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Thunder & Lightning - Easy Graphics   Rank 4/9 : 43,650
Pac-Man   Rank 4/29 : 38,720
Simpsons, The (4 Players World, set 1)   Rank 4/10 : 312
Sonic the Hedgehog   Rank 5/52 : 1,242,510
Spy Hunter   Rank 5/21 : 50,955
Warpman   Rank 6/17 : 48,010
Daze Before Christmas   Rank 7/17 : 234,900
Super Mario Bros.   Rank 7/22 : 228,850
Road Fighter   Rank 8/15 : 38,650
Pokemon Pinball - Ruby & Sapphire   Rank 9/42 : 369,706,220
Mega Man   Rank 10/44 : 2,282,700
New Retro Mario Bros   Rank 10/13 : 77,560
Ms. Pacman   Rank 11/14 : 22,370
Sonic the Hedgehog 2   Rank 12/36 : 320,920
Balloon Fight   Rank 13/36 : 153,950
Gradius III   Rank 13/22 : 143,300
Dig Dug   Rank 13/44 : 51,520
Hang On   Rank 15/23 : 81,830
Star Fox Competition - Weekend Edition   Rank 16/22 : 82,541
Double Dragon   Rank 17/30 : 34,360
Tetris (nintendo)   Rank 24/91 : 71,428
Tetris   Rank 26/33 : 19,294
Nintendo World Championships 1990   Rank 34/44 : 96,990
Bubble Bobble   Rank 37/40 : 71,090
Galaga - Demons of Death   Rank 49/89 : 40,440
Donkey Kong   Rank 65/117 : 37,200
Pac-Man (Tengen)   Rank 66/142 : 22,640
Super Mario Bros   Rank 126/169 : 52,150
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RavusRat's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 yes i literally own 7 ps4 controllers...
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 i casually finish the first stage around 24 seconds or so..
Sonic the Hedgehog Gotta love the difficulty curb :P
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 sonic 2 is easy peasy :D
Sonic the Hedgehog sadly i don't have the time to spend 5 hours to get the score >_
Nintendo World Championships 1990 WELL HERE GOES NOTHING LOL
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Pfft it's easy to generate fake endings and post them on youtube, just play the game xD
Tetris c type music ftw xD
Sonic the Hedgehog oh im just messing around first lol
Sonic the Hedgehog cant spindash in sonic 1 and rcarter2 i might just play through this generally and see how far i am off the top scores

RavusRat's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition
04-03-20 09:29 PM
Muffin Reviews Divinity Original Sin
Divinity Original Sin is an RPG game that has a lot of old school mechanics but has updated and slightly adapted them for the current generation of gaming.

The game was considered a success and has got a sequel which i will probably be reviewing in the distant future once i get the chance to play it.

The graphics are solid. Obviously it will vary slightly depending on what quality settings you play it on as it's a PC game, but honestly it still is a very good looking rpg. I don't really have many complaints on how the game looks at all. The only things that i really hope they could have improved on was the variety of armor and player icon looks available. When you play a game that actually shows the gear your wearing i feel that it really adds to it if you don't constantly seem to be wearing the same gear throughout the whole game.. I played with a sword and shield and i can remember 4 shield designs in a game i played for over 100 hours.

The sound is very good, It's very immersive and it actually had me humming along at some points which is great. I actually have no issues with the soundtrack at all and a lot of the character dialogue is Voice Acted which is great also.

Addictiveness and Depth
Considering i played this with Symphonic roughly 3 times a week for 3-4 months. I'd say it was addicting enough to want to play it til it's end. I honestly probably won't play the game again as we pretty much did everything besides a couple of small quests. Considering we played for 100 hours. I'd consider this game at least addicting enough for players to want to finish. You could also play on insane difficulties and with different members so the ability to play more than once is definitely there. It even has an ironman mode if i recall

The story was alright. It had a decent premise but there were parts that didn't really hit the mark for me personally. There was also a time wh... Read the rest of this Review
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X
02-17-19 03:59 AM
Muffin reviews Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X
Welcome to my review of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X and yes that is quite a mouthful for a title of a game. 

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X is a rhythm game which has a song list comprised solely of vocaloid tracks and medleys. The aim of the game is to score enough points in a song to first clear the song, these points will then be put towards an overall score for that genre and after you achieve that total score you unlock a crystal. The first time round after doing this you unlock a medley of songs that fits that genre.. Once you've done that for each genre. You can work towards getting the 2nd crystal for each one and rinse repeat.. Also you'll have to deal with questions from the Vocaloid's from time to time. And completing songs gives you random drops to gift to each vocaloid to slowly raise your friendship levels. 

The graphics in this game are good, Most of the time it's just the vocaloids in the background dancing but each song has it's own stage and there's 30 songs with the game so that's 30 stages just for the songs themselves. For me the graphics were not too distracting when actually playing the game which can actually be a huge issue with rhythm games. Each character also has lots of different costumes that give bonuses and some can be used together to get a further bonus as well. The User Interface is also easy to use and understand which is expected of games these days but for this game it's really clear on what does what and so on.

if you like vocaloids then you really like the sound of the game, if you don't then first I'm not sure why you'd play the game to begin with. And secondly sound isn't totally necessary to play the game but it does make it a bit harder with there being no rhythm to actually play to. Besides that there are options for what noises the notes make when you hit them or if you want you can make them silent. For me this is one of the most important categories when it com... Read the rest of this Review
Fallout Shelter
02-06-19 12:18 PM
Muffin Reviews Fallout Shelter
Hey and welcome to my review of Fallout Shelter, I hope you enjoy it. 

