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04-05-20 08:37 AM

pieman9's Profile -

pieman9 is Offline

Trusted Member
Age: 22 (09-12-97)  Gender: Male
Registered: 09-04-10 10:25 AM (3500 days ago)
Posts: 1,279  Threads: 76
Post Words: 33,555 (26 word avg)
Viz: 50,249    Contribution Points: 64
Post Rating: 2   Trust Points: 10   Chat: 14
Level: 68    Experience: 2706432
Next Level: +22368 Exp    Per Post: 3174 Exp
Last Activity: 04-19-16 08:07 AM
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Last Post: 01-26-14 02:48 PM
  I bet the next person can ______________!


Hi i'm Pieman9 my real name is *name and address withheld* I enjoy shooting Nazis with my Glock, playing videogames with ma bois, beating people in racing, reloading my Glock (try it. its fun!), watching Youtube Poop, AVGN and NC on Youtube, and hanging with ma

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Zee Magical Quote Wall.

"Because everyone else is doing it"

[4:29 PM] Snowdeath: It's fun making out with geeo.

[10:22 PM] big fat cat: Hide the drugs

[5:10 PM] Rasenganfan2: I AM A BANANA

[6:20 PM] drag00n365: don corec pepls gremar it bery anotin

[9:10 AM] crazycatpup: Make fun of my spelling, DON'T GIVE A CRAP

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