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08-01-21 01:00 PM
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Game Boy Advance

Players: 1-4
Hack Of:
Fire Emblem
Hack Type:
Graphic, Sound, Level, text,, Story, Game Mod

Game Genre:
Tactical RPG
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:
Fantasy, Turn-based

Play The Last Promise (v2.0) (Fire Emblem Hack) - Online Rom | Game Boy Advance

Play The Last Promise (v2.0) online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! The Last Promise (v2.0) is a rom hack of Fire Emblem (GBA). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

The Last Promise (v2.0)

The Last Promise (v2.0) Title ScreenThe Last Promise (v2.0) Screenshot 1
Last Promise, The (v2.0) Box Art FrontThe Last Promise (v2.0) Screenthot 2
Rating: 9.4
(46 votes)
Plays: 10,522
Filesize: 19,462kb

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The Last Promise (v2.0) Box Description

A millennium ago, on the continent of Blaine, humans and dragons fought. Humans, unable to match the power of the dragons, gathered together and saved themselves from the brink of extinction by relocating to Solum.

On this new continent, the people were divided--and over time, each territory formed its own way of life, choosing how its people would live and what ideals they would carry.

However, this all changes when Magnus, an empire with the greatest military on the continent, begins to invade the other territories. Though their campaign is time-consuming, they are successful in every way imaginable, quickly dominating Alicia to the north and Atheya to the east.

But across the continent, there are people ready to fight back to their dying breath. One of them is Siegfried, a former Knight Commander who has been in hiding ever since an injury he received from ten years ago. With his pain serving as a reminder of the vow he made that fated day, he and his son, Shon, take up arms to gather allies and do whatever it takes to stop Magnus from dominating the continent.

...Because some promises, are just worth dying for.

The Last Promise (v2.0) Game Description

The Last Promise is an elaborate hack of Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword, casually referred to as just "Fire Emblem" in North America. The game hacks pretty much every concept that you could possibly think of--characters, classes, weapons, animations, graphics, maps, music, text, script, etc.

Background Info:
- Part 1 (7/02/09)
- Part 2 [Release 1] (1/17/10)
- Part 2 [Release 2] (12/13/10)
- Part 2 [Final] (08/17/12)
- Post-Game [Beta 1] (03/30/13)
- Post-Game (06/10/13)

The Last Promise was, for the longest time, called "Tactics Universe" (as in, a world revolving around tactics and strategy), and before that was originally just called the "Fire Emblem Universe Game". It started off as a forum hack for the Fire Emblem Universe forums where members created profiles for characters and the forum attempted to work together to create the game.

Version Info:
[v2.0 - June 10th, 2013]
- After a long wait, Blazer fixed most of the issues with v2 beta 1. Some of the issues have yet to be fixed, though none are game-breaking. A couple small additions were made as well as plenty of adjustments, though most of the changes are still fixes.

[v2.0 beta 1 - March 30th, 2013]
- Many fixes. Constellation is included and includes everything but one final part. Supports are also fully implemented, as well as an epilogue and character endings.

[v1.3 - October 22nd, 2012]
- Some more fixes and balancing issues. As usual, Blazer wouldn't release a patch if it weren't worth updating your game for.

[v1.2 - September 9th, 2012]
- This version includes a TON of fixes.

[v1.1 - August 18th, 2012]
- Includes several bug fixes.

[v1.0 - August 17th, 2012]
- First release of the main game. The entire game was completed up to the final chapter. The bonus dungeon, Astral Rift, had not been completed. Supports, character endings, and the Epilogue were also not completed, due to time constraints. A few other extra things also weren't completed.

Last Promise, The (v2.0) (Game Boy Advance) Screenshots

X Last Promise, The (v2.0)
Last Promise, The (v2.0)
by BlackSteer26 (5/5)
nice Zoro with Onigiri
Last Promise, The (v2.0)
by Cavalheiro (5/5)
secret location of this spear
Last Promise, The (v2.0)
by Cavalheiro (5/5)
howard is a coward
Last Promise, The (v2.0)
by Cavalheiro (3.67/5)
Last Promise, The (v2.0)
by BlackSteer26 (3.33/5)
NOOO Siegried (...Die)
Last Promise, The (v2.0)
by BlackSteer26 (3.33/5)
Last Promise, The (v2.0)
by austipokedude (3/5)
Battle : A huge explosion!
Last Promise, The (v2.0)
by austipokedude (3/5)
Battle : Like father like son
Last Promise, The (v2.0)
by tobyguy (1/5)
Insane speed for a general!

Videos of The Last Promise (v2.0) Gameplay

There are no submitted videos for this Game

The Last Promise (v2.0) Reviews

Overall 9.4    Graphics 10    Sound 10    Addictive 10    Story 10    Depth 10    Difficulty 6

The Amazing FE hack !   Danteyuki
This hack of my favourite game (Fire Emblem) is just amazing ! Once you play it you can't return to ...
  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Story 10   Depth 10   Difficulty 6

      Review Rating: 2/5     Submitted: 08-02-13     Review Replies: 2

The Last Promise (v2.0) Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

The Last Promise (v2.0) Threads

There are no submitted threads for this Game

The Last Promise (v2.0) Guides and Walkthroughs

There are no submitted Guides for this Game

Users who own The Last Promise (v2.0)

There are no users who own this Game

Comments for The Last Promise (v2.0)

ari7654321 03-14-15 - 07:02 PM
Cobykid 12-07-14 - 12:44 AM
 This hack is nice, but really doesn't have much to offer in characters and level design.
GreenyMose 06-24-14 - 03:26 PM
 The nice hack is a good hack- Yoda XD lol
JoFlo520 03-19-14 - 10:33 PM
 This hack is great. Any Fire Emblem fan will love this game.
cyberstrategist.. 03-14-14 - 06:36 PM
 Is there any way to recruit the shaman boss on the prison board? since Kelik talks about her later and you have an extra slot in the last board on part 1
scraft_games 03-01-14 - 02:08 PM
 Finally beat the hardest chapter, CH 25 plus beat CH 26
merf 11-12-13 - 11:02 PM
 Quite easily the best Fire Emblem hack ever created! :) Blazer, you truly are a master at hacking!
alabged 09-23-13 - 03:40 AM
 This is a good hack
BlackSteer26 07-07-13 - 04:48 AM
 i stuck in ch 26 T_T
FireBlazerx17 06-12-13 - 05:58 PM
 Hope you enjoy! Report bugs etc. at !

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