Fallout Shelter is a game that was originally a mobile phone game, it has been ported to the PS4 for some weird reason but I have no complaints. I may be recalling this wrong but I'm pretty sure the launch of this game got a bad reputation as the Fallout community wanted a decent game... and then well Fallout 76 happened.... Anyways it's essentially a simple management game that you can just play once a day (or more consistently if needs be)... So let's begin.

Also keep in mind that I will be reviewing this game as I would a PS4 game, and not a mobile game. 

The graphics for the game are actually decent, they're very simple but also effective. It especially helps that the game is pretty much in the style of the vault boy. By that I mean it's cartoonish and clean, but also recognizable. The vault dwellers also stand out from the backgrounds.
It's nothing amazing obviously but it by no means looks bad at all. 

The sound design is simple but yet again effective. Events happen periodically and the sound design instantly informs you what the issue may be, whether it's fire, infestation, bandits or the mysterious stranger. Which is important as besides the mysterious man the other 3 are a detriment for your vault. 

As it was initially a phone game you can see how it's designed to be addictive, well addictive to those who don't mind throwing change at a game to make it go faster at least. Happily though this isn't a game that requires the sending of the monies. I've platinumed it without doing so, So for the average player they definitely can have fun without having to spend a penny. However this is one of those games that people play like once a day for five minutes.. Or pretty much not at all. If you actually launch the game and don't think it's horrible within the first hour or so... Then you'l... Read the rest of this Review
Youtubers Life: OMG Edition
01-27-19 05:06 PM
Muffin Reviews Youtubers life.
Welcome to my review of Youtuber's life.. I would say I hope you enjoy it but if it's anything like the game... this review is gonna be pretty awful

Youtubers life is a game about becoming a popular youtuber. You slowly work your way from your mum's house to your own luxury abode. You can make friends or enemies on the way, make collaborations with other people and even get a significant other... Truly this game personifies what it's like to become a famous youtuber... well unless you have any sense of how the real world works at least. 

The graphics in this game are Okay, they are by no means good but not awful enough that you don't know what you are looking at... It does however look like a game that could have easily been made on a PlayStation 2. They went for this cartoonish art style that reminds me a little bit of how maple story/ portal knights looks. It's basically the generic way most cartoonish games with character creation in it look.. If that description helps at all. It's not hideous but its not good either... it's a big bag of meh... 

The sound for me was just super boring, so much that about an hour into the game I just played the game on mute and actually listened to my own music, There was nothing that made me wanted to listen to any of the sound aspects at all. In fact they pretty much irritated me constantly. To give it credit I suppose, you literally need no sound to be able to play this game either.. As issues appear in thought bubbles like in Sims games. The sound is just forgettable at best

This game is not addictive at all. It's a cash grab for people that like decent games like game Dev tycoon or similar management type games. The game has 3 routes to go down. Musician, Gamer and Chef. The only difference between them that I found is the things you use, e.G A gamer buys consoles and games. But the Musician buys you guessed it... Instruments and songs!...&n... Read the rest of this Review
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
01-25-19 03:52 PM
Muffin Reviews Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Hello and welcome to my Review of Spyro Reignited Trilogy. I hope you enjoy it. (Insert this is review number blah blah blah here)

Spyro reignited trilogy is a remaster of the original Trilogy of games on the PlayStation 1. It is a faithful remake, by that I mean they haven't changed the way the game plays or level layouts. They have just bought the game into this generation of console.

Spyro is a purple young dragon that finds himself in 3 different adventures in this trilogy, whether it's freeing the elder dragons from crystal from Gnasty Gnorc, Saving Avalar from Ripto's clutches, or stopping a maniacal Sorceress who wants to kill all dragons and extend her rule indefinitely. He'll be collecting gems, keys, eggs and orbs on his adventures.. So get ready for a flaming time. 

The graphics for the games have been greatly improved, which honestly is to be expected from 20 years of advancement in gaming. The games haven't lost anything from transition to ps1 to ps4. The increased detail of the worlds makes them feel more magical than ever before. Whilst remaining loyal to the design of the originals. 

The sound design for the game is great. They even made a new soundtrack for the games, but for those who want a nostalgia trip the original soundtracks for the ps1 games are available to use in game as well. To answer the question which one is better? I have no idea honestly, One doesn't stand above the other.. To me honestly they're both great to listen to casually. 

This game can be rather addictive if your a completionist. However if you played the original 3 games to completion it won't take you that long to complete all 3 games. It took me 4 days of casual game play to fully complete all 3 games. Now I assume that most players won't beat them that fast. The point is that once I beat all 3 games fully I haven't played the game again.  So essentially what I'm tryi... Read the rest of this Review

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