headgear to steal princess peach's voice and both Cackletta and Fawful escape to beanbean kingdom.Meanwhile mario and luigi are doing there usual activities until a toad comes to their house to deliver a message he tells mario about it and both mario and luigi depart to mushroom kingdom.That is the story so far notice how organized and exciting it sounds and thats only the beginning.

depth:There are many objectives in the game first you must visit bean... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Stadium
03-24-13 11:59 AM
Pokemon stadium review
Pokemon stadium is the first in the series and is the prequel to Pokemon stadium 2 which was released on the Nintendo 64 as well.Pokemon stadium is perhaps the best nonportable console Pokemon game ever.Now lets get to the point.

Graphics:Pokemon stadium featured Pokemon in 3d.The Pokemon sprites looked great so I gave it a ten.The creators of the game worked really hard on the 3D Pokemon sprites and as soon as you get in a battle that's the first thing you notice.The moves looked great to as well.Moves such as flamethrower and thunder made it feel as you were commanding the Pokemon in reality.

Sounds:The Pokemon series is well known for its battle music.This game showed great music as well.Especially the opening intro and the battle music.So sound deserved a ten as well.Theres one thing that stands out in battles more then others.Its how real the announcer sounds which shows how much they wanted you to feel as though you were in the game.

Addictiveness:It's always never boring to challenge your friends to something competative.But excluding the multiplayer mode the battles in single player mode do get boring eventually.It makes you want to skip all the trainer battles and just move on to the gym leaders.I know I'm not the only one that has got that feeling before when playing this game.

Story:there's no story in this game but there are several Pokemon tournaments that you attend in to beat the game.Theres also gym leader castles you can beat to progress in the game.These two modes provide the person playing this game plenty of entertainment.

Depth:There are so many cups you can attend to progress the game.There are also the gym leader castle as mention before that you can attend in.But that's not all even if you beat all the gym leaders you have to challenge them all over again a second time this time there much more skilled and alot harder then when you challenged them the first time.

Difficul... Read the rest of this Review
Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask
03-22-13 07:04 PM
LoZ majoras mask review
The legend of Zelda franchise has never disappointed me its a great series but one Zelda game demonstrated a dark feel in it and that legend of Zelda game is legend of Zelda majora's mask.Legend of Zelda majora's mask was released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64.Legend of Zelda ocarina of time is most likely the reason this sequel was so anticipating.Unfortunately legend of Zelda majora's mask wasn't as good as ocarina of time but still was a great game.Enough of this gibberish I'm ready to get started.

Graphics:The legend of Zelda series is well known for its amazing graphics this Zelda game demonstrated the franchise's amazing graphics.Compared to ocarina of time's graphics this games graphics are great.The graphics possessed a dark feel to it which is great once you put in the game cartridge you can recognize the great graphics by just looking at the title screen.

Sound:I know this may be shocking and appeared in many Zelda games but I can't stand that annoying beeping when your low on hearts.In fact in order to get rid of it I would just kill myself or turn the volume on my t.v down its that annoying.But other then that the music is great.I loved the music it gives you a heroic feel that pushes you forward in such places as termina field and the stone temple.

Addictiveness:You may not believe this but it does kinda get boring after a while.What I mean is you literally restart the days over and over again.I'm just one of those people that hate losing all there progress I feel as though everything I done is wasted yes you can store your ruppees at a bank and is somehow kept but I find it a little irritating to start over and over again.

Story:Here's the story link has went on a journey away from hyrule while riding on his trusty pal espona link encounters skull kid.Skull kid steals link's ocarina and espona link then immediately goes after skull kid.Having chasing skull kid skull kid turns link into a deku scrub.Still having... Read the rest of this Review
03-04-13 03:17 PM
Banjo tooie review
The bear and bird are back for another wonderful adventure.banjo tooie was released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64 it was developed and published by rare.Banjo tooie is perhaps one of the most anticipated sequels of the Nintendo 64 but enough of this nonsense lets get started.

Graphics:the graphics are great compared to super mario 64 and legend of Zelda ocarina of time the graphics are perfect and can't get any better which is a reason to play this game.

Sound:the music is excellent and never gets old and is not messy and some of the songs for example the intro is extremely catchy in my opinion.This is the second reason I would recommend this game to you.

Addictiveness:there is plenty of things to collect such as jiggys and jinzos there are many jiggys scattered everywhere so have fun collecting all of them.

Story:well here is how it goes banjo mumbo jumbo and bottles are playing a poker game but they soon here a loud bang mumbo jumbo goes outside and investigates eventually he finds grunty resurrected along with her two sisters mumbo jumbo then heads back and warns banjo bottles as confused as ever isn't as lucky and dies so banjo and kazooie head out on a adventure to get revenge for what grunty did to bottles that is pretty much it a great story

Depth:as I said before plenty of jiggys to collect as well as jinzos but as well as notes so you can learn more moves.

