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08-02-21 09:05 PM
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epicpokenerd!'s Profile

epicpokenerd! is Offline

  Aradia Megido
Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Walker
Location: Heiling
Age: 23 (01-01-98)  Gender: Male
Registered: 04-13-11 11:35 PM (3763 days ago)
Posts: 768  Threads: 29
Post Words: 31,514 (41 word avg)
Viz: 40,800    Contribution Points: 1,729
Post Rating: 7   Trust Points: 10   Chat: 5
Level: 55    Experience: 1305751
Next Level: +8438 Exp    Per Post: 2550 Exp
Last Activity: 04-30-16 09:24 PM


Not really sure where to start, but oh well. Hello. My name is Walker, and I love Pokemon! My past is pretty upsetting, not really appropriate for children, and very different from pretty much all of yours. For many years, I didn't realize that my biological father (hans, for short) was a child molesting, drug addicted rapist. And neither did his 3 wives, until they divorced him. He used to be nice-ish, and let us play all sorts of games, and let me, for example, collect Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for fun. However, when he was married again, his rules suddenly changed, so that I wasn't allowed to have anything "satanic" in the house, and made me get rid of all of my Pokemon collections. (Which, by the way, I had more than 250$ invested in, especially my Pokemon cards, which I had over 1000 of.) After half a year, my mom finally got custody over me. However, I didn't learn until a while later, that hans sold me to mom, and that mom, who at the time made 23,000$ a year, had to pay 4,578$ to get me. I was both devastated and happy, knowing that hans would sell his own child, but that my mom would spend money she desperately needed to have me. I have been living with my mom almost 5 years now, at least it will be February 1st (I remember because it was the day of the super bowl, and the happiest day of my life), and I love it here. I am a hardcore Pokemon, Anime, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, pretty much all of Nintendo fan. I am a Christian, and have my own way of thinking about things, with nothing forced upon me. My mom is nice, and loves us all. I like to volunteer for things and help people with problems that they have. If you ever need someone to talk to, you can talk to me, as I have been through almost all bad situations there are.

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