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12-11-19 03:42 AM

Friend List

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Eniitan's Friend List (53)

A+ Special Best: TornadoMudkip,

Always There: Barathemos,

An Old Friend: pika pika raikou,

B+ Special Best: Zlinqx, RDay13, Matthew2321, deggle, pokemon x, Juliet, IgorBird122,

Cool Friend: iN008,

Great Friends: SuperCrash64, Mohammedroxx3, ender44, bobq, megamanmaniac, patar4097, Lexatom, YourMajestyKen, Eddy88, bombchu link, Marcmoney, Furret,

Great grampa: Minuano,

Great grandma: Sweaty Baby,

Muff: sonicmcmuffin,

My Big Bro: Eirinn,

My Father : geeogree,

My Little Bro: Jahfrian, greenluigi, fearlessjazp567,

My Little Sis: -Drew-, Momo Aria, ZeroTails,

My Uncle :3: MattyIce, thing1,

MyTwin Sister: Snowchu,

Online Friend: The Star of Music, Beastmode64, FaithFighter, gamerforlifeforever, Vanelan, zanderlex,

Shadow: Sword Legion,

Sis: Bintsy,

The 3Guiderteers: EX Palen, Laian, Eniitan,

The Boss @_@: Davideo7, DavidTest20,

Werid humor XD: Pringur0,

Young Dragon Pet: Seishiro Leonhart,

Younger Bro: sonicthehedgehog57,

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