Difficulty:it is a pretty simple game the bosses are not to hard to beat but the jiggys do get harder to find as you progress through the game but still is very fun game to play.

Here are the results







If you own a Nintendo 64 I recommend getting this amazing game for it is possibly one of the best Nintendo game ever the graphics and sound are perfect so I wouldn't see this game bad b... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario 64 - Multiplayer
02-28-13 08:01 PM
super mario 64 multiplayer review
Super mario 64 is a great game to grab a friend and team up to collect stars.Super mario 64 is a hack that is pretty much super mario 64 but this hack supports multiplayer.So if you wasted your childhood trying to figure out a way to unlock multiplayer for super mario 64 this is the hack for you.There is just one problem the game requires the netplay item so head on over to the item shop and purchase it.Now lets get started.

graphics: Same as super mario 64 nothing changed its the graphics from super mario 64 but the game itself has has great graphics for a nintendo 64 game.

sound:well its the same as super mario 64 still but super mario 64 not the hack just the game has a great sound track for a nintendo 64 game.

addictiveness:its fun to play with your vizzed friends so play with each other have laughs and have fun for multiplayer is what this game needed.

story:same as super mario 64 bowser has kidnapped princess peach once again so collect stars have fun and save that princess from that evil bowser.

depth:theres a total of 120 stars to gather so grab your friend and get every bit of them some levels are worth visiting again just for laughs and fun good luck.

difficulty:you and your friend have to share one screen with a bad camera that sometimes has a bad angle which makes this game hard but still worth playing the game gets harder as you progress as well.

Now here are the scores.







this game may be a little hard but it sure is fun if you have the netplay item I recommend playing this amazing game theres a ton to do so grab your friend and grab all those stars have fun.
Super Mario Galaxy
02-28-13 04:13 PM
super mario galaxy review
Super mario galaxy was released in 2007 for the nintendo wii it is the the prequel to super mario galaxy 2.This game is possibly one of the best wii games out there.Super mario galaxy is a 3-D platformer actually the third mario 3-D platformer developed.Super mario galaxy got many high review scores.SO lets get started.

Graphics:Super mario galaxy had stunning visuals and looked great they improved the graphics upon every release this game had by far the best graphics in the series so good the graphics can"t get any better.

Sound:the music was great it was not annoying or bad but outstanding.This game soundtrack was well thought out and put together very nicely.

addictiveness:Alot of the missions were really fun and worth playing again there were plenty of missions to give you hours of entertainment even when you collected all the stars you could have played super luigi galaxy which many luigi fans enjoyed

story:well here is the story mario was heading to peach castle but until bowser ships came mario attempts to save her but fails then mario wakes up and finds he is on a grassy planet to find three sar bunnies who promise to tell him where is he at if mario catches all three of them they then tell you to talk to rosalina who tells mario bowser has stolen six grand stars that is all im gonna tell in my opinion it was well thought out.

depth:as I mentioned before there are plenty of stars and even when you collect them all you still got super luigi galaxy which as I also mentioned before many luigi fans enjoyed it.

difficulty:Not hard or to easy but it leans over to the easy side a little bit more the bosses were easy but got harder as you progressed through the game as every mario game does the bosses were pretty obvious so you wouldnt get stuck on a boss.

here are the scores





Read the rest of this Review
02-25-13 04:23 PM
barbie review
barbie was released in the year 1991 for the nes.The reason for this game to be created was mainly attract girls to video games.Now lets go ahead and begin shall we.

Graphics:The graphics as i would say were just plain disgusting the graphics are terrible i just couldnt even look at the game because the graphics were so bad

sound:Same thing as graphics i couldnt stand it the music got annoying eventually to where I just cut the volume off it is that bad.

addictiveness:The game provided a challenge that made you want to keep playing even if you kept losing over and over to provide a fun experience.

story:Unfortunatly the game had a story here it is barbie gets done reading a book then goes to bed then barbie starts having a dream about the book but this time she is in it I mean really this is just pathetic.

depth:the game is probably the shortest i ever played you could probably beat it in thirty minutes it was that terrible.

difficulty:this is probably the worst yet as a platformer this game isnt just hard it is impossible well at least close to it this is probably the only reason you wouldnt beat it less then thirty minutes the game consist of a challenge i wouldnt recommend this game but only if you like hard games.

The game wasnt all bad for it was pretty fun as a platformer but if the creators focused more on the game instead have rushed it the game would have been more successful the game probably disappointed some young girls when they bought it upon realease.Okay now time to score the results.







this game isnt the worst game i ever played but it isnt the best as well I guess i will end this review now adios.

