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Barathemos's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Dragon Quest Characters - Torneko no Daibouken 2 Advance ok mr meat and potatoes
Mario Tennis - Power Tour Mario Comes in later in the game
St-Valentine's Day Strange game
Puckman Sounds V001 Love the sound
Music Vol 1 by Daniel Bienvenu Wow, amazing.
Logic Levels What even...
Juke Box This isn't even a game
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team You need to hit F2, if that doesn't work, use in game saving.
Final Test Cartridge I guess this "game" works
ColecoVision Monitor Test I guess this game is playable? Irdk, its not a game its just a screen

Barathemos's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Super Bikkuriman
01-14-23 11:48 PM
Super Bikkuriman Fight Time
A lesser known game from a lesser known anime, Super Bikkuriman is a fighting video game released in 1993 for the SNES. Seemingly a new entry into the fighting scene, the game was not very successful, for good reason, and Super Bikkuriman went on to be the only game released in the series. While not necessarily successful, Super Bikkuriman is a nice escape from the reality of quality story based games and a return to the button mashing of years past. While not the greatest game of all time, or really even not a top half game, loading up Super Bikkuriman for the first time made me feel young again, connecting with a time where video games were less than the travesty that is complex story and PvP.

Overall: 6.5
Don’t let the rating deter you from playing, the game is still fun and enjoyable, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend like there is all that much to it. As I will discuss in the sections below, this game seems more like a teaser for a better game to come than an actual game. Feeling half complete is nothing new on the gaming scene, but this game was obviously a small budget game only released to get the name of the anime out with Japanese SNES players and viewers. I recommend anyone give the game a try but go in with low expectations and you might even find yourself having a little bit more fun than to be expected.

Graphics: 7
Honestly, the graphics are one of the strongest components of the game. Obviously, there isn’t a huge need for complex graphics on an early 90s SNES game, but the visuals (for the most part) feel relatively smooth. There aren’t complex graphics to anime like in the competitor streetfighter, but that makes for a simplistic experience that doesn’t try to hard to go above and beyond. For an SNES game, anything that doesn’t make me want to cut my eyes out after 5 minutes of playing is a major win. I feel a 7 demonstrates a good understanding on how to implement graphics, even if they are largely na... Read the rest of this Review
Mario Tennis - Power Tour
01-12-23 01:17 PM
A Swing and a Hit
A lot has changed in the gaming world since Mario Tennis Power Tour was released on the GBA in 2005, but one thing has remained the same: the best Tennis game made. Following the success of Mario Tennis on the N64 and Mario Power Tennis on the GameCube, there were big shoes to fill, and the content provided in Power Tour rose to the occasion. Likely still my favorite Mario game to date (sorry Mario Kart and Kingdom Battle), Power Tour gave a new element to the traditional “Mario” game that I really enjoyed; not always having Mario, more on that later. Even 10 years after I originally played through the game, I still find myself coming back to the Play Your Games tab to load up Power Tour and get some quality tennis games in.

Overall: 9.8
Power Tour deserves every bit of the 9.8 I’m giving it, and you’ll find out exactly why below. The game is exceptionally well produced and delivers all of the facets I enjoy in a game. Quality story, quality character development and interactions, as well as great cameos from the classic characters make the game well rounded and overall fun to play. The game is made for both Tennis fans and Mario fans, giving you the best of both worlds. Power Tour started me off on my non main series Mario phase, which brought me to other games I really enjoy: Kingdom Battle and Aces.

Graphics: 9
Obviously in 2023 the graphics are nothing to write home about, but for a late 2005 GBA game, the graphics were incredible. While the game uses the basic top-down camera and drawing style, the additional effects added to the world and the in-match tennis effects are simply awesome. Not only does each special move have their own character and ball animation, but the normal swing and ball movement animations are flawless as well. The overworld, while not at the same level as later GBA games, still looks nice and is enjoyable to roam around while not doing specific tennis missions.

Sound: 10
The sound for the g... Read the rest of this Review
04-06-16 07:59 PM
NASCAR 2000 Review
NASCAR 2000 is another NASCAR game that I have played many times and have enjoyed quite a bit. NASCAR 2000 was released first on the Game Boy Color, not the Game Boy advanced, which I reviewed yesterday, which makes the game so much more different than the other ones. This game however, isn't really that good based on the other games for the NASCAR games released in the early 2000s and the late 1990s, so I actually didn't rate this so great. Thankfully, the game wasn't that bad and still did have many high points.

