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07-26-21 12:48 PM
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Game Boy Advance
Nintendo of America
Nintendo Co.

Players: 1-2

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
3rd-Person Perspective, Platform, Side-Scrolling

Play Super Mario Bros. (GBA) - Online Rom | Game Boy Advance

Play Super Mario Bros. online with Game Boy Advance browser emulation for free! Super Mario Bros. (GBA) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Title ScreenSuper Mario Bros. Screenshot 1
Super Mario Bros. Box Art FrontSuper Mario Bros. Box Art BackSuper Mario Bros. Screenthot 2
Rating: 7.9
(47 votes)
Plays: 7,231
Filesize: 433kb

Super Mario Bros. (Game Boy Advance) Screenshots

X Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.
by ruesen (5/5)
Level World 1-1: Mario's moustache disappeared!
Super Mario Bros.
by rebelyell (5/5)
double hit
Super Mario Bros.
by ruesen (4.75/5)
Level World 1-2: Warp Zone!
Super Mario Bros.
by ruesen (4.33/5)
Introduction : The title screen
Super Mario Bros.
by mgharper94 (4.25/5)
yet old secrets still work
Super Mario Bros.
by ruesen (3/5)
Level World 1-2: Chilling on top of the bricks.
Super Mario Bros.
by rebelyell (3/5)
flower power
Super Mario Bros.
by AWESOMEGUY123 (3/5)
Level World 1-1: god! there a big heatwave in the mk
Super Mario Bros.
by Congo! (3/5)
Level : safe on the platform
Super Mario Bros.
by deggle (3/5)
Good score if I say so myself
Super Mario Bros.
by mario4725 (3/5)
Stage Cleared!!!
Super Mario Bros.
by omaromar (3/5)
Super Mario Bros.
by omaromar (3/5)
mini fire
Super Mario Bros.
by gamaholic2001 (3/5)
i have a star a fire and a big mushroom ALL
Super Mario Bros.
by mario4725 (3/5)
Super Mario Bros!!!
Super Mario Bros.
by rebelyell (3/5)
world 3-2
Super Mario Bros.
by deggle (3/5)
Gameover : Haven't played in a while :/

Videos of Super Mario Bros. Gameplay

There are no submitted videos for this Game

Super Mario Bros. Featured Review

Super Mario Bros. Review by: Azul Fria - 9.5/10

When your sink is in trouble you can call them on the double.
Mushroom Kingdom was once a peaceful land where Princess Toadstool (Peach) rules over her subjects called Toads (Kinopios) with a gentle heart. As with all peaceful  settings there is always going to be an evil being to come around to take it all away. In this case, the evil King Koopa (Bowser) has kidnapped the princess in hopes of making him his unwilling bride. He then turns everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom to blocks. That is everyone except to recent outsiders named Mario Mario and Luigi Mario whom are better known as the Mario Bros. They mysteriously ended up in Mushroom Kingdom by getting sucked down the drain and now it's up to them to rescue everyone.
I applaud the excellent use of backgrounds and sprites used to create a level. From a programmer's standpoint you'll notice how everything is technically the same size regardless of if its a background tile, character or enemies because everything is drawn within a bounding box. Almost everything is drawn within a 16 x 16 bounding box. The only two notable exceptions are Big Mario and Bowser who are 16 (w) x 32 (h) and 32 x 32. Guess you can add fireballs (and to an extent, the firebar) as the flames are 8 x 8. The use of colors are also something to praise as there nothing that will make your eyes bleed unlike most of the games made for the Emerson Arcadia 2001 and those were games to where glasses for. One of the many blessings is that people of the Mushroom Kingdom were only turned into blocks. If they were also turned to bricks.... Mario and Luigi would more or less be cold-blooded murders every time they break a brick that's not a hidden coin block.
SOUND - 10
With Nintendo putting in some early elbow grease during this time, the sound is top of the line. The sound comes out immediately after certain actions are made such as when you gain a power-up or kill an enemy. Matter of fact, just about every sound that was produced in this game was used within everybody's imagination whenever they did or saw something fancy or stupid. On a personal note, the invincibility theme usually comes to mind when watching a football game during a play that results in touchdown from far away but I'll talk about music in the next section since it will give a small lesson.
MUSIC - 10
Here's another interesting programming secret. The music in this game as well as it's true sequel (which never saw a release outside of Japan prior to Lost Levels) was created by taking some sound tones produced in BASIC and putting them together to create one big music score. While you may not hear notice it well with the Castle, or Underwater, it is more apparent in the Overworld and 
Underworld levels and the ending theme. If you are fan of Sting (singer), you may have noticed that the Underworld theme sounds so much like the title track to his Dream of the Blue Turtles. Compare the two songs and you'll see what I mean.
The controls are the only part of the game that hurts it. There are times when you are in a tight situation and the control fails to respond to the press of the button and thus you end up biting the dust. It doesn't hurt too bad but a split second can determine the difference between life and death especially when trying to hop over pits and you end up running off into the abyss to your doom. This leads to tremendous frustration when far into the game.
No matter how old or young you are, this game will have you begging for more because this game was as tough as they came when it was first released and even today, some people haven't been able to beat the game without cheating. While glitches are usually frowned upon, the glitches that randomly occur in some spots make this game worth playing over and over just to find them all. The best glitch of all time is the minus world glitch where you can end up in a secret Underwater world that doesn't end. However, since this is the Famicom Disk System version, you get to play three minus worlds and beating the third world takes you back to the title screen. You can also take advantage of the same glitch by going down the middle pipe to end to go to World 5 instead of normally warping from World 4.
If not for the controls, this would have earned a 10. Other than that, the game is perfectly flawless. A game that is still one for the ages even until this day.

