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06-24-21 08:06 AM
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Game Boy Color

Players: 1
Hack Of:
Pokemon Crystal
Hack Type:
Game Mod

Game Genre:
Role-Playing (RPG)
Game Perspective:
Genre Non-Sport:
Turn-based, Anime / Manga

Play Pokemon Crystal World (hack) (Pokemon Crystal Hack) - Online Rom | Game Boy Color

Play Pokemon Crystal World (hack) online with Game Boy Color browser emulation for free! Pokemon Crystal World (hack) is a rom hack of Pokemon Crystal (GBC). Play it with our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Pokemon Crystal World (hack)

Pokemon Crystal World (hack) Title ScreenPokemon Crystal World (hack) Screenshot 1
Pokemon Crystal World (hack) Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.7
(301 votes)
Plays: 51,290
Filesize: 1,030kb

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Pokemon Crystal World (hack) Game Description

A hack of Pokemon Crystal where everything has been changed. One of the best Pokemon Crystal hacks out there.


DO NOT SAVE when you're in Glitch World. To get past glitch world, enter the cave in Ecruteak City.

after you've received the PokeGear, go to the PokeGear to the screen that shows the Day and Time. Simply pressing up or down will change the game's Clock (this game has been modified to support this feature as of 6/18/09).

Pokemon Crystal World (hack) (Game Boy Color) Screenshots

X Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by lilthr33nil (5/5)
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by tornadodeltavenge (5/5)
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by pieguy8 (5/5)
Its right in front of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by pieguy8 (5/5)
LAB... no its a forest
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by nicolasrene (3/5)
Location : lol walking through walls.
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by nicolasrene (3/5)
Location : im on the roof of the house
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by RioluFan4000 (3/5)
Cut-Scene : MOM! Get off the table im trying to eat
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by RioluFan4000 (3/5)
Cut-Scene : No thats a tree... and you're hugging it O_o
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by tedy (5/5)
Battle : Explain this! this is the 3rd gym and really!
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by RioluFan4000 (3/5)
Battle : Please tell me someone gets this
Pokemon Crystal World (hack)
by nicolasrene (3/5)
Level : object

Videos of Pokemon Crystal World (hack) Gameplay

Pokemon Crystal World (hack) Featured Review

Pokemon Crystal World (hack) Review by: gamerforlifefor.. - 9/10

Pokemon Crystal World Review
So far this year in the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, I've already reviewed a few official Pokemon titles. Today, I'm going to be doing something a little different. I'm going to be reviewing a hack that I still consider one of the hardest Pokemon hacks of all time: Pokemon Crystal World. It was created by Miksy91, and today, I'm going to go ahead and review it.

Graphics: 6/10 For the most part, this hack's visuals are the same as Pokemon Crystal. However, a few areas do look very different, such as the Violet City Gym, which now has an ice maze that you have to figure out before you can battle Falkner. Some other weird changes were made as well, such as your rival facing the opposite direction of Professor Elm's lab, which is now towards the bottom of New Bark Town, instead of being towards the exit. In addition, if you leave Ecruteak City through the gate you would use to go to route 38, you'll enter a glitch world that you cannot exit from. These changes make no sense, and show how much better each area in the game looks in Pokemon Crystal than in Pokemon Crystal World. Overall, there's too much weird stuff going on with the visuals, so instead of giving the graphics a 10 like I would've given to Pokemon Crystal, I'm giving the graphics in this game a 6.

Sound: 10/10 Thankfully unlike the graphics, the music in Pokemon Crystal World is unchanged from the masterpiece that is Pokemon Crystal. You still get to listen to all the wonderful classics such as the champion theme, both the Kanto and Johto Gym Leader themes, and every other track from the GBC classic. There's nothing more I can say about the sound, except that I'm giving this category a 10.

Addictiveness: 9/10
Pokemon Crystal World has as much replayability as any of the mainstream gen 2 Pokemon games. There are still the 251 Pokemon from the first 2 gens to catch, there's still the same amount of gyms to beat as in G/S/C. Most importantly of all though is that Pokemon Crystal World provides a significantly higher amount of difficulty than all the mainstream Pokemon games put together. For veterans of the series who want to play a super challenging and addicting Pokemon hack, Pokemon Crystal World is the game for you. Overall, Pokemon Crystal World is definitely addicting enough for me to give the addictiveness a 9.

Story: 8/10 The story in this game is the same as in Pokemon Crystal, so I'm going to keep this brief. You're a 10 year old kid who goes on a Pokemon journey to capture many different types of Pokemon, battle gym leaders, take on the Pokemon League, and eventually, take on the greatest trainer of all, Red. Along the way, you have encounters with a rival who stole a Pokemon from Professor Elm's lab, as well as Team Rocket, who has come out of hiding to take over the Johto region. As well as trying to become the greatest Pokemon trainer, taking down Team Rocket like Red did 2 years prior is a top priority. Overall, the story in this game's good enough for me to give it an 8.

Depth: 10/10 In Pokemon Crystal World, you get to explore 2 regions: the Johto and Kanto regions, you get to battle a grand total of 16 gym leaders, the elite 4, the champion, and eventually battle Red. You get to catch the Pokemon from the first 2 gens, so there's a huge amount of content in this hack, similar to Pokemon Crystal. Overall, there's more than enough content here for me to give the depth category a 10.

