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02-23-19 09:58 PM

Snodeca's Profile - Me!

This page from CatlyPaw or otherwise usually known as TheJmsGamer is a profile. Wait, I think we all knew this, honestly...did you?

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Registration Name: TheJmsGamer
Real Name: Puar
Location: The Milky Way Galaxy
Age: 18 (07-11-00)  Gender: Female
Registered: 01-08-14 06:57 AM (1872 days ago)
Posts: 1,119  Threads: 82
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Viz: 89,604    Contribution Points: 6,025
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  Restricted Thread

About me!

Hey there! I'm Angela. An 18-years-old transgender girl who tries to be as bright as she possibly could be. I like to game, as to be assumed here, though whenever I do play games I speedrun them, or I try to find routes and/or glitches to try and make the games even faster. I also like to do highscore runs, sometimes.

My favourite game would have to be Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (Bros.) for the Nintendo 3DS. It's a game I had enjoyed casually, a game I loved to glitch and a game I adored to speedrun. I don't have a functioning 3DS anymore, sadly, but even then, I still loved this game. I could go at length as to what I really like about the game, but this is not the place for it. ^^;

Other games that I enjoyed to speedrun are the Saints Row series (Specifically SR: The Third and SRIV), Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA version, Donkey Kong Country 3 SNES version (Beat Krematoa category), Sonic Adventure 2: Battles and Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

Speaking of Dragon Ball, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball. No seriously. I love everything Dragon Ball. DB, DBZ, DBS, even DBGT, I love everything. And of course DBZ Abridged.

I do write some fanfiction, truth to be told. Currently I am writing a fanfiction for, what'd'ya know, Dragon Ball. You can find me over at FanFiction.Net. If you read the fanfiction that I have written, you'll see how horrendous my writing skills are. I'll improve, though... Somehow.

Last notable thing I also want to talk about is the fact that, yes, I do stream. I've only recently started to use facecam, but I do stream on Twitch.TV. Most of the time I just speedrun, though.

-- Incomplete --

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