Graphics: 4
This is where I am really going to hit this game hard. I'm just going to be completely honest, this game looked bad. Not awful, but still bad. Based on some other NASCAR games and other racing games on the Game boy color, this was quite honestly a pretty dang big disappointment. When I first started the game, I just kinda didn't know what was going on. The option screens are bland and hard to look at, and I didn't want to spend any more time selecting what I wanted to play than I had to, so I didn't. When I finally was able to get passed that and get on to the game, I was taken aback. The game looks choppy and has badly pixelated cars, grass, walls, pits, and everything else in the entire game. Things just don't go well at in the game, and I was really mad about the fact that I was about to play this game and write a review. After about 25 minutes of painfully playing the game and looking at the screen, you get used to the graphics and you begin to not think that it looks so bad. If it hadn't been for the notes I had written down when originally playing the game, I probably would have given the game a slightly higher score with this, maybe a 5 or a 6, but because of my first impressions, I just couldn't give the game a higher score. However, I liked some of the ending such as when you win a race, the graphics and the animation looks pretty good. That was my favorite part of the graphics and why I gave the graphics a 4.
Read the rest of this Review
NASCAR Heat 2002
04-05-16 07:19 PM
NASCAR Heat 2002 Review
NASCAR Heat 2002 is one of the many NASCAR games that I have played in my lifetime. Is it one of my favorites? No, but that is because there are so many other completely amazing NASCAR games that have come out quite a bit later that tip the scale away from NASCAR Heat 2002. When the game was sold, it was pretty much the same type of game for the time. In this review I will go into what made this game stand out to me, and why I enjoyed it much more than the just previous NASCAR games.

Graphics: 9
Graphics were a standout to me and a valid reason why I liked this version of the NASCAR top down games more than previous. The graphics were moderately good pushing great for the age the game came out, and with the top down flow of the game instead of the from behind view of other NASCAR games, and this allowed it to take on a different perspective as the game went along. Making the graphics more simple made it also easier to make the game look better. This NASCAR game made tracks look like actual tracks instead of crummy cement placed in the middle of a wheat field, and allowed for extra features, such as rubble strips and higher contrast walls. Not to mention, the cars look like cars, and look great. The main part of the graphics that made it look the best was the fluency of the cars. When the cars moved, the game didn't lag or stay behind to try to correct the colors that stayed. When cars move, they move, and so do every part of the car. This seems like something obvious for a racing game, but back in the early 2000's, this wasn't so obvious and had to have lots of work put in to make the game playable. Graphics was one thing that this game got pretty much right, and why I game the game a 9 out of 10.

Sound: 7
For a racing game back in the dawn of racing games, I've got to give NASCAR heat 2002 some credit. If you look at some of the other games such as formula 1 racer and top gear, along with other games of the sort, they didn't sound g... Read the rest of this Review
05-31-15 01:48 PM
The Greatest Game Of All Time
Rickroll is, without a doubt in my entire mind, the greatest game of all time. What makes this game so great? Well, it's just amazing. The game has amazing sound, it is VERY addicting, has plenty to do, and is VERY hard to complete. It is all that we would want in a game, isn't it? Well this game has everything that someone would want to have in a game. There is a multi player where you just blast your speakers at full volume so everyone can "play" the game. There is also the On line game where you can send someone a link to the game and they can play it without having the RGR plug in on a player called "Youtube". I know some of you may think of this as a joke, but its not, I just wannna tell you how I'm feeling, I've Gotta make you understand. A full commitment's what this game is thinking of. The creators of this game new exactly what they had to do, and they did it, getting the whole game PERFECT. All of you readers, I am going to be as truthful as possible as I'm Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.Let's get into the details shall we?

Graphics: 3
Even though this game is perfect, I just have to be honest, the graphics suck. They're terrible. Just look at the screen shots on the game page, they make your eyes hurt. The graphics already have lines going across the screen making the picture hard to see, and at the end of the game, a bunch of weird colors just start flashing, and you no longer can see well enough to play the game. However, this in no way matters, as the game is still really fun to play and everything. I just had to tell this game that I'd Never run around and desert it and I would never make it cry. I Also had to promise that I wouldn't tell a lie and hurt it. There isn't much to the graphics, they just pretty much suck. But why should the really crappy quality of the graphics weigh down the other aspects of the game, which are perfect. The graphics may be bad, but I can still play the game, and with a game like this, that is all that... Read the rest of this Review

Barathemos's Last 5 Game Guides (view last 25)
Pokemon HeartGold Version
04-07-16 07:04 PM
Pokemon Heart Gold Major Battle Guide
Pokemon HeartGold Important Battles stratagy guide

Section 1: Gyms

Gym 1- Violet City Gym
In the violet city gym you will have to battle the gym leader of Flying Type Pokemon, Falkner.