Difficulty: 10/10 This is the category that separates Pokemon Crystal World from the mainstream classic it was hacked from. The toughness of every trainer in the game has been dramatically increased, which is most noticeable in the gym battles. Starting with Falkner, you'll see just how insanely tough Pokemon Crystal World truly is when he uses a level 14 Aerodactyl and level 16 Skarmory. From there, things just get tougher when the 2nd gym leader in the game has an Entei on his team, and each gym leaders Pokemon levels gradually get more and more insane. By the time you reach Kanto, you'll start seeing Pokemon who's levels are higher than 100. If this doesn't show you how crazy the difficulty in Pokemon Crystal World is, I don't know what will. I've never played a harder Pokemon hack than this one, so I'm definitely giving this category a 10.

Overall Score: 9/10 While Pokemon Crystal World has an insanely high difficulty level, I still highly recommend to those of you who want to take on a massive challenge. There isn't much else that's changed from Pokemon Crystal, other than some areas looking different and some characters being found in strange places. Overall, I'm giving Pokemon Crystal World a 9 out of 10.
  Graphics 6   Sound 10   Addictive 9   Depth 10   Story 8   Difficulty 10

Pokemon Crystal World (hack) Reviews

Overall 8.7    Graphics 6    Sound 10    Addictive 9    Story 8    Depth 10    Difficulty 10

Pokemon Crystal World Review   gamerforlifefor..
So far this year in the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, I've already reviewed a few official Pokemon ti...
  Graphics 6   Sound 10   Addictive 9   Story 8   Depth 10   Difficulty 10

      Review Rating: 5/5     Submitted: 04-26-16     Review Replies: 0

Pokemon Crystal World (hack) Highscores

There are no submitted highscores for this Game

Pokemon Crystal World (hack) Threads

There are no submitted threads for this Game

Pokemon Crystal World (hack) Guides and Walkthroughs

Guide / Walkthrough

Users who own Pokemon Crystal World (hack)

There are no users who own this Game

Game Characters in Pokemon Crystal World (hack)

Comments for Pokemon Crystal World (hack)

DmkEpicStar 01-24-15 - 02:12 AM
 The first gym is impossible to beat can't even get past Falkner's first Pokemon. My two Pokemon are a Zapdos and a Ivysaur right? Well when I go to use Ivysaur Falkner uses fly then when I bring out Zapdos he uses rockslide. He's completely impossible.
MeatAndPotatoes 12-30-14 - 04:30 PM
 The cat ran up on me. I said, "Nope!"
lavadoacido 05-20-14 - 10:19 AM
 how can I start this game? goes to "new game" option but cannot move forward :(
gnilleps 11-10-13 - 07:34 PM
 I can't seem to find fly OR the bicycle. Anybody know how to help me out?
Sašenka 08-28-13 - 05:46 AM
 iS BEST game !!!!!!!!!!!
rotepferd 05-31-13 - 03:10 PM
 lol, nevermind I was being stupid. the gym is right at the bottom of the city
rotepferd 05-31-13 - 02:54 PM
 Now, where I'm stuck, is Ecruteak City. I can't get to the gym, so I can't use surf yet. When I try to go through the building on the west side of town, my screen turns white...
rotepferd 05-31-13 - 02:53 PM
 To get to Faulkner you go to the ruins of alph, and go all the way up. on the left there's a building you can get through to the other side. go east, and you should make it to the Gym.
mikarock 05-19-13 - 05:42 PM
 and more
mikarock 05-19-13 - 05:41 PM
 L44 vilplum in dark cave :o at the start haha
toothless91 04-03-13 - 11:58 PM
 Im having trouble saving the game. I have a mac if that makes any difference. I save in the game, then double click the menu and save that way. As soon as I do that, I can no longer do anything in the game, like my buttons don't work. Help please.
sakib90 03-03-13 - 03:59 PM
 falkner easy go to violet city gym i know the way but it dont know how to start it
sakib90 03-03-13 - 11:46 AM
 when will my moltres learn fire spin thing is he's not in crystal
sakib90 03-03-13 - 10:16 AM
 which one was better not articuno zapdos or moltres which has better moves
JordyGirl92 12-11-12 - 08:47 PM
 How do I get past Ilex Forest???
Wolfen112 12-03-12 - 03:02 AM
 too many glitches to play this game....
weazus 08-29-12 - 04:20 PM
 did anyone find a way to get 2 faulkner?
shyeevee 08-04-12 - 08:12 AM
 *starts playing*....huh.....i got a graphics glitch!
kyde 07-28-12 - 07:18 PM
 the s, r, and b doesnt show up in the dialect but i like the idea of this game.
Spyro787 06-20-12 - 09:01 AM
 I think Suicune is a water and psychic type in here like Staryu and Starmie.
Spyro787 06-19-12 - 09:59 PM
 Thank god its Crystal, so I got the whole Bird Trio!
levente 06-17-12 - 01:49 AM
 MY pokemon out of the bird trio IS articuno
miriah123456789 06-13-12 - 11:46 PM
Sparksirk 06-11-12 - 07:07 PM
 Hell yeah Moltres
Elcuauh123 06-09-12 - 04:32 PM
 how can i evolve pokemons that evolve by trade?? like steelix or gengar??

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