  Graphics 10   Sound 10   Addictive 10   Depth 10   Story 10   Difficulty 5

Super Mario Bros. Game Description

The Princess has been kidnapped by the evil Bowser, and it is up to Mario and brother Luigi to save the day.The first ever platform adventure for the Mario Brothers has the player exploring level after level, with Bowser to contend with as the end of level boss. Power-ups include the Super Mushroom, which increases Mario's size and power, the fire flower, allowing him to shoot fireballs at enemies, and the ever important starman for a short burst of invincibility.Each level includes a bonus section filled with coins plus a shortcut through the level, plenty of bad buys and obstacles to get past, and an end of level flag, in which the higher the player grabs it, the more points are awarded to them. Certain levels also include warp points, which takes the player to higher levels.

Super Mario Bros. Reviews

Overall 7.9    Graphics 9    Sound 9.5    Addictive 9.5    Story 10    Depth 8.5    Difficulty 7

The game that started it all..   Black Bot
Hello good people of Vizzed. It's been a while without a review from me. I decided to write this rev...
  Graphics 8   Sound 9   Addictive 9   Story 10   Depth 7   Difficulty 6

      Review Rating: 3/5     Submitted: 03-14-14     Review Replies: 13

Super Mario Bros. Highscores

1. 9,999,950
TimeTrial: 01:42:15
09-12-13 01:52 PM
Super Mario Bros. - My Super Score - User Screenshot
My Super Score
2. 406,750
TimeTrial: 00:42:09
05-03-14 01:52 PM
Super Mario Bros. - I dont even.  - User Screenshot
I dont even.
3. 344,750
TimeTrial: 00:26:00
05-05-14 06:51 PM
Super Mario Bros. - MUST NEVER STOP... - User Screenshot
4. 313,650
TimeTrial: 00:48:00
05-08-14 08:24 PM
Super Mario Bros. - I tried... - User Screenshot
I tried...
pokemon x
5. 236,450
TimeTrial: 00:23:44
05-04-14 03:43 PM
Super Mario Bros. - PROGRESS - User Screenshot
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Super Mario Bros. Threads

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Super Mario Bros. Guides and Walkthroughs

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Users who own Super Mario Bros.

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Game Characters in Super Mario Bros.

Comments for Super Mario Bros.

Chindogu 05-14-14 - 10:20 AM
 Didn't know Nintendo remade this to the GBA, thought it was only on the NES and SNES.
AWESOMEGUY123 05-07-14 - 06:56 PM
 freaking heatwave
8bitNESPlayer 07-18-13 - 05:36 PM
 @jodogg7 & @gamaolic2001, don't flame, if you don't like the site or Game boy (it's actually GBA), it's OK but it's not necessary to insult.
pacboy66 02-02-13 - 05:41 AM
 Little Mario's Head is gonna explode, I see it big!
twins24 10-28-12 - 12:57 PM
 stop bulling and trust pepole if the dont know you combesh.
tanky1000 06-13-12 - 07:46 AM
 Why does the game have a seizure?
supersonicfan77.. 05-28-12 - 03:07 PM
 everyday im shufflin lol
supersonicfan77.. 05-28-12 - 03:06 PM
gamaholic2001 03-27-12 - 03:38 PM
 you people are stupid you know this site is for old school games
Ultra Wario 03-03-12 - 12:42 PM
 How about you just enjoy an iconic Nintendo game and quit complaining?
jodogg7 02-13-12 - 10:00 PM
 char your a idiot its game boy gameboy has crappy graphics what do you expect them to come out with a friken amazing graphics you guys our idiots
SuperMarioFan64 12-05-11 - 03:27 PM
 Char are you talking about Mario clock or New Super Mario bros
cjt11203 09-05-11 - 11:08 AM
 this is esay
char 07-10-11 - 09:25 AM
 the super mario bros. game on my ds is alot better graphics than this
mahlaz3r 07-10-11 - 09:23 AM
 this is in japanesse
htv04 06-20-11 - 04:08 PM
 Why did they make some nes games for the gba? Couldn't they just make gba
1-upman 06-05-11 - 03:37 PM
 my isn't
rory660 05-01-11 - 02:05 PM
1withme 03-31-11 - 12:46 PM
 get sum
1withme 03-30-11 - 12:53 PM
supermario7878 03-06-11 - 05:51 PM
 and s*** your f***
supermario7878 03-06-11 - 05:49 PM
MarioandPeachfa.. 01-28-11 - 09:27 PM
 wow... Just wow. I now am going to see if my dad can buy the original SMB game for GBA in english. Good game... terrible graphics.
prasad1 01-06-11 - 09:02 PM
 chinese or japenese or koreaen what writing is this
Jubal 10-23-10 - 04:11 PM
 I dont have a vizzed rgr plugin.

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