Falkner has the following pokemon with these moves:
Pidgey Level 9:
Knows Tackle and Sand Attack. Has the ability Keen Eye, isn't holding an item.
Pidgeotto Level 13:
Knows Tackle, Roost, and Gust. Has the ability Keen Eye, isn't holding an item.

At this point in the game, you will have your starter Pokemon along with a few other wild
pokemon which include Pidgey, Rattata, Sentret, and Hoothoot. Of these Pokemon, your best bet
at victory would be a trained starter pokemon, a trained Rattata or a trained Sentret. I would
recommend against using Pidgey or Hoothoot due to the fact that they are flying type Pokemon,
and their moves, unless you use tackle, would have very little hit power against Falkner's
Pokemon during your battle. I would recommend you keep the Pokemon on your team just in case,
but don't go into battle primed to use them to get you to victory.

Zephyr Badge
TM51 and use of HM06
All Pokemon up to level 20 will obey you

Gym 2- Azalea Town Gym
In the Azalea Town Gym you will have to battle bug type trainer Bugsy.

Bugsy has the following Pokemon with moves:
Scyther level 17:
Knows Quick Attack, Leer, U-Turn, and Focus Energy. Ability is technician and holds a sitrus
Kakuna level 15:
Knows Poison sting. Ability is Shed Skin and holds no item.
Metapod level 15:
Knows Tackle. Ability is Shed Skin and holds no item.