Legend of Zelda, The: Skyward Sword
01-08-13 08:25 PM
LoZ skyward sword review
Legend of Zelda skyward was released on November 20 in the us to celebrates the legend of Zelda series 25 anniversary so lets get started Graphics:the graphics are not outta place there great they combine wind wakers cel-shading and twighlight princess realistic qualities to give fans that hate the cel-shading pleasureSound:this game also consist great sound just like ocarina of time you play a instrument but its a harp you play a couple of songs the only difference is you obtain the harp midway in the gameAddictiveness:as for previous Zelda games this one is quite addicting it can be flying or running aroundStory:just like every other Zelda game the objective of the game is to save Zelda by traveling to land and solving puzzlesDepth:there's plenty of sidequest and mini games to do all you have to do to find them is exploreDifficulty this Zelda game is a bit difficult then the others this time you have to slash the enemy in the right position of the wii remote Well that's it here's the resultsGraphics:9Sounds:8Addictiveness:8Story:8Depth:8Difficulty:4Skyward sword is indeed a great game sorry that I rushed it a little bit for Iam in a big hurry so till my next review laters
Star Fox 64
01-03-13 11:19 PM
Star fox 64 review
Shall we get started Graphics:they were pretty good the arwings looked greatSounds:the characters sound pretty good when they talk but I found slippys voice a little annoying Addictiveness:this game is very addicting especially the multiplayer Story:the story is about fox getting revenge for his father James mcloud so fox goes and defeat andross the antagonist of this gameDepth:this game is short which disapointed me there were at least 5-10 planets which is not a lot at allDifficulty:it's not that hard all you do is shoot at enemy's from the arwing not even andross is that hardNow here are the ratingsGraphics:8Sound:9Addictiveness:9Story:9Depth:4Difficulty:4The only problem with this game is its short but it makes up for its graphics,sounds,addictiveness,story,and depth
Fire Emblem
01-03-13 05:56 PM
Fire emblem review
Perhaps one of the best RPGs is here in the retro game room so lets get started Graphics:they look pretty good especially when the characters interact with each otherSounds:I love the music in this game especially the victory musicAddictiveness:this game is highly adicting so addicting that I restarted the game a couple of timesStory:I loved the story and characters my favorite character was hector because I loved when he attacked somebody with his wolf beilDepth:it's a pretty long game there's many characters you can get just be careful if they get defeated say bye to themDifficulty:it gets harder from the beginning to end so good luckNow it's time to list the ratingsGraphics:6Sounds:9Addictiveness:10Story:10Depth:9Difficulty:7I recommend playing this game if you love RPGs have fun
Pokemon Light Platinum
01-03-13 03:54 PM
Pokemon light platinum review
So this is the first review Iam doing in a while so let's get to the point Graphics:this is a gameboy advance hack so this should be the right ratings there pretty good when you battle a Pokemon or trainer Sound:there are tons of cities and routes in the game that have good music Addictiveness:this game is addicting like all the other Pokemon game I really wanted to see what happened next so I progressed through the gameStory:the story is pretty good it's about team steam mostly Iam trying my best not to spoil anythingDepth:it's a pretty long game you can catch a ton of legendairiesDifficulty:it's easy as long you train your Pokemon every now and thenHere are the resultsGraphics:7Sound:8Addictiveness:10Story:9Depth:10Difficulty:6That's about it the game is actually one of my favorite hacks here on vizz till next time
07-14-12 12:19 PM
banjo kazooie review
This a great children game its fun and is sometimes funny.The graphics are wonderful the music is great indeed this game is awesome.The story is long and easy its very addictive.Have fun playing as banjo and kazooie trying to save tootie from the evil and mischievous grunty the witch by collecting jigsaw pieces or what they would call them jiggies this game is one of my favorite nintendo 64 game its a very good game but I think the second one was more fun.I really enjoyed this game alot I played it when I was little and loved it even today.Peace out.

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Pokemon Fire Red
04-22-13 03:49 PM
pokemon fire red walkthrough
Pallet town
Depending on which one you chosse your starter will battle you with the pokemon with the better advantage type.
Rival Gary
if you chose bulbasaur
if you chose squrtle
if you chose charmander
Wild pokemon
The pokemon besides the gift pokemon from professor Oak are only available once you obtain a rod or get surf.
Okay press on new game and it will bring you to the screen get all the information in and you will appear upstairs in your room.Head downstairs you will see your mother head outside and  head toward route 1 route 21 is later available once you get the tm surf later in the game.Once you are about to leave Pallet north proffesor Oak will appear and say its unsafe to go out into the wild without a pokemon he will lead you to the lab and say to choose one pokemon the pokemon are squirtle,charmander,and bulbasaur which are listed above.Choose wisely for you can only pick one out of the three and are not possible to catch later in the game.After you pick your rival who name is refered as Gary or Blue but we will go with Gary for this walkthrough.He will challenge you to a battle his pokemon are listed above as well.After the battle he will head off head to the route you were about to enter until professor Oak interupted you earlier and you  will arrive on route 1.
Route 1
Wild pokemon
type:normal and flying
Just keep heading straight you will eventually reach Vir... Read the rest of this Guide

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