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09-25-23 05:52 AM
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If you wish to hug me, you shall only do so by beating Sonic Adventure 2 with Randomizer mod.

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Registration Name: TheJmsGamer
Trusted Member
Real Name: Olivia
Location: In The Observable Universe
Age: 23 (07-11-00)  Gender: Female
Registered: 01-08-14 06:57 AM (3546 days ago)
Posts: 1,148  Threads: 84
Post Words: 107,123 (93 word avg)
Viz: 8,613    Contribution Points: 6,331
Post Rating: 138   Trust Points: 6   Chat: 720
Level: 65    Experience: 2316531
Next Level: +19097 Exp    Per Post: 3026 Exp
Last Activity: 10-16-21 03:00 PM
  Viewing Super Mario World High Score Competition

About me!

All there is to know is that I'm Olivia, I'm trans, I'm 20 (as of July 2020), and I like to speedrun and TAS.

Currently I am making a TAS for:

- (GBA) Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga "Glitchless" (Estimate 2:55, halted)
- - - - -> I started this, this is currently a solo project.

- (GBA) Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga "Any%" (Estimate 0:55)
- - - - -> Pvtato started TASing this a few months ago (begin 2020) but after a lot of headaches he had lost motivation, but we are working together on this, albeit slowly.
- - - - -> 2021 edit: The TAS is finished! I didn't do much in the end, but search it up on YouTube! It's effin' awesome.

- (NGC) Sonic Adventure 2: Battle "180 Emblems" (estime 8:30 RTA)
- - - - -> Very unlikely that I will ever finish. I have finished Hero Story but haven't made any progress since then. You can find information on this TAS here:

I am also speedrunning Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, with my current personal best being 4:04:40 and I am planning to get sub 4! It is world record.

Twitch page, where I stream:

Page Comments

no 8120 - 07-11-22 04:46 AM
Happy Birthday
Xenthou - 10-15-21 01:50 PM
Hey, remember me? :p if you see this and still wanna talk, find me on discord... Xenthou#6039
no 8120 - 07-11-21 05:12 AM
Happy Birthday
no 8120 - 08-09-20 11:12 AM
your welcome hope you had a nice Birthday
no 8120 - 07-11-20 03:53 AM
Happy Birthday
GameBoy1023 - 09-01-19 08:03 PM
it makes me mad tbh
Lexatom - 02-15-17 07:38 PM
is this a dirty joke
Lexatom - 02-15-17 03:37 PM
Lexatom - 02-15-17 03:36 PM
TheFadedWarrior - 01-21-17 11:41 AM
poker face poker face no you can't read my poooker faaace

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