This is when your flying Pokemon that you couldn't use in the prvious Gym come in handy.
Flying type Pokemon have much strengh against Bug type Pokemon. However, Scyther is also
flying type, so the use of your starter Pokemon or again of Rattata, or hopefully Raticate if Read the rest of this Guide
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
01-25-15 07:45 AM
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Guide: Los Santos
I. Main Story Mode Guide
Ia. Los Santos- The beginning
1. Big Smoke
The opening cut scene of the game begins telling you about everything that has happened since CJ lefts to go to the east coast. Friends, family, dead in the violence between the different gangs. The game will begin with you meeting Big Smoke in the Johnson house. You will be in a cemetery when a drive by run by the Ballas comes and attacks you and your friends.
A. Sweet and Kendl
You will gain control of your character, and will be told to go and get one of the bikes sitting nearby. Run over and get on. You will need to keep up with your brother, Sweet, the little blue dot on the map up in the left corner. Make sure to stay behind him the whole time, not to go too far ahead or behind as you may find yourself lost and unable to catch up, or be hit by the drive by. When you get to the next cut scene, under the highway, you will be told to split up. Now, you will be following another one of your homies, Ryder. Continue to follow Ryder closely until you get back to Grove Street. Go to the red marker in front of you and stop. Now go inside the house with the yellow marker out front and walk all the way to the other end of your house to the blue floppy disk, use this to save. You may return here at any time to save you game, unless you are currently on a mission. If you go up the stairs on your right (as you exit the save room) there will be a room with a yellow marker, and one without one. If you go into the room with the yellow marker, you can add cloths or remove them as you buy them. (See IIh) the other room will have a Camera in it that you can pick up. Go ahead downstairs and out the yellow marker near the front door. There you will get a phone call, where you will be instructed to go over to Ryder’s house, which will appear as an R on your map.
Simply Put:
Get on your bike, follow Sweet, and then follow Ryder.
Possible ways to fail:
i. CJ gets killedRead the rest of this Guide
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
01-25-15 07:45 AM
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Guide: Countryside
Ib. Country Side- The start of it all
A. Badlands
The mission badlands is one given to you by C.R.A.S.H. member Tenpenny in which you are to take out an ex police officer up on top of a mountain. In this mission you must kill the ex police officer, and bring back proof. For this, you must use a camera, which will have already been given to you. Also, it is VERY recommended that you go to the Ammu Nation and pick up a SILENCED PISTOL for this mission, allowing you to kill the FBI agents patrolling the cabin and get the suspect before he runs away. To start, you must get up onto the mountain. Don’t drive too quickly, as there are sections you can fall off of, and will have to go all the way back down to the bottom of the mountain and start again. Once you get close to the cabin, get out of your car/ off of your motorcycle. Motorcycle is highly recommended for this mission as it is easiest to get up the mountain. Once there, sneak around back using the trees. Switch to your silenced pistol if you don’t have it out. Walk up to them, and kill each FBI agent. They’ll be walking around the cabin, and be careful, if they see you, the person inside will run. Once you’ve killed them, go around front and take a picture of the guy inside. Once you have, shoot him and kill him. DO NOT LET HIM GET AWAY.  He will eventually stop driving and will get out of his car and just kind of wander around. During this, you should kill him if you haven’t already. If this doesn’t happen for you, just continue to chase him down and take him out. After you have done this, take another picture. Now, go back down the mountain and deliver the pictures to Tenpenny.
Simply Put: Get a silenced pistol from Ammu Nation. Then, go up the mountain and take out the guards. Then, go inside and take a picture of the witness. Then, kill him. After this, take another picture of him and bring the pictures back to Tenpenny.
Ways to fail:
i. CJ gets ki... Read the rest of this Guide
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
01-25-15 07:45 AM
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Guide: San Fierro
Ic. San Fierro- A new Garage
A. Wear Flowers in your hair
This mission, the first in San Fierro, is for the truth. In this mission you are to pick up a few of the truth’s friends who he thinks will be able to help out with the mod garage. In this mission, you must first get into a four door car to go and pick up three friends. The first one is at the gas station in the east of town. When you get there, make sure to honk the horn, and he will come and join you. From there, go to the hospital down town, where you will be told to go to a hot dog stand. When you get there, honk your horn, and a second person will come out and join you. Next, you will have to go to the police station, where you will be told to go to the RC shop. Go to the RC shop and honk your horn. Then you can drive back to the Doherty garage.
Simply Put: Get inside the car. Drive to the gas station. Honk the horn. Drive to the hospital. Drive to the Hot dog Van. Honk the horn. Drive to the Police station. Drive to the RC shop. Honk the horn Drive back to the Doherty Garage.
Ways to fail:
i. CJ gets killed
ii. CJ gets busted
iii. Zero gets killed
iv. The truth gets killed
v. Dwayne gets killed
vi. Jethro gets killed
i. None
B. 555 WE TIP
555 WE TIP is a mission you will do for C.R.A.S.H. where you must frame a DA who is causing Tenpenny problems by planting drugs into his car and calling the police on him. You must follow the Valet down into the car lot and waste him. Once you have done this you should pick up the valet uniform and put it on. Then go out to the curb and wait until the DA arrives in his car. Take his car over to the garage where drugs will be put in it. Go back to the parking area and park his car in the correct space. Go back up to the top and wait until the DA has returned. When the DA returns, go and call the cops.
Simply put: Kill the valet and take his uniform. Then wait for the DA to get there and take... Read the rest of this Guide
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
01-25-15 07:44 AM
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Guide: Deserted Airstrip (Verdant Meadows)
Id. Deserted Airstrip
A. Monster
This mission is pretty simple. All you must do is get into the monster truck and complete a winning time trial time. This is pretty easy as you have about 20 checkpoints and you get 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Just drive smoothly and calmly, but fast and you’ll be sure to win the level.
Ways to fail:
i. CJ gets killed
ii. CJ gets busted
iii. Monster is destroyed
iv. Time runs out
i. $1000-$5000 depending on your time
B. Highjack
In this mission, you are to steal a tanker that is driving down the highway with Cesar. Get the bike and pick up Cesar. After you have picked him up, you must drive quickly and get next to the tanker. Drive smoothly but close to the taker allowing Cesar to hop onto it and toss out the driver. From there Cesar will stop the tanker and you will be able to get in. Then, drive the tanker back to the Garage in Doherty.
Simply Put: Pick up Cesar on the bike. Drive next to the tanker and allow Cesar to jump up on top of it. Get into the tanker and drive it back to the Doherty garage.
Ways to fail:
i. CJ gets killed
ii. CJ gets busted
iii. Cesar is killed
iv. Tanker reaches destination
v. Tanker is destroyed
i. Respect
ii. $7,000
C. Interjection
In this mission, you must get some things for Mike Toreno by shooting down some police helicopters. Start by going and getting the rockets from the spot he has set out for you. Then, take any of the vehicles and drive to the top of the mountain. See the helicopter come in, and be ready to shoot down some police helicopters. As soon as the police helicopters come, soot them down as quickly as possible. As soon as they are all down, receive the package and take it back to the hideout.
Simply put: Get to the spot that Mike Toreno has set out for you. From there, get the rockets and drive up to the top of the mountain and await the helicopters arrival. When i... Read the rest of